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Listen to an audio summary

Did you know that our olfactory senses are fundamental when it comes to sexual stimulation? Studies have shown that specific tastes and smells play an essential part in sexual arousal for both men and women. These stimuli can be pheromonal, as well as tastes and aromas from food and drink.

One of the best methods to incorporate these senses into your bedroom is through the use of edible flavored lubes. If you enjoy food-based foreplay, edible lubes are a hassle-free way to replicate that experience. They're easy to use, budget-friendly, and a lot easier to clean up!

At The Enhanced Male, we always stress the importance of lube when using toys and having sex. A friction-free experience is always going to be more enjoyable for you and your partner. Regardless of whether or not you think you need to use lube, using it will elevate your sex life and add a lot of variety - and fun - to sexual encounters.

Edible lubes are body-safe lubricants designed for safe consumption in moderation.

Some of the most popular edible lubes are those that taste like candy, fresh fruit, and chocolate. If you're a fan of giving/receiving oral, but you or your partner don't enjoy the taste, flavored lubes will be a game changer for you.

Today, we're going to run through the best edible lubes on the market. We'll go into detail about what makes them the best, see how our testers found them, and then give you some advice for choosing a lube.

Edible lubes are body-safe lubricants designed for safe consumption in moderation. They're made to replicate the taste and smell of various delicious consumables. Although they are safe to swallow in moderation, we have to be clear: never ingest them directly out of the bottle - despite how good they may taste!

What we based our recommendations on

In making our list of the seven best edible lubes, we took note of the following criteria:

  • Overall functionality
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Ingredients and ingredient quality
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Flavor potency
  • Longevity
  • Product Features


This guide was originally published in November 2023. As part of our yearly quality assessment process (in early 2024), we evaluated every product recommendation to make sure it was up to the standards necessary to make it to this list. Here are some things we took in consideration:

  • Feedback on each product throughout 2023.
  • Usability and overall comfort of each edible lubricant.
  • Overall trends and new emerging products.
  • Industry trends and innovation.

Best Edible Lube for 2024: Our Recommendations

Best Cum Flavored

Jizz Flavored & Scented Water-Based Lube for Sex by Master Series

Best Vagina Scented

Pussy Juice Vagina Scented Sex and Masturbation Lube

Best for Blowjobs

Swiss Navy Water-Based Flavored Edible Sex Lube

Best Boozy Flavors

System Jo Cocktails Water-Based Flavored Lubricant

Best Fruit Flavors

Wicked Flavored Water-Based Edible Lubricant

Best Candy Flavors

System Jo Candy Shop Flavored Water-Based Edible Lube

Best for Deep Throat

GoodHead Oral Delight Flavored Oral Sex Gel

Jizz Flavored & Scented Water-Based Lube for Sex by Master Series
Jizz Flavored & Scented Water-Based Lube for Sex by Master Series

Price: $$$$$ Volume: 8.5 fl. oz
Lubricant Base: Water-Based Sex Toy Safe: Yes
Flavors: Semen Best For: Facials, Photography, Oral, and Anal sex
Safety Features: Paraben-Free, Oil-Free, Silicone-Free, Easy to clean Features: Realistic scent, texture and taste, Non staining

Master Series has created what many class as the best cum flavored lube. It's ultra-realistic and integrates everything you would expect from a lube designed to replicate semen. The look, smell, taste, and texture all work together to create a product that is instantly recognizable.

This lube is made from high-quality ingredients and is body-safe - so you and your partner can get into the swing of things without any worries. It's latex safe and suitable for use orally or vaginally.

Master Series has created what many class as the best cum flavored lube.

Master Series Jizz Lube doesn't dry out quickly, and there's no need for constant reapplication as it's designed to be long-lasting and stay slick. If it does start to dry up, all you need is a dab of water to bring life back into it.

Master Series has nailed the look and consistency of this lube - thick, slippery, and creamy white. It looks, tastes, and smells like semen and has a similar gel-like fluidity when out of the bottle.

If you've fantasized about covering your partner in cum, Master Series lube is what you need. The realism of the lube lends itself well to fulfilling all cum based fantasies. As it's a water-based lube, it's compatible with all sex toys, making it perfect for use with a squirting toy.

Masters Series Jizz Lube comes in a generous 8.5oz bottle, making this one of the best value-for-money lubes on our list. It's non-staining and super easy to clean up. If you're looking for a natural, cum-like lubricant, you can't do much better than Masters Series.

Results of Our Testing:

  • Testers found that warming it up before use really enhanced the realism
  • The disc top cap is easy to use, but it would be better with a pump
  • Some testers thought the smell and taste were almost lifelike, while others weren't so convinced
  • Stays slicker for longer than a lot of other water-based lubricants but will get frothy and sticky over a longer period - although this added to the realism for some
  • We found that it worked better in squirting toys when slightly watered-down

Pros and Cons

Thick cum-like texture
Realistic scent and taste
A water-based lube that is suitable for every situatio
Generous bottle size
Free from parabens
Easy to clean up
Fulfill your inner facial fantasies
Reactivate it with water
Pairs really well with a squirting dildo
One of the most expensive lubes on this list
Contains glycerin, which some may find irritates their skin
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Peer Reviews


This lube looks, tastes, and feels like the real thing. It is very slick and works great with toys. Easy to clean up, and doesn't stain. Warm the bottle in a sink or bowl of hot water for the most realistic feel. Works great for facial photos! 😉 I will definitely be buying this again!

BBill L.


This product has brought back lots of pleasure and fun into our intimate moments. Highly Recommend it.

GGeorge P.

Pussy Juice Vagina Scented Sex and Masturbation Lube
Pussy Juice Vagina Scented Sex and Masturbation Lube

Price: $$$$$ Volume: 8.25 fl. oz
Lubricant Base: Water-Based Sex Toy Safe: Yes
Flavors: Vagina Best For: Solo play, Penetrative sex, Those with sensitive skin
Safety Features: Glycerin-Free, Paraben-Free, Non-Toxic, Easy to clean Features: Realistic aroma, Long-Lasting, Sensitive formula, Non staining

When it comes to arousal, few things are as effective as the scent of a vagina. In fact, studies have shown that vaginal aromas can increase testosterone levels and sexual arousal in men. Pussy Juice lube is a product that captures that scent, allowing users to experience it whenever the mood takes them.

This is a lube that's suited for both solo and couple-play. What better way to boost your solo sessions than some vagina-scented lubricant? A dab of Pussy Juice on your fleshlight or stroker can enhance the realism and add variety to your solo routine.

Pussy Juice was made with high-grade ingredients to remain slick and slippery throughout, and while the consistency is slightly thinner than other lubes on this list, it manages to be an extremely long-lasting product. As always with water-based lubes, add a bit of water if it becomes tacky during sex, or use a touch more lubricant.

Pussy Juice lube is a product that captures that scent, allowing users to experience it whenever the mood takes them.

This is a lube that is suitable for people with sensitive skin, as the ingredients contain no glycerin or parabens. It's totally body-safe, can be ingested (in moderation), and is suitable for oral, vaginal, or anal sex. It's also condom compatible.

An added benefit of Pussy Juice is that it's non-stain, so it's not a big deal if you make a mess. Plus, the scent washes away easily with warm water and soap.

Vagina-scented lubes are rare, and Pussy Juice is great value for money. It's packaged in an 8.25 oz bottle to provide long-lasting pleasure, allowing you to have numerous friction-free experiences at no extra cost.

Results of Our Testing:

  • Our testers were impressed by how faithfully it manages to replicate the scent of a vagina
  • For the best results, warm it up before use
  • The lube initially has a different scent and needs to be aired out for a few minutes before the vagina scent is noticeable
  • Using it with a Fleshlight makes for a more realistic experience
  • Some testers found that the smell enhanced their libido
  • Some thought that the lube was too thin, but others thought its thin consistency contributed to a less sticky feel

Pros and Cons

Paraben and glycerin free
A water-based lube that is suitable for all situations
The realistic scent can turn you on
High-grade body-safe ingredients
Can be used orally, vaginally, and anally
Safe for use with sex toys and condoms
Fast and easy clean-up
Non-stain formula
May be too thin a consistency for your liking
Tied first for the most expensive lube on this list
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Peer Reviews


Very slick and gets the job done. Scent is close to the real thing. I would buy it again.

BBill L.


Works great for sex and toys

NNathaniel W.

Swiss Navy Water-Based Flavored Edible Sex Lube
Swiss Navy Water-Based Flavored Edible Sex Lube

Price: $$$$ Volume: 4 fl. oz
Lubricant Base: Water-Based Sex Toy Safe: Yes
Flavors: Chocolate Bliss, Cooling Peppermint, Passion Fruit, Pina Colada, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Kiwi, Wild Cherry Best For: Blowjobs, Rimming, Enhancing Vaginal moisture, Penetrative sex
Safety Features: Sugar-Free, Hypoallergenic, Paraben-Free, Non-irritating formula Features: Easy-to-use pump, Distinctive flavor profile, Long-lasting, Quick clean-up, Non-staining

We think Swiss Navy Edible Lube is the best option on our list for blowjobs. Deliciously sweet, Swiss Navy comes in a variety of seven different flavors, all with their own unique traits. It's designed to mask unwanted tastes, which can be helpful for people who are sensitive to flavors during oral.

Each flavor of Swiss Navy is unique, and with seven options, there's sure to be something you find appealing. Swiss Navy collaborated with a Fortune 500 food company to create flavors that genuinely capture the tastes they're aiming for.

If you want to experiment with different tastes in the bedroom, Swiss Navy lube is a great jumping-off point. 

We particularly like the cooling peppermint flavor - a tingly lube that feels amazing for both the giver and receiver. Swiss Navy has a gel-like consistency - when you dispense it, it stays in place, and then as you apply friction, it liquifies, becoming a slick and sensual lubricant. One pump goes a long way with this lube, as it's long-lasting and has been carefully formulated to enhance the body's natural lubrication. It's great for sustaining vaginal moisture, and it's also 100% paraben-free, so you can rest easy knowing your skin will be protected.

Swiss Navy lube is sugar-free, which keeps it from becoming sticky. Food-grade ingredients have been used to create intense flavors, and the lack of sugar makes the cleaning process all that easier, as there's less sticky residue, and it washes off with water. The gentler nature of sugar-free lubes helps reduce the risk of irritation and yeast infections in sensitive areas.

Although we think Swiss Navy is the best edible lube for blowjobs, it also works great for going down on your partner and rimming. It's an enticing and reliable lube that functions well during penetrative sex, plus its latex, condom, and sex toy friendly.

Results of Our Testing:

  • The pump is excellent - incredibly easy to use to dispense as much lube as you need
  • Testers loved the natural feel of it on their skin
  • A little goes a long way with this lube
  • Cleans incredibly easily and doesn't stain
  • The flavor is strong enough to cover up unwanted tastes during blowjobs, cunnilingus, and rimming
  • It dries up quicker during vigorous sex but is easily remedied with a dab of water or additional lube

Pros and Cons

Easy-to-use pump
Flavors created in collaboration with a Fortune 500 food company
High-quality food-grade ingredients used for flavoring
Seven different flavors to choose from
Enhances the body's natural lubrication
Water-based lubricant
Condom and sex-toy compatible
Suitable for oral and penetrative sex
Dries up quickly during sex
Not waterproof
Contains glycerin
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System Jo Cocktails Water-Based Flavored Lubricant
System Jo Cocktails Water-Based Flavored Lubricant

Price: $$$ Volume: 2 fl. oz
Lubricant Base: Water-Based Sex Toy Safe: Yes
Flavors: Cosmopolitan, Mai Tai, Mimosa, Mojito, Pina Colada, Sex on the Beach Best For: Long sessions, Those with sensitive skin, Lack of stickiness, Moisturizing feel
Safety Features: Paraben-Free, Hypoallergenic, No added sugar, Alcohol-Free, FDA-approved Features: Travel-Sized, Enhances the body's natural lubrication, Designed to avoid yeast infections, Non-staining

For any alcohol lovers out there, System Jo has got the lube for you. FDA-approved System Jo Cocktails flavored lube ensures your peace of mind and promises a satisfying experience. System Jo has used high-grade ingredients to faithfully recreate the taste of six popular cocktails - somehow achieving this while keeping the lube alcohol-free.

It's edible, paraben-free, vegan, and, best of all, soft on your skin. No added sugars means the lube remains slick and irritant-free. We liked the consistency of this lube - System Jo has carefully crafted the recipe to guarantee a non-sticky and non-tacky experience, no matter the situation. This is a product that is as much a moisturizer as it is a lubricant - your skin will feel soft and rejuvenated after use.

FDA-approved System Jo Cocktails flavored lube ensures your peace of mind and promises a satisfying experience.

This is a discreet lube that comes in a small bottle, making it great for traveling. Developed by System Jo's chemist, each cocktail lube has a fragrant scent and a rich flavor that captures the essence of the cocktails in a gel. It's safe to use for oral and penetrative sex and is uniquely blended to enhance the body's natural lubricant.

System Jo Cocktails lube is long-lasting, slippery, and mirrors the feel of natural vaginal lubrication, ensuring you're able to fully immerse yourself into the experience. Clean-up is straightforward as it's a water-based lubricant - just use warm water and soap.

Results of Our Testing:

  • No pump or disc top cap makes applying the lube a delicate process
  • A 2oz bottle might seem small, but as it's long-lasting, the lube actually goes a lot further than you would expect
  • It is exciting to use as a transitional lube to bridge the gap between oral and penetrative sex
  • We were impressed with the moisturizing elements of this lube
  • Testers were pleased with how well it lived up to the non-stick label

Pros and Cons

Uses food-grade ingredients for excellent flavor
No added sugar
High-quality ingredients
Condom and sex-toy compatible
Suitable for oral and penetrative sex
Quick and easy to clean up
Designed to avoid yeast infections
Six flavors to choose from
Smaller bottle
Contains sucralose
No pump or cap
Contains glycerin
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Wicked Flavored Water-Based Edible Lubricant
Wicked Flavored Water-Based Edible Lubricant

Price: $$$ Volume: 2 fl. oz, 4 fl. oz
Lubricant Base: Water-Based Sex Toy Safe: Yes
Flavors: Birthday Cake, Blueberry Muffin, Butterscotch, Candy Apple, Cherry, Cinnamon Bun, Mango, Pink Lemonade, Salted Caramel, Strawberry, Sweet Peach, Vanilla Bean, Watermelon Best For: Intense flavor, Oral sex,  Sensitive skin
Safety Features: Paraben-Free, Vegan-friendly, Hypoallergenic Features: Natural flavoring and sweetener, Thin consistency, Gentle on the skin, Moisturizing feel, Non-staining

Wicked-flavored lube is one of our favorites on our list. It's an edible water-based lubricant made with food-grade ingredients, with over a dozen tasty flavors available.

If you're a frequent user of flavored lubes, you may have experienced the artificialness of other flavors. Luckily, Wicked is a brand you can trust. There's no weird aftertaste or artificialness to these lubes - they're sweetened with stevia, a natural sweetener. Wicked is one of the most realistic-tasting lubes on our list - the fruit flavors are crisp, refreshing, and not overly sweet.

Flavored lubes are often hit or miss as taste is so subjective, but Wicked consistently performs well in this area - earning their place on our list.

Wicked lube has a thin consistency - it's slippery and spreads easily. You may have to reapply it more than others on this list, but the taste is worth the effort. It's designed to be non-staining and non-stick. It's also very gentle on the skin as it's enhanced with olive leaf extract, renowned for its moisturizing properties.

Wicked lubricants are latex and sex toy-friendly, plus they're paraben-free. This offers peace of mind and reduces the risk of yeast infections for you and your partner.

Best of all, Wicked is committed to safeguarding both animals and the environment, so these lubes are 100% vegan. There's no animal testing or animal by-products used in Wicked lube; it's crafted with care using ingredients chosen with sustainability in mind.

Results of Our Testing:

  • It is one of the most realistic-tasting lubes on our list
  • Some of the flavors were too sweet for some testers - it all comes down to personal preference
  • You need to reapply it during sex, as it dries out quickly
  • Great for masking any undesirable tastes
  • Becomes very sticky easily
  • You can go through a 2oz bottle very quickly

Pros and Cons

Naturally sourced ingredients
Vegan and cruelty-free
13 flavor options
Made with stevia instead of sugar
Paraben free
No artificialness or strange aftertastes
Contains glycerin
The priciest 4oz lube on our list
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System Jo Candy Shop Flavored Water-Based Edible Lube
System Jo Candy Shop Flavored Water-Based Edible Lube

Price: $$$$ Volume: 2 fl. oz
Lubricant Base: Water-Based Sex Toy Safe: Yes
Flavors: Bubble Gum, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy Best For: Long sessions, penetrative and oral sex, Sensitive skin, Retaining flavor
Safety Features: Paraben-Free, Hypoallergenic, Plant-based glycerin, Zero calories, No added sugars, FDA-approved Features: Super sweet flavors, Non-stick, Moisturizing feel, Long-lasting, Non-staining

If your partner has a sweet tooth, System Jo Candy Shop lube is guaranteed to get their libido revving. With three flavor choices: bubble gum, butterscotch, and cotton candy, this lube may quickly become a bedroom favorite.

Deliciously sweet with no added sugar, System Jo Candy Shop lube has been created by a team of FDA-approved chemists to be a smooth, non-sticky lubricant that will last throughout your intimate experiences. It's paraben-free, so you don't have to worry about skin irritation or infections, and it has a moisturizing effect enhanced by the plant-based glycerin that reduces friction and makes your skin feel smooth and silky.

If your partner has a sweet tooth, System Jo Candy Shop lube is guaranteed to get their libido revving.

Your partner will love the colorful packaging, and the disc top cap makes applying the lube a breeze - just squeeze gently. The flavoring comes from natural extracts that the System Jo team has carefully chosen in order to maintain the skin-friendly nature of the lube. Luckily, it's zero calories, so you don't have to worry about treating yourself regularly!

The consistency of System Jo Candy Shop is comparable to a lotion, especially with how it moisturizes and remains on the skin. It excels at lubricating, making oral with a handjob all the more smooth. Your partner can stroke you without it getting tacky, and it retains flavor for a long time.

It's an enticing lube due to its high-quality taste, longevity, and ease of use.

Results of Our Testing:

  • Some testers reported that after longer use, the lube could feel slightly sticky if they didn't wipe it away
  • Super sweet taste - which is what you'd expect from a candy flavor lubricant
  • The lube is tactile and genuinely long-lasting
  • You won't go through a 2oz bottle as quickly as you may think
  • The flavors are strong and remain on your skin throughout
  • It contains sucralose, which can cause insulin levels to spike if you're diabetic

Pros and Cons

Flavored personal lubricant
Great for sensitive skin
Smooth and silky texture
Paraben free
Zero calories
No added sugar
Plant-based glycerin reduces the risk of yeast infection
Moisturizing lube
Very long-lasting
Retains flavor
Small bottle size
Contains sucralose
Can't be used in the shower/bath as it will wash off
Check Price Now

GoodHead Oral Delight Flavored Oral Sex Gel
GoodHead Oral Delight Flavored Oral Sex Gel

Price: $$$ Volume: 4 fl. oz
Lubricant Base: Water-Based Sex Toy Safe: Yes
Flavors: Apple, Watermelon, Mint, Vanilla, Cherry, Strawberry, Cotton Candy Best For: Deep throat, Oral, breath freshener
Safety Features:  Paraben-Free, Vegan-Friendly, PETA-Certified, Made in an FDA lab Features: Easy squeeze tube, Cooling sensation, Thick consistency, Non-Stick, Travel-Friendly

GoodHead is a versatile lube carefully made by Doc Johnson, an American brand with years of experience in pleasure. Made for vaginal and penile use, this is a water-based lube that can enhance and intensify any oral activities.

This is a lube optimized for oral sex. It has a thick consistency and is less slick than other lubes made for sex. 

This helps when it comes to oral, as the friction created by the lube drying adds to the stimulation. GoodHead comes in seven different flavors, each with a subtle taste that, while potent, won't overpower your palate.

GoodHead uses food-grade ingredients to create a lube that tastes lifelike and won't get sticky or tacky, no matter how long you leave it. For any ethically minded people, it's vegan and cruelty-free, made in an FDA-approved lab certified by PETA.

Doc Johnson has used such natural ingredients in GoodHead that you can actually use it as a breath freshener - just add a dab to your mouth, and you'll immediately have fresh breath. This says a lot about its capabilities as a deep-throat lube. Once you factor in that GoodHead gives off a slightly tingly cooling sensation that both giver and receiver will love, this lube quickly earns its place on our list of the best edible lubes.

With zero sugar and zero parabens, this is a totally body-safe lube that won't upset your skin and is compatible with latex, condoms, and sex toys. The tube is super simple to use, the flip cap locks and is travel-friendly, and the lube itself washes off with warm water and soap, making clean-up a cinch.

Results of Our Testing:

  • Some testers found certain flavors too sweet
  • We were impressed by the lack of stickiness
  • The cooling sensation is exciting and great for all types of oral
  • The taste is excellent, but it could be stronger
  • It does work as a sex lubricant and will stay slick, but its main function is for oral
  • Retains flavor for a long time

Pros and Cons

Affordable flavored lube
Stays slick for a long time
Not overpowering
Body-safe, paraben-free
Zero sugar
100% Vegan
Made in an FDA lab in the USA
Travel friendly
Flavor could be stronger
Contains glycerin
Check Price Now

Peer Reviews


Makes her go deeper, for sure!

NNathaniel W.


Great product, and now I need to find something for her.

RRichard C.

Become a Sex Toy Reviewer: Your Path to Free Sex Toys

How to choose the best edible lube

1. Decide what taste you want to go for

Taste is crucial when it comes to deciding on the best-flavored lube for you and your partner. You should choose a flavor that appeals to the person tasting it, otherwise, they'll find it harder to enjoy the experience. With so many flavored lubes out there, ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

If your partner has a sweet tooth, then a candy-flavored lube will likely be your best bet

On the other hand, if they're more into natural flavors, then a fruit lube, or even a cum flavored lube, maybe more to their liking. Take the time to sit down and have a discussion with your partner if you want them to use the flavored lube on you; it's their taste buds, after all.

Whatever flavor you land on, as long as both of you have a say in the decision-making process, you'll be fostering intimacy. It'll make paving the way to flavorsome sex a lot more satisfying.

2. Consider ease of cleaning

When you're enjoying an edible lube, the last thing you want to be worrying about is the aftermath. Try and choose a lube that can be effortlessly and thoroughly cleaned and that won't stain your clothes or sheets.

Some lubes are specifically designed for a quick clean-up in order to let you enjoy the experience worry-free.

Luckily, the lubes included in our list are all super easy to clean - purely because they're all water-based. In general, water-based lubricants don't stain and wash away with warm water and soap.

More often than not, edible lubes will be water-based. However, there are a number of oil and silicone-based edible lubes out there that will be harder to clean up, so bear this in mind when making a decision.

3. Make sure it is compatible with your toys (if you use them)

If you're looking to purchase a flavored lubricant to use with any toys, you should definitely ensure your toy and lube are compatible. Understanding lube compatibility is crucial, as the use of an incompatible lube can lead to your toy slowly breaking down and becoming harmful to your health.

Let's run through the basics:



Water-based Lubricants

  • Compatible with all sex toys, regardless of material.

Hybrid Lubricants

  • Compatible with all sex toys but may react to poor-quality silicone.
  • When in doubt, do a spot test - place a dab of lube on the toy, leave it for an hour, and then wipe it away to see if there is a reaction.

Silicone-based Lubricants

  • Compatible with all sex toys except for silicone sex toys.
  • Silicone lube will cause a silicone toy to degrade, which could pose risks to your health and will eventually ruin the toy.

Oil-based Lubricants

  • Compatible with 100% silicone sex toys but will damage most other materials.
  • We wouldn't really recommend using an oil-based lubricant with a sex toy.
  • They coat the toy in a thick layer that's difficult to remove and that can easily trap harmful bacteria in the long run.
  • Plus, oil-based lubes shouldn't be used internally.

    4. Check ingredients and safety

    You may be wondering: is flavored lube safe? The answer is yes, as long as you check the ingredients!

    Not everyone is going to be compatible with every lube, and it's important you check the active ingredients before purchasing in order to prevent any allergens. Some ingredients common in edible lubes, like glycerin and parabens, have been known to irritate skin and cause yeast infections (in people prone to them). There are also other ingredients that you may not react well to.

    If you're unsure, try a skin spot test - dab a spot of lube on your skin and leave it for a few minute.

    Only you and your partner will know if you have sensitive skin or are prone to infections - stay aware of the ingredients to avoid complications. If these ingredients do indeed cause skin irritation, natural-flavored lubricants are a good backup - just make sure to check the ingredients.

    If you're unsure, try a skin spot test - dab a spot of lube on your skin and leave it for a few minutes. If there's any irritation, don't use the lube.

    5. Look at the size and packaging

    The lubes on our list come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 2 oz to 8 oz. The size you'll want depends on how often you think you'll use the lube and whether you're still trying out new flavors or settling on a bedroom mainstay.

    2 oz lubes are great for people experimenting with different flavors, as they're affordable and give you the option of buying a few different flavors to play with. Once you find that perfect flavor, a bigger bottle makes more sense.

    Pump bottles are user-friendly, easy to control, and won't waste lube.

    Packaging-wise, whether the lube is in a bottle with a pump, disc top cap, or flip cap may make all the difference in your decision. Pump bottles are user-friendly, easy to control, and won't waste lube. Flip-cap bottles are better for travel and are more secure. Disc top cap bottles require you to squeeze to dispense lube, and while they're efficient, it's easy to forget to close the lid, leading to accidental leaks.

    Make sure to factor packing options into your decision to help find the best lube for your needs.

    6. Figure out what you're going to use your lube for

    While most lubes are versatile, some are designed with specific activities in mind. If you're on the hunt for an edible lube simply for oral, you'd be better off looking for one that focuses on flavor over slipperiness.

    Some lubes will excel when used for oral but can falter when it comes to penetrative sex.

    Some lubes will excel when used for oral but can falter when it comes to penetrative sex.

    That's not to say they won't work; rather, some are better tailored for specific sexual acts.. If you're struggling to decide, try thinking about what you want to use the lube for, as it will allow you to narrow down your search. And if you're not sure, don't panic - there are plenty of excellent all-rounder edible lubes.


    Edible lubes are fantastic sex aids. They taste amazing and will add a delicious sensory twist to your intimate encounters. Whether you're after a knock-out flavor or would prefer a more natural and subtle taste, our carefully curated options are sure to help you satisfy your desires and liven up things in the bedroom.

    If you're after a comprehensive list of the best edible lubes on the market, look no further. We've explained why these lubes are the best, detailed the findings of our testers, and provided guidance on how to choose the best flavored lubes to elevate your sexual experiences.

    Side Note

    This best of Flavored Lube list will be periodically updated as better products become available or products simply no longer perform as well. As with all best of lists, this will be a living document.

    We take our recommendations very seriously

    We have worked intensively on developing a product evaluation system that takes in consideration the following factors:

    • Materials
    • Electronic Components
    • Safety Testing Data
    • US Regulatory Information
    • 510(k) Certifications
    • Our Experts Evaluation

    Learn more about our selection process

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