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Listen to an audio summary

This article answers some of the most common questions about Kegels, more specifically Kegels for men—the best pelvic floor exercises to increase the size of your penis, to help you stay harder and to last longer in bed. On top of those benefits, doing kegels regularly as a man will help you be able to hold your pee in longer and enjoy stronger more explosive orgasms.  You’ll also find a handy, step-by-step guide explaining do kegels work for guys, how to do Kegels and when they should be done. And, if you're game, we've got a few other pelvic floor exercises for you to try out too.

Have you ever heard of Kegels? They're exercises that target your pelvic floor muscles. Kegels are named after a US physician called Dr. Arnold Kegel[1], who developed them in the 1950s for women with weakened pelvic floor muscles—usually as a result of pregnancy, childbirth, being overweight, or due to aging. But it turns out that Kegels for men have many benefits for us guys too, especially when it comes to boosting sexual performance and confidence. If this sounds good so far, keep reading to learn how to do male kegels.


why men need kegels

Benefits of kegels for guys


Can Kegels give me a bigger dick and combat erectile dysfunction?

Pelvic floor muscles play a significant role in supporting your penis when you get an erection. If these muscles are stronger and toned, your dick will get harder and potentially larger too. Kegels don’t literally increase the size of your dick. But they do help boost the amount of blood that fills the spongy tissue inside it when it’s hard—which will make your cock even bigger and wider than it was before. So temporarily, you might see a size increase in your penis from doing Kegel exercises. 

Kegels for ED

Kegels can also help men with erectile dysfunction (ED). In fact, one study we looked at concluded they should be a first‐line ED treatment[2]. 40% of participants involved in that particular experiment said goodbye to their ED after performing Kegels every day for six months. And almost one-third of the men who took part noticed a significant improvement in their sex lives. It’s worth noting that Penis pumps and enlargement creams work in the same way by encouraging blood flow to your dick, while cock rings trap the blood down there to keep you hard. Some guys use these products while waiting for their pelvic floor to strengthen, while others opt for them as an alternative if Kegels don’t work for them.

Can Kegels help you last longer in bed?

They sure can! Strong pelvic give you the control you need to hold back when you want to blow your load. That means longer, more intense sex for you, as well as total fulfillment for your partner—not to mention mind-bending orgasms for you both when you do finally cum.

There are scientific studies that support this claim too. One investigation suggests that regular pelvic floor exercises like Kegels could help eight out of ten men gain more control over the timing of their orgasms[3]. That's why doctors also recommend Kegels as a treatment for premature ejaculation (PE).  Male kegels do help you to last longer.

How do you find your pelvic floor muscles?

In case you're thinking you’re not an ‘exercise kind of guy’, good news, you don't need a gym membership to perform Kegels—and you won't need dumbbells or any other kind of fitness gear either. In fact, you can do them at home or at work, and no-one need be any the wiser. But before you begin, you’ll need to find your pelvic floor muscles.  There are three ways you can do this:


pelvic floor


1). Stop yourself while peeing

The simplest and easiest way to isolate your pelvic floor muscle is to stop yourself mid-way through a pee. You should feel your muscle contract which helps stop the flow.  Don't do this regularly though. This is not the actual Kegel exercise, just a way to locate the correct muscles. In fact, stopping your urine flow like this repeatedly can cause bladder control issues.

2). Let your penis by your guide

Take your all your clothes off and stand in front of a mirror. You’ll want a soft dick for this—it’s not the time to think about getting an erection. Try to use your pelvic floor muscles to move your dick and your balls. If you put your finger on the base of your nuts, you should actually be able to feel the muscle moving. And, if you’re doing it right, you’ll also see the base of dick draw in, and your balls lift up. Then, when you release your pelvic floor muscles, you should feel a sensation of 'letting go' and your dick and balls should relax into their usual positions. 

3). Trap the gas

You can also find your pelvic floor muscles by clenching the muscles inside your ass as though you are trying not to pass gas. If you're still struggling to feel your pelvic floor muscles move, then you could always put your finger up your ass to feel the pelvic floor contraction. It’s actually the most direct way, but not every guy is comfortable using that method. 

How to do Kegels for Men

Mastering your Kegel Technique 

why men need kegel exercises

Your first Kegel

You can perform Kegels either lying down, sitting, or standing—so long as your legs are a little apart. Make sure your thighs, ass, and stomach muscles are all relaxed, and that you’re breathing normally. Some guys find their lower abdomen may flatten slightly when they first start performing Kegels. But ideally, all movement should take place below your belly button.

When you’re ready and comfortable, perform the ‘lift and squeeze’ action that we’ve been talking about. Hold for a maximum of ten seconds, then let your pelvic floor muscles relax again. Congratulations, you’ve completed your first Kegel. 

Once you've got the hang of performing several Kegels in a row, you’ll need to work out a daily routine that you can stick to. To begin with:

  • Set yourself the goal of performing three sets of 10 Kegels in a single session
  • Build up to doing three sets of Kegels up to 10 times a day
  • We recommend doing them every day at the same time to develop a routine



In it for the long run

Your pelvic floor muscles are all internal. That means you can perform Kegels without anyone noticing—even sitting at your desk at work, while watching Netflix or during your daily commute. That said, remembering to complete all your sets every day can be tricky. Our advice is to link them in with other regular parts of your daily routine. These might include:

  • First thing in the morning when you wake up
  • Straight after you’ve taken a shower
  • Before every meal
  • When you first get to work
  • When you get home from work
  • Before you clean your teeth
  • Before you go to bed 

Using personal tech can also help–like setting calendar reminders on your smartphone. If you have a smartwatch, then sync it with your online diary, and it will buzz you ahead of each scheduled Kegel set. And, if you don’t like technology, make yourself some weekly charts in a small notebook and fill them in after each session.

Use it or lose it, but don’t overdo it  

Like any muscle in your body, your pelvic floor will get weaker if you stop using it. So, you’ll need to keep up your new routine, even when you’ve found your new levels of stamina. Otherwise, you'll return to your pre-Kegel program condition. Just remember, however, that like any other muscle, you can overwork your pelvic floor. This can cause muscle fatigue and, in extreme cases, can actually weaken your pelvic floor muscles.



Advanced Kegel techniques

Short-twitch vs. long-twitch Kegels

It’s worth knowing that there are actually two kinds of Kegels. The ones we’ve discussed so far are called slow-twitch Kegels, but you can also perform fast-twitch Kegels (sometimes called ‘squeeze and release’). 

You should master both kinds for maximum benefit as your pelvic core is made up of two different muscle groups. There are slow-twitch muscles that support long periods of endurance, and fast-twitch muscles that fatigue quickly but power sudden bursts of energy. Think of them as marathon runners vs. sprinters. To get the best from your pelvic floor, at least from the perspective of better sex, you need both sets of muscles on the same side.

To perform one set of fast-twitch Kegels, quickly contract and relax your pelvic floor muscles at least 20 times—and a maximum of 50 times. Relax for about five seconds and repeat for another two to four sets. Over a few weeks, you should be able to increase the total daily number to around 200. Unlike slow-twitch Kegels you don’t need to space these sets out throughout the day—just blast them all in one go. Alternate daily between slow and fast-twitch Kegels for maximum results.

Fast-twitch Kegels during sex

You can also use fast-twitch Kegels during sex to help you hold back from shooting your load. Whether that’s intercourse, blowjobs, hand-jobs, or jerking off on your own. When you're getting close (but not too close) to cumming, perform five quick, discreet Kegels in whatever position you're in. Take a deep breath, and you'll be able to carry on enjoying yourself. By increasing the time before you cum, you'll build the intensity and strength of your orgasm—believe us, it’s worth the discipline and the wait! It’s worth practicing this on your own, before you try it with a partner—just so you know you can get it right. Give it a try with a pocket pussy for maximum realism and ultimate stamina training.


cock rings


Guys that use Kegels in this way find that cock rings,  delay sprays and creams,—and even prolonging condoms—can give them, even more, staying power. These products use an active ingredient to desensitize their dicks—but without numbing their partner. Using a delay cream or spray like this might seem like a big step for a lot of guys. But the active ingredients aren’t much different to regular cough drops, or an insect bite spray. So, it's not a big deal to give one a try. In fact, you’ve probably used the same active ingredients before without even knowing it.

Other ways to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles 

Kegel toning machines

While you don't need any equipment to perform Kegels, some men prefer Kegel toning machines. They use small electrical pulses to stimulate your pelvic floor muscles—a little bit like ab-strengthening belts—only they use two external skin electrodes rather than little pads. To stimulate your pelvic floor muscles, bring the device close enough to touch your inner thighs with each electrode and the gentle current will stimulate your pelvic floor as though you were moving it yourself. 

Pelvic floor exercise ring

Pelvic floor exercise rings look a little bit like small hula-hoops. But they have two soft foam covers to make them more comfortable. Simply put the ring between your thighs with each leg resting outside the ring on a foam cover. Then push your legs together as if you’re trying to squash the ring. This action will create just enough resistance to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. You can perform fast-twitch or slow-twitch actions in this way—aim for a similar amount of sets and reps as if you were doing them unassisted.  

Glute bridge

People generally perform glute bridges to strengthen their buttocks, but the glute bridge will also work your pelvic floor muscles. You can do them at home with no weights—or try a barbell version at the gym—the method and movement are the same whether you use weights or not. Lay on the floor, contract your buttocks and pelvic floor then lift your buttocks several inches off the ground. Hold that position for about 10 seconds and lower yourself back to the ground. Try to do six or seven lifts, then rest and repeat for 2-3 more sets. 




Persevere—it’s worth mastering Kegels and other pelvic floor exercises…

Don't feel discouraged if you think nothing has changed after a week or two. The most significant step for many men is admitting they might need to step up their bedroom game. So, if you've decided to work on your pelvic floor muscles for that reason, then you've already made significant progress.

While you're waiting for the results, delay sprays and creams in combination with penis plumping and enhancement products will give you some help and encouragement. They can show you what you could achieve naturally if you persist and persevere. Both sets of products offer the same stamina-boosting benefits as Kegels by mimicking your body’s natural responses to improved blood flow to your groin and dick.

And even when your Kegel workouts pay dividends in the longer term, you can still use those creams and lotions. After all, what guy doesn’t want to be able to give his very best at every opportunity? 

[1] Arnold Kegel

[2] Pelvic floor exercises for erectile dysfunction

[3] Pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation for patients with lifelong premature ejaculation: a novel therapeutic approach

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