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Listen to an audio summary

Penis pumps are an excellent way to combat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Frankly, even if you're not one of the millions of men that have ED problems, penis pumps can still be a lot of fun - enhancing your erections, giving yourself a bit more size, and increasing the sensitivity of your penis. However, if you've thought about using a penis pump, you may have seen that many come with significant price tags.

If price has put you off a purchase, don't panic! In this guide, we're taking a look at the cheapest and more cost-effective penis pumps on the market in 2024. Our expert team has put together a list of the top affordable penis pump devices under $50 for users that are conscious about their spending.

We want to be clear though, while these are budget penis pumps, they are each still a quality product.  When selecting each affordable pump, we took into consideration the quality of construction as well as the materials used.  Each of these penis pumps is safe to use and will last if you take care of them. To further reassure you, we've taken real-life feedback from a series of testers for each product listed here - including the pros, the cons, and any other feedback they felt was useful.

Our Recommendations Were Selected Based on the Following

  • Overall effectiveness
  • Safety features
  • Quality & Reputation
  • Product Features
  • Peer reviews
  • Market value


This guide was originally published in December 2021. As part of our yearly quality assessment process (in late 2023), we evaluated every product recommendation to make sure it was up to the standards necessary to make it to this list. Here are some things we took in consideration:

  • Feedback on each product throughout 2023.
  • Usability and overall comfort of each budget penis pump
  • Overall trends and new emerging products.
  • Industry trends and innovation.

Best Budget Penis Pumps for $50 or Less: Our Recommendation

Here are your best bets for affordable pumps priced $50 and under.

Best Electric Pump Under $50

Ace Electric Power 3-Speed Penis Pump by Lynk Pleasure

Best Vibrating Pump Under $50

Multi-Speed Vibrating Manual Penis Pump for Beginners

Best Large Pump under $50

Colt Big Man XL Penis Pump

Best Pump with Gauge under $50

Performance VX2 Male Enhancement Pump and Gauge Set by Blush Novelties

Best Pump Kit Under $50

Optimum Series Sta-Hard Erector Set

Best Beginner Pump Under $50

Men's Beginner Erection Enlargement Pump

Ace Electric Power 3-Speed Penis Pump by Lynk Pleasure
Ace Electric Power 3-Speed Penis Pump by Lynk Pleasure

Price: $$$$$ Material: Acrylic, Silicone
Functions: LCD indicators, Electric auto-pumping Noise Factor: Quiet
Insertable Length: 7.5 inches Inner Diameter: 2.3 inches
Power: Rechargable USB Quick Release Valve: Yes
Run Time: 1 Hour Speed: 3 Speeds

With this list of the best budget penis pumps being updated each year, there are occasions when a truly exceptional product comes to the market and presents itself as a 'must-include' - and that's exactly what our testers felt about the Lynk Pleasure Ace Electric Power automatic penis pump.

Although towards the top end of the $50 budget - the Ace Electric Power automatic pump stands out as the only electric penis pump on this list, a very rare find at this price point. While a standard manual pump has a balloon-style hand pump at this level, Lynk Pleasure has managed to include a powerful electric motor to remove all effort.

It's very hard to criticize this pump - even next to products that are twice the price.

It's very hard to criticize this pump - even next to products that are twice the price. Sure, it doesn't have the fancy screen that some more expensive competitors have - but this is entirely forgivable for the price. With three powerful suction speeds to choose from, you'll quickly find the one that's right for you and get used to the right amount of time needed for you to see results.

As with many of Lynk Pleasure's products, the Ace Performance Max pump has been designed from the ground up. This means Lynk's patented anti-air leak technology has been used to make sure you get a perfect seal every time - in fact, this was one of the stand-out usability features that our test team commented on.

Ease of use and powerful suction, combined with an LED light display, an ultra-quiet motor, and no need for batteries thanks to the USB rechanging, makes this our choice for Best Electric Penis Pump under $50 for 2024 - we're confident you won't be disappointed with the results.

Results From Our Testers

  • Very easy to use thanks to one-handed controls
  • No screen - but LED indicators guide your experience
  • Patented anti-air leak technology ensures great suction
  • Soft silicone base sits comfortably against the body
  • Safety release valve will prevent any auto pumping worries
  • Very quiet motor makes for a discreet user experience

Pros and Cons

Easy to use
Excellent features for the price
Very comfortable
Great safety features
LED indicators act as a helpful guide
Rechargeable, so no need for batteries
Included USB charger
One-handed controls
Not waterproof owing to electric components
No LCD screen
No suitable for guys over 7.5 inches
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Customer Reviews


This item does not lack any power. If used properly will definitely get the job done! 15 minutes should do well daily and couldn’t be more convenient. Suffering with ED this had made my life 100% easier.



This is a very powerful pump - I wasn't expecting so much power for the price! This is my first Lynk Pleasure product, and I will definitely buy more based on this pump.


Multi-Speed Vibrating Manual Penis Pump for Beginners - by PipeDream
Multi-Speed Vibrating Manual Penis Pump for Beginners - by PipeDream

Price: $$$$ Material: Acrylic, Silicone
Functions: Manual Pumping, Vibrating Noise Factor: Quiet
Insertable Length: 7.48 inches Inner Diameter: 2.3 inches
Power: Vibration power Quick Release Valve: Yes
Run Time: 1 hour Speed: Variable vibration speed

While all the penis pumps on this list deliver impressive suction power, sometimes it helps to have a little more stimulation to naturally get the blood flowing into your penis. This is where the Pipedream Multi-Speed Vibrating Pump for Beginners really stands out.

The vibrating function is genuinely impressive. Rather than having a built-in vibrating motor, this beginner model in the Pump Worx range actually has a band that holds a stand-alone vibrating bullet against the acrylic cylinder - which then transmits the vibrations through the pump and very effectively into your penis.

With a decent pocket of change from $50, this is a lot of pump for the money.

While electric pumps are rarely waterproof, this one can become suitable for use in the tub or the shower by simply removing the vibrating slide-on band. This makes the pump especially good value for money - a best-of-both-worlds product.

Aside from the vibrating feature, there's no getting around the fact that this is another great pump by Pipedream. At this level, a good hand pump, a tough cylinder, and an effective seal are hard to find - but the Beginners Vibrating Pump seems to deliver perfectly on all these areas. Even compared side-by-side with higher price pumps, this appears to be every bit as robust and comfortable.

As a minor downside, the vibrating function does require 2x AA batteries. Some higher-end vibrating pumps will be USB rechargeable - doing away with the additional spend on batteries. That said, with a decent pocket of change from $50, this is a lot of pump for the money. As such, we've crowned it our Best Vibrating Pump Under $50 for 2024.

Results From Our Testers

  • Vibrating sensations really help to stimulate growth and pleasure
  • Tough acrylic cylinder feels just as good as higher-end Pipedream products
  • A comfortable silicone base means no discomfort
  • Vibrating bullet requires AA batteries, so a minor additional spend
  • Impressive growth and a good level of control from the hand pump

Pros and Cons

Excellent value for money, well under the $50 budget
High-quality materials mean it'll last
Silicone base makes for comfortable pumping
Vibrating feature is rare at this price point
Removable vibrating bullet means the pump itself is waterproof
Hand-pump is easy to use one-handed
Bullet vibrator requires AA batteries
Vibrating unit needs to be removed if used in water
Only suitable for guys up to 7.5 inches
Check Price Now

Customer Reviews:


Great product, a very impressive pumping function. Comfortable to use. Can't ask for more than that!



Vibrating bullet is really great - the vibrations are definitely strong enough to be felt throughout the pump and really help to give that extra bit of stimulation.

CCharles S

Colt Big Man XL Penis Pump
Colt Big Man XL Penis Pump

Price: $$$$$ Material: Acrylic, Silicone
Functions: Manual Pumping, Large Cylinder Size Noise Factor: None
Insertable Length: 11 inches Inner Diameter: 2.5 inches
Power: No Quick Release Valve: Yes
Run Time: N/A Speed: N/A

Well-endowed guys aren't the most obvious target group for penis pumps in 2024 —but we know you're out there! This high-quality pump is made by the world-famous brand Colt so you know it's made to the highest standards.

Like most of the other budget penis pumps on our list, this pump is bare-bones, no-frills here. When you have a pump that works so well, there is no reason to add additional features.

Addressing size concerns isn't the only reason that guys pump. Some men are combating ED-based sexual performance issues. Others want to see their already-large unit get even bigger. Others simply enjoy the pumping experience.

This vacuum penis pump works well for temporary penis enlargement and even more so to treat certain forms of erectile dysfunction.

Fortunately, XL penis-size guys won't be left out. There are a few great pumps made just for you, like the Colt Big Man XL Penis Pump. This is a high-quality pump with a huge cylinder to accommodate plus-sized growth. Naturally, this comes with a slight downside - this pump isn't going to be as effective for smaller guys.

Another great feature of this cylinder is the flared comfort base. This flared base allows you to get the same airtight seal and comfort as pumps with a sleeve but without the extra cost and hassle.

This pump shares a similar grip as the patented and award-winning Max Results pump and is equally as easy to use. If you struggle with grip strength, you will still be able to maximize your pumping thanks to this effortless grip. Attached to the silicone air hose, you will find the quick-release air valve so you never have to worry about damaging your penis.

All told, this is an ideal pump for bigger guys working with a budget, as such, it's our choice for Best Large Pump under $50 in 2024.

Results From Our Testers

  • Fantastic cylinder size for guys who are too big for standard pumps
  • Very easy-to-use pump mechanism, even easy if you struggle with mobility in your hands
  • Doesn't produce such great results for smaller penises
  • Very solidly built - Colt has got all the basics exactly right
  • Comes apart very easily for super simple cleaning

Pros and Cons

Excellent price - under $50
Features an oversized 11.75” cylinder length
Extra-wide 2.5” inside cylinder width
The cylinder has undergone heavy pressure testing to ensure it never cracks during use
Precision pump grip for easy use
The quick-release safety valve for instant pressure release
The air hose can be removed from the cylinder with the quick-release fitting that is included
Won't work for average size guys
Needs to be carefully taken apart to wash
Check Price Now

Customer Reviews


Exceeded my expectations by inches if you know what I mean

DDakota H.


Regular pumps never were large enough to accommodate me, but this XL pump provides the extra length and width I've been looking for. Very happy with the results.

AAnthony G.

Performance VX2 Male Enhancement Pump and Gauge Set by Blush Novelties
Performance VX2 Male Enhancement Pump and Gauge Set by Blush Novelties

Price: $$$$ Material: PVC and Silicone
Functions: Easy pumping, Pressure gauge Noise Factor: None
Insertable Length: 8 inches Inner Diameter: 2.25 inches
Power: None Quick Release Valve: Yes
Run Time: N/A Speed: N/A

Everyone's pumping requirements are a little different - but many guys who use pumps like to be a little more scientific than others. If you've got an eye for the numbers when it comes to gains, the Blush Novelties VX2 Enhancement Pump and Gauge set has got you covered with an easy-to-read and super-accurate pressure gauge to keep track of your air pressure.

While this pump is at the lower end of the market in terms of cost, the quality of the build and the accuracy of the gauge are up there with the best.

Although lots of high-end pumps have digital gauges, there are a lot of guys who prefer the analog-style read-out for absolute accuracy. With every pull of the trigger, you'll see exactly how much pressure you're putting into the cylinder.

The trigger mechanism itself is worthy of mention too. Common feedback on 'balloon' style pumps is that the accuracy isn't quite there or that they don't feel sturdy in the hand - but each of our testers felt the VX2's double-finder style trigger pump was solid and very easy to use.

Of course, gauges and pumping mechanisms aside, a pump has to fit well and work - and the VX2 definitely delivers in that department. The silicone base sits snuggly against the body for maximum comfort - and the seal connects well without letting any air escape. What's more, everything feels very well made - including the tough cylinder - giving you supreme confidence in the numbers it promises and the results it delivers.

With all this in mind, we've crowned the Blush Novelties VX2 Enhancement Pump our Best Penis Pump with Gauge under $50 in 2024.

Results From Our Testers

  • Very accurate guage gives you a great way of getting optimal gains
  • Very solid construction feels like it'll last a lifetime
  • Trigger mechanism feels solid and easy to use
  • Some people will prefer a balloon-style pump
  • Very comfortable to use thanks to the silicone base

Pros and Cons

Very good build quality
Great price
Trigger pump sits nicely in the hand
Gauge appears very accurate
Great for guys who want exact figures to work with
Waterproof for use in the shower
Trigger pump helps with accurate pumping
Trigger and gauge need to be cleaned well
Trigger pump design isn't for everyone
Check Price Now

Customer Reviews


I want to be certain I'm not overpumping - the gauge makes it easy to stay within my limits. Very impressive pump for the price.



Easy to use, easy to clean. I like the fact there's a gauge without sacrificing the fact that the pump is waterproof.


Optimum Series Sta-Hard Erector Set by Cal Exotics
Optimum Series Sta-Hard Erector Set by Cal Exotics

Price: $$$$  Material: PVC and Silicone
Functions: Pumping, Masturbator sleeve, Cock/Ball ring, Vibrating Bullet Noise Factor: Low
Insertable Length:  7.5 inches Inner Diameter: 2.25 inches
Power: No Quick Release Valve: Yes
Run Time: N/A Speed: N/A

If you're exploring this list and feeling like the entries are a little 'vanilla' for your liking, you're going to be impressed by the Cal Exotics Optimum Series Sta-Hard Erector Set. Put simply, this kit will stimulate your penis in virtually every possible way - which is quite a claim for a pump set that's well under the $50 price point.

Included in the set is a well-made pump, a removable masturbator sleeve, a cock and ball ring, and a vibrating bullet add-on. While this is obviously aimed at people who want to use the pump as something of an all-in-one sex toy, it also has significant benefits for people who experience ED issues. When it comes to getting hard, sometimes additional stimulation helps - and since this kit lets you stimulate your penis and balls as you use it, it's likely to boost the blood flow significantly.

If you're exploring this list and feeling like the entries are a little 'vanilla' for your liking, you're going to be impressed by the Cal Exotics Optimum Series Sta-Hard Erector Set.

The fact that this is such an impressive set for the money makes it our Best Pump Kit Under $50 for 2024 - but don't let the add-ons fool you into thinking we've overlooked the pump itself. Our testers were seriously impressed with the pump, even as a stand-alone unit. It's well made, it sits snugly against your groin, and the simple but effective balloon pump delivers plenty of pressure.

As long as you don't use the vibrating bullet in the shower or the tub, this is a waterproof kit too, so you can add the warmth of the water to the long list of things the Sta-Hard erector kit does in terms of stimulation.

If we're going to be hyper-critical of the set, the pocket-pussy style sleeve is a little flimsy - so don't expect it to last as long as a well-kept Fleshlight would. That said, packing all of these add-ons into one set at this price is seriously impressive, so no complaints here.

Results From Our Testers

  • Easy-to-use pump that delivers results
  • Great value for money
  • The pump itself feels very well-made
  • The sleeve and cock ring might not last as long as premium alternatives
  • The vibrating bullet requires AA batteries
  • All the stimulation you could hope for in a pump set

Pros and Cons

Very well made pump
Easy to use hand balloon
Additions are all fantastic at adding sensations
Comes apart for easy cleaning
Cock and ball ring is ultra-stretchy and will fit most people
Pump seals against the body easily
No problem getting plenty of pressure in the pump
Bullet vibrators cannot be used near water
Masturbator sleeve is a little thin
Check Price Now

Customer Reviews


Great pump. I didn't know it contained so many additions when I ordered so I'm delighted. Even better value for money than I thought!



Great results. I love the additional feelings that come from using the insert and the vibrations. Definitely helps me get hard.


Men's Beginner Erection Enlargement Pump
Men's Beginner Erection Enlargement Pump

Price: $$ Material: Acrylic and Silicone
Functions: Basic manual pumping and measuring Noise Factor: Zero
Insertable Length: 7.5 inches Inner Diameter: 2.5 inches
Power: No Quick Release Valve: Yes
Run Time: N/A Speed: N/A

No budget penis pump list would be complete without a true beginner's pump. This pump is as basic as they come. Just remember, being basic does not mean it does not work. The Men's Beginner Erection Enlargement pump by Lynk Pleasure does exactly what it is supposed to do.

This is a classically designed manual penis pump that includes an 8" cylinder, silicone air hose, and a bulb-style pump. This is the design that started the penis pump industry. With over 40 years of proof, the design of this pump is simple yet effective.

This is a masterclass is getting the basics absolutely right - without wasting a single cent on unnnecessary additions

The pump bulb is made from medical-grade silicone and features a quick-release safety air valve that will release pressure instantly. As far as cheap penis pumps go, you won't find better.

The clear cylinder includes hand grips that it from sliding out of your hands during use. Having undergone pressure testing, these acrylic cylinders will never crack during use.

You could be fooled into thinking that Lynk's no-frills approach to penis pumping will leave you coming up short - but that definitely isn't the case. Instead, this is a masterclass in getting the basics absolutely right - without wasting a single cent on unnecessary additions. If you're looking to start out with pumping and you're not sure if it's going to be for you, this pump will cost you the same as a pizza - and we're absolutely certain it'll deliver impressive gains.

The incredible price point and the fact that the Lynk Beginner's Pump is so well made means it keeps its spot as Best Beginner Pump Under $50 for 2024.

Results From Our Testers

  • Unbelievable value for money considering the build quality
  • Measuring marks and grips on the cylinder are a helpful feature
  • Air pump is simple and easy to use
  • Cleaning couldn't be easier
  • Comfortable fit around the base

Pros and Cons

The most affordable pump available at $14.95
Designed as the ideal pump for beginners and first-time users
Classic designed manual penis pump that works under pressure
Includes a quick-release valve to keep safe
Provides temporary penis enlargement
Overall best penis pump under $20
No added features might reduce stimulation for some
Check Price Now

Customer Reviews


This pump is on the less expensive side but it definitely gets the job done. No regrets here!

BBarry S.


Its not an expensive pump, you get what you pay for but as far as beginner and cheap pumps, this is the way to go.


Become a Sex Toy Reviewer: Your Path to Free Sex Toys

What Do We Consider a Budget Penis Pump?

When taking into consideration people's budget we used $50 as our baseline for affordable pricing.  Having sold hundreds of thousands of penis pumps, we found that there is a big jump in quality and features when you start reviewing products over $50.  We also found there was another large jump in quality and even greater features at the $100 price point - especially because this starts to include hydro pumps.

There are hundreds of different air pumps that meet the price criteria to make the list of best budget penis pumps, however, once we started putting them to the test, many fell short.

We found that many of the lower-priced pumps available were made with thinner and generally flimsy plastics that would crack under pressure.  Those pumps were quickly removed from our list.

What we were left with was a list of quality penile vacuum pumps that are perfect for beginners and those who might not want to invest in a higher-quality vacuum pump yet.  If you are after serious results though, we recommend checking out our list of the best penis pumps at any budget.

Criteria for the Best Budget Penis Pump

  • Priced at $50 or less
  • Safety features
  • Quality of materials and construction
  • Product Features
  • Peer reviews
  • Market Value

The Low-Down on Budget Penis Pumps in 2024

What are they?

A penis pump is an inexpensive vacuum device that increases blood flow to the penis. More than just sex toys, men use penis pumps to combat erectile dysfunction and/or to gain bigger, harder erections.

An air pump device consists of a tube which the penis is inserted into, a seal that sits at the base of the penis, and a pump for removing air from the tube.

How do they work?

penis pump works by creating a vacuum seal around the penis and drawing blood into the penile tissue.  Pumping is either performed via hand-squeezing the pump or by electric controls.  Once the air has been pumped out and a vacuum seal is established, blood flows into the penis, creating a larger, stronger, and harder erections.

Can I make it even better?

To help maintain your erection after pumping, you might want to use a cock ring. A cock ring is a band worn around the base of the penis. It helps to hold blood in the shaft, thus maintaining an erection for a longer time period. Learn more about cock rings here.

Another product that many men find useful during penis pump use is lubricant. Lubricant helps to make points of contact with the pump more comfortable. Learn more about lube here.

What to Look for When Buying a Cheap Penis Pump

Once you establish your budget, your first penis pump decision is going to be about size.  You will need to make sure you get the correct size penis pump. Once you have your size, you will need to figure out whether to go with a classic hand pump or an electric pump. Once you decide,

With a hand pump, the vacuum seal is established through manual pumping. This is typically done by squeezing a bulb, similar to what you see on a turkey baster. Some manual pumps are a bit fancier, providing different sorts of grips for more control and efficiency.

Electric pumps work by simply turning the device on and off. The pumping process is automatic. The vacuum seal is created in the same manner as a manual pump but without the hand pumping.

Some pumps get a bit more high-tech or offer extra features, such as:

  • Water pumps that use water to create a vacuum
  • Extra-large pumps for those already well-endowed
  • Pumps with multiple sleeves for even more pleasure.
  • Multi-speeds and vacuum settings

The lowest-priced devices are often the old-school hand pump models. Electric pumps or pumps with advanced features tend to be more expensive.

Comparing an affordable penis pump to everyday living

There are things in life that we need, and there are things in life that we want.  Let's be honest here, a penis pump probably falls more into the want category than the need category.  With that being said, sexual satisfaction has been proven through multiple studies to impact your overall happiness and health in life, so maybe an affordable penis pump should fall into the need category!

In comparison, for the price of a good, yet cheap penis pump, you can also get the following

  • 5 gallons of gas for your car (late-2023 average is $3.50 per gallon)
  • 5 gallons of milk (late-2023 average is $3.88 per gallon)
  • 1 - 2 large plain cheese pizzas (late-2023 average is between $7.25 - $15 each)
  • 4 beers for a Friday night (late-2023 average is $4.90 for a single beer)
  • 1 bottle of cheap wine (late-2023 average is $14.95 for a single bottle of wine)
  • 2 movie tickets to your favorite movie theater (late-2023 average is $11 each)

So, as you can see, a nice budget penis pump might just be the thing to enhance your life.  Just skip the movie or pizza for a night!

Male Enhancement Products That Fit Your Budget

Penis pumps might seem like fancy, high-tech products—but they're surprisingly affordable, and can naturally improve the size of your male penis as well as trigger a stronger and longer-lasting erection.. There are lots of great options priced under $50, so cost is not a major hurdle for most guys interested in trying out this form of male enhancement.

If you'd like to learn more about penis pumps, check out a few of our other guides that tackle specific pump-related topics:

We know that male enhancement is a tricky subject. You don't hear much about it in mainstream media or everyday conversation, so it's easy to feel like you're in the dark.

That's why we aim to provide the most accurate, helpful, and comprehensive buying guides for all of the products that we sell at The Enhanced Male.

For more reviews, guides, and insights, be sure to visit our blog. We address common questions and concerns, tackle taboos, and cover the ins and outs of your favorite enhancement products and toys.

To find more sexual health and wellness products for men, visit our online store and check out our collections of sex toysmale enhancement productslube and accessories, and more.

Side Note

This best of Budget Penis Pumps for Beginners list will be periodically updated as better products become available or products simply no longer perform as well. As with all best of lists, this will be a living document.

We take our recommendations very seriously

We have worked intensively on developing a product evaluation system that takes in consideration the following factors:

  • Materials
  • Electronic Components
  • Safety Testing Data
  • US Regulatory Information
  • 510(k) Certifications
  • Our Experts Evaluation

Learn more about our selection process

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