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In this guide, we're taking a look at the cheapest and more cost-effective penis pumps on the market. Our expert team has put together a list of the top affordable penis pump devices under $50 for users that are conscious about their spending.

We want to be clear though, while these are budget penis pumps they are each still a quality product.  When selecting each affordable pump we took into consideration the quality of construction as well as the materials used.  Each of these penis pumps is safe to use and will last if you take care of them.

Our recommendations were selected based on the following

  • Overall effectiveness
  • Safety features
  • Quality & reputation
  • Product features
  • Peer reviews
  • Market value

Best Budget Penis Pumps for $50 or Less

Here are your best bets for affordable pumps priced $50 and under. 

Penis Pumps for $50 or Less








This guide is specially created for the budget-conscious buyer. If you're looking for the best penis pumps to buy, go check our ultimate guide:

Automatic Precision Electric Penis Pump

the Automatic Precision Electric Penis Pump, a sexual health and wellness device for men

The Automatic Precision Electric Penis Pump is among the best electric penis pumps available and also happens to be one of the lowest-priced. It’s a very straightforward, easy-to-use model. This device is a great choice for a beginner who prefers an electric pump without the bells and whistles—at an affordable price. 

As one of the top rated electric penis pumps, it may come as a surprise that the price tag is quite affordable. This is not because Lynk Pleasure has cut corners with the material and quality rather they have a unique selling model that allows them to keep the price down while the quality remains high.

This precision electric pump has all of the bells and whistles you would expect with a high-priced option including 4 powerful suction settings powered by an ultra-quiet automatic motor.

The clear digital display shows you all of the information you need to pump effectively and safely.

Safety features should be at the top of your list of requirements and this air pump does not fall short. The safety air release valve can be engaged with the push of a button, instantly releasing all of the air in the chamber. The pump sleeve included is made from medical-grade silicone and the cylinder is high quality, crystal clear acrylic.

Here’s what we love about this pump:

  • Priced at just $48.75
  • 100 percent rechargeable with charging cable included; no batteries required 
  • Four speeds and settings with easy-to-use one-handed controls 
  • Top of the line quality is built to last 
  • Instant release air valve
  • Medical grade silicone sleeve

Video Review

Peer Reviews


It works great. No hype or misleading crap. It actually does what it's built for and works really well. Very pleased with this product.

MMichael H.


Great pump with automatic features

RRuss P.


The pump has alot of power and suction be sure to get a good lube for the ring makes it easy to insert your penis.also a good trim of area makes it easier to get complete contact and seal with base. Great pump highly recommended easy cleaning but delicate charging cord and port. Get ready for a interesting experience

LLawrence M.

Max Results Penis Pump

the Max Results Penis Pump, a male enhancement device for treating ED and gaining size

Here’s a manual device that moves beyond the old-school bulb-style pump.  The Max Results penis pump has been around for decades and has lasted many of its competitors.

The Max Results Penis Pump features a patented hand pump for effective and easy use. Pumping is grip-operated via a handle that the American Pumpers Association dubbed a “Superior Pump Handle.” This easy-to-use grip connects to the oversized pump cylinder by way of a high-quality air hose that is guaranteed not to leak.

The cylinder is one of the most durable cylinders we have seen and even includes a measuring gauge to monitor your growth.

To keep you safe, the cylinder includes a quick release air valve and undergoes rigorous testing to sure it exceeds quality expectations.

Max Results is not just a name, this penis vacuum pump is one of the all-time best-selling pumps around the world. To keep things inexpensive for the budget-conscious, Cal Exotics has removed any electronic components and gauges.

Fairly priced and built to last, this vacuum pump is suitable for beginners and experienced users alike. 

Here are the Max Results Penis Pump’s best features:

  • Priced at just $39.50
  • Award-winning Grip & pull hand pump
  • Spacious cylinder to accommodate lots of growth, with a 9.25” length and 2.25” width
  • Precision measuring gauge included on the cylinder to track real-time growth
  • One of the longest selling penis pumps that continues to exceed user expectations
  • Quick-release purge valve for instant pressure release when you’re done pumping

Video Review

Peer Reviews:


I love this product very much, it is easy to use, hold suction very well. I would definitely recommend..

HHugh M.


This pump definitely works, very comfortable and fun for the wife and I. The staff of The Enhanced Male deliver top quality and are very communicative with their customers. new customer for life!

RRubin L.

Colt Big Man XL Penis Pump

the Colt Big Man XL Penis Pump, a natural male enhancement device for XL-sized men

Well-endowed guys aren’t the most obvious target group for penis pumps—but we know you’re out there! This high-quality pump is made by the world-famous brand Colt so you know it's made to the highest standards.

Like most of the other budget penis pumps on our list, this pump is bare-bones, no-frills here. When you have a pump that works so well, there is no reason to add additional features.

Addressing size concerns isn’t the only reason that guys pump. Some men are combating ED-based sexual performance issues. Others want to see their already-large unit get even bigger. Others simply enjoy the pumping experience. 

This vacuum penis pump works well for temporary penis enlargement and even more so to treat certain forms of erectile dysfunction.

Fortunately, XL penis size guys won’t be left out. There are a few great pumps made just for you, like the Colt Big Man XL Penis Pump. This is a high-quality pump with a huge cylinder to accommodate plus-sized growth. 

Another great feature about this cylinder is the flared comfort base. This flared base allows you to get the same airtight seal and comfort as pumps with a sleeve but without the extra cost and hassle.

This pump shares a similar grip as the patented and award-winning Max Results pump and is equally as easy to use. If you struggle with grip strength you will still be able to maximize your pumping thanks to this effortless grip. Attached to the silicone air hose you will find the quick-release air valve so you never have to worry about damaging your penis.

Here are the top perks of the Colt Big Man XL Penis Pump:

  • Priced at just $42.25
  • Features an oversized 11.75” cylinder length
  • Extra-wide 2.5” inside cylinder width
  • The cylinder has undergone heavy pressure testing to ensure it never cracks during use
  • Precision pump grip for easy use
  • The quick-release safety valve for instant pressure release
  • The air hose can be removed from the cylinder with the quick release fitting that is included

Video Review

Peer Reviews


Exceeded my expectations by inches if you know what I mean

DDakota H.


Regular pumps never were large enough to accommodate me, but this XL pump provides the extra length and width I’ve been looking for. Very happy with the results.

AAnthony G.

P3 Pliable Penis Pump

P3 Pliable Penis Pump, a natural male enhancement product for achieving strong erections

The P3 Pliable Penis Pump is on the cutting edge of all-natural male enhancement technology. The material is entirely different from what you’re used to—the cylinder is a pliable PVC tube.  What that means is that this pump is flexible and under pressure will actually adapt to your penis making it much more effective.

Thanks to its innovative materials, this is the world’s first soft and pliable penis pump. As such, comfort and pleasure are maximized during the pumping experience. The PVC is the highest quality available and contains no seams that might hurt your penis shaft during use.

Doc Johnson has kept this vacuum pump affordable by manufacturing in-house with as few components as possible. Don't let that fool you though, this penis pump has gone through its own set of testing and comes out as a clear leader every time.

By using less air, this ingenious pump allows for increased pressure that you’ll experience to the fullest degree.

The pump bulb is quite soft and easy to use for men with varying grip strength. It connects to the flexible cylinder with a medical-grade air hose and fittings. At the base, you will find a removable pump sleeve that creates an airtight seal and adds comfort to your experience.

The P3 Pliable Penis Pump is great for different-sized men since the tube adapts to fit your dimensions. 

Pumping is easy with the single-handed bulb, keeping one hand free for other forms of simultaneous activity. 

Here’s what we like about this innovative device:

  • Priced at just $35.99
  • Cylinder made from soft and pliable PVC tubing 
  • Penis-shaped for realistic play use 
  • Made with high-quality seamless construction
  • One of the best entry-level penis pumps
  • Includes a soft and comfortable penis pump sleeve
  • Includes an air pressure release valve 

Peer Reviews


Like that's its clear, & you can see your results.

EErik P.


I love the flexibility of this pump, it is like nothing I have experienced before

EErik P.

Advanced Trigger Penis Pump

the Advanced Trigger Penis Pump, a natural enhancement product for men’s sexual health

This excellent male enhancement tool is built to last, with quality materials and construction. The price, meanwhile, is more than reasonable for a top-of-the-line penis pump. While it is a cheap penis pump from a cost point of view, this is one of the highest quality we have seen under $50.

The Advanced Trigger Penis Pump is a manual pump from the Lynk Pleasure brand. Lynk Pleasure is a leader in reasonably priced, high-quality male enhancement products. Thanks to their direct-to-consumer branding they are able to offer high-quality products at affordable pricing.

This manual penis pump features a T-shaped trigger grip. This helpful design makes pumping easy and comfortable. The grip connects to the cylinder through a silicone air hose and connectors, ensuring optimum vacuum seal function. Like most other penis enlargement devices on our list, this pump includes a quick-release air valve to keep you healthy and safe.

If you’re looking for a budget penis pump that offers no-frills and is designed to last, the Advanced Trigger Penis Pump is a perfect choice. 

The professional air pressure gauge at the top of the cylinder allows you to precisely track the action at hand and avoid over-pumping.  As one of the only pumps on our list to include an air gauge, this added feature is recommended for that extra level of safety. When using air pumps, the pressure in the cylinder should be closely monitored.

Furthermore, this vacuum pump has been recommended by doctors as a post -P-shot therapy pump as well as to help treat erectile dysfunction.

Here are some key features of this model: 

  • One of the lowest priced pumps on our list at just $29.99
  • T-style trigger pump for easy use
  • Clear 8” cylinder to accommodate size and growth for almost all men
  • Professional air gauge for precise air monitoring
  • Includes an pressure release valve for safety
  • Comes with a silicone penis pump sleeve for added comfort
  • Dr. recommended to treat ED

Video Review

Peer Reviews


I am very pleased Thanks

WWilliam D.


My doctor gave me this pump to take home and use after getting the Pshot. It was my first time ever using an erectile dysfunction pump so I wasn't sure what to expect. Combined with the procedure, I have been experiencing erections like never before.

DDan R.

Men's Beginner Erection Enlargement Pump


No budget penis pump list would be complete without a true beginners pump. This pump is as basic as they come. Just remember, being basic does not mean it does not work. The Men's Beginner Erection Enlargement pump by Lynk Pleasure does exactly what it is supposed to do.

This is a classically designed manual penis pump that includes an 8" cylinder, silicone air hose, and a bulb-style pump. This is the design that started the penis pump industry. With over 40 years of proof, the design of this pump is simple yet effective.

The pump bulb is made from medical-grade silicone and features a quick-release safety air valve that will release pressure instantly. As far as cheap penis pumps go, you won't find better.

The clear cylinder includes hand grips that it from sliding out of your hands during use. Having undergone pressure testing, these acrylic cylinders will never crack during use.

Here are some key features of this model: 

  • The most affordable pump available at $14.95
  • Designed as the ideal pump for beginners and first-time users
  • Classic designed manual penis pump that works under pressure
  • Includes a quick-release valve to keep safe
  • Provides temporary penis enlargement
  • Overall best penis pump under $20

Peer Reviews


This pump is on the less expensive side but it definitely gets the job done. No regrets here!

BBarry S.


Its not an expensive pump, you get what you pay for but as far as beginner and cheap pumps, this is the way to go.


What do we consider a budget penis pump?

When taking into consideration people's budget we used $50 as our baseline for affordable pricing.  Having sold hundreds of thousands of penis pumps, we found that there is a big jump in quality and features when you start reviewing products over $50.  We also found there was another large jump in quality and even greater features at the $100 price point.

There are hundreds of different pumps that meet the price criteria to make the list of best budget penis pumps, however, once we started putting them to the test, many fell short.

We found that many of the lower-priced pumps available were made with thinner and generally flimsy plastics that would crack under pressure.  Those pumps were quickly removed from our list.

What we were left with was a list of quality penile vacuum pumps that are perfect for beginners and those who might not want to invest in a higher quality pump yet.  If you are after serious results though, we recommend checking out our list of the best penis pumps at any budget.

Criteria for the best budget penis pump

  • Priced at $50 or less
  • Safety features
  • Quality of materials and construction
  • Product features
  • Peer reviews
  • Market Value

    The low down on budget penis pumps

    What are they? 

    A penis pump is an inexpensive vacuum device that increases blood flow to the penis. Men use penis pumps to combat erectile dysfunction and/or to gain bigger, harder erections. 

    A pump device consists of a tube which the penis is inserted into, a seal that sits at the base of the penis, and a pump for removing air from the tube. 

    How do they work?

    A penis pump works by creating a vacuum seal around the penis and drawing blood into the penile tissue.  Pumping is either performed via hand-squeezing the pump or by electric controls.  Once the air has been pumped out and a vacuum seal is established, blood flow into the penis creating a larger, stronger, and harder erections. 

    Learn More About Penis Pumps

    Check our related blog for more insights:

    Can I make it even better?

    To help maintain your erection after pumping, you might want to use a cock ring. A cock ring is a band worn around the base of the penis. It helps to hold blood in the shaft, thus maintaining an erection for a longer time period. Learn more about cock rings here

    Another product that many men find useful during penis pump use is lubricant. Lubricant helps to make points of contact with the pump more comfortable. Learn more about lube here

    What to Look for When Buying a Cheap Penis Pump

    Once you establish your budget, your first penis pump decision is going to be about size.  You will need to make sure you get the correct size penis pump. Once you have your size, you will need to figure out whether to go with a classic hand pump or an electric pump. Once you decide, 

    With a hand pump, the vacuum seal is established through manual pumping. This is typically done by squeezing a bulb, similar to what you see on a turkey baster. Some manual pumps are a bit fancier, providing different sorts of grips for more control and efficiency. 

    Electric pumps work by simply turning the device on and off. The pumping process is automatic. The vacuum seal is created in the same manner as a manual pump, but without the hand pumping. 

    Some pumps get a bit more high-tech or offer extra features, such as:

    • Water pumps that use water to create a vacuum
    • Extra-large pumps for those already well endowed
    • Pumps with multiple sleeves for even more pleasure
    • Multi-speeds and vacuum settings

      The lowest-priced devices are often the old-school hand pump models. Electric pumps or pumps with advanced features tend to be more expensive. 

      Comparing an affordable penis pump to every day living

      There are things in life that we need and there are things in life that we want.  Let's be honest here, a penis pump probably falls more into the want category than the need category.  With that being said, sexual satisfaction has been proven through multiple studies to impact your overall happiness and health in life, so maybe an affordable penis pump should fall into the need category!

      In comparison, for the price of a good, yet cheap penis pump, you can also get the following

      • 4 gallons of gas for your car (2022 average is $4.63 per gallon)
      • 5 gallons of milk (2022 average is $3.88 per gallon)
      • 1 - 2 large plain cheese pizzas (2022 average is between $7.25 - $15 each)
      • 4 beers for a Friday night (2022 average is $4.75 for a single beer)
      • 1 bottle of cheap wine (2022 average is $14.95 for a single bottle of wine)
      • 2 movie tickets to your favorite movie theater (2022 average is $9.16 each)

        So, as you can see, a nice budget penis pump might just be the thing to enhance your life.  Just skip the movie or pizza for a night!

        Best Penis Pumps Under $50

        Male Enhancement Products that Fit Your Budget

        Penis pumps might seem like fancy, high-tech products—but they’re surprisingly affordable, and can naturally improve the size of your male penis as well as triggering a stronger and longer lasting erection.. There are lots of great options priced under $50, so cost is not a major hurdle for most guys interested in trying out this form of male enhancement. 

        If you’d like to learn more about penis pumps, check out a few of our other guides that tackle specific pump-related topics:

        We know that male enhancement is a tricky subject. You don’t hear much about it in mainstream media or everyday conversation, so it’s easy to feel like you’re in the dark. 

        That’s why we aim to provide the most accurate, helpful, and comprehensive buying guides for all of the products that we sell at The Enhanced Male.

        For more reviews, guides, and insights, be sure to visit our blog. We address common questions and concerns, tackle taboos, and cover the ins and outs of your favorite enhancement products and toys. 

        To find more sexual health and wellness products for men, visit our online store and check out our collections of sex toys, male enhancement products, lube and accessories, and more. 

        Side Note

        This best of list will be periodically updated as better penis pumps become available or products simply no longer perform as well. As with all best of lists, this will be a living document.

          We take our recommendations very seriously

          We have worked intensively on developing a product evaluation system that takes in consideration the following factors:

          • Materials
          • Electronic Components
          • Safety Testing Data
          • US Regulatory Information
          • 510(k) Certifications
          • Our Experts Evaluation

          Learn more about our selection process