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MaleEdge Extra Penis Extender System Green Edition

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    • Get hung like a horse is a simple process with our best-selling Male Edge Extra
    • Growing your penis doesn’t have to be hard due to the comfy protection pad included
    • Go commando growing your penis because the Male Edge Extra is almost undetectable
    • 100% safe and scientifically tested, it works by the natural process of cytokinesis (cell division)
    • Grow in both length & girth so that you can feel new levels of confidence
    • Gives you harder erections as well due to improved blood flow
    • Designed as a device to give permanent penis growth results
  • The Male Edge Extra is the pimped-up version of the value-champion Male Edge Basic, and it’s a scientifically engineered tool for permanently growing your penis, both in length & girth.

    This complete penis enlargement system is designed to give you jaw-dropping results, without sacrificing comfort and being nearly invisible while wearing it.

    By using it for a few months, it creates tiny microfiber tears in the penile tissue that activate natural cell division for impressive and scientifically proven results.

    The British Journal of Urology even conducted a massive scientific study about the effectiveness of penis extenders and they concluded without any doubt that penis extenders actually work.

    In fact, they’re probably the best evidence-based method for growing your penis for good.

    Imagine the huge confidence boost you’ll gain from just an extra inch, let alone 2-3 inches (the average users report a 28% increase in length and 19% increase in girth!)

    I guarantee you that in just a few months when you’re seeing results, your sex life will become 10 times better and you’ll become a whole lot more confident.

    It’s a great feeling to be able to do it with the lights on and bang your partner knowing that they can actually feel your dick.

    The Male Edge Extra comes in a sleek green and black case, and with several juicy extras, such as useful accessories, a comfy protection pad, and a handy travel bag to keep your penis growing even on the road, wherever you are.

    The box includes:

    • Male Edge Penis Enlarger
    • Ruler/Measurer
    • Male Edge Product Box
    • Male Edge Travel Bag
    • Official Male Edge Program
    • Two extra Rubber Straps
    • One protection pad
    • Double Money Back Guarantee (read more)
    • One year warranty
    • My Male Edge Training Diary
    • Forum Access / Community
    • Online instructional video


    Grow your penis to a truly impressive size risk-free and order your Male Edge Extra TODAY!

    If you’re looking for even more, take a look at the Male Edge Pro, ultimate Male Edge experience here.

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