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We all know how amazing sex can feel, but did you know that good foreplay can enhance the entire experience tenfold?

Studies have shown that, for men and women, better foreplay produces a more intense orgasm and that longer foreplay sessions can significantly improve sexual satisfaction. A greater build-up makes for a much more satisfying overall experience.

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If you struggle with delayed ejaculation or your partner finds it hard to orgasm during sex, amping up your foreplay can help.

If you think your foreplay sessions are missing something, if there's an itch not being scratched, or if you need a helping hand to provide the foreplay you and your partner desire, look no further than our curated list of the very best sex toys for foreplay.

Sex toys are versatile and can be used in foreplay or during sex, but if you want to get the most out of your foreplay, these are the toys you should be looking at! We've done the research to make your decision an easy process and to help enhance your sex life.

Best Foreplay Sex Toys for Men in 2023: Our Recommendations

Best Sex Toy to Build Anticipation

The Original Hitachi Magic Wand Massager and Vibrator

Best Foreplay Sex Toy for Backdoor Fun

Motus Wave Motion 'Come Hither' Vibrating Prostate Massager

Best BDSM Foreplay Sex Toy

Zeus Electrosex Deluxe Digital Power Box for Electro-Stim

Best Enhanced Handjob Foreplay Toy

Apollo Hydro Power Stroker Waterproof Male Masturbator By Cal Exotics

Best Foreplay Lube for Temperature Play

Aqua Heat Water-Based Warming Lubricant by Wicked Sensual Care

The Original Hitachi Magic Wand Massager and Vibrator
The Original Hitachi Magic Wand Massager and Vibrator

Price: $$$ Materials: Plastic, Silicone
Overall Length: 12 inches Head Diameter: 2.25 inches
Power: Plug in AC power Waterproof: No
Lubricant Compatibility: Water-based only Noise Factor: Quiet
Functions: Vibrating massager and vibrator Features: Two intense vibration settings, Classic

The Hitachi Magic Wand is a classic sex toy. It revolutionized the sex toy industry when it was first released, and 30 years later it's still going strong! Over the years, it's become more streamlined, with some extra smart features and higher quality materials used in its production.

It's one of those products that has become synonymous with pleasure - both men's and women's. Its classic design makes it incredibly simple to use, and many attachments are available for it that change its function as a sex toy completely.

The Magic Wand Vibrator is both a body massager and an intimate toy. Its powerful motor sends out strong vibrations that work well to soothe aching muscles, and its two-switch speed gives you easy control over the vibration frequency - meaning you can work out even the toughest knots.

It's one of those products that has become synonymous with pleasure - both men's and women's.

But it comes into its own when used as an intimate massager. Its high-quality textured head provides pleasurable sensations that will get both men and women hot under the collar. It's great for foreplay, as you can use the wand for clitoral stimulation or to stimulate the shaft.

Its vibrations are excellent for slowly building up that sexual tension and anticipation crucial to mind-blowing sex, or simply slot on an attachment, and it becomes a whole new sex toy!

The Magic Wand is compatible with water-based lubricants and is incredibly easy to clean - just use soap and water or a dedicated sex toy cleaner. We recommend cleaning your sex toys after every use to prevent harmful bacteria from growing, plus it will keep them from degrading in the long run.

How Can It Improve Foreplay?

Now to the question on everyone's mind- what exactly can the Hitachi Magic Wand bring to your foreplay sessions? Quite a lot, actually!

Start by using the Magic Wand to give your partner a full-body massage to help them fully relax and get in the mood for some sensual fun. You'll be able to help them release stress and free the tension in their body, which will improve their orgasm experience and bring you both closer as a couple.

You can use the Magic Wand to tease your partner slowly, which will excite them. Gently rubbing it over their nipples will send waves of pleasure through their body, and then you can move on to other erogenous zones - for example, the inside of the thighs, the nape of the neck, or the perineum. They can do the same to you; take turns using the Magic Wand on each other, on the spots you find most arousing or relaxing.

It's fantastic for clitoral stimulation, too - start slowly, then increase the intensity, and your partner will quickly be writhing in pleasure.

Start by using the Magic Wand to give your partner a full-body massage to help them fully relax and get in the mood for some sensual fun

The Magic Wand can stimulate all the erotic zones of a man, too. Have your partner use it on your penis, perineum, or anywhere else you fancy; the vibrations are thrilling and will immediately raise your body temperature!

Pros and Cons

Powerful motor
Great for targeted clitoral or penis stimulation
Dozens of accessories to change its function
Dual massager and vibrator
No batteries or charging needed
Body safe materials
Durable construction
Classic design
Must be mains connected
Quite large
Limited speed options
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Customer Reviews


It's great. It gets pretty hot when you use it for a while. But then again it gets the job done!!! Love it though!


Motus Wave Motion 'Come Hither' Vibrating Prostate Massager
Motus Wave Motion 'Come Hither' Vibrating Prostate Massager

Price: $$$$ Materials: Premium-grade silicone
Noise Factor: Very quiet Waterproof: Yes
Overall Length:  5.5 inches Insertable Length: 4.33 inches
Battery Life: 2 Hours (Rechargeable) Lubricant Compatibility: Water-based only
Functions: 9-speed, Come-hither wave motion with 9 variations Features: Perineum vibrator, Contoured design

If you're into prostate play, you can't do better than the MOTUS. It was designed to be the ultimate toy for providing p-spot pleasure, and it certainly delivers!

The finger-like "come hither" waving motion sets it apart from all other prostate toys on the market, helping it to deliver targeted internal prostate stimulation. It's made of medical-grade super soft silicone and is contoured to fit comfortably inside you.

Professionals recommend the come hither motion as the best method to stimulate the prostate gland, leading you to amazing orgasms. The head flawlessly stimulates the prostate with the perfect amount of pressure to make you weak at the knees.

Its second head has been carefully constructed to massage the perineum - an area with thousands of nerve endings. Once you've felt how pleasurable the MOTUS feels on your perineum, you'll be hooked.

Another fantastic feature of this toy is the insane amount of vibration combinations available. Its dual motors can reach up to nine different speeds, and it comes programmed with nine waving patterns, which means a total of 81 unique combinations of pleasure!

Professionals recommend the come hither motion as the best method to stimulate the prostate gland, leading you to amazing orgasms.

One of the best things about the MOTUS is that it's easily operated with a wireless remote, and the battery lasts up to two hours. So if you're looking to increase the time you spend on foreplay, the MOTUS gives you a huge window! It's also waterproof, so you and your partner can make bath time a wild experience.

The MOTUS is guaranteed to increase your arousal, and when used during foreplay, you'll be riding electric waves of pleasure all the way to an earth-shattering orgasm!

How Can It Improve Foreplay?

Foreplay with the MOTUS incorporates different power dynamics than vanilla sex, which can be a massive turn-on for both men and women. Playing with these power dynamics is vital to keeping your sexual activities fresh and fun and will help you reach new levels of pleasure and satisfaction.

The prostate is one of a guy's most sensitive erogenous zones, and it's criminal that so many men ignore it! For men that suffer from premature ejaculation, incorporating prostate play into your foreplay routine offers an opportunity to enjoy foreplay without directly touching your penis, meaning you're less likely to orgasm too quickly.

The MOTUS is brilliant because you can improve your foreplay without any insertion, and it's guaranteed to add an exciting buzz to any bedroom activity!

The MOTUS doesn't have to be used exclusively internally. You can apply the pleasurable vibrations from the second head onto your penis, testicles, or perineum or use it on your partner wherever they find it pleasing! The MOTUS is brilliant because you can improve your foreplay without any insertion, and it's guaranteed to add an exciting buzz to any bedroom activity!

But once you do insert the MOTUS, giving your partner complete control of its function is an exciting way to enhance foreplay. Using the remote control, your partner can control the amount of pleasure you're receiving during foreplay, and it also leaves both your hands free to feel and caress each other.

Pros and Cons

"Come-hither" motion that stimulates your prostate
Dual motors so it can massage your perineum
81 total speed and vibration combinations for a huge number of pleasurable possibilities
Contoured to fit comfortably and stay in place
Easy-to-use wireless remote control settings
Up to 2 hours of playtime from the battery
Easily rechargeable
Only compatible with water-based lubricant
Battery drains quicker on max settings
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Zeus Electrosex Deluxe Digital Power Box for Electro-Stim
Zeus Electrosex Deluxe Digital Power Box for Electro-Stim

Price: $$$$$ Materials: ABS plastic, Silicone
Noise Factor: Quiet Power: Three triple-A Batteries
Overall Length:  6 inches Width: 4 inches
Functions: Electric shock stimulation, pulsing waves Features: 2 channels with fully adjustable intensities, 7 Preset wave patterns

For those of you into more alternative forms of pleasure, check out the Zeus Electrosex Deluxe Power Box. If you're not familiar with the term, electrosex (or e-stim) is foreplay or sex using specially designed machines that apply electrical stimulation to the nerves of the body for sexual pleasure.

E-stim toys stimulate the electrical signals sent around the body through the nerves, triggering a sensory experience unlike any other. At the forefront of e-stim toys is the Zeus Electrosex: a high-tech, fully customizable power box that can control any e-stim toys you already own.

The Zeus Electrosex has you covered if you don't own any e-stim toys, as it comes with four extra large adhesive pads that you can use to jump-start your sex life. Simply hook them up to the power box, attach the adhesive pads to an intimate spot, turn the box on, and you'll soon be experiencing a new level of pleasure.

The Zeus Electrosex has seven in-built power routines that provide different sensations, but if you prefer to find out what works for you on your own, it has a manual mode that will give you complete control over the power and wave patterns.

E-stim toys stimulate the electrical signals sent around the body through the nerves, triggering a sensory experience unlike any other.

Experimenting with the pad placement and the settings is fun and a great way to discover what makes you tick. As for couples play, what could be sexier than leaving your pleasure in the hands of your partner?

The Zeus Electrosex has a digital display that shows you everything you'll want to know and is powered by three triple-A batteries. But don't underestimate it - the power it can generate just from those batteries is shocking!

How Can It Improve Foreplay?

If you've never used an e-stim product, you'll be surprised by how exhilarating they can be. Sensory foreplay engages the brain and body differently, heightening sexual pleasure and creating an enhanced erotic experience. No feeling can match that of an e-stim product sending a tingling jolt of excitement through your erogenous zones.

Using the Zeus Electrosex alongside sensory deprivation (for example, blindfolding your partner) will increase your partner's awareness of the sensual feeling it's producing and heighten their sexual anticipation - which is what good foreplay is all about!

No feeling can match that of an e-stim product sending a tingling jolt of excitement through your erogenous zones

Using an e-stim machine on the lower settings is comparable to lightly brushing a feather over the body, a delicate tickle that can spark a fire of lust in the right person. As you increase the power, the tickle becomes a tingling sensation that will send pleasure coursing throughout your body.

It also relaxes and soothes the muscle beneath the skin, making you more receptive to sensory pleasure. Accompanying the Zeus Electrosex with oral or physical touch is a surefire way to get your partner begging for more!

Pros and Cons

Deluxe electro-stim power box
Can be used to power your other e-stim toys
Fully customizable
Great for beginners and experts
Wide range of power options
Detailed digital display
7 Preset power routines
2 channels with fully adjustable intensities
Manual mode so you can figure out what works best for you
Comes with adhesive pads so you can start electrifying your sex life immediately!
Only needs three triple-A batteries
Instruction booklet isn't the best
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Apollo Hydro Power Stroker Waterproof Male Masturbator By Cal Exotics
Apollo Hydro Power Stroker Waterproof Male Masturbator By Cal Exotics

Price: $$$ Materials: Realistic TPR, ABS plastic
Noise Factor: Whisper-Quiet Waterproof: Yes
Sleeve Length: 4.75 inches Sleeve Width: 2.25 inches
Functions: Waterproof vibrating stroker Features: 30 Functions and speeds, 2 Button control, Hands-free suction cup, Memory chip to remember your last used settings

If the only extra addition you need to enhance your foreplay experience is physical, you should consider the Apollo Hydro.

Incredibly versatile, the Apollo comes with over 30 vibration functions and speeds to help you reach new levels of pleasure. Don't be fooled by its discreet whisper-quiet motor - it's a powerful masturbator that will have you climaxing like never before!

In case you're worried about the sheer variety of speeds and vibration functions, the Apollo has a high-tech memory chip installed within, which remembers your last used settings.

The simple two-button control pad makes all the speeds and functions easily accessible, and you won't have to worry about getting lost trying to use a complex sex toy.

Incredibly versatile, the Apollo comes with over 30 vibration functions and speeds to help you reach new levels of pleasure.

The stroker chamber is textured to provide a completely unique pleasure sensation. It's also fully detachable, so you and your partner can use it for some mutually arousing foreplay stimulation. One added benefit of the textured sleeve is that it helps with stamina training, which is excellent if you suffer from premature ejaculation.

The Apollo is, as its name implies, fully waterproof. You can use this anywhere the mood takes you, and with the powerful suction cup Cal Exotics has included with it, you're able to experience a truly hands-free orgasm.

The sleeve is made of super-soft TPE, so use a water-based lube to get the most out of the experience. Avoid using a silicone-based lubricant, as it will damage the sleeve over time.

All it takes to power this marvel is four triple-A batteries, so there's no need to worry about tripping over long power cables. It's never been easier to be on the receiving end of such exciting stimulation!

How Can It Improve Foreplay?

Having someone use a stroker on you is intensely arousing and can be a huge visual turn-on. The ticklers in the Apollo's textured chamber enhance the sensation you'll feel from a handjob, providing a feeling that can't be replicated with just a hand. Your partner can change their grip strength or vary their stroking speed to match your desires or tease you.

Foreplay should be fun and satisfying for both parties but can often get tiring, leading to unfulfilling sexual encounters. However, using the Apollo during foreplay can help improve couples' satisfaction.

Your partner won't have to exhaust themselves as the Apollo does most of the work - meaning they'll be able to take their time and fully enjoy using it on you rather than getting achy and tired too quickly.

Using the Apollo will also leave a hand free, which your partner can use to stimulate your perineum or testicles. It's guaranteed to raise both your heart rates, increase sexual anticipation and improve your sexual satisfaction - as long as you can last past foreplay!

Using the Apollo will also leave a hand free, which your partner can use to stimulate your perineum or testicles.

Or why not participate in some mutual masturbation and pleasure each other? Your partner can use the Apollo on you, and you can use one of their favorite sex toys on them! Experiences like this help improve relationship satisfaction, deepen intimacy, and will enhance penetrative sex.

Pros and Cons

30 vibration functions and speeds
Whisper-quiet motor
Super-soft TPE sleeve
Truly hands-free stroker thanks to the powerful suction cup
Stroker can be detached and used independently
Memory chip that saves your last used settings
Trains stamina
Simple to use
Only takes four triple-A batteries
Only compatible with a water-based lubricant
Only 4.75 in of insertable length
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Aqua Heat Water-Based Warming Lubricant by Wicked Sensual Care
Aqua Heat Water-Based Warming Lubricant by Wicked Sensual Care

Price: $ Lubricant Type: Water-Based
Waterproof: No Sex Toy Safe: Yes
Volume: 2 oz, 4 oz Best for: Great all round lube for anal and other kinds of sex
Safety Features: Fragrance-Free, Paraben-Free, Vegan-Friendly Features: Heats up on contact, Long-lasting, Easy-to-use pump top, Olive leaf extract

Nothing is better for temperature play than Aqua Heat Warming Lubricant. A quick and fun way to heat things up in the bedroom, Aqua Heat heightens the senses and provides a sensory experience that will thrill you.

This lubricant is completely body safe and can be applied to your erogenous zones to create a feeling that both stimulates and excites!

Aqua Heat is ultra long-lasting and is perfect for removing any friction, and one of the best features of this lube is how easy it is to clean up! Simply add some water, and it will wash right off.

You can also rest assured there were be any spills or messes to clean up, as Wicked Sensual Care has included an easy pump top that allows you to get the perfect amount out with just one or two pumps!

And best of all? It's vegan, which means it's made out of completely natural ingredients and no chemicals! It's also been enhanced with Olive leaf extract, so you'll be able to reap the health benefits while having amazing sex.

How Can It Improve Foreplay?

The sensory experience that Aqua Heat provides is a fantastic way to enhance foreplay - the heat provides a pleasurable tingling sensation that will help you both build to a powerful climax.

Lube is excellent for enhancing pleasure and making sex feel more natural, but Aqua Heat warming lubricant takes foreplay to a new sensory level that will increase anticipation and intensify pleasure.

The sensory experience that Aqua Heat provides is a fantastic way to enhance foreplay

Tell your partner that you can only use your hands during foreplay, apply a little Aqua heat to your hands, and caress each other's bodies - you'll both quickly want more. Try a sensual massage with Aqua Heat or some nipple/clitoral stimulation to really get your partner excited!

Pros and Cons

Great for temperature play
All natural ingredients
Body safe
A unique sensory experience
Waves of tingling excitement
Easy-to-use pump top
Ultra long-lasting
Easy to clean
It may be too intense for beginners if they use too much
Check Price Now

Customer Reviews


I prefer my play time to be as close to the real thing as possible so when using solo toys I try to warm things up. This lube is both slick and perfectly the right mix of hot and tingly. I suggest starting with small doses and working up.

RRobert L.

The Benefits of Foreplay

A 2011 study of sexual function in older men and women shows the true importance of foreplay. It discovered that men who seldom, rarely, or never engage in foreplay were:

  • 2.4 times more likely to report erection problems.

  • 2.2 times more likely to suffer from problems relating to arousal, ejaculation, and orgasm.

  • FIVE TIMES more likely to report that sex was not pleasurable!

These statistics are incredibly revealing. They show both the importance of foreplay in healthy sexual function and its importance to sexual satisfaction. The study also found that as the duration of foreplay increased, so did the participant's relationship satisfaction.

However, science suggests that couples aren't dedicating as much time as necessary to foreplay and are rushing the act.

One particular study examined the foreplay preferences of 152 couples and found that men and women would prefer more time spent on foreplay during sex than they currently receive. Both genders wanted around twice as much foreplay as they were actually getting.

Foreplay for women can also be crucial to them reaching orgasm - as statistics indicate that only around 18% of women can orgasm from penetrative sex alone. 

A recent study investigated the matter and found that an increase in foreplay led to a substantial increase in the number of women who achieved orgasms during penetrative sex.

So, all in all, scientific research points to foreplay being very important, both for sexual health and satisfaction! That's why we strongly recommend investing in a sex toy specifically for foreplay.

How to choose the perfect toy to improve your Foreplay

Picking the best toy to enhance your foreplay experience can be difficult, especially with so many on the market; that's why we've narrowed down your choice to just five options! So if you're still unsure what toy is right for you, we recommend following these steps to help you decide.

Speak to your partner

Probably the most integral step to satisfaction and choosing the correct toy - talking to your partner! They're going to be a key part of foreplay during partnered sex, so deciding on a toy that suits both of your wants will be crucial if you're looking to enhance the experience.

If neither of you has used one in the bedroom before it can be tough to decide on a couple's sex toy, so communicating openly about what you're hoping to improve, enhance or change during foreplay will make the decision that much easier.

You need to make sure you buy a toy that you're both comfortable with, and that will allow you to enhance pleasure, for the most beneficial effect on your foreplay satisfaction and orgasm.

Plus, talking about it will help relax both of you when it comes to using it and take away any pressure you might be feeling. An open dialogue about sex and sex toy usage is vital to maximizing the pleasure you'll get from using a foreplay toy and will do wonders for your long-term sex life!

Learn about foreplay best practices

While you must think of foreplay as kissing, oral sex, and below-the-belt touching proceeding sex, it's not just about that. Foreplay is about the sexual tension created from a slow build of pleasure. It's the anticipation of pleasure and is as much about mental stimulation as it is physical.

With that in mind, researching new foreplay activities will help you both determine what you want to emulate, improve and achieve, which will help narrow down your sex toy selection. If a tried and tested method particularly stands out to you, buying a toy that can facilitate or enhance it is a great idea.

There are hundreds of tips and tricks out there that will help improve your foreplay, and we definitely recommend researching a few of them.

Learning some of the best practices will also help you both feel more comfortable about foreplay, which will lead to greater sexual experiences. Confidence is key for anything sex related - the more confident you are, the less you'll worry and the more enjoyment you'll get from the act overall!

Think on what turns you on

Using a sex toy isn't going to be fun if you don't get excited by the toy's function. If you don't like prostate play but get a prostate massager, it won't enhance your foreplay; if anything, it will have an adverse effect!

So it's essential to get a toy that will work in sync with the things that make you sexually aroused. Maybe you like a bit of e-stim, or you're into the idea of getting some enhanced penis stimulation from your partner using a stroker on you.

Whatever you're into, choose a toy that will heighten that experience and, in turn, build your arousal.


Foreplay is important, and the benefits of having longer, more fulfilling foreplay sessions are numerous. From increased sexual satisfaction to improved sexual health function - if you're struggling with any satisfaction issues, you'd be foolish not to try and improve/enhance your foreplay.

The options we've listed here are some of the best sex toys for couples looking to spice up their foreplay.

Foreplay is as much mental as it is physical, so bear that in mind while trying to decide on a toy that will get you turned on.

If you're struggling to decide what toy to choose, make sure to communicate with each other, research different foreplay practices, and see which toy will enhance the sexual acts you already like. Then all you need do is take your time and experience the new pleasure sensations that come from adding a toy to the bedroom.

Side Note

This best of list will be periodically updated as better Foreplay sex toys become available or products simply no longer perform as well. As with all best of lists, this will be a living document.

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  • Electronic Components
  • Safety Testing Data
  • US Regulatory Information
  • 510(k) Certifications
  • Our Experts Evaluation

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