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Kiiroo Onyx+ Interactive Virtual Reality Male Masturbator

  • The ultimate interactive masturbation experience with VR connextivity
  • Self contained thrusting and pulsing masturbator for men
  • Can reach up to 140 strokes per minute while maintaining a more silent motor
  • Includes 10 rings that contract around your penis to simulate oral sex
  • Turn all of your fantasies into your sexual reality 
  • Connects to VR devices and other interactive sex toys for an incredibly lifelike experience
  • You can feel your partner's touch thanks to the FeelTechnology
  • Enjoy all of the motion and sensations from your partner anywhere in the world
  • Sit back and enjoy the pleasure as this masturbator does all the work for you
  • Get ready to experience levels of fun and pleasure you didn't think you can have alone
  • Light weight and easy to hold or stick between cushions for hands-free fun
  • Interchangeable sleeve design allows you to experience all of your favorite porn stars
  • This one is built to last with the highest quality build construction of any toy out there
  • All content on and other interactive partner sites are compatible
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Product Description

Kiiroo Onyx+ Bluetooth Interactive Stroker

The future is here and thanks to the revolutionary brand Kiiroo, what was once a fantasy is now a reality.  Stroking at 140 strokes per minute the Onyx+ is a hyper-speed interactive masturbator with Bluetooth virtual reality capabilities.  This quiet and lightweight stroker for men will suck, pulsate, and vibrate your way to explosive orgasms.

A new sensory experience awaits you. The new KIIROO Onyx+ is ready to bring you in touch with the internet.

Kiiroo Onyx+ Features

  • Body-safe materials
  • Bluetooth
  • USB Rechargeable
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Thrusting Technology
  • Safe & secure
  • FeelMe Compatible

    Kiiroo Onyx+ Pros vs Cons

     Automatic masturbation – hands-free cumming and orgasms are possible! Pricey (but you get what you pay for!)
    Bluetooth connectivity – sync to interactive porn, webcams, and games on your device
    Not waterproof
    Long-distance control – partners can control/sync each other’s sex toys via the app
    4 hour charge time for a 1-hour battery life
    Unique technology – uses an improved system of contracting rings to milk your cock
    A little bit noisy
    Manual and Automatic Modes – use the touch-sensitive trackpad to change the speeds
    Protection ring is very hard to snap on/off
    Body-safe materials – totally safe for your genitals
    Fleshlight sleeve – cock sleeve is manufactured by Fleshlight
    Cool Design – if KITT from Knight Rider had a male stroker, it would look like this
    Very well-made – feels like it’s been crafted with care
    USB charging – charge from your outlet, PC, Xbox
    Not too Tight – more spacious than many male strokers on the market
    Top-rated as one of the best oral sex simulators


    Onyx+ is a light-weight male masturbator that is quiet, discreet, and perfect to travel with.

    The third-generation Onyx has a completely different rotating motor that goes in a continuous up-down motion simulating intercourse.

    Whats included?

    • KIIROO Onyx+
    • USB Charging cable
    • Authenticity and Warranty Card
    • Quick Setup Manual
    • Real-Feel Regular Fit Sleeve

    Onyx+ can reach up to 140 strokes per minute while still maintaining a more silent motor than both of its predecessors, making the sensory experience of using Onyx+ even more exciting.

    Connect your KIIROO Onyx+ with any KIIROO device. KIIROO Pearl (1 or 2), KIIROO Onyx (1, 2 or +), OhMiBod Fuse, OhMiBod Esca (1 or 2), Fleshlight Launch or any FeelTechnology-enabled compatible device. You can truly feel your partner's touch, in real-time, from anywhere in the world.

    If you prefer solo sessions, KIIROO Onyx+ can be paired to your favorite interactive content; erotic xxx video, Virtual Reality, 3D Gaming, and webcam partner sites.

    All content on and other interactive partner sites is compatible.

    • Soft-touch coating for an extremely tight and comfortable grip.
    • Touch-sensitive trackpad used to control the speed of the stroke and partner devices.
    • Real-Feel Sleeve for maximum comfort. Reusable and replaceable.
    • 10 contracting rings that move in an up-down motion simulating intercourse.
    • All KIIROO® warranty claims are handled directly through the manufacturer.

    The Onyx+ produces a sensation you have never felt before. With 10 contracting rings that simulate a stroking sensation, get ready to immerse yourself in a new wave of interactivity.

    ONYX+ has 3 Modes: Interactive Mode, Manual Mode, and Automatic Mode. Whether you want a one-to-one connection or an interactive experience with your favorite webcam star or immersive erotic content, we have you covered.

    • Connect to your lover's device
    • Connect to 3D/VR interactive videos
    • Connect to 2D interactive videos
    • Connect to, or interact with webcam performers

    The KIIROO Onyx+ Interactive Penis Masturbator brings a whole new sensory experience to the internet: Intimate Touch. This is a powerful penis masturbator. It’s lightweight and discreet. Experience the sensation of penetration online. Touch people over the internet. Feel people touching you.

    Use the Onyx+ to completely immerse yourself in long-distance lovemaking. Enjoy both VR and Classic 2D content. Or even sync it to encoded interactive video games.

    The Onyx+ can send and receive signals to and from all other Kiiroo toys. It also works effortlessly with our partners’ pleasure products. This is not your average pocket pussy. The Onyx+ is a high-end remote-controlled sex toy.

    The Onyx+ can reach up to 140 strokes per minute. Its motor is quieter than its predecessor. This makes the sensory experience of using the Onyx+ all the more exciting. Inside the Onyx+ are 10 contracting rings that work together to simulate sexual intercourse in real-time. Simulate oral sex, anal sex or vaginal sex.

    Onyx+ is fitted with a Fleshlight Super Skin masturbation sleeve. The Onyx+ feels great with a simple water-based lubricant. It's ridiculously easy to clean. Give it a quick rinse under a tap. Shake it dry and finish off with a couple of puffs from our toy cleaner.

    The Onyx+ male sex toy is perfect for folks who climax to milking motions and enjoy intense massaging contractions.

    Size and Specs

    • Materials: ABS, POM
    • Sleeve: Real-Feel Sleeve
    • Finish: Soft Touch and Glossy
    • Size: 8.9X7.9X26.3cm
    • Opening Hole Size: 5X4.5cm
    • Hole Height: 16.5cm
    • Weight: 1.3kgs with box
    • Battery: Lithium-ion Polymer 1000 mAh
    • Charging: 4 hours
    • User time: 1 hour

    NOTE: All sales are final, this item cannot be returned.

      • Customer Reviews

        Based on 1 review
        Jon S.
        By far the most intuitive interactive toys

        Just over all good they don't last for too long either. Time to clean up the mess a bit and move on cuz it's better than the real deal

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1 review
      Jon S.
      By far the most intuitive interactive toys

      Just over all good they don't last for too long either. Time to clean up the mess a bit and move on cuz it's better than the real deal