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Maintaining an erection for an extended period of time can be difficult for any guy let alone guys who may struggle with Erectile Dysfunction (also known as ED).  A proper erection is vital to physical and mental health as well as the health of your relationship. With so many men struggling with erection and erectile issues, it's no wonder that the penis pump market has become a multi-billion dollar industry. 

Staying hard after pumping

If you are looking for the simplest answer to the question, how can I stay hard after pumping, we are here to tell you that it's by using a constriction ring when you use a penis pump

Penis pumps bring blood into your penis creating an erection where one might not be (in the case of erectile dysfunction).  Constriction rings, when worn properly around the base of the penis, keep the blood in the shaft helping maintain the erection brought on by the pump.  For more in-depth information on how to stay hard after you use a penis pump or even other alternatives solutions, please continue reading.  

Using a penis pump

Penis pumps are not a cure-all but their ability to help men achieve thicker and stronger erections is well documented.  From men who have recently undergone Chemotherapy or had prostate cancer surgery to others with sexual anxiety, penis pumps have their place in the world. 

Struggling to achieve or maintain an erection can take its toll mentally on men without discrimination.  Sometimes these problems might get in the way of your ability to satisfy your partner and cause other mental stresses that often spiral into depression or other mental complications. It can lead to obstacles in your relationships and sometimes even overall feelings of insecurity or a low sense of self.  

Maybe this issue has grown to the point where you’ve begun to look for solutions such as a penis pump. Purchasing a penis pump to aid you in achieving longer, harder erections in the safest way is a great start.  But it does not end there. 

While some studies show that penis pumps can help with long-term benefits, we are going to follow medical studies that maintain the stance that penis pumps are for temporary relief.  It is important to note that penis pumps are not a cure for erectile dysfunction outside of helping produce temporary erections. 

Even with incredibly useful tools like a penis pump, some men may find that maintaining an erection after pumping can still be difficult.  Using a penis pump is just the start of improving your sexual satisfaction.



vibrating penis pump


If you’ve ever found yourself scouring the internet for ways to stay hard long after using a penis pump, look no further. 

How to use a penis pump in 5 steps

Step 1: You may want to shave the pubic hair around the base of their penis. This helps prevent the constriction ring from getting caught in the hair.

Step 2: Insert your penis into the plastic penis pump tube.

Step 3: Use the pump to create a vacuum inside the cylinder. Depending on which device you are using, the pump may be manual or electric. This will start to bring blood into your penis creating an erection.

Step 4: Once you have achieved your desired pressure and erect, place the constriction ring around the base of the penis. This helps maintain the erection by keeping blood inside the penis. This should not cause any pain.

Step 5: Remove the penis from the tube.

What is a Penis Pump? 

what is a penis pump


A penis pump sometimes called a vacuum pump is a medical device designed to assist you in getting and maintaining a harder and longer-lasting erection.   Penis pumps are primarily used for temporary penis enlargement, erectile dysfunction (ED), trouble keeping an erection, as well as general sexual pleasure during intercourse.  Vacuum devices work by drawing blood into the penis which fills the blood vessels and expands the penile tissue which by design engorges your member.

Penis pumps are fairly simple vacuum devices that typically consist of a plastic tube designed to fit over the shaft of your penis. Attached to this tube is an air pump as well as a soft, stretchy donut ring.  The air pump portion can be either a manual action in which the user physically pumps out the air with a handheld pump or an electric penis pump that has a motor do all of the work. 

The donut ring or penis pump sleeve helps pad the hard cylinder which makes using a penis pump more comfortable.  They also create an airtight seal and keep your scrotum from being sucked up into the cylinder by the vacuum device.

Over the counter penis pumps vs FDA approved medical penis pumps

When shopping for a penis pump there are several options you will find, from over-the-counter pumps at a sex shop to doctor prescribed medical pumps that have been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). 

You might be wondering what the difference is other than the price tag.  Doctor prescribed medical vacuum devices can be covered by insurance but if they are declined, can cost upwards of $500.  Depending on one which over-the-counter pump you opt for, they can cost as little as $20 or as much as $300.

a man with a hard on in bed

You can find many side-by-side comparison tests online for an in-depth review.   Between the devices that were tested, from a user perspective, there was very minimal difference in usage and effectiveness.  They create and maintain pressure almost identical to one another and are both equally effective in treatment for erectile dysfunction. 

So why are FDA approved medical vacuum devices so much more expensive?  These products go through a long and rigorous testing process lead by the FDA.  To get approved, it can cost upwards of $100,000.  Because of the cost to be approved and the ability to be recommended by a urologist, these medical pumps demand a premium. 

Why do men use penis pumps?

There are many reasons why you would want to use a penis pump.  Penis pumps increase the blood flow to your penis using vacuum suction and negative pressure. This helps you get hard when your own arousal isn’t increasing circulation to your penis quite enough to achieve an erection without assistance.



why do men use penis pump

Penis pumps are a popular and effective treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) due to their effectiveness and affordability. They are safe, easy-to-use, and noninvasive, which makes them more appealing than treatments like injections, prescription medications, or even surgery (which may come with painful side effects).

Penis pumps are also attractive to men who want larger erections, albeit temporary.  Once you are hard, the use of a penis pump can increase both your penis’ length and girth.

Contrary to popular belief, penis pumps are not just meant to be used by men as a solution to erectile dysfunction. Many men use penis pumps before sex for the fun of it.  Thanks to the temporary increase in penis size and increased penile stimulation, using a penis pump has become extremely popular among young and healthy men.

According to users, the vacuum suction by a penis pump feels good. The sensations brought about via the suction mechanism are stimulating to both the head and shaft of the penis. 

What can I do to stay hard after pumping?

No matter if you are using a penis pump for fun or using it to help with erectile dysfunction treatment, the results of using one are the same.  An overabundance of blood in the penis causing a greater erection.  The problem with using a penis pump though is that once you have completed, and removed the vacuum, the penis will almost immediately start returning back to its original size.

man looking at his penis in bed

So how can you maintain the erection and keep the blood in your penis?

You can do many things to stay hard for longer after using your penis pump. Some of these natural methods provide short-term results, while others can prove to be more permanent lifestyle-altering solutions. 

Before resorting to extreme measures like prescription drugs or penile injections, check out what other safer, simpler, and much more affordable solutions might be available to you. 

There is any number of reasons you might be having issues maintaining an erection, and many of those culprits are easily remedied once you can pinpoint the cause.   

Cock Rings or Constriction Rings

The most popular solution to keeping your erection after you use a penis pump is to use a cock ring. Also referred to as a constriction ring, or a tension band, a cock ring is a circular band designed to slide onto the base of the penis once erect.  These rings help you maintain the erection once you have completed your pumping exercise.



how to use a cock ring

How to use a constriction ring

To properly use a constriction ring you will need a penis pump tube without a flared base.  You will want to slide the ring over the cylinder before you start pumping.  Once the ring is tightly secured around the tube, you will slide your penis into the cylinder and start pumping.  Once you have completed your pumping and achieved your desired pressure, you will want to slide it back down the tube, around the base of your penis (where your penis meets your pelvis).

It should be tight enough to fit snugly but not tight enough to cause pain.  If it is too tight, you may risk harming yourself by cutting off circulation to your penis.

Cock rings are typically made from silicone, offering a smooth feel. They are snug-fitting around the base of the shaft, but are designed to still be elastic enough to fit most penis girths.  

As mentioned above, a penis gets hard when the brain sends signals to relax the arteries and blood vessels carrying blood to your penis. This increases the flow, making your penis erect. When you put on a cock ring it traps this excess blood within the penis, allowing you to stay hard longer. 

 vibrating cock ring


Beyond their practical usage as erection amplifiers, cock rings are also a wonderful way to increase pleasure during a sexual experience. Some cock rings on the market include a vibrating feature designed to stimulate both you and your partner. It intensifies sensations throughout the shaft of your penis, magnifying your arousal and helping you stay hard longer. 

Use a penis pump for training

Penis pump training is great for men looking to produce stronger erections or have mild cases of erectile dysfunction.  If you have recently undergone a medical procedure or have a more severe case of erectile dysfunction, training will most likely not accomplish anything notable.

The purpose of penis pump training is to get your penile tissue reacclimatized with enhanced blood flow.  The theory behind this method is that the more frequent you engorge your penile tissue with blood, the more your body will maintain the blood flow, resulting in longer-lasting erections after you use a penis pump.

The method is very simple.

  • Use the penis pump as described above for no more than 15 minutes
  • Give your body a break of 5 to 15 minutes
  • Repeat step one
  • Repeat step two

This exercise should be done no more than 3-4 times per week and no more than 45 minutes in any single day.



Setting the Mood

Another helpful short-term solution is to cultivate an environment meant to maximize a comfortable, erotic mindset during sex. 

The mind is a powerful thing. And when it comes to getting hard, anxiety and discomfort are just as prohibitive as physical difficulties. When you build a space where you can feel safe and relaxed it is much easier to get out of your own head and enjoy the experience fully. 

Build a routine for yourself that allows you to relax both your mind and your body before sex. Music, aromatic stimulation, and lighting are all great ways to help you create an ambiance that is conducive to your goal.  

Communication with your partner

This one is both a short-term and long-term aid. Communicating with your partner about issues like being unable to keep an erection can be uncomfortable, but may ultimately be the catalyst for valuable, intimacy-building conversations.  

man and woman in bed covered in sheets

Both you and your partner’s expectations for lovemaking can have a psychological effect on your ability to perform. Communication about these sorts of obstacles will get you both on the same page. 

Starting an open and honest dialogue may reveal that your partner is much more understanding than you might have expected, and perhaps even has intimacy insecurities of their own.

When trust is the foundation of your love life, you may find that your erections come much more easily and last much longer. 

Lifestyle Considerations

Oftentimes men who have issues getting and maintaining their erections are experiencing these difficulties due to factors that have nothing to do with sex.

Your body is a complex machine, and when one thing isn’t working properly there may be side effects that seem totally unrelated. Diet, for example, is a huge part of a healthy sexual system. 


 balanced diet

A balanced diet is vital for your body’s proper function. Similar to the quality of the gasoline you put in your car, the fuel you choose to put in your body has a marked effect on your body's functions. If you are regularly struggling to get erect and stay erect, experiment with your diet and see if it helps. You will likely see positive results. 

Sleep is also a huge factor for a healthy sexual system. And the solution to that is as simple as ensuring that you are regularly getting a full night’s sleep.  

Reducing the amount of stress in your life will also likely aid you in the bedroom. Outside factors that cause stress — issues involving work, relationships, health, finances, and more — all can have a profound effect on your ability to perform sexually.  Locate ways to reduce stress, and you may just find the solution you’ve been hoping for. 

Your mind, body, and environment are all working together to help you stay hard when you want to be. If any of those things fall out of balance, address them to pinpoint exactly what factors are impacting your sex life.

When should I see a doctor?

Discovering that you can’t keep an erection, even after using a penis pump, can be frustrating. But it is by no means an uncommon issue. If you’ve tried balancing your diet, stress, and sleep schedule; if your communication and trust with your partner are rock solid, and you know how to properly use a vacuum penis pump and cock ring and still have trouble maintaining an erection — it may be time to see a doctor.


 a doctor

Speak candidly to a doctor about your erectile issues. If your inability to maintain an erection with a penis pump is part of a larger, underlying medical issue, then medication may be in order.  There are many vasodilators available that can be prescribed to help maintain erections.  When using a PDE5 inhibitor such as Viagra or Cialis in combination with a penis pump, the results can be astounding.  Unfortunately, these medications come with their own set of risks and effects so use exactly as your doctor recommends.

Doctors are also qualified to orient you towards licensed sex therapists if psychological issues are on the table.  

Regain your sex life

Penis pumps are a great tool that can be integrated into most men's sex lives but as mentioned above, they are not miracle tools.  Because they are considered extremely low risk and have such a high upside potential, a penis pump should be considered first when dealing with erectile dysfunction or looking for greater sexual satisfaction.