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Penis Pump Sizes | How to Measure for the Perfect Pump

What size penis pump do I need?

If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit.  All around the world in different scenarios, fitment can be the difference between life and death, being warm or cold, or in our scenario, being effective or not.  Just like when you go to the mall and buy clothes, it’s important that the article of clothing you are purchasing fits you the way it was intended.  This is also true when you are looking to buy a penis pump.  Buy a pump too small and your penis won’t even fit, buy a pump too large and you risk it not working at all. Sure, using a 12 inch penis pump sounds great, but if it doesn't fit, it doesn't work.  Let us say it first, fitment is everything. Needless to say, it is important to measure your penis before you buy a penis pump!

There are two important dimensions of a penis pump cylinder, length, and width.  If you do a quick online search you will probably find publications talking about the width or diameter of the cylinder but truth be told they are missing out on half of the dimensions needed to truly maximize your pumping routine.  

The width of the cylinder is going to be the more important of the two dimensions simply for the fact that if you get one too small, your penis won’t fit, and that renders the pump useless.  While the length of the cylinder does not matter quite as much, it is still an important dimension you should measure for.

What type of penis growth do I want?

Before you start considering the size of the pump needed, you should first ask yourself a question. What portion of your penis are you looking to enlarge, length, girth, or both.  Not every person wants the same thing and this is a very personal question to ask.  Some men have a very girthy penis and just want length while others are longer and skinny and seek to get a fatter dick.  Others just want everything to grow in unison.

I want to grow my penis in length only

In a normal routine, there is room on the sides of the cylinder to expand horizontally and vertically. This will give you gains in both directions. If you are looking to focus on the length you are going to want to get a tighter cylinder that is slightly larger than the diameter of your penis.  Keep in mind you don’t want it too tight. When pumping with a tighter cylinder you will essentially “pack” the width cylinder with your penile tissue which will force your penis to stretch in one direction, vertically.  

It is always recommended to start with a pump large enough that it allows you to grow in both directions. Only when you are comfortable with pumping and are ready to focus on length should you purchase a new cylinder that is a quarter-inch less in diameter.

I want to focus on girth first

If you are satisfied with the length of your penis but seeking out more girth then you are going to want to get an Elliptical pump cylinder.  These cylinders are oval in shape and are designed to work the girth of the penis first.  One thing to note is that you never want to hit the top side of the cylinder with your penis.  Under sizing the length of the cylinder in hopes to widen your penis is not a solution and will only hurt you.

When sizing a penis pump the ideal cylinder will give you about 2 to 3 inches of extra vertical space past the tip of your erect penis.  With the average man’s penis roughly 5.5 inches long when hard, the perfect cylinder is going to be right around 9 inches in length.  This is why 95% of all pump manufacturers use the standard 9-inch length cylinder.  If you go through our site or any another, you will find the majority of all pumps are about 2.5 inches wide and 9 inches long. This size covers 90% of the men walking around.

Now to make sure you are getting the proper diameter pump cylinder you are going to need to do some measuring.  Below you will find a table that gives you a range of cylinder sizes that are designed to be used with particular penis girth circumferences.  Measure yourself a few times just to get it right.

What if my pump is the wrong size?

So you most likely measured incorrectly or not at all?  As mentioned, it is highly recommended to measure twice just to ensure proper sizing. If your pump is too small for your current girth, unfortunately, you won’t fit and your pump is essentially worthless.  

In the event that you purchased a cylinder far too big for you, there are some health issues that can arise. Don’t worry, none are too serious and usually, the effects go away by themselves over time.  If the pump is too big, you risk applying too much pressure. Over-pumping can cause tissue damage, discoloration, sore skin, and other problems. Though the symptoms are usually not serious and will pass, the idea behind pumping is to provide a pleasurable experience.

In compliance with state health laws penis enlargement cylinders are not returnable, so size them carefully! If you have sizing questions send an e-mail through our contact us form.

How do I measure my penis?

Measuring length is the easy part. 

  1. Place a tape measure or ruler along the top side of your erect penis
  2. Press the measuring device flat against your pelvis where it meets your shaft
  3. Take note of the length on the measuring device right where your tip ends.
  4. This is your penis length

Measuring girth is a little bit more difficult but still easy non the less.

  1. Find the thickest part of your penis (it is different for everybody) and wrap a piece of string loosely around this area. For some, this will be by the head or tip and for others, it may be closer to the base.
  2. Take a marker and mark where the string crosses itself.
  3. Lay the string next to a ruler to find the exact circumference. (Note: This method is much more accurate than wrapping a tape measure around the penis.)
  4. Find the measurement most closely corresponding to your penis circumference in the table below – your ideal starting cylinder size will be in the corresponding column to the right. (Cylinder Order Size is the tube’s inside diameter.) If your circumference is under 4 3/4 inches we recommend you start with a 1 1/2″ cylinder.

Final Thoughts

We feel it’s always important to mention that there are no miracles when it comes to pumping or penis enlargement as a whole.  Penis pumps are a fantastic addition to any man’s bedroom nightstand if you are looking for quick, temporary, and enjoyable penile enlargement or a quick fix to many forms of erectile dysfunction.  There are tons of benefits for any man to use a penis pump.  If you are looking for permanent and long-term growth though, you have some work ahead of you.  Studies have shown that with a rock-solid pumping routine, a high-quality medical-grade penis pump, and many months of consistent work,  you can experience prolonged benefits in terms of length and girth. 


Pump Cylinder Size Table


Your (Erect) Penis Circumference Recommended Cylinder Diameter
4 3/4 Inches (12 cm) 1 1/2 Inches (3.8 cm)
5 1/2 Inches (13.97 cm) 1 3/4 Inches  (4.4 cm)
6 1/4 Inches (15.87 cm) 2 Inches (5.0 cm)
7 Inches (17.78 cm) 2 1/4 Inches (5.7 cm)
7 7/8 Inches (19.5 cm) 2 1/2 Inches (6.3 cm)
8 5/8 Inches (21.90 cm) 2 3/4 Inches (6.9 cm)
9 3/4 Inches (24.76 cm) 3 Inches (7.62 cm)
10 1/4 Inches (26.03 cm) 3 1/4 Inches (8.2 cm)
11 3/4 Inches (29.85 cm) 3 3/4 Inches (9.5 cm)
13 3/8 Inches (33.97 cm) 4 Inches (10.1 cm)
14 1/4 Inches (36.19 cm) 4 1/2 Inches (11.4 cm)
15 3/4 Inches (40 cm) 5 Inches (12.7 cm)
Danny Garrett


Danny Garrett


Daniel Garrett is a certified sexual wellness expert through the Eldorado Sexual Health Board where he graduated with honors. Daniel's specialty is helping marriages as well as other relationships which struggle with having a healthy sexual presence. When a man is uncertain about his manhood it leaves him with a sense of self-doubt which typically will start to deteriorate any sexual relationship he may have with any partner. By helping men overcome their interpersonal self-doubt issues regarding their penis size and sexual function, Daniel is able to help heal relationships and help take these same relationships to the next level. Daniel's writing can be found on such websites such as The Enhanced Male,, as well as many others. Daniel has helped develop such relationship tools as silicone cock rings to help men achieve lasting results in bed.