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Do you find it difficult to maintain an erection for a prolonged period of time? Don't worry, you're not alone! The often expertly cited Massachusetts aging study, estimated that around 52% of men would suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction (ED) at some point in their life.

More recent studies have estimated that it affects around a third of all men, but a 2019 global review on the prevalence of ED put the estimates at anywhere between 3-76.5% of men worldwide!

While the exact figures can be argued, it's clear to see that ED affects millions of men worldwide.

Age partly plays a factor, but a 2015 study discovered that ED symptoms affect around 26% of men under the age of 40!

Despite how common it is for men to suffer from ED (which covers both the inability to get an erection and the inability to maintain an erection), it's a taboo topic. Men don't want to admit to their friends that they struggle to get or maintain an erection. Society puts a lot of focus and pressure on [the male manhood], and any issues regarding this can quickly make people think they're "less of a man."

Suffering from ED is definitely stress-inducing, and will affect your self-confidence, but it's always good to know that you're not the only person suffering from it. In fact, it's likely that some of your friends are probably in the same boat!

These tips are all scientifically backed and have been medically proven to help with ED and ED-related symptoms.

That's why we've put together this article, full of tips to help you get and maintain an erection for thirty minutes minimum. These tips are all scientifically backed and have been medically proven to help with ED and ED-related symptoms. We'll discuss the science, and explain what you can do to help improve your erectile function!

1. Improve Your Diet

One of the best [most important] things you can do for your sexual, and overall health, is to improve your diet. There is a wealth of research out there that shows the impact a proper diet can have on your sexual function. If you're eating fatty foods or a diet high in processed and sugary foods, ultimately it will have a negative impact on your health.

From January 1st, 1985 to January 1st, 2008 a study was conducted on a group of men, called the Health Professionals Follow-up Study (HPFS). Participants ranged from 40 -75 at the time of enrollment and the focus of the study was to understand how different diets affect people in different ways.

Every two years men were required to fill out a follow-up questionnaire regarding health conditions, physical activity, lifestyle, and other factors, and every four years a food frequency questionnaire was sent out, to determine their nutrient and food intake.

If you're eating fatty foods or a diet high in processed and sugary foods, ultimately it will have a negative impact on your health.

A recently completed study utilized a cohort of 21,469 men from the HPFS study and followed them from 1998 to 2014. Their research determined that diet plays a key feature in regulating erectile function.

They found that out of 21,469 male participants, those who consumed vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, grains, fish (and other seafood), and healthy fats and avoided red and processed meats were at a much lower risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

The participants that followed this dietary plan had fewer health complaints, had a lower BMI, better blood pressure, and were generally healthier overall.

Another (key health benefit) that these men had, was that they had lower levels of cholesterol. Cholesterol has long been known to negatively impact erectile function.

Cholesterol builds up in the walls of your arteries and over time causes them to become narrower - reducing your body's blood circulation.

This can have a seriously detrimental effect on blood flow to your brain, heart, and penis. A 2017 study further examined the effect that high cholesterol has on erectile dysfunction, and found that using cholesterol-lowering drugs may actually help improve erectile function!

One other thing that will also impact your erectile function is sugar or glucose. Having high blood sugar levels has an incredibly negative impact on your ability to maintain an erection.

If left untreated you're at risk of developing diabetes, as high blood sugar levels will damage the nerves and blood vessels and affect the body's absorption of glucose. High levels of glucose in your bloodstream will damage your blood vessels, including those that supply your sexual organs. Men with diabetes actually have a 3.5 times higher risk of developing ED!

We highly recommend giving a Mediterranean-style diet a try. Scientifically it is perhaps the greatest diet for alleviating symptoms of erectile dysfunction and has the added benefit of doing amazing things for the health of your heart and overall life expectancy!

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            2. Quit Smoking

            Smoking is one of the biggest causes of ED in the world. Male smokers are at double the risk of developing erectile dysfunction, and it also has a host of negative side effects on your overall health!

            Smoking can lead to dysfunction in your cardiovascular system - simply put, it places your blood vessels and heart at risk of problems.

            Healthy erections rely on blood flow, so if your blood vessels are damaged then your ability to get an erection is also going to suffer.

            Studies have shown that quitting cigarettes does help improve erectile function. In one study over 50% of patients were said to have improved their erectile function within 6 months of quitting. After a year the positive effects of quitting were still persisting!

            Other studies further corroborate these finds. A 2012 study showed that patients who successfully quit smoking found that their erection quality significantly improved, and they could reach a full erection more quicker.

            The benefits of quitting smoking are numerous. If you're looking for help on how to quit, you can find a whole host of free information, coaching, guides, and infographics on the CDC website.

            3. Reduce the Amount of Alcohol You Drink

            If you drink, there's a high probability at one point in your life you've been unable to perform because you were under the influence. Being drunk doesn't cause ED but it does depress the bodies central nervous system - acting like a tranquilizer for the body.

            The signals from your brain to your penis that give you an erection will be slowed by the effect of alcohol on the body.

            It also causes dehydration, which will reduce the circulation of blood in your body. This is why many men struggle to have sex when drunk.

            Long-term heavy drinking will have an incredibly detrimental effect on your erectile function. Chronic drinking affects your cardiovascular health and the health of your blood vessels, decreasing blood flow to your penis. ED is very common in people that are dependent on alcohol.

            Limiting your alcohol intake is an easy and great way to improve erectile function and your overall health. You don't need to quit drinking entirely but you will begin to see benefits to your sexual function when you reduce the amount you do drink.

            3. Get Enough Sleep

            Sleep disorders have commonly been linked with ED and its symptoms. Sleep deprivation, insomnia, and sleep apnea are all very common in men suffering from erectile dysfunction. A possible side effect of these conditions is that they may lower the body's testosterone levels, which contributes to ED - especially if you're getting six hours of sleep or less a night.

            When you sleep your brain uses this time to modulate your body's production of hormones to ensure it's producing the correct amount, and that they're interacting with the correct cells. But when you're not getting enough sleep, or constantly waking up, your brain has to reprioritize its hormone production.

            This will often lead to your brain producing less testosterone and estrogen so it can produce more hormones to reorganize your sleep cycle.

            In turn, your hormone levels being imbalanced will lead to a decreased sex drive, reduced fertility, and ED or ED-related symptoms.

            Poor sleep also increases your likelihood of developing a number of other conditions: high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity- all of which affect blood flow, impacting the quality of your erection.

            The body also uses sleep to [regulate]improve the health of its functions. Men will experience erections while they're asleep as the brain and body keep the penis healthy by regulating the blood flow. med

            So it's important to try to improve the amount you sleep where possible - it's one of the things the body needs the most, and something you should avoid depriving it of!

            4. Check Your Testosterone Levels

            As previously mentioned, testosterone is an important component of a healthy erection. As men age, their bodies begin to produce less testosterone and more estrogen. Often the body can begin to produce too much estrogen, leading to an estrogen imbalance, which will greatly increase your risk of suffering from ED.

            We've previously written at length about the impact that the level of these hormones has on your body and sexual function. But to briefly sum it up - if your testosterone levels are too low you're going to start to suffer from symptoms of ED, low libido, and low sperm count. You may also feel anxious, and depressed and start gaining weight unexpectedly!

            Checking your testosterone levels is essential, and may possibly be the solution to your problems.

            Your doctor will be able to check your hormone levels easily and will be able to tell you if they're imbalanced. They'll also be able to prescribe you medication to help get them back into balance.

            5. Try Kegels

            Kegels are pelvic floor exercises that can be performed pretty much anywhere, at any time. All you have to do is clench your pelvic floor muscles for five seconds and then release them.

            If you're unsure how to clench your pelvic floor muscles, experts advise urinating and stopping the flow midstream. This helps you identify the muscles needed and understand what a kegel feels like, although it's not recommended to try this specific method repeatedly as doing it too often can lead to urinary tract infections.

            When the pelvic floor muscle weakens there's nothing to help slow blood flowing out of the penis, hence erection problems.

            But research has proven that kegel exercises are an effective tool for combatting erectile dysfunction. Studies have also shown that men get the most benefit from performing five-second kegel exercises 10-20 times in a row, three times per day. Think of it as you would any exercise - while you won't see immediate results, after a few weeks you'll begin to see a noticeable improvement.

            Kegels can help improve your erectile function and your ability to sustain an erection for a prolonged period of time. They're easy to perform and will improve your sexual function and overall erection quality. They've also been shown to help people suffering from premature ejaculation.

            6. Do More Walking

            Much research has been completed on the positive links between aerobic exercise and improving erectile dysfunction. In 2011 scientists analyzed a collection of different studies and found that exercise provides a clear improvement in ED and ED-related symptoms - especially when the exercise is maintained over a long period.

            As ED is often the result of poor cardiovascular health, most forms of light exercise will help improve it. That's why we recommend walking, as opposed to more intense exercises like running or cycling.

            While intense exercises will definitely improve your cardiovascular health, walking is a near-perfect exercise to help combat ED.

            People of all ages and fitness levels can take part in walking, and it's safe for almost everyone. It doesn't raise the heart rate to a dangerous level, and won't wreck your joints.

            Research has shown that all it takes is 30 minutes of walking five days a week, consistently for a few months, for the severity of your erectile problems to decrease. It's also great for your overall health!

            7. Communicate With Your Partner

            If you're struggling with ED symptoms it's bound to give you some anxiety. This anxiety will hang over you, and will further exacerbate the issues you're facing.

            All it takes is for you to lose an erection once and you may end up in a vicious circle of anxiety-induced ED, which is a pattern that is hard to break out of.

            The best way to reduce this anxiety and get yourself back on track is by talking openly about it to your partner. Communication is important in relationships, and studies have shown that talking about erectile issues does help.

            If you're suffering from the stress or anxiety that is causing you to be unable to perform in the bedroom, communicating that to your partner should be your first port of call.

            Once they understand what's going on with you, you'll be able to work together to overcome the issues you're facing. Talking about your problem will also make it easier for you to feel comfortable during sex.

            Your partner will be able to [help]assist you and offer you support - which is something a lot of men don't realize will help greatly.

            8. Consider Sexual Therapy

            Psychological sexual performance anxiety is one of the world's leading causes of erectile issues. Scientists estimate that it affects up to 25% of the world's population, and is characterized by a lack of interest in sex, problems maintaining an erection, and erectile dysfunction.

            It's hard to work through these issues alone, and talking to a registered sexual therapist can often be the solution.

            Sexual therapy's purpose is to combat any erectile issues that are caused by stress, anxiety, or poor communication with your partner.

            Therapy has been shown to help couples who reported erectile issues. In this particular study, almost 70% of the couples that completed the course of therapy reported positive outcomes.

            A more recent study on cognitive behavioral sex therapy for men suffering from ED caused by psychological issues further reinforces the benefits of therapy. At the end of this study, participants ended up with improved erectile function and a reduction of all symptoms of ED.

            Like any form of therapy, sexual therapy will not produce instant results. But if you (and possibly your partner) are willing to commit, the benefits can be amazing. It will not only improve your sexual function but also your level of sexual and relationship satisfaction.

            9. Reduce Your Stress Levels

            Stress is a common (cause) of erectile problems. Stress about sexual performance and from your work or personal life can easily impact your erectile function. Psychological factors commonly manifest in physical issues - like erectile dysfunction or a loss of erection.

            There is a scientific reason behind this phenomenon - when you're stressed your body produces two hormones: adrenaline and cortisol.

            If you're under a great deal of stress, cortisol will be produced en mass, impeding the body's production of testosterone. And one of the major side effects of adrenaline in men is that it inhibits your ability to get an erection.

            That's why reducing your stress is key to gaining control over your erectile issues. There have been various studies into the positive effects that stress management can have on men suffering from ED or ED symptoms.

            There is a scientific reason behind this phenomenon - when you're stressed your body produces two hormones: adrenaline and cortisol.

            In this 2014 study, 31 men newly diagnosed with ED underwent an eight-week stress management program to examine the correlation between the two. After the study was finished, participants showed a significant improvement in both stress levels and erectile function.

            Another useful way to overcome performance anxiety and stress brought on by inexperience is to practice guided masturbation. It's an excellent way to improve your mental wellness and confidence in the comfort of your own home. If you spend some time practicing guided masturbation you'll feel more secure the next time you have sex, leading to a better experience for both you and your partner!

            10. Try New Things in Bed

            If you and your partner have a regular bedroom routine it's bound to lose some of its allure after a while! The key to keeping things exciting in the bedroom is to try new things! Often, one of the main factors causing a man to lose an erection during sex is a lack of arousal - so keep things fresh!

            If you're struggling to maintain an erection in bed, one of the greatest things you could do is to bring a toy into the bedroom. Sex toys improve both pleasure and function.

            Using a toy may be exactly what's missing from your routine - it can enhance your arousal and will provide a fun way to spice up your relationship! There is a variety of cock rings on the market that will help you maintain an erection, and the added bonus is that they'll also enhance your package!

            You and your partner will definitely appreciate the benefits that a cock ring can bring to the bedroom, and they're one of the best toys on the market for keeping men hard for a longer time. Another excellent toy to help you maintain your erection is a penis pump. They help you get and maintain a thicker, firmer erection by increasing blood flow to the penis.

            Regular use of a penis pump has been scientifically proven to help people suffering from erectile issues. But if it's not a toy you're after there are still other ways to explore new things in bed.

            You can try watching something sexual together, playing a risque game, roleplaying with costumes, or acting out each other's fantasies.

            If you're inclined you may even want to try some prostate play - there have been some studies into the positive effect that this can have on people suffering from ED, however not enough to conclusively prove its effectiveness. 

            11. Talk Dirty

            Dirty talk stimulates your brain, rather than the body. Testosterone production and sexual desire stem from two areas of the hypothalamus, a structure in your brain. Dirty talk stimulates both of these and can also make the body release feel-good chemicals like dopamine and oxytocin.

            This is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom and maybe what's missing from your routine.

            Dirty talk can help maintain the intensity of arousal, meaning you won't lose your erection when the physical action is on pause.

            Talking dirty in the bedroom might seem a challenge if you're inexperienced with it, but it's guaranteed to improve your sexual confidence in the long run. You'll enjoy it just as much as your partner will, and you'll find yourself getting comfortable with it very quickly.

            12. Train Your Sexual Stamina

            If you're struggling to maintain an erection for 30 minutes, it could potentially be a stamina issue. Like any muscle in the body, your penis only has a certain amount of stamina before you have to rest it - after all, sex is just another form of exercise! The key to improving this is to build your stamina.

            Luckily, building sexual stamina is relatively easy. Improving your sexual stamina will lead you to longer sexual experiences that will improve your confidence and sexual satisfaction.

            While sexual stamina can be increased through exercising, eating certain foods, and herbal remedies, one of the best methods to improve your sexual stamina is utilizing a sex toy.

            Stamina training toys are some of the most popular on the market - they're made to help you maintain an erection for longer, and last longer in bed in general.

            Stamina toys are designed to be used frequently: they increase your sexual stamina and endurance by training your penis to endure the most pleasurable sensations imaginably. There are some incredibly high-tech stamina training toys around, and you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't look into them.

            Another popular way to train your sexual stamina is edging. Edging helps you extend the amount of time you can last before orgasm, and will also help improve erectile function.

            Simply put, edging is masturbating up to the point of orgasm but stopping before you finish. You wait for a short time to calm down, and then restart the process again. You can repeat this for as long as you wish.

            Training your stamina is enjoyable and the benefits are numerous. We highly recommend trying this out if you're struggling to maintain an erection.


            If you find it a struggle to maintain an erection, you're not alone. Millions of men worldwide suffer from some form of ED. However, with the 13 scientifically backed tips that we've provided it doesn't have to be a permanent problem! We've included a massive amount of information within this article to help you alleviate your erection problems and improve your erectile health.

            There are so many methods available to treat erectile dysfunction, and it's important to remember that a lot of them will factor into your overall health.

            Poor cardiovascular health will negatively impact a lot of aspects of your health, not just your sexual function.

            Staying healthy is as important to your ability to maintain an erection as it is to your general well-being. A healthy heart and body will help to promote healthy blood flow throughout the body, which is essential for achieving and maintaining an erection.

            If you're going through these problems with a partner at your side, remember: open communication, a light-hearted approach, and some sexual exploration may be the key to solving your problem.

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