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What is the Best Lube for Your Fleshlight



I’m sure you have heard the hype by now, but  Fleshlights really are one of the best male masturbators that money can buy. 

If you haven't heard of Fleshlight before then you must be living under a rock. These sex toys for men as basically the most popular pocket pussy ever made. They are molded after vaginas, butt holes, and even a mouth. 


These toys are super like life, super-pleasurable and can last you a long time if you look after it properly. 

One of the best things you can do to enjoy your toy and make it last is to use a whole lot of lubricant

And, if you are reading this and thinking you don’t need lube, I’m going to stop you right there, because you seriously do, and there are a few main reasons why. 


If you are looking for a spoiler then this is for you. Our clear winner for the best lube to use with your Fleshlight is non-other than the best reviewed lube on the web. 

Lynk Pleasure Water-Based Sex Lube has everything you need in a lubricant. This is perfect for all sex toys, genders, your favorite porn star pocket pussy, and even latex condoms!


Top reasons to use lubricant with your Fleshlight


1.  It feels way better with lubricant and a lot more lifelike too. 

Fleshlights are designed to be extremely tight and very textured, and without proper lubrication, this might feel uncomfortable for you. 

Adding some lube will make the experience much more smooth and enjoyable.    


2. If you are looking for the most realistic masturbation experience possible then you must add lube to your sleeve or Fleshlight Girls. 

Just like a real women with her pussy juices, the lube mimics a body's natural lubrication! 


 3 . All the tight pressure and texture can create painful friction that will damage your dick. Yup, if you don’t remove the friction from your play then you can cause micro-tears in your penis. 

Regardless of what you may think, the skin of the penis is pretty damn delicate and it can tear easy. 

Tears in the skin can cause pain but they also make you more susceptible to infections and contracting STIs if you are playing with others. So, it pays to take the time to lube yourself and the toy up. 

Basically, check yourself before you wreck yourself.    


 4. You know those micro-tears we just talked about? Well, guess what? Without lubrication, the same thing is going to happen to your Fleshlight. 

If you don’t lube it up, you will get tears in the toy and that means it is no longer body safe. Tears in the toy mean that it may harbor bacteria as it can not be completely sterilized, only cleaned. 

This makes using it super risky as you may give yourself an infection.   

Think of lube as your protective barrier against, friction tears and the destruction of your toy. Surely you are convinced now, right? Yes? Good, let's continue. 


What Lube should I use with my Fleshlight?


This is a great question with a very important answer. You should only ever use water-based lubricant with any toy that is made of soft material such as most masturbators. 

If there is only one thing you take away from this article, I hope it is that.

The thing is, silicone lube and oil based lubricants will absolutely destroy your toy. 


The problem is that these liquids will degrade and weaken the material making it more susceptible to tears. 

They are also a lot harder to remove from inside the sleeve, in what is already, a tricky toy to clean

To learn more tips and tricks and how to clean your Fleshlight check out our other articles.


Water-based lube does dry out much quicker than silicone and oil but it can be reactivated easily,  just use some water or even saliva will do the trick. 

Simply spit on where the lube is dried up and next thing you know, it will be super slick again!  

But, of course, you can just add more as you need it, to ensure that things stay slippery and amazing throughout your whole play session.


You will also want to decide whether you would rather use a liquid or a gel lubricant. 

This is a personal choice which can be made up from experience.  We always find liquid to be a better and more realistic option vs the thick gel which can get messy and sticky quite easily.


You should look for water-based lubes as they are safe for all sexual activities. 

They are usually free of color, taste, smell, and stain so anyone can use them.  

If you have sensitive skin, you should try and avoid parabens, phenoxyethanol, glycerin, proplene glycol, and chlorhexidine if possible.


The lube should be easy to clean off (all water based lube is very easily removable).  You should consider your skin type so you do not get a lube that will irritate or is harsh to your skin.  

Check the viscosity, or thickness, of the lube. This is very personal, it's not always better to use thicker lube, it can get gunky.  


Make sure that the lube you choose is not too sticky or tacky.  When selecting a lubricant make sure you choose a trusted brand with good reviews.

5. Gun Oil H2O Water-Based Personal Lubricant 

Gun Oil Water-based Lubricant is a slippery and relatively thin formula that still has that long-lasting appeal of thicker options.


 It is great for those that prefer a less wet experience and don’t that obvious feel of lubricant but still want some slipperiness and glide. 


Because the formula is thin, a little goes a long way to start with, but you may need to reapply it if you are after a longer than average play session. 


This lube is safe to use with latex condoms, all types of sex toys, no matter the material, and it's ok to use with partners too. 


And there are no parabens or glycerin meaning they shouldn’t irritate the skin.  And, there are some added extras that are good for you! 


Gun Oil also uses a mix of aloe vera and vitamin E for added moisture and hydration while you play.


2 oz. | 4 oz. | 8 oz. | 16 oz. | 32 oz.


- Smooth & Slick water base

- Formulated with Aloe-Vera

- Longest lasting water lubricant

- Paraben-Free | Glycerin-Free


Gun Oil H2O Water-Based Lube

Healthy Vibes Water-Based Lube

4. Healthy Vibes Water-Based Lube

If the idea of a thin lubricant formula isn’t doing it for you, then you might be happier trying out something like this one. 


The water-based Sex Lube by Healthy Vibes Lubricants is another water-based option but it is a bit thicker than most water-based options and has a higher viscosity. 


This is an intimate feeling lubricant that adds some extra padding and ensures that you won’t feel any friction, no matter how tight or textured your particular Fleshlight is. 


That added padding will make you experience nice and comfortable to help things glide along nicely. 


This formula also has no parabens or glycerin and no other nasty additives either. 

That means it is safe to use with other sex toys, latex condoms and bodies so it’s a great all-rounder to have on hand. 


They say this is designed to mimic the natural lubrication of an actual vagina, so if realism is your thing, you are going to like this lube.


8 oz. | 16 oz.



- Designed specifically for sex & masturbation

- Super slick and long lasting

- Body safe water-base

- 100% body safe | Non-Toxic | Paraben-Free


3. Fleshlight Fire Heating & Warming Lube 


I mean its made by Fleshlight so it’s got to be a good option to use with your Fleshlight right? 

This is a classic water-based lubricant that is extremely long-lasting and adds a lot of glide and smoothness to your session.  


But, this lube has an extra special feature too. It creates a warming effect on your skin while you play. 


The warming sensations helps to make the experience with your masturbators feel even more realistic. 

This formula has no parabens or alcohol and uses honeysuckle extract as the active ingredient which adds the heat. 


So, all you will get is stimulation and sensation, without the irritation that can come with some warming products.

You can also use this lube with other sex toys and bodies and it is safe to use with condoms. 


However, with any warming formulas, it might be a good idea to do a spot test first on your arm to ensure that it won’t cause irritation to you.


4 oz. | 8 oz.


- Made by the brand Fleshlight 

- Warms and heats to the touch

- Provides a more realistic feel


Fleshlube Warming Lubricant

Fleshlight Water-Based Lube

2. Fleshlight Water-Based Masturbation Lube

Not keen on the warming effect? No problem! 

Fleshlube is pretty much the same formula, just without the honeysuckle extract. 


That means you just get a great water-based lubricant that is perfect for your Fleshlight.  


This is Fleshlight's most popular lubricant for use with the  toy.  

The formula is smooth, long-lasting, non-staining and not too thick or too thin. 


It’s just the right consistency and viscosity to remove all the friction but keep the pleasurable sensations that using the Fleshlight has to offer.  

And, it feels super realistic too as it is a premium lube that won’t dry out too quickly or cause irritation. 

In fact, its good for sensitive skin and is actually pretty moisturizing to the skin. 

This is another formula with aloe leaf juice and vitamin E to leave your skin super smooth once you are done. 

It's even dermatologically tested to not irritate your precious genitals while you play.



4 oz. | 8 oz.



- Designed specifically for sex & masturbation
- Made by world-famous Fleshlight

- Super slick and long lasting

- Body safe water-base

- 100% body safe | Non-Toxic | Paraben-Free


The #1 Best Lubricant to Use With Fleshlights

1. Lynk Pleasure Water-Based Sex Lube


We have come to the #1 all time best rated lubricant to use with Fleshlight. 

No surprise here, Lynk Pleasure Lube is a water-based lube that is specifically designed for all sex so it is extremely long-lasting and has been reviewed as "the perfect lube".   


This lube is all about adding some extra cushion for the pushing and is going to ensure there is no friction inside your Fleshlight regardless of how tight or textured it is. 


It’s designed to feel just like the natural wetness of a vagina too so expect a very realistic experience if you are using a vagina Fleshlight.  


This is the number 1 recommended water-based lubricant on the market so you know you are buying a good product that is going to satisfy your needs. 


And, there are no nasty ingredients like parabens or glycerin so it is safe for use on your toys, with other bodies and with condoms too.  


Water-based lubricants all do pretty much the same thing but there are slight differences in the formula which can make a big difference to your Fleshlight experience so make sure you have read of the ingredients properly to ensure you are doing the right thing. 


So, hopefully, this has helped to guide you in the right direction to find the perfect option for your needs.


8 oz. | 32 oz. 


- Ultra long lasting water-based lubricant

- Designed to mimic your body's natural lube

- 100% body safe | Non-Toxic | Paraben-Free

- Over 1 million bottles sold! (that many people can't be wrong)


Lynk Pleasure Water-Based Lube