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Listen to an audio summary

As great as penile stimulation can be, sometimes an individual's penis may feel too sensitive. Too much sensitivity can result in early ejaculation and potentially lead to the development of premature ejaculation (PE). PE is a sexual dysfunction in which individuals can’t last long enough without ejaculating to enjoy sex. Factors which may cause PE range from traumatic sexual experiences to health conditions such as diabetes.

Condoms have a reputation for reducing the amount of ‘feel’ experienced during sex. This is because they place a layer of latex between both sexual partners' genitals during intercourse.

However, a reduction in feel and sensitivity may be exactly what individuals with PE need to increase the time it takes them to ejaculate. 

In fact, there are condoms specifically designed for managing premature ejaculation, known as PE condoms. PE condoms can help individuals avoid the hyper-sensitivity associated with the condition and prevent early ejaculation. In this article we’ll be taking an in-depth look at how premature ejaculation condoms can be used to reduce the impact of PE.

What are PE condoms? 

Premature ejaculation condoms are designed to increase the length of time it takes for the wearer to ejaculate. They achieve this with two main characteristics, thickened material and numbing agents. The thickened material reduces how much the wearer can feel during sex and the numbing agents desensitize the penis.

By using a thicker layer of latex, the amount of sensitivity experienced during sex is reduced. The numbing agent (commonly lidocaine or benzocaine) is an anesthetic which numbs the penis while the condom is worn. Lidocaine and benzocaine are common ingredients in other PE products such as penis numbing sprays

Other terms for PE condoms 

Premature ejaculation condoms are often referred to by different names. We’ve listed a few of them below:

  • Delay condoms
  • Desensitizing condoms
  • Numbing condoms
  • Endurance condoms
  • Pleasure extending condoms

How do numbing condoms differ from regular condoms

Although PE condoms may look like standard condoms, there are some differences worth noting. We’ve highlighted some of these below.

Thicker than standard condoms

    Many standard condoms market themselves for using thin layers of latex to maximize feel. However, PE condoms look for the opposite quality; increasing thickness of the latex to reduce how much the wearer feels. A study which examined 100 men with PE found that the time it took for them to ejaculate while wearing thickened condoms significantly increased.

    Prevents overstimulation

      Overstimulation may cause early ejaculation and delay condoms are designed to prevent this from happening. By making use of thicker latex and numbing agents they are able to reduce the likelihood that the wearer experiences overstimulation. By preventing the wearer from becoming overstimulated, PE condoms can increase the amount of time it takes for the wearer to ejaculate.

      Most common active ingredient in PE condoms

        Premature ejaculation condoms commonly contain numbing agents designed to desensitize the wearer's penis.

        The most common numbing agents used are lidocaine or benzocaine which are topical anesthetics sometimes used for pain relief in dentistry. These numbing ingredients are also commonly used in penis numbing sprays, wipes and creams.

        How to select a Numbing Condom

        Although it may seem simple, finding a suitable condom for premature ejaculation requires careful consideration. The table below highlights a few things to think about.




          • Latex is the most common material used for standard condoms and the same applies to condoms for premature ejaculation.
          • If you or a partner are allergic to latex make sure that you seek out latex-free numbing condoms.


            • Safety is important for selecting condoms, especially when used as contraception. Although condoms are generally very good (98% effective) for contraception, some will be marketed as ‘extra safe’ options.
            • You should consider potential allergies to the condoms materials as a safety precaution for you and your partner.


              • Condom size is an important consideration as choosing the wrong size could result in the condom slipping off or breaking.
              • Condoms are typically available in small, regular, large and extra-large sizes.


                • The texture of the condom you choose can have an impact on sexual pleasure for both partners.
                • A variety of different textured condoms are available such as ribbed, dotted or a combination of both.
                • Giving condoms added textures aims to enhance the pleasure experienced during intercourse.


                  • The thickness of the condom you use will have an impact on the amount of ‘feel’ you experience during sexual intimacy.
                  • If you struggle with PE it may be worth trying thicker condoms to reduce sensitivity.
                  • Adjustments to the condoms thickness can be made based on either partner's preferences.

                  Pros and Cons of Numbing Condoms

                  You won’t know how effective numbing condoms are until you try them out. However, understanding their benefits and downsides may help you make a more informed decision on whether they’re suitable for you. We’ve listed the pros and cons of using numbing condoms below:

                  Pros of Using a Numbing Condom





                  Numbing condoms are safe to use especially when worn properly.

                  • Generally speaking, numbing condoms are considered safe for use for the wearer and their partner.
                  • They’re made up of widely used ingredients such as lidocaine and latex which are typically well-tolerated, providing that neither partner has allergies to them. 



                    A numbing condom can help reduce sensitivity even more than a regular condom

                    • Although standard condoms can drastically reduce the feeling experienced during intercourse, PE condoms can be even more effective at reducing sensitivity.
                    • This is because by nature, PE condoms are thicker than standard condoms and contain numbing agents which desensitize the penis.



                      Other than climax control during sex, condoms are a reliable method of preventing pregnancy and protecting both partners from STIs

                      • Condoms can be used by individuals looking to practice safe sex.
                      • Research shows that condoms can be effective in protecting men from sexually transmitted infections such as HIV and Gonorrhoea.
                      • Condoms are also an effective method of contraception when used correctly.



                        A subtle way to combat the effects of premature ejaculation when compared to other products such as sprays, wipes and creams

                        • Putting a condom on before sex is standard practice.
                        • This makes the fact that you’re using a condom to reduce penile sensitivity subtle in comparison to other products.
                        • Putting a condom on draws far less attention compared to rubbing a numbing cream on your penis or spraying it prior to sex.

                            Cons of Using a Numbing Condom




                            Since PE Condoms contain desensitizing lube, you must be careful when handling it. You might get most of it on your fingers if you're not careful.

                            • A downside to condoms with numbing agents is the possible spread of lubricant.
                            • If you find that the numbing lubricant  has transferred to your fingertips, instead of resuming foreplay you may need to go and wash your hands before continuing.



                              After putting on the condom, you might need to wait for several minutes for the numbing agent to take effect.

                              • Another disadvantage of using numbing condoms is that they can reduce the spontaneous nature of sex.
                              • Unlike standard condoms, wearers may not be able to have sex immediately after putting PE condoms on. This is because the numbing agent may take 10-15 minutes to take effect.



                                There’s a small possibility that the numbing agent may be transferred to the man’s partner during sex.

                                • Although somewhat unlikely, there’s a small chance that the anesthetic could be transferred from the wearer to their partner during sex.
                                • For example, if they help you put the condom on it could end up on their hands or genitals. Always make sure your partner has no allergies to the numbing agent or condom ingredients.



                                  The reduction in sensitivity may lead to a compromise in sensations experienced during sex for both wearer and partner.

                                  • The reduced sensitivity experienced while wearing a numbing condom may come with a compromise in pleasure.
                                  • Although sex may last longer when wearing a delay condom, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the same amount of pleasurable sensations will be experienced when compared to sex without a condom.



                                    PE condoms are an effective way to manage early ejaculation but may not help wearers recover from dysfunction. 

                                    • Delay condoms can be helpful for remaining sexually active while living with PE but won’t help you recover from the dysfunction. If you want a way to rid yourself of PE a technique such as edging (explained later in the article) may be more suitable.
                                    • This is because edging can help you build up a feel for preventing ejaculation while experiencing sexual stimulation, rather than artificially reducing sensitivity as PE condoms do.

                                      Alternatives to numbing condoms for premature ejaculation

                                      Numbing condoms are a great option for dealing with premature ejaculation but alternative techniques do exist. Here’s a list of some other tips you can try for dealing with premature ejaculation.


                                      Diagram of the Alternatives to Numbing Condoms for Premature Ejaculation

                                      1. Masturbate a few hours before sex

                                        The penis may feel more sensitive for men who go long periods without ejaculating. Bringing yourself to climax a few hours before sex could help reduce this sensitivity. With this technique timing is crucial. If you don’t leave enough time between masturbating and sexual activity you may struggle to climax or be unable to achieve an erection. 
                                      2. Desensitizing spray

                                        Also known as penile numbing spray, desensitizing spray makes use of anesthetics (such as lidocaine or benzocaine) to numb the penis prior to sexual activity. Applied topically, you spray the product directly on the penis around 15 minutes before intimacy. Be sure to follow the manufacturers guidelines and always check for allergens before using the cream.
                                      3. Numbing creams

                                        Similarly to desensitizing spray, penile numbing creams are designed to numb the penis shortly before sex. Penile numbing creams also make use of numbing agents such as lidocaine to reduce the penises sensitivity during sexual activity. The creams can be applied more precisely when compared to spray but are typically messier to use. 
                                      4. Prescription medication

                                        Medication can also be an effective way to treat the symptoms of premature ejaculation. A medication which may be helpful for treating PE is Viagra. Research has concluded that it may help to increase an individual's perception of ejaculatory control, their sexual satisfaction and reduce post-ejaculation recovery times. There is also research which supports the effectiveness of SSRIs (medication for treating mental health conditions) in helping with PE symptoms.
                                      5. Edging/Start-stop technique

                                        Edging is a technique which involves coming close to climax before withdrawing stimulation to prolong pleasure. Males experience a refractory period after ejaculation and are unable to become aroused until they recover. Edging can help individual's avoid experiencing the refractory period at their first impulse to ejaculate. This can lead to an intense delayed orgasm due to the build-up of pelvic pressure.
                                      6. Kegel Exercises

                                        Kegel exercises are used to help individuals strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. The exercises are done by squeezing and releasing these muscles and can be done by mimicking the feeling of holding in urine. With enough time practicing, an individual may be able to withdraw from ejaculation the way they would when trying to prevent urination.

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                                      Climax Control | Delay Spray

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                                      - Allows for longer-lasting sexual encounters.
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                                      Promescent Lidocaine Prolonging Delay Spray for Men Promescent Lidocaine Prolonging Delay Spray for Men

                                      Premature Ejaculation Condom

                                      - Often designed with a numbing agent to delay ejaculation.
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                                      - Allows for spontaneous use and discreet assistance
                                       Trojan Pleasure Extended Premature Ejaculation Condoms
                                      Trojan Pleasure Extended Premature Ejaculation Condoms

                                      Mouth Male Masturbator Sleeve

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                                      Fleshlight STU Stamina Training Unit
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                                      Do numbing condoms work?

                                      Yes, numbing condoms do work. They make use of thickened latex which helps to reduce how much the wearer feels during intercourse. They also use numbing agents such as lidocaine and benzocaine which desensitize the penis while the condom is being worn. 

                                      Do numbing condoms affect your partner during sex?

                                      Although numbing condoms are designed to numb the wearer, there is a chance that the numbing agent could be transferred to a partner during sex. Be sure to check that your partner doesn’t have any allergies to the ingredients in the condoms.

                                      How long do numbing condoms last?

                                      Numbing condoms can reduce sensitivity for the duration of sexual activity. This is down to a combination of numbing agents such as lidocaine or benzocaine and thickened material in comparison to standard condoms.

                                      Are there any side effects of using Numbing condoms?

                                      Providing you and your sexual partner don’t have allergies to the ingredients in the numbing condoms side effects may be rare but still possible. An instance of swelling and penile gangrene (trigger warning: explicit images in the following link) was recorded after a 30-year-old man used pleasure extending benzocaine condoms. As a precaution, it’s worth consulting a doctor to review your suitability for delay condoms prior to using them.


                                      Numbing condoms can be a highly effective way to reduce the difficulties of premature ejaculation. Thanks to their thickened structure and use of numbing agents, they can significantly reduce the amount of feel experienced by the wearer during sex. 

                                      Both partners should be sure that the condoms don’t contain any allergens before using them.

                                      As effective as they are, they do come with some downsides. For example, having to wait for the numbing agent to kick in and possible transfer of the numbing lubricant to a partner. Both partners should be sure that the condoms don’t contain any allergens before using them. Although this article is intended to be informative it cannot be considered a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult a doctor if you have health concerns.

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