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Listen to an audio summary

In 2024, technology has made masturbation more fun than ever. Advancements in VR and connective technology have revolutionized adult toys, turning them into high-tech devices that can deliver hours of pleasure.

Historically, sex and porn have been driving factors for a myriad of technological adoption and innovation. From VHS and cable television to the internet as it exists now, porn has been at the forefront, showing technology the way. The two are intrinsically linked. Recent haptic technological advancements, that could potentially change millions of lives, are only possible because the porn industry was promoting the technology in its early development.

Like those past advancements, these VR sex toys are equally technologically impressive! They're on the cutting edge of modern technologies - it wouldn't surprise us if the FeelTechnology used in some of these toys is adapted elsewhere. With the advent of VR sex toys, men can have fully lifelike sexual stimulation alone in the comfort of their own homes. In 2024, Virtual reality sex has moved from science fiction to real life.

So, what exactly are interactive sex toys, and how do these VR sex toys work? Virtual reality sex toys are automatic masturbators or strokers that can mimic the actual sensations of sex. Bluetooth, state-of-the-art motion sensors, and haptic feedback technology all work together to produce an interactive sex toy guaranteed to blow your mind.

VR sex toys have the ability to synchronize with 2D and VR porn or interactive webcams, creating an immersive experience that no other toy can rival.

This immersion kicks up a notch when you connect your sex toy using a VR headset or goggles; you'll feel like you're actually in the porn.

The toys use stroking motions, vibrations, and airflow synchronized in real-time with your screen to make the whole experience feel real. Put simply, if you use VR sex toys when you're watching a blowjob scene, it will feel like you're getting a blowjob.

Scientific studies have noted increased sexual arousal when using a VR headset to view porn, compared to traditional forms. The headset, when combined with a VR sex toy, creates a realistic experience that is as enjoyable as real sex.

Some VR sex toys can even sync up with your partner's toy, so you can have long-distance sex when you're in different cities! If the sound of any of these high-tech orgasm machines has piqued your interest, you're in luck.

We've created this list of the very best VR sex toys available in 2024. We'll tell you about our tester's experiences, discuss the pros and cons, and then help you choose which male VR sex toy is best for you.

The list of top VR sex toys was selected based on the following

  • Overall effectiveness
  • Safety features
  • Quality & reputation
  • Product features
  • Peer reviews
  • Market value


This guide was originally published in March 2023. As part of our yearly quality assessment process (in early 2024), we evaluated every VR sex toy recommendation to make sure it was up to the standards necessary to make it to this list. Here are some things we took in consideration:

  • Feedback on each product throughout 2023.
  • Usability and overall comfort of each VR Sex Toy.
  • Overall trends and new emerging products that could potentially make it to the list.
  • Industry trends and innovation.

Best Virtual Reality (VR) Sex Toys of 2024: Our Recommendations

Best VR Sex Toy Overall

Kiiroo Keon + Feel Stroker Interactive Masturbator Combo Set

Best Vibrating VR Sex Toy

Kiiroo Titan Interactive Virtual Reality Vibrating Stroker

Best for VR Sex Toy Beginners

Lovense Max 2 Rechargeable Stroker for Men

Best for VR Sex Toy Porn Apps

Kiiroo Onyx+ Interactive Virtual Reality Male Masturbator

Best VR Toy for Long Distance Relationships (Couples)

Kiiroo Onyx+ | Pearl2 Interactive Virtual Reality Sex Toy Kit for Couples

Kiiroo Keon + Feel Stroker Interactive Masturbator Combo Set
Kiiroo Keon + Feel Stroker Interactive Masturbator Combo Set

Price: $$$$$ Materials: ABS, Silicone, Realskin TPE, PC
Functions: Interactive, Thrusting Noise Factor: Some noise but still discreet
Insertable Length: 9 Inches Inner Diameter: 1.5 Inches
Hands-free: Yes Run time: Up to 2 Hours (Rechargeable)
Safety Features: Non-Toxic, Phthalate-Free, Easy to clean Features: Interchangeable sleeve, Long distance control, Adjustable speed and depth

When you open to Kiiroo Keon and Feel Stroker set, you're immediately struck by the quality of the materials that have been used to make it. Everything feels robust and well-made - and The Feel Stroker is made using RealFeel - that's the same TPE blend that Fleshlight uses in its range of award-winning toys.

The Keon element of the package is the part that handles the automatic stroking. Add the two together, and you've got a life-like sleeve and auto stroker that works hand-in-hand with VR porn videos or a partner's sex toys.

In manual mode, the Keon gives you complete control over stroke speed and length. With a two-hour battery time, you'll be able to prolong those sessions for stamina training or to build to explosive orgasms.

However, if you're eager to get your Keon and Feel combo working as a true virtual reality sex toy, you might need to slow down and cool off a little. Each of our testers said getting to grips with the controls and connections was frustrating to begin with. Firstly, the physical buttons don't do anything when you're connected to the required FeelConnect app - instead, you're going to need use the app screen to get the Keon moving. Then, there's connecting to your VR videos or VR porn games, which means you need to keep the app open, sign into a compatible site, scan the necessary QR codes, and get your devices synced up.

It might sound awkward the first time - but you'll get the hang of it, and it's worth persevering with; each of our testers commented on how fantastic the Keon and Feel combo felt when it was mimicking what was happening on screen. Whatever the scenario, the Keon will simulate it - making you feel completely immersed.

All Kiiroo products are compatible with FeelMe.com, a repository of interactive content, from videos to live webcam shows.

From a practical point of view, Keon's motor is whisper quiet - so no need to worry about being discreet. Charging is simple too - with an included USB cable for convenience. On the subject of charging, it's worth mentioning that the claimed 2-hour run time was significantly less if you have the Keon maxed out at 230 strokes per minute - so you might need to manage your expectations down a little if you were planning on a couple of intense hours!

Aside from the slight downsides - including not being sure how to get the Keon to stop for the first couple of tries - our testers reported that the Keon and Feel combo feels glorious. All told, this is a great way to watch VR porn and feel like you're getting involved in the action.

Results From Our Testers

    • Feels very high quality, made using premium materials
    • 2-hour battery life is great but significantly less if you use a high-power mode
    • Complicated controls and app connectivity can be tricky at first
    • Syncing with real porn videos feels authentic and amazing
    • RealFeel sleeve offers amazing sensations
    Read our in-depth review

    Video Review

    Pros and Cons

    Automatic thrusting
    Feel sleeve can be used as a standalone stroker
    Bluetooth connectivity allows you to sync the movements of the Keon with porn, webcams, and games
    Long distance control
    Up to 230 strokes per minute!
    Body safe materials
    RealFeel stroker can be used independently and swapped out with different Kiiroo strokers
    FeelMe compatible
    USB charging
    Awkward operation when starting and stopping
    Not waterproof
    Long charge time
    The battery doesn't last as long on max settings
    Only compatible with water-based lubes

    Customer Reviews:


    Wow, this is one the the most insane things I've ever experienced. My Fleshlight does not hold a candle to the Keon. The thrusting is so real, the toy feels amazing. I connected to the VR device that I recommend. Seriously if you can find this item, do it. You will never regret it.


    Kiiroo Titan Interactive Virtual Reality Vibrating Stroker
    Kiiroo Titan Interactive Virtual Reality Vibrating Stroker

    Price: $$$ Materials: ABS, TPE, NBR
    Functions: Thrusting, Pulsing Noise Factor: Moderate noise
    Insertable Length: 7.5 inches Inner Diameter: 1.77 Inches
    Hands-free: No Run time: Approximately 30-40 minutes (Rechargeable)
    Safety Features: Ribbed grip for convenience, Easy to use, Easy to clean, Travel-Friendly Features: Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity, 9 Vibrating Motors, Long-distance control

    While most of the other virtual sex toys on this list offer an up-and-down stroking motion, the Kirroo Titan offers something a little bit different. Rather than stroking, it delivers an intense vibration sensation around your penis. Now, that doesn't mean it doesn't work as a stroker - but if you want the up-and-down motion, you're going to have to manually move the Titan yourself.

    This vibrating and manual stroking combo might not be for everyone. The vibrations might be enough to get you off without the stroking - but if you need the manual stroking movement too, you might find it breaks the immersion of the VR video you're watching.

    Regardless of personal preference, there's no denying that the RealFeel TPE that's used to create the sleeve is one of the most lifelike sex toy materials out there. Whether you're stroking or just letting the vibrations do their thing, it's a very convincing sensation around your penis.

    The vibrations are extremely intense - and if you're willing to put a little manual action in to match the VR movie you're watching, you'll get double the stimulation.

    Movement technicalities aside, the Kiiroo Titan is a very well-put-together toy. The materials feel premium and robust - and the vibrating function comes from 9 powerful vibrating bullets inside the toy. The Titan is powered by an impressive rechargeable 1000mAh battery that will last at least an hour, even at full power. If discretion is important to you, the Titan actually looks like a well-made BlueTooth speaker - so it's perfect for putting in a travel bag.

    When it comes to connecting to VR porn, the most convincing results come from using Kiiroo's own FeelPornStars.com site. At $29.95 monthly, it's reasonably priced, considering the technology needed to sync the videos with VR porn toys, but it might sting a little if you're used to the huge amount of free non-connectable porn that's out there. If you'd like a more wallet-friendly option, Kiiroo's FeelMe service is another option - with cost-effective monthly, 6-monthly, annual, and lifetime membership options.

    The sensations that the Kiiroo Titan offers don't accurately mimic thrusting sex like some of the other toys on our list - but that shouldn't rule it out. The vibrations are extremely intense - and if you're willing to put a little manual action in to match the VR movie you're watching, you'll get double the stimulation.

    Results From Our Testers

      • Vibrations add a different type of sensation compared to most other strokers
      • Manual up-and-down stroking reduces immersion a little bit
      • RealFeel sleeve is incredibly life-like
      • Very well built, and feels like it will last a long time
      • Very discreet design that doesn't look like a sex toy
      • Offers an hour of battery life even at full power
      • FeelPornStars syncing might be a little expensive for some people - but there are other options

      Pros and Cons

      Pleasurable vibrating stroker
      9 motors for ultimate power
      Dedicated stamina-building mode
      Discreet and compact - perfect for travel
      Can be used with a partner using FeelTechnology compatibility
      Bluetooth VR compatibility
      Six preprogrammed vibrating modes, and a manual mode
      USB charging
      FeelMe compatible
      Not as loud as others on this list
      Not waterproof
      No auto-thrusting action
      Not for guys above 7.5 inches
      Battery life isn't amazing

      Customer Reviews:


      I love the high-quality products that they have at Kiiroo. This is almost the least pricey and it can perform like no other. This and the gang saved my relationship and added more sex than I ever thought of getting, our collection grows but I Love the titan. It is a workhorse and charges in surprisingly little time and lasts us plenty of time.


      Lovense Max 2 Rechargeable Stroker for Men
      Lovense Max 2 Rechargeable Stroker for Men

      Price: $$$ Materials: ABS plastic, Skin-like TPE
      Functions: Vibrating, 360 Contractions, Interactive, App controlled Noise Factor: Moderate-to-loud noise
      Insertable Length: 7 Inches Inner Diameter: 5.7 Inches
      Hands-free: No Run time: 2-3 hours (Rechargeable)
      Safety Features: Ultra-soft material, Air-vent suction, Easy to clean, User-Friendly Features: Long Distance Control, Textured inner sleeve, 7 vibration modes, Suitable for most sizes

      Lovense is not your typical sex toy manufacturer. Back in 2013, the company used Indiegogo to crowdfund its first Lovense Max sex toy - so it came to the market with thousands of backers who were keen to see the company's ideas come to life. Although an unconventional route to launching a toy - it's a surefire way to make sure the features you're proposing are going to be a hit with your audience.

      The fact the the Lovense has adjustable suction (like a Fleshlight) also impressed too.

      It's very impressive how these features come together. One big factor that makes the Lovense Max 2 stand out against other VR porn sex toys is its ability to produce contractions around the penis. One particularly impressed tester talked about how this felt very similar to a female partner tensing and relaxing her vagina muscles with him inside her.

      It's not just the contractions that we love about this toy. The fact that the Lovense has adjustable suction (like a Fleshlight) also impressed too. This lets you vary how tightly the super-soft silicone sleeve grips your penis - enhancing sensation until it's just right.

      When it comes to VR compatibility, Lovense is now supported by SexLikeReal - boasting over 28,000 videos. It's fair to say the site has mixed reviews - lots of people use it without any issues, but you should probably do some of your own research before you commit to a premium subscription. Of course, there are other sites that will work with a Lovense Max 2 and VR headsets, including a range of cam sites, including Cam4 Bonga Cams, Eplay, and StripChat.

      Although it's not VR, the Lovense brand also has an active following online that is eager to hand control of their toys over to other Lovense users. This takes advantage of the fact that Lovense toys can connect with each other - perfect if you want to connect with a partner, whether that's someone you know in real life or just a casual encounter.

      While the vibrating functions are quiet, the contractions are powered by a fairly loud motor.

      If there's a downside to the Lovense Max 2, it's almost certainly the noise level of the toy. While the vibrating functions are quiet, the contractions are powered by a fairly loud motor. This might make the sex toy impractical if you're trying to be discreet. That said, your Lovense Max 2 will sync with the music, so you might decide to turn your speakers up and enjoy the contractions to the beat!

      Overall, the Lovense Max 2 is very impressive. Highlights included the fact that it's waterproof, discreet, super easy to clean, and offers amazing sensations when the vibrations, suction, and contractions all work together.

      Results From Our Testers

      • Contraction sensations offer something more than just stroking
      • Adjustable suctions combined with contraction motion is extremely satisfying
      • Mixed reviews for SexLikeReal website syncing service
      • Active community that is eager to share connectivity and play with others
      • The noise level of the toy is significant - making it impractical unless you're sure no one else can hear

      Pros and Cons

      The combination of contractions and vibrations is highly stimulating
      Discreet looking
      Can be used in connection with a partner's toy
      Suction helps to get tightness just right
      Internal texture of the sleeve is fantastic
      Different sleeves are available (including a pink vagina)
      Very easy to clean
      Good battery life
      Lovense Remote app is easy to use and offers lots of features
      Testers were surprised at the large size of the toy
      Entrance was very tight, especially if you're wider than average
      Contracting movements are quite loud
      Factory-programmed settings aren't very exciting

      Customer Reviews:


      Amazing sensations. The contracting features are unlike anything I've felt before. It's a little noisy, but I can live with that. Very pleased with my purchase!


      Kiiroo Onyx+ Interactive Virtual Reality Male Masturbator
      Kiiroo Onyx+ Interactive Virtual Reality Male Masturbator

      Price: $$$$ Materials: ABS, POM, Realfeel TPE
      Functions: Pulsing, Interactive, Manual handheld vibrations Noise Factor: Quiet
      Insertable Length: 6.5 Inches Inner Diameter: 1.5 Inches
      Hands-free: No Run time: 1 Hour (Rechargeable)
      Safety Features: Discreet, Light-weight, Travel Friendly, Easy to hold, Easy to clean and use Features: Long-distance control, 10 contracting rings, Touch-sensitive, Up to 140 strokes per minute

      It's hard to find a company that's quite so dedicated to VR porn as Kiiroo - and their Onyx+ toy is another masterclass in connectivity. You'll have no problem finding XXX video, VR content, 3D gaming options, and webcam partners that all support Kiiroo's FeelConnect system.

      Released in 2019, it's hard to imagine that Kiiroo didn't take some inspiration from the Lovense Max 2 that's also on this list. The biggest clue is in the 10 contracting rings that can be found in the full length of the internal mechanisms. Again, these accurately recreated the tensing and releasing feel that someone with a vagina can create if they can control their internal muscles. You might actually find that the Kiiroo Onyx+ actually takes this a step further - offering even more of this intense stimulation than any partner could create.

      You're getting the best of everything here - contractions, vibrations, and a thrusting sensation that can be cranked up to 140 glorious strokes per minute.

      Although the price is towards the top end of the VR toys on this list, the features offered by the Onyx+ make this hardly surprising. You're getting the best of everything here - contractions, vibrations, and a thrusting sensation that can be cranked up to 140 glorious strokes per minute. This makes it perfectly possible to recreate all kinds of sex, including mutual masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, or vaginal sex.

      Like other Kiiroo toys, the Onyx+ is noticeably premium. Very good build quality, touch/swipe controls, and robust components make this a nice-looking and easy-to-use toy.

      The advertised battery life is an hour - and this is very close to what users actually report. Frankly, with this much stimulation, you're going to be hard-pushed to use this for an hour without needing to rest and recover. That said, if you're using Kiiroo's ability to connect with a partner's toy and enjoy a long, slow session together (regardless of where you both are in the world) - then you might find it comes up a little short. Still, an hour is impressive considering the amount of function offered by the Onyx+, and you'll get back to a full charge in around 4 hours using the included micro USB cable.

      Like other Kiiroo toys, the Onyx+ is noticeably premium. Very good build quality, touch/swipe controls, and robust components make this a nice-looking and easy-to-use toy. This is often a bonus for people who are new to sex toys - some people are much more inclined to use a toy in their play because it if it looks a little classier and less graphic than lots of other high-tech sex toys.

      A premium toy comes at a premium price - but if you've got the means to purchase the Kiiroo Onyx+, we don't think you'll be disappointed. if you're looking for you a toy that covers all bases - vibrating, stroking, and contracting, this has very definitely got you covered.

      Results From Our Testers

        • Lots of connectivity options to be found online
        • Contraction features are amazing, offering very intense stimulation
        • Contractions, vibrations, and auto-thrusting are fairly unique in a VR toy
        • Top end price might make it unobtainable for some people
        • 1 hour run time is reasonable and accurate - but 4 hours to recharge is quite long

        Pros and Cons

        Pulsating masturbator with thrusting technology
        Unique technology - 10 contracting rings can deliver targeted pleasure
        RealFeel TPE sleeve feels incredibly natural
        Mimicks the sensations of sex expertly
        VR compatibility
        Lots of interactive content
        Easy to clean
        Touch-sensitive controls
        Travel-friendly design
        Easy to use
        Surprisingly quiet
        FeelMe compatible
        Can reach up to 140 strokes per minute
        USB rechargeable
        Not waterproof
        Has a protection ring over the canal that is hard to snap on and off
        Doesn't fit every size
        No interchangeable sleeves

        Customer reviews:


        Just overall good they don't last for too long either. It's time to clean up the mess a bit and move on cuz it's better than the real deal

        JJon S.

        Kiiroo Onyx+ | Pearl2 Interactive Virtual Reality Sex Toy Kit for Couples
        Kiiroo Onyx+ | Pearl2 Interactive Virtual Reality Sex Toy Kit for Couples

        Price: $$$$$ Materials:  ABS, POM, RealFeel TPE
        Functions: Thrusting, Pulsing, Interactive, G-Spot Vibrator Noise Factor: Quiet
        Insertable Length: 7.8 Inches Inner Diameter: 1.77 Inches
        Hands-free: Yes Run time: 1 Hour (Rechargeable)
        Safety Features: Safe and secure, Comfortable grip, Easy to use, Easy to clean, Water-Proof Features: Long distance control,  5 different vibrating modes, Touch-sensitive technology, 7 vibration patterns, and 3 different modes to play

        In the past, long-distance relationships meant phone or video sex was the only way to really keep a sex life alive. While these can still be important factors, 2024 presents more interactive options than ever before. If you're looking for interactivity, it's very hard to beat the Onyx+ and Pearl2 couples kit.

        We've talked in-depth about the Onyx+ above, so we won't cover this same ground again - suffice to say it's a fantastic toy that offers an exhilarating combination of stimulations. We asked the same testers who tried out the Onyx+ as a standalone toy to also try the Onyx+ and Pearl2 combo with a partner. Some chose their significant others; some chose long-distance friends with benefits - one even connected with a fellow user through Kiiroo's Reddit community.

        Even without interactivity and VR capability, the Pearl2 was beautifully shaped and powerful enough for both external and internal orgasms.

        The Pearl2 deserves a special mention in its own right. Most of our female testers had used vibrators before, but they said that even without interactivity and VR capability, the Pearl2 was beautifully shaped and powerful enough for both external and internal orgasms. Touch controls and premium materials made it especially appealing too - it's both elite and discreet, making it appeal to virtually everyone.

        Feedback from users is generally very positive. There might be one or two Bluetooth connection issues - but these are generally quickly resolved. Getting to grips with the toys was a bit of a learning curve too - although this is something that a couple of sessions should fix for most people. In terms of interactivity, it's hard not to be impressed. Each stroke of the Onyx+ causes the Pearl2 to stimulate the other user - and each time the shaft of the Pearl2 is gripped and stroked, the Onyx+ delivers the same sensation.

        Now, connectivity is great - but you're likely here to understand what makes the Onyx+ and Pearl2 some of the best VR sex toys out there. Like the other Kiiroo toys on this list, syncing with VR is done through the FeelConnect app. The biggest perk of this combo pack is the fact that both toys can interact with the same VR content. Finding the right video to stimulate you both might take a little time - but when you find them, you can both independently connect to act out your fantasies together.

        If you're a couple looking to enjoy VR together - or just spice things up by connecting to each other, the Onyx+ and Pearl2 combo is very hard to beat.

        Again, this VR connection, even if connecting to the same material, doesn't have to be done with you and your partner in close proximity. This makes the scope for long-distance relationships or casual long-distance encounters much broader. Word of warning though - get your connections and accounts all set up before you've got an overwhelming desire to make each other cum; it can be a little frustrating to do a lot of signing up and signing in if you're desperate to get down to business!

        If you're a couple looking to enjoy VR together - or just spice things up by connecting to each other, the Onyx+ and Pearl2 combo is very hard to beat. Sure, it's on the expensive side - but you're getting two premium toys, impressive app controls, and a world of fantastic experiences - so it definitely represents value for money.

        Results From Our Testers

          • Premium price - but good value for two excellent toys
          • Shared VR experiences are hard to find but incredible when you do
          • Although not VR - the shared sensations when toys are connected is a real turn-on
          • Connectivity and account setups can be time-consuming if you want to get playing
          • Some BlueTooth connection drop-outs, but not too frequent

          Pros and Cons

          Bundle of two devices, perfect for couples
          The Pearl2 uses touch-sensitive technology to grant your partner complete control and pleasure
          The Pearl2 is waterproof
          Both toys are easy to use
          Sleek and sexy design
          Easy to link together with the FeelConnect app
          Devices can be controlled via each other's FeelConnect app
          Can provide long-distance intimacy
          FeelTechnology allows these toys to interact across the globe
          Versatile toys with a lot of different mode options
          Both toys are easy to clean
          FeelMe compatible
          Both toys are USB rechargeable
          Long charge time for the Onyx+
          FeelMe doesn't have a lot of female content
          The most expensive option on this list
          Become a Sex Toy Reviewer: Your Path to Free Sex Toys

          How to Choose a VR Sex Toy in 2024

          1. Consider your situation and needs

          Understanding what you want from a sex toy is vital. Choosing a sex toy is much easier once you've evaluated your situation, needs, and desires.

          VR sex toys are great - they can spice up those solo sessions, keep things interesting in long-distance relationships, or help improve your bedroom stamina!

          If you want a completely immersive porn experience, VR sex toys are for you.

          Recent scientific studies have shown the extent of VR porn's ability to immerse people, with users feeling as though they're in the room with the actor, creating a totally intimate sexual experience.

          But if that's not what you're looking for, VR sex toys are also excellent at providing an intimate moment between couples. The haptic technology in these intelligent devices creates an experience that no other sex toy can replicate.

          2. Look closely at the features

          When you know what you want from a sex toy, it's essential to look at its features. Understanding the features of a potential purchase will ensure you avoid disappointment or discomfort. Nobody wants to purchase a sex toy and be frustrated that it lacks certain features or performs differently from their initial thoughts.

          Researching a VR sex toy ensures you get what you're looking for. It also means you'll be able to use the sex toy correctly, avoiding injury and maximizing pleasure.

          Additionally, when you know what you want in a sex toy, you'll be able to look out for a product with a dedicated focus. Take the Kiiroo Keon, for example: while it has many high-tech features, it's predominantly a thrusting automatic masturbator. The extra features enhance that experience, making the Keon more enjoyable.

          Do your research before buying. It will save you time, and money, in the long run!

          3. Evaluate battery and technical specs

          All mechanical sex toys have a battery life; that's something you can't get around. What might impact your decision, however, will be charged time versus use time. If you love long, drawn-out sessions, you'll want to go with a VR sex toy that has a longer use time, but often this comes with an increased charge time.

          It's hard to weigh the two up, but if you can narrow down what's more important to you, you'll be able to choose a toy that best serves your needs.

          Don't forget to check the technical specifications! As our testers found, size, power, materials, and functionality will impact your enjoyment overall. If you want something from a sex toy (like high power), assessing the technical specifications will ensure you get a machine that can deliver.

          Knowing as much as possible about the VR sex toy you may potentially buy is the best way to ensure you get the one most likely to satisfy you.

          4. Look at compatibility and ease of use

          Different VR sex toys have different compatibilities. Some work with certain websites and VR gear, and some don't.

          Buying a sex toy to use with your favorite webcam model will be a disappointing experience if you then find out your sex toy is incompatible. There are also some compatibility questions with VR sex toys and certain games.

          Looking at a sex toy's compatibility helps avoid any nasty tech surprises you may have overlooked.

          One thing to remember about VR sex toys is that some require smartphones to access most of their features. To avoid disappointment, you should ensure that your phone is compatible with the necessary app before any purchase.

          VR sex toys are user-friendly and easy to use, but if you're generally inexperienced with apps, you may find setting them up without help confusing.

          Additionally, you should be mindful of lubricant compatibility. Silicone lubricants will degrade a silicone masturbation sleeve, so avoid combining the two!

          If you want your VR sex toy to last a long time, you'll need to know what lube and cleaning processes work with it.

          Best VR Sex Toys of 2024: Summary

          The technology in these VR sex toys is extraordinary. They let you take masturbation and pornography to a new level in 2024, especially when paired with a VR headset.

          If you're in the market for a new toy, we highly recommend those included in this list.

          The VR sex toys our testers tried come loaded with fantastic features, modes, and sensations. If you're in the market for a new toy, we highly recommend those included in this list. They're all premium sex toys made from durable materials that will last you for years if you take care of them properly.

          The interactivity between toys with FeelTechnology allows intimacy to be shared between couples, regardless of location. If you're in a long-distance relationship, then choosing one of these best VR sex toys may be just what you need to spice up your sex life. Mutual masturbation has never been so fun!

          Side Note

          This best of VR Sex Toy list will be periodically updated as better products become available or products simply no longer perform as well. As with all best of lists, this will be a living document.

          We take our recommendations very seriously

          We have worked intensively on developing a product evaluation system that takes in consideration the following factors:

          • Materials
          • Electronic Components
          • Safety Testing Data
          • US Regulatory Information
          • 510(k) Certifications
          • Our Experts Evaluation

          Learn more about our selection process

          Are you interested in Free Sex Toys?


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