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Listen to an audio summary

When you search for Bathmate products online, you'll find lots of product descriptions from websites that stock Bathmate Hydro penis pumps, but detailed information about the brand and its full range of pumps is harder to track down.

With that in mind, we've put together a detailed Bathmate brand review to give you all the info you need about this hydro pump company. We'll walk you through the products they produce, explain how a Bathmate penis pump is used, and what you can expect from the Bathmate hydro pumps range in terms of performance and gains.

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About Bathmate

Although a big player in the penis pump world today, the Bathmate brand has very humble origins.

The very first Bathmate hydro pump was created in 2004 by inventor John Edwin Oakes to help a friend in need. John's friend, an athlete and motorcyclist, experienced a severe spinal injury that meant he could no longer maintain an erection. After seeing the limitations of conventional pumps at the time, John used his mechanical engineering background to create a more effective approach.

With a detailed knowledge of hydraulics - and the understanding that the penis is essentially a hydraulically operated organ - he created a device that used water to generate vacuum pressure around the penis. In doing so, he created the world's first legit hydro penis pump designed to beat erectile dysfunction (ED).

Although a big player in the penis pump world today, the Bathmate brand has very humble origins.

Similar to this initial design, Bathmate products use water to create a vacuum around the penis. When filled with water and then placed over the flaccid penis, the whole device can be pumped against your groin, with excess water expelled through a special valve. This creates uniform pressure inside the cylinder - helping to evenly and comfortably draw blood into the penis. This helps to potentially enhance erection quality and size - without any discomfort.

After establishing the Bathmate company in 2006, the first Bathmate product was launched. Now known as the Hydro7, the Bathmate Hercules was a hit and soon expanded into a wider range of models with additional features.

Today, over a million Bathmates have been created and sold worldwide.

The Bathmate story isn't one about another company hopping on the sex toy bandwagon - it's about a talented inventor setting out to help people who struggle with ED and creating a product that combines intelligent design, user feedback, and penis health knowledge to enhance people's sexual wellbeing around the world.

Main features of Bathmate Penis Pumps

Bathmate products aren't a novelty concept - they've been carefully designed to incorporate a series of design features for ease of use, comfort, and effectiveness. Let's take a look at some of those design features:



Hydro-based design

Every Bathmate hydro penis pump uses water instead of air to create the negative pressure needed to draw blood into the penis.

Water ensures a uniform vacuum around the penis, reducing the risk of uneven pressure points.

It also provides a more comfortable, cushioned experience compared to air, enhancing safety and effectiveness in penis pumping.

Pumping safety

Bathmate Hydro products are specifically designed with user safety in mind. Unlike air, water cannot be compressed.

This means Bathmate penis pumps create a more even pressure around the penis, which does away with the chance of any localized negative pressure on your penis.

Body-safe materials

The plastics and silicones used to create Bathmate products are all carefully tested to make sure they're 100% body-safe.

This means the bellows and seal is a touch firmer than some other penis pumps - but this should be considered a mark of quality.

Softer collars often include non-body-safe oils, which can cause allergies and irritation for some people.

Padded collar

As mentioned, Bathmate products come with a comfortable-but-firm silicone collar designed to create a seal around the base of your penis.

If you find it hard to create a seal with just the silicone - or you don't find it especially comfortable - you can add a comfort pad.

The pad is designed to fit inside the collar and offers a softer, but still body-safe, layer of softer padding.

Measurement markings

Each Bathmate hydro pump has measuring markers on the side of the cylinder that fits over your penis.

While some Bathmate reviews complain that this isn't accurate, it's fair to say that as long as you use the pump in the same way each time you have a pumping session, it allows you to accurately measure the gains you're getting.

Robust, high-quality materials

As well as being body-safe, the materials used to create Bathmates are robust and long-lasting.

Bathmates aren't the cheapest penis pumps on the market, so this is an important factor in making sure your investment lasts a long time.

Since Bathmates are manufactured to a high standard, the company offers a 2-year warranty when you register your serial number.

A range of sizes

Penises come in all shapes and sizes - but Bathmate has allowed for that in their range.

The Hydro7 model caters to people with a 5 inches erect length - and the Hydroxtreme11 can cater to erections measuring over 9 inches.

HydroMax and HydroExtreme models each have Wideboy versions too - catering for more girth than standard models.

What our experts say

When you research Bathmate products online, it's very hard to say whether the information you're reading is created by people with first-hand experience of the pumps or not. So you can be absolutely confident in what you read here; we've discussed the brand and its products with Danny Garrett, our resident sexual wellness expert - asking for his honest opinion:

As far as I'm concerned, Bathmate is one of the top brands in the industry. In a time when everyone thought they could create a penis pump, the Bathmate team was innovating - bringing new technology to an otherwise stale industry.

By using water instead of air, Bathmate has done away with any risk of uneven pressure. It's not just the water to thank for this - it's also the design of the cylinder and the PIP valve. The valve disperses the water evenly as it's brought into the cylinder, helping to control the pressure. This valve is patented too - so you know you're only going to get Bathmate results from a Bathmate product.

The downside of using hydro technology is the fact that you can't have a pressure gauge - an important part of safe pumping. With this in mind, Bathmates might be better considered an intermediate-to-expert level product for people who have some experience with pumping. The bellows at the bottom of the pump might not be the perfect fit for everyone either. They're stiffer than expected, although they're still comfortable to press down on your pelvis.

Bathmate has a reputation for making high-quality products that are built to last. That said, the high quality does come with a large price tag. If you can afford their products, then I'd say they're worth it. Don't worry if a Bathmate would be stretching your budget though - there are air pumps on the market that come close in terms of quality and performance.

Bathmate Pump Range

We've put together a handy table that shows you the range of Bathmate products at a glance - as well as more in-depth info on each range underneath.

Experts Rating
Ease of Use
Best for
Hydro Range
Hydro Range
Hydromax Range
Hydromax Range
Beginners and advanced users
HydroXtreme Range
HydroXtreme Range
People with disposable income

The Hydro Range

The Hydro range is a direct descendant of the original Hercules model that launched the Bathmate brand. Aimed at beginners to hydro pumping, it offers a more gentle level of pressure compared to Hydromax and the HydroXtreme models.

A big part of what makes the Hydro range so appealing is the simplicity of use. Designed to accompany you into the shower or tub, a Hydro pump simply fills with warm water before you insert your penis into the cylinder through the bellows. With the Hydro in place, you can pump the device against your body, creating suction as you do.

A big part of what makes the Hydro range so appealing is the simplicity of use.

Since most men have a penis size of between 5 and 7 inches, Bathmate suggests that the Hydro7 pump (the only model currently available in this range) as being suitable for the majority of men.

Although the Hydro7 doesn't boast the pressure of other pumps that Bathmate produces, this doesn't necessarily make it a lesser product. Instead, it's designed for people who are looking for a simple way to start penis enlargement pumping and learning what their body responds to.

Lower pressure makes the Hydro7 more suited for beginners
The most cost-effective Bathmate hydro pump
Simple to use - with a full user guide included
Very high-quality body-safe materials
2-year guarantee when registered
Some people find the firm bellows difficult to create a seal against their body with
No way of accurately measuring pressure levels
The measuring rule might be difficult to view if you're using the Bathmate underwater
Only available in 7-inch version, which may not suit your penis size

The Hydromax Range

The Hydromax range represents a step up from the Hydro7 penis pump, and with over 1 million units sold worldwide, Bathmate claims it's the world's most popular kind of penis pump.

There are two main areas that separate the Hydromax range from the Hydro7 - firstly, the variety of sizes, and secondly, the level of pressure that can be applied.

This makes the range the go-to option if you fall outside 'average' penis size.

In terms of size, you can choose between 3, 5, 7, and 9-inch cylinder sizes - which Bathmate says can accommodate penis sizes between 1 and 9 inches effectively. This makes the range the go-to option if you fall outside 'average' penis size. What's more, the Hydromax7 is available as a 'wideboy' version if you have a significantly thicker than average penis.

The body, the bellows, and the valve are all redesigned in the Hydromax range to allow for a higher maximum pressure level. This means a Hydromax pump is capable of creating 35% more pressure than a standard Hydro7 while not losing any of the comfort or safety of the entry-level pump.

35% more pressure than the Hydro7 pump
Wide-boy version is perfect if you have a thicker penis
Larger range of sizes compared to the Hydro range
Very high-quality materials and upgraded components
2-year guarantee when registered
A significant step-up in price vs. Hydro range
Some people find the firm bellows difficult to create a seal against their body with
No way of accurately measuring pressure levels

The HydroXtreme Range

The Bathmate HydroXtreme range is the company's flagship model, boasting a series of enhancements over both the Hydro7 and the Hydromax penis pumps. In fact, if Bathmate is to be believed, the HydroXtreme pumps are the most powerful in the world - which is no small claim.

Although the HydroXtreme pumps look largely the same as the lower-tier pumps, you have two pumping options. You can pump the body of the device against your body - and you can get even more pressure by using the attached handball pump that connects to the valve at the top of the cylinder.

Bathmate is to be believed, the HydroXtreme pumps are the most powerful in the world - which is no small claim.

The next level of pressure that HydroXtreme delivers is recommended for experienced users who are looking to take their gains up a notch or two. If you jump straight into this top-of-the-line model, you'd be wise to take it gently to avoid any discomfort.

As you'd no doubt expect, the HydroXtreme range is the most expensive offered by Bathmate - but your extra spend does get you some useful free accessories. Your accessories will include a cleaning kit, the Bathmate shower strap for hands-free pumping, Bathmate Pleasure Lube, and a discreet capsule case that's ideal for storage or travel.

If you jump straight into this top-of-the-line model, you'd be wise to take it gently to avoid any discomfort.

The HydroXtreme range is available in the largest range of sizes, with 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11-inch models that can accommodate an erect length of between 1 and 11 inches. If you're packing an especially thick penis, there's a HydroXtreme7 that can accommodate a girth of over 6.5 inches too.

Most powerful penis pump available to buy
The handball pump helps to increase pressure comfortably
Wide-boy version is perfect if you have a thicker penis
Larger range of sizes compared to Hydro and Hydromax ranges
The accessory kit includes some useful items
Very high-quality body-safe materials
2-year guarantee when registered
Significantly more costly than lower-tier Bathmate pumps
Can be difficult to view measurements when underwater
Might be overkill for beginners
Lack of pressure gauge means you should be very careful not to overpump

What are the Benefits of Using Bathmate Pumps?

Since everyone's bodies are different, penis enhancement is not an exact science, so you should be careful of any information you read that guarantees your Bathmate results will be the same as someone else's. As such, we've outlined some of the most common benefits that people report when using Bathmate products.

Stronger Erections

Believe it or not, your penis muscles actually relax as you get an erection. The magic happens in the 'corpora cavernosa,' which contains a sponge-like material - and, as the muscles relax, they allow blood to flow into this tissue, usually making your penis longer, thicker, and harder in preparation for sex.

Erectile dysfunction can happen for a range of reasons - but the final result is that the penis often fails to become fully engorged with blood. This means you'll often stay completely soft - or perhaps just get a weaker erection than you might have in the past.

Believe it or not, your penis muscles actually relax as you get an erection.

Bathmate pumps tackle this problem in two different ways. Firstly, the even pressure they create draws blood into the penis, naturally increasing your chances of getting hard. Secondly, the warm water inside the pump helps the muscles to relax, increasing the amount of blood that can be drawn in.

This win-win approach means using a Bathmate will often see stronger erections compared to no pumping - or compared to an air pump that doesn't relax the muscles.

Temporary or (in some cases) permanent increase of penis length and girth

You're right to be cautious of claims that any penis pump will work as a permanent penis extender - but that's not to say some people won't make gains.

Ultimately, a penis pump is designed to draw more blood into the penis than you may be able to achieve naturally. Both the skin of the penis and the corpora cavernosa tissue within are extremely flexible - so if you pump effectively, you might experience a larger and more full-feeling erection than you do naturally.

You're right to be cautious of claims that any penis pump will work as a permanent penis extender

The main trouble with talking about permanent gains is the fact that there have been very few scientific studies into penis enlargement using hydro pumps. This means any Bathmate hydro pump review you read where a user claims permanent gains cannot be taken as scientific fact - but that doesn't mean you should rule it out completely.

Psychology plays a very important part in sexual function - so anxiety around your penis size can lead to weaker erections. If you've got a Bathmate on your side, this anxiety will hopefully be reduced - so you might find your penis appears fuller and more ready for action.

Increased penis sensitivity

Penis sensitivity is an important part of enjoying sex or masturbation. If your penis is under-sensitive, it can delay orgasms and erections or prevent them entirely. The good news is a Bathmate can be a handy ally in increasing sensitivity - which in turn can contribute to stronger erections and a more fulfilling sex life.

There are many reasons you might have an under-sensitive penis - but many of them, including lots of time spent cycling, stress, anxiety, and even the food you eat, can have an impact on circulation around your penis. Weaker circulation means your erection quality will be reduced - and, since penises become more sensitive the more engorged they are - a weaker erection generally means less intense feelings when you, your partner, or your favorite toy takes hold of your penis.

Penis sensitivity is an important part of enjoying sex or masturbation.

The warm water inside a Bathmate will help to relax the muscles in your penis - increasing the chance of improved blood flow. What's more, the impressive levels of negative pressure will also draw blood into the right places, hopefully leaving the nerve endings in your penis pumped up and ready for action.

How to use a Bathmate Pump: Our Expert Tips

Now you know a little more about the Bathmate brand and its products, you might be wondering what it's actually like to own and use a Bathmate hydro pump. Here, we've put together a detailed user guide - answering all the questions you were afraid to ask!

How to use a Bathmate in 9 Steps

9 steps might sound like a lot - but don't worry, we've gone into a lot of detail. This process will become second nature after a couple of sessions.

1. Trim or shave

Creating a seal between your Bathmate and your body is trickier if you have a lot of body hair. As such, it's a good idea to trim - perhaps going for a grade 1-2 on a body hair trimmer. You might decide to remove your hair completely using a hair removal cream or a razor - which makes creating a seal even easier.

2. Prepare your Bathmate

Before using any kind of pump, you should make sure it's clean. The trick is to put it away clean - but if you're not 100% sure, a quick wash (details below) with warm soapy water will make sure there's no bacteria hanging around.

3. Find a suitable location

Since your Bathmate is going to be filled with water, it's far more practical to pump in the shower or in the bathtub. If you're pushed for time, using it in the bathroom is possible - but have a towel to hand to dry any spilled water after pumping.

4. Warm yourself up

As we've already mentioned, warming the penis and the surrounding muscles will help with blood flow - so it's a good idea to have a warm shower or bath before you pump. It's not essential - but you might see better results if your muscles are working for you, not against you.

5. Fill the Bathmate

Now it's time to slide the Bathmate over your penis. Fill it with water, then slide your penis inside.

Bathmate does not recommend using their pumps when you're totally flaccid - and users report seeing better results if they're at least partially erect before starting pumping. Using your imagination and starting to masturbate a little can help to get things moving - or you may decide to get a partner involved if you feel comfortable doing so.

7. Create a seal

When your penis is inside the pump, you should push the Bathmate towards your body. As you do, water will be released through the valve at the top. You might need to adjust the bellows against your body a little before you feel it seal. Don't worry if it takes a little bit of practice; it's easier each time you do it.

8. Pumping

Pump the bellows against your body (or use the handball if you have a HydroXtreme) a couple of times until you feel a comfortable level of suction. You should feel pressure but not discomfort. If you feel like you've overdone the pressure, just release it and go again.

The feeling of blood flow in your penis might feel strange - but as long as you're not uncomfortable, the Bathmate should be working. Play around with the pressure until you've got the right balance for you. It's a good idea to keep count of the pumps so you know what to start with next time.

9. Monitoring

Bathmate recommends using the pump in 5-minute intervals - releasing the pressure and pumping again 2-3 times based on your goals. During this time, it's important to keep checking that everything looks as it should with your penis. It might get a little flushed red, but if it becomes too red, bruised, or overly swollen, release the pressure and pump a little less next time around.

10. Releasing the pressure

When you've done the amount of time you want - or at any time during the session - you can release the pump by gently pressing the valve at the top. Gently is a good idea here as it releases the pressure gradually, keeping your gains.

how to use bathmate hydromax penis pump
how to use bathmate hydromax penis pump

How and how often should I use a Bathmate?

According to Bathmate's user information, you can use your pump daily for around 10-15 minutes at a time. They recommend using your chosen Bathmate in 5-minute sessions to see the best results.

A company the size of Bathmate will have almost certainly researched this to make sure it's well within the limits of what your body can tolerate.

That said, everyone's body is a little different - so we'd recommend having some rest days between sessions if you find your penis is at all irritated by pumping.

You may decide to increase this time a little when you get used to pumping. Results and methods will vary based on your unique anatomy, so start slow and build up to a routine that works for you.

Using a Bathmate to Prepare for Sex

Since a Bathmate will help you to achieve an erection, it's an ideal way to prepare for sex. If this is your goal, you'll need a routine that works for you.

Firstly, it's important to explain that a cock-ring is going to be a very worthwhile addition to your pumping. Depending on the type you choose, you might be able to pump with it in place - or you might have to slip it on after your pumping session. Experiment with a ring that's comfortable for you and see how well it works with your Bathmate.

Since a Bathmate will help you to achieve an erection, it's an ideal way to prepare for sex.

So, what should a routine look like?

If possible, start by getting a semi-erection. You might ask your partner to help. Then, following the instructions above, try pumping to the maximum comfortable pressure. A single 3-5 minute session is often all that's needed if you're pumping to achieve an erection. Release the pressure from your pump and slip your ring into place promptly.

Using the Bathmate to Encourage Gains

If you're planning on putting together a regular pumping regimen with the hope of improving your sexual performance and sexual health or getting lasting gains, you'll need to take a slightly different approach than you would if you're prepping for sex.

Now, the next point is very important - so don't skip it. Any gains you might get are going to be done as part of a pumping marathon, not a sprint.

Don't rush, and don't go for high-pressure expecting overnight results..

Instead, put together a daily plan. Start with 2x or 3x 5-minute sessions with your penis under pressure in the Bathmate. You may decide to complement your pumping with some massaging or jelqing techniques too.

Whether or not jelqing will work for you depends on your body - but it will usually help to warm the area and may increase blood flow - an important part of achieving healthy, full erections.

Remember, this isn't a sprint - so don't expect to see gains overnight, or even in the first month or so, for that matter. If your body responds positively, you will only see results after weeks or possibly months of sticking to a plan that works for you.

How to Clean a Bathmate Pump

Now you've got to grips with using your Bathmate; it's important to keep it clean. The following steps won't just help to make sure any bacteria is banished - they will also help to prolong the life of your pump.

Again, there might seem like a lot of steps - but this is only because we've gone into lots of detail. Cleaning your pump will only take 2-3 minutes before drying time.

1. Disassemble

Carefully disassemble your pump as much as possible - removing the valve and any other detachable parts.

2. Warm Water Rinse

Immediately after use, rinse the pump thoroughly with warm water.

3. Use a Cleaning Solution

Prepare a mix of warm water and mild soap or use a specialized toy cleaner. Gently rub the inner and outer surfaces of the pump, especially the areas that come into direct contact with the skin. For hard-to-reach areas, use a soft-bristle brush to ensure thorough cleaning.

4. Valve Attention

Pay special attention to the valve, ensuring no debris or soap residue is left behind.

5. Thorough Rinse

After cleaning with the solution, rinse the pump thoroughly with clean water to remove any soap residue.

6. Air Dry

Shake off excess water and let the pump air dry completely.

Ensure it's in a well-ventilated area, avoiding direct sunlight, which can damage the material.

7. Reassemble

Once all parts are completely dry, carefully reassemble the pump.

8. Store Properly

Store your Bathmate in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

9. Regular Maintenance

Occasionally check the pump, especially the valve, for wear and tear or any signs of damage. Bathmates are very well made, so you shouldn't see any issues - but if you do, discontinue the use of your pump.

Choosing Your First Bathmate

If the Bathmate experience sounds like it's going to be right for you, it's time to choose the most suitable pump.

The best place to begin is by measuring your penis. Bathmate is fairly unique in the penis pump market as they produce pumps in 7 different sizes - including the 2 wide-boy versions.

If watching your budget is important and you're somewhere between 5-7 inches, the Hydro7 pump is a good choice. It's considered the 'beginner' pump in the range, but will still deliver impressive pressure and high-quality materials.

If you're outside this average 5-7 inch bracket, or you're experienced with penis pumps and you're looking for more impressive pressure, we'd recommend stepping up to the Hydromax range. Hydromax pumps come in 5 different sizes, including a wide-boy version of the Hydromax 7. This range of size options should cater to anyone packing between 1 and 9 inches when erect.

If the Bathmate experience sounds like it's going to be right for you, it's time to choose the most suitable pump.

If money is no object and you've got some experience with penis pumps, splashing out (no pun intended) on a HydroXtreme pump will get you the very best technology with the most impressive levels of pressure. HydroXtreme pumps are available in 6 sizes, including a wide-boy version of the 7-inch pump and a top-end pump that can accommodate up to 11 inches when you're erect.

Whichever level of Bathmate you choose, you won't be disappointed with your choice - and stepping up the range is really just a question of making sure you get the right size and deciding if you want a more luxurious product.

Bathmate FAQs

We're often asked questions about Bathmate hydro pumps. We've listed some of our most common questions here with detailed answers.

Can Bathmate achieve permanent penile growth?

The answer depends on where you look. According to medically-checked studies, there are very few ways of increasing your penis size permanently. However, there are many Bathmate users out there who claim that Bathmate products have given them permanent gains.

The medical answer may change as more studies are carried out - but until then, whether or not permanent gains are possible depends on how your body responds to pumping sessions.

Are there any side effects of pumping too much?

Possibly - which is why you'll find recommended session frequency and length both here and in Bathmate's official material.

Some users who have ignored guidelines report small red dot bruises, uncomfortable swelling, numbness, or general pain and discomfort as a result of overpumping.

It's unlikely that overpumping once or twice as you get used to your Bathmate will cause any lasting problems - but continuing to pump if you experience any unpleasant side effects could be more damaging. Use your pump as recommended, and be sure to take breaks if you experience any pain or discomfort.

Are Bathmate pumps better than traditional air pumps?

It's hard to give a solid yes or no answer here as penis pumping is a very personal thing - with some people preferring certain products or sensations over others.

That said, Bathmate pumps are often highly praised by people who have used both water pump and air pump products. Often-mentioned preferences for Bathmate products include:

  • The uniform pressure and results that come from a water pump
  • The increased safety of a water pump
  • Increased comfort over air pumps
  • Improved relaxation and blood flow

Are there any health conditions that make Bathmate use inadvisable?

It's always a good idea to check with a medical professional before you use any kind of penis pump. However, it's especially important to do so if you suffer from any of the following conditions:

  • Recent surgery or trauma in the genital/groin region
  • Active infection or wounds/sores on or around your genitals
  • Blood disorders - such as hemophilia or the use of blood thinners
  • Peyronie's Disease - a pronounced bend in the penis
  • Prolonged or painful erections

Exploring top brands in the adult male toy market?

Bathmate Brand Review: A Summary

Bathmate is a well-regarded, long-established company with an ethos of delivering innovative products to address real men's health needs. From their simple origins, they've developed hydro pumps in a huge range of sizes, each made of excellent quality, body-safe materials.

Bathmate pumps are easy to use, and many people find they offer benefits over traditional air pumps - not least because of the uniform pressure they deliver, along with the muscle-relaxing erection-promoting benefits of pumping with water.

Bathmate is a well-regarded, long-established company with an ethos of delivering innovative products to address real men's health needs.

As with all penis pumping, the results you can achieve depend on a huge range of factors, including the methods you use and how your unique anatomy responds to pumping sessions. Some users report lasting gains - whereas others prefer to use their Bathmate purely to prepare for sex.

Bathmate products are generally more costly than traditional air pumps - so whether or not they're right for you will depend on your budget and pumping preferences. If you do decide on a Bathmate pump, you'll be getting excellent body-safe materials, an impressive guarantee, and an online community of fellow pumpers with a never-ending supply of advice and techniques.

Our Commitment to Quality Information

Navigating the information landscape, our blog prioritizes human touch and accuracy. We use these elements as our compass:

  • Content for humans, by humans
  • Research and fact-checking
  • Reference to reputable sources
  • Collaboration with Experts

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