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Listen to an audio summary

Whether you're just starting to enter the world of sex toys or you know your Tenga from your Fleshlight, many men haven't explored the hidden side of their sexual pleasure: anal stimulation. Unlocking these new sensations can be a gateway to some of the best sex and most intense orgasms of your life, both by yourself and with a partner. But even if you've tried fingering or anal before, you may not know which male anal toys are the best for you.

Here, we've gathered together a list of the best toys for anal play available for men, emphasizing their suitability for different experience levels and sensations.

How We Put This Guide Together

All of the sex toy guides we put together are based on reliable information from reputable sources and take into account a wide range of factors, including:

  • The price of the product compared to other similar items
  • Results from reviewers and our own testers
  • The features included with the toys
  • The quality of other toys from the same brand

Though some are categorized as being better for certain experiences or demographics, we stand by all of the sex toys you see included on this list and can assure you that you'll be getting one of the finest anal toys on the market.


This guide was originally published in November 2023. As part of our yearly quality assessment process (in early 2024), we evaluated every product recommendation to make sure it was up to the standards necessary to make it to this list. Here are some things we took in consideration:

  • Feedback on each product throughout 2023.
  • Usability and overall comfort of each anal sex toy.
  • Overall trends and new emerging products.
  • Industry trends and innovation.

Best Anal Sex Toys for Men in 2024: Our Recommendations

From prostate massagers to vibrators to butt plugs and anal beads, here are our picks for the best anal toys for men available to buy in 2024.

Best Overall

Motus Wave Motion 'Come Hither' Vibrating Prostate Massager

Best for Beginners

P-Spot Tickler Multi-Speed Vibrating Prostate Massager For Men

Best Vibrating Anal Toy

Aneros Vice 2 Vibrating Prostate Massager & Perineum Stimulator

Best Anal Dildo

King Cock Elite 7 Inch Dual Density Silicone Dildo By Pipedream Products

Best Prostate Massager

Nexus Revo Stealth Silicone Prostate Massager For Men

Best for Anal Training

Colt Silicone Anal Trainer Butt Plug Kit By Cal Exotics

Best Large Anal Toy

King Cock Chubby 9 Inch Dildo | Massive Suction Cup Dildo For Anal

Best Anal Trainer Set

Colt Anal Trainer Kit | Set Of 3 Butt Plugs For Men

Best Anal Beads

Rechargeable Silicone Vibrating Anal Beads By Anal Fantasy

Best Butt Plug

B-Vibe Snug Plug Silicone Weighted Black Butt Plug

Motus Wave Motion 'Come Hither' Vibrating Prostate Massager
Motus Wave Motion 'Come Hither' Vibrating Prostate Massager

Price: $$$  Material: Premium-grade silicone
Insertable Length: 4.33 inches Insertable Width: 1.18 inches
Hands-Free: Yes  Noise Factor: Very quiet
Safety Features: Phthalate-Free, Latex-Free, Non-Porous Features: Flared base, Rechargeable Battery, Remote Control

Anal vibrators are a reliable route to male g-spot orgasms and are often more user-friendly and easy to start with than oversized dildos or butt plugs. Where anal play is concerned, they're also often the easiest way to achieve a prostate orgasm for most men, whether that's with a partner controlling the toy or you using it on your own.

We found that the Lynk Pleasure's Motus 'Come Hither' Prostate Massager was a consistent route to orgasming anally, thanks to its combination of prostate and perineum stimulation and a unique wave motion that's designed to stimulate the previously elusive male g-spot.

Unlike more simplistic vibrators on the market, the Motus prostate massager features double the fun with two vibrating motorized heads that stimulate different areas simultaneously.

This is great for men who may be experienced with other anal toys and looking for an option that provides some fresh, unfamiliar sensations.

Some vibrating toys can be noisy, giving off that telltale buzzing sound that lets other people in your household know exactly what kind of evening you have in store for yourself. Fortunately, the Motus massager doesn't feel the need to announce itself to the world - despite featuring two motors, the device is quiet and subtle, not drawing too much attention sound-wise.

There are also some valuable safety features with the Motus that shouldn't be overlooked. For one, this device incorporates a flared base into its shape - a vital inclusion for any toy designed for anal use. It's also waterproof, meaning you can bring it into the shower or include it in a romantic bath with your partner.

With a clever curved design, dual head functionality, nine different speed settings, and premium quality in its look and feel, the Motus prostate massager is our pick for best overall - you'll have to fork out a little more than some budget options, but you'll get this back and more in the amazing orgasms this toy can give you.

Results from our testers

  • 'Come hither' motion felt completely unique, unlike any other toy on the market
  • The range of vibration modes helped keep the stimulation varied
  • The toy was very quiet, which would be great for men wanting something discreet
  • Silicone feels great to touch

Video Review

Pros and Cons

Unique wave motion capable of bringing intense orgasms
Waterproof so can be used in the bath or shower
Made from high-quality, medical-grade silicone
Quiet motors allow for discreet use
Latex free so useable for men with this allergy
Expensive for an anal vibrator compared to others on the market
Not compatible with silicone-based lubes
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P-Spot Tickler Multi-Speed Vibrating Prostate Massager For Men
P-Spot Tickler Multi-Speed Vibrating Prostate Massager For Men

Price: $ Material: Elite Silicone
Insertable Length: 4.75 Inches Insertable Width: 1 Inch
Hands-Free: Yes  Noise Factor: Quiet
Safety Features: Phthalate-Free, Latex-Free, Non-Toxic, Easy to clean, Hypoallergenic Features: Ergonomic design, Single speed vibration, Battery Operated (AAA battery)

If you're a beginner to anal play, you'll need a toy that matches your level of experience to have the most comfortable and pleasurable time.

The Anal Fantasy P-Spot Multi-Speed Prostate Stimulator is a great choice for anyone new to anal and wanting to avoid the intimidation factor of a massive dildo or chunky butt plug.

Compared to larger toys that beginners couldn't even fathom being penetrated by, this stimulator is user-friendly and not too menacing, with a sleek design and long handle that allows the user to feel firmly in control at all times. The size also helps in this regard - with a maximum insertable length of 4.75 inches and a width of 1 inch, this isn't a toy that's going to be tearing you in two.

The vibration on this toy is surprisingly powerful for the price and thankfully isn't too noisy, so can be used discreetly without waking the neighbors. However, there's only one vibration setting to work with here, so you might need to do some manual work to get yourself off or to look elsewhere for more varied or intense stimulation to change things up.

Anal and wanting to avoid the intimidation factor of a massive dildo or chunky butt plug.

Activating the vibrations is nice and easy - just hit the button on the base of the massager. This button is easy to reach while you're using the toy so you won't need to twist into an uncomfortable position to turn it on and off. Though the lack of settings to choose from is a shame, it does increase the overall simplicity of use as you won't need to take the time to find the perfect setting.

The prostate stimulator itself is built from hygienic phthalate-free and hypoallergenic silicone, which is also waterproof, so you can take the toy with you in the shower if you desire. It's nice and soft which compliments the tapered tip of the toy, helping make insertion easy - which is perfect for beginners.

Results from our testers

  • The shape and design made the massager simple to use and understand
  • The motor was quiet and discreet
  • Including lube with the product was a nice addition
  • More vibration settings would have given the toy a greater variety

Pros and Cons

Ideal choice for beginners new to anal stimulation
The long handle, smooth silicone, and tapered tip allow for easy penetration
Quiet motor for discreet use
Comes equipped with necessary extras like lube and a toy cleaner
Low price makes anal play accessible for those on a budget
Only one head, so no automatic dual stimulation
Just one vibration setting
Not compatible with silicone-based lubes
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Aneros Vice 2 Remote Controlled Prostate Massager & Perineum Stimulator
Aneros Vice 2 Remote Controlled Prostate Massager & Perineum Stimulator

Price: $$$ Material: ABS, Silicone
Insertable Length: 4.25 inches Insertable Width: 1.3 inches
Hands-Free: Yes  Noise Factor: Quiet
Safety Features: Water-Resistant, Easy to use, Hypoallergenic, Non-Porous Features:  2 powerful motors, Wireless remote, Interactive joy button, Rechargeable battery, Perineum massager, Flared base

Now that we've covered a good overall option and the best choice for anal beginners, it's time to check out the Rolls Royce of vibrating anal toys, with dozens of speed and vibration combinations, a wireless remote, and a design from medical experts that's intended to maximize pleasure and give you some seriously intense orgasms.

As reflected in the higher price tag, the Aneros Vice 2 Prostate Massager & Perineum Stimulator is one of the best-vibrating prostate massagers on the market today and is being manufactured by one of the best luxury sex toy companies in the game.

The Vice 2 is the successor to the Vice, a hugely popular toy from Aneros that was ultimately discontinued. Building on the design of the first Vice toy, this newer model promises to deliver even more intense orgasms, though that's for fans of the original to decide.

If you're looking for a toy that works effectively hands-free, then the Vice 2 is a great option, with its easy-to-use wireless controller.

This remote also opens up some exciting options for anal play with a partner - just hand the controller over and let them do the work for some kinky fun.

Like other prostate massagers, this device is designed specifically with male anatomy in mind, curving to hit the prostate in just the right spot with its bulbous tip - ideal if you're interested in prostate milking. However, this might be too intense for users less familiar with prostate stimulation, who might be better off starting with a simpler option.

Results from our testers

  • Two motors made for a unique kind of anal stimulation
  • The silicone felt high-grade and premium
  • The insertable length of under 5 inches could have been longer
  • Passing the remote off to a partner is a lot of fun

Pros and Cons

18 different vibration patterns and 4 different speeds mean plenty of combinations
Dual motor design means vibrations hit different parts of the anus at once
Shaped specifically to stimulate the prostate for maximum pleasure
A rechargeable battery allows for up to 90 minutes of use in a single session
Included remote can be given to a partner
The high price tag makes this toy a serious investment
Only water resistant - not waterproof
Not compatible with silicone-based lube
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Customer Review


'OMG a friend suggested this for my ED; YOU will not believe how GREAT of an orgasm I had! I have NEVER cum so uncontrollably; BEFORE the final ejaculation! GUYS you are NOT GAY sticking this up your butt! If they call you anything, it will be Mr. Satisfied. I Swear to the Almighty!'

SSean M.C.

King Cock Elite 7 Inch Dual Density Silicone Dildo By Pipedream Products
King Cock Elite 7 Inch Dual Density Silicone Dildo By Pipedream Products

Price: $$ Material: High Quality Elite Silicone
Insertable Length: 6.25 inches Insertable Width: 1.40 inches
Hands-Free: Yes (With suction cup) Compatible Lubricant: Water-Based
Safety Features: Easy to clean Features: Finely detailed shaft and penis tip, Suction cup base, Compatible with Body Dock and harness

For all the elaborate toys out there that pulse, wave, and vibrate, sometimes the most effective ones are those that are big enough to hit the right spot without any added extras. That's where anal dildos come in - focusing on size and shape rather than movement and vibration, these toys are great for men who prefer to use their sex toys manually.

There are a lot of anal dildos on the market today, but the King Cock Elite 7-Inch Dual Density Silicone Dildo from Pipedream Products is a brilliant all-rounder for men looking for size, giving a realistic look and feel without any extra bells and whistles.

The main selling point of the King Cock dildo is its ultra-accurate exterior, which looks and feels just like a real erect penis.

This makes it a popular choice amongst gay men and others who have a hankering for a realistic dick instead of the more abstract shape favored in many vibrator designs. It can also serve double duty as a dildo for vaginal use - just make sure to wash it thoroughly between uses with an antibacterial cleaner and some warm water.

A great feature of the King Cock that many premium dildos have adopted is the dual-density silicone that makes the toy feel rock hard on the inside but soft and slightly malleable on the outside - just like you're working with a real dick. This isn't a feature that you'll usually find in cheaper products, and it absolutely adds to the realism factor of this dildo if that turns you on.

The appeal of this toy next to other realistic dildos lies in the size - with seven inches of insertable length, this is a dildo designed for people who value size above all else. That means we don't necessarily recommend this for beginners; instead, you might want to try a shorter, thinner massager or tackle some anal training before you take this bad boy on.

Results from our testers

  • The resemblance to a real penis was impressive, especially in details like the veins and varied textures
  • It was definitely a high-quality product where the material was concerned
  • The lack of vibration meant that the sensations weren't always intense enough
  • The size meant that plenty of lube needed to be used

Video Review

Pros and Cons

Looks and feels like a realistic cock
Dual-density allows for simultaneous softness and stiffness
Compatible with harnesses and strap-ons
Suction cup base useful for more varied solo use
Easy to clean with warm water and antibacterial cleaner
A realistic look may put off men looking for stimulation who aren't attracted to penises
No vibration features
Size may be overwhelming for some
Only compatible with water-based lube
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Nexus Revo Stealth Silicone Prostate Massager For Men
Nexus Revo Stealth Silicone Prostate Massager For Men

Price: $$$$$  Material: Medical-grade Silicone
 Insertable Length: 4 inches Circumference: 4 inches
Hands-Free: Yes Noise Factor: Quiet
Safety Features: Easy to clean, Hypoallergenic, Non-Porous, Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free, Waterproof Features: 2-Speed bi-rotational shaft, Comes with a remote control, Prostate and perineum massaging
Read our in-depth review

Prostate stimulation is the name of the game for lots of men who are into anal play, and prostate massagers are designed to specifically target the gland, making it simple to achieve a prostate orgasm.

The Nexus Revo Stealth Rotating Prostate Massager delivers an intense experience with dozens of combinations of settings, and plenty of potential for use with a partner.

This massager's shaft is actually capable of rotating at two different speeds, which provides a unique sensation that we found to be very pleasurable. The bulbous design of the toy is slightly irregular, which helps provide varied sensations as it rotates inside you. It also helps the toy stay in place, which is aided by the shape of the base.

At the bottom of the toy, you'll see that the base is designed to function as a perineum massager, with 6 vibration functions. It's also lined with bumps for a more satisfying texture. As we mentioned, combining these vibrations with the rotation of the shaft is quite intense - we'd recommend starting on the lowest settings and working your way up throughout the length of your massage session.

The Nexus Revo Stealth Rotating Prostate Massager delivers an intense experience with dozens of combinations of settings, and plenty of potential for use with a partner.

Flicking through the different settings is accomplished with the included wireless remote control, which is small and unobtrusive, and capable of being used from 15 meters away. The remote is easy to use while alone and doesn't get in the way of the experience, but it also works great when used with a partner, as you can hand it off to them and let them control your experience as they see fit. One of our customers reported they had fun letting their partner control the massager from another room - why not try that out?

The Revo Stealth is built from medical-grade silicone which is splash-proof enough to make it easy to clean (and safe to cover in water-based lube), but not quite water-proof enough to be used in the shower, or submerged in the bath. Its battery is rechargeable though, and the package includes a cable as well as a magnetic charging pad, which is a nice bonus.

Results from our testers

  • The vibrations were some of the most powerful we've felt in an anal toy
  • Remote allowed for kinky anal play with a partner
  • Could have been slightly longer, 4 inches makes the toy better suited for beginners than pros
  • It's quite easy to get overstimulated with this toy - just take your time, and take it easy

Pros and Cons

Very powerful vibrations that give intense orgasms
Massages both the prostate and perineum
Shaft rotates while the base vibrates for varied stimulation
34 combinations of speeds and settings
Includes wireless remote control that can be used 15 meters away
Made from medical-grade silicone
Splash-proof so easy to clean
Likely too intense for anal beginners
The price point is high compared to other massagers on the market
Not compatible with silicone-based lube
Check Price Now

Video Review

Customer Review


First off, this is a serious toy. I am not saying it is not for beginners (I was one), but you need to understand that going in. Haha. Seriously, no pun intended, but that worked out well. This thing is fairly large and extremely intense. If you are a beginner, I suggest plenty of lube, a towel, and taking your time (while on your side) getting going. Or perhaps some pre-work to get yourself there. Don't push it... I am just killing myself with the innuendos! But seriously, take your time. Once there, the inclination will be to go full out with vibe and rotation. Don't. Take your time working up to that. This isn't a race. And in that regard, it is the slow and steady with comes first (pun intended). It is about the build up and you can get there. So experiment. And do not expect this to be a 2-pump chump. It is going to take some serious time. But work with it and you will get there. You are buying a serious toy. It can be worth it.



This is a great prostate massager. I would have left a 5-star but the price brings it down 1 notch. The remote is great, my wife uses it on me from the other room. I have tried many and the stealth is teh most powerful prostate massager I have used. If you have the money and in the market for a great sex toy, this is it. It will help your sex life


Colt Silicone Anal Trainer Butt Plug Kit By Cal Exotics
Colt Silicone Anal Trainer Butt Plug Kit By Cal Exotics

Price: $ Material: Premium Silicone
Insertable Length: Comes in 3 Sizes: Small (4 Inches), Medium (5 Inches) and Large (6 Inches) Width: Comes in 3 Sizes: Small (1 Inch), Medium (1.25 Inches) and Large (1.5 Inches)
Hands-Free: No Best For: Both beginners and experienced anal players
Safety Features:  Small size for beginners, Phthalate-Free, Waterproof and submersible Features: 3 tapered plugs graduated in size, Suction cup base for hands-free stimulation, Ergonomic stopper

If you're new to anal penetration, rushing into the biggest sizes isn't just uncomfortable - it can potentially cause some serious damage. That's why it's important to test the waters and train yourself with smaller butt plugs and dildos before you try moving on to anything larger.

An anal trainer kit is perfect for this - by including multiple plugs of increasing size, you can train yourself to take more over time.

For men new to anal who are wanting to increase their capacity and achieve even more anal stimulation, the Cal Exotics Silicone Anal Trainer Butt Plug Kit is a great value set designed for easy penetration that will have you experiencing some amazing orgasms while you train yourself to take even bigger toys.

This kit is pretty straightforward really; included in the package are 3 silicone butt plugs that are gradually sized - one is small, one is medium, and one is large. The plugs range from a length of 4 inches up to 5 inches, and a width of 1 inch up to 1.5 inches, so while they do increase in size, it's only by a small amount each time, which is how they accomplish their purpose. While the size difference could be larger, it does make this kit great for beginners.

An anal trainer kit is perfect for this - by including multiple plugs of increasing size, you can train yourself to take more over time.

By starting with the smallest plug, you'll eventually get used to how it feels inside you, and once you're ready for more you can move on to the medium, and eventually large plugs. The gradual size increase makes moving on to a larger plug very manageable, and this is assisted by the tapered designs of the plugs, which help with insertion.

Each plug has a flared base, which is the ideal design for safety and peace of mind. That flared base also doubles as a suction cup, meaning you can stick the plug on a smooth surface and use it for some hands-free fun.

As always, make sure to use a generous amount of water-based lube, especially when you're trying out a larger plug!

Results from our testers

  • The material made insertion feel smooth and comfortable
  • You should see results after a couple of weeks
  • The smallest and largest plugs only have a size difference of 1 inch, making this kit more suitable for beginners
  • They feel good to wear even for an extended period of time

Pros and Cons

Three girths accommodate a range of size preferences
A flared suction cup base means hands-free stimulation
The smooth material allows for smooth penetration, even with larger sizes
100% waterproof material means you can enjoy these butt plugs in the bath or shower
Great price point for three high-quality butt plugs in a single set
No vibration features in any butt plug included in the set
Not compatible with silicone-based lube
Check Price Now

King Cock Chubby 9 Inch Dildo | Massive Suction Cup Dildo For Anal
King Cock Chubby 9 Inch Dildo | Massive Suction Cup Dildo For Anal

Price: $$ Material: Real Deal PVC
Insertable Length: 7 inches Width: 3 inches
Hands-Free: Yes (With suction cup) Best For: Trained or experienced users
Safety Features: Easy to clean, Waterproof, Phthalate-Free, Latex-Free Features: Oversized dildo, Realistic design, Finely detailed shaft and penis tip, Harness compatible

Let's face it - some people just want the size and intensity that only a massive cock can provide. Thankfully, you don't need to land a porn star to find one; you just need the right large dildo to hit the spot anytime you want.

If you're wanting to take on a real challenge, the King Cock Chubby 9-Inch Dildo isn't for the faint of heart - but could give experienced anal enjoyers an unforgettable session of play, and train them to take on almost anything anally.

The King Cock Chubby really is massive. It's 9 inches long in total, and while only 7 inches of that is insertable, that proved to be more than enough for our testers, especially when you factor in the enormous 3-inch width.

This dildo is designed for experts only, and you're going to need to know what you're doing in order to take it on.

Built from Real Deal PVC, this dildo feels soft to the touch and has a lifelike design complete with a veiny shaft, tapered penis head, and even a pair of balls. Though the tapered tip does make insertion slightly easier than it could have been, lube is still an absolute necessity for anyone looking to get this toy inside them - and so is a whole lot of patience!

At the base of the toy, you'll find a suction cup, meaning this dildo can be used hands-free if you desire. The base also makes the toy compatible with most strap-on harnesses if you or your partner are into pegging - just make sure they're fully aware of what you're going to be using!

The four different skin tones that are available for this toy are a nice touch, as they allow you to tailor your experience to match that of your fantasies. This is one of those toys that beginners really should steer clear of - at least until they've worked their way up to it with one of our anal training kits - but anyone with experience, or just a lust for large members, will probably have a blast with.

Results from our testers

  • The size of this dildo makes it perfect for stretching
  • The material feels great and looks the part
  • Not suitable for beginners whatsoever - try anal training first
  • Would have been nice to see some vibrations to take the stimulation even further

Pros and Cons

Looks and feels just like an oversized cock
Realistic feeling and texture thanks to the premium material used
Comes in four different colors for every preference
The firm base lets you use the dildo hands-free
Compatible with harnesses for pegging
Likely too big to handle for many men
Realistic appearance won't appeal to men not attracted to dicks
No vibration features
Check Price Now

Customer Review


One of my favorites huge dildos for stretching, I love the material, its large and thick

EEdward C.


This toy looks and feels great! Can't wait till I can get it balls deep in me.


Colt Anal Trainer Kit | Set Of 3 Butt Plugs For Men
Colt Anal Trainer Kit | Set Of 3 Butt Plugs For Men

Price: $ Material: High-Grade PVC
Insertable Length: Comes in 3 Sizes: Small (4 Inches), Medium (5 Inches) and Large (6 Inches) Width: Comes in 3 Sizes: Small (1 Inch), Medium (1.25 Inches) and Large (1.5 Inches)
Hands-Free: Yes Best For: Anal training, Beginner or inexperienced user
Safety Features: Phthalate-Free, Non-Toxic, Latex-Free, Waterproof  Features: Flared base, Designed for easy insertion

Here we have another anal training kit from Colt with just enough unique differences to set it apart from the kit we mentioned earlier. While that kit was better for beginners, this kit has all you need to go from someone who lacks experience, to someone who can really take quite a large butt plug without breaking a sweat.

There are two main things that set this anal trainer set apart from the aforementioned training kit. Firstly, you have the size of the plugs included in the set. The three plugs included in this set measure 4 inches, 5 inches, and 6 inches long, with widths of 1 inch, 1.25 inches, and 1.5 inches respectively. This wider range of sizes lets you really train and prepare yourself to go much further than many kits allow and work up to an even bigger stretch.

Secondly, there's the build material. These plugs are made from body-safe PVC as opposed to silicone, meaning they're very smooth but slightly harder. This firmness provides more of a feeling of pressure, as the toys have less give than their silicone counterparts - this pressure can be very pleasurable.

As with every anal training kit, it pays to start off with the smallest toy before gradually working your way up to the next size, and so on.

You may feel like starting with the medium toy if you have experience, but it's always worth starting with the smallest plug so you can get used to the unique feeling of these specific toys.

It's especially worth it when the largest plug in the set is the size of this one. That 6 inches is not to be underestimated - it'll really fill you up. This trainer set should serve you well though, as long as you take your time, and move at a pace that you're comfortable with. Though the i[s of the plugs are tapered to help with insertion, ensure you use a good amount of lube.

Results from our testers

  • PVC plugs feel more firm than silicone, which makes them satisfying to insert
  • The 2-inch difference between the smallest and largest plugs feels substantial, gives you something to look forward to
  • Harder material might not do it for everyone
  • They're comfortable to wear for a long time

Pros and Cons

The best way to train your anus for taking on toy
Includes 3 gradually sized butt plugs
Made from body-safe PVC
Easy to insert thanks to tapered designs
Flared base for safety
Only compatible with water-based lube
Some users felt like the largest plug was too much of a step up from the medium, but with enough training we found it to be manageable
Check Price Now

Rechargeable Silicone Vibrating Anal Beads By Anal Fantasy
Rechargeable Silicone Vibrating Anal Beads By Anal Fantasy

Price: $$ Material: Premium Silicone
Insertable Length: 5 inches Width: 1.2 inches
Hands-Free: Yes Run Time: 2 hours (1.5 Hours charging time)
Safety Features: Waterproof, FDA compliant Features: Dildo lined with anal beads, Wide base, Vibration, Pulsation, Patterns, USB rechargeable

Anal beads provide a unique sensation that's hard for other anal toys for men to replicate - by slowly inserting the beads and pulling them out, you can feel a sense of satisfaction that's near impossible with just a dildo or vibrator.

Vibrating anal beads take this feeling and push it a step further. If you're wanting to go beyond what standard anal beads are capable of, the Rechargeable Silicone Vibrating Anal Beads by Anal Fantasy are what we consider to be the best on our site due to how they add vibrations into the mix.

In addition to the orgasmic feeling that all kinds of anal beads give, the vibrating beads from Anal Fantasy feature ten different vibration patterns and modes for an even more varied and distinctive sexual experience. These vibrations are courtesy of a small bullet vibrator that's fitted into the base of the toy - this vibrator is rechargeable and runs for 2 hours with a charging time of 1.5 hours, which is a decent ratio.

The beads themselves line what could be considered to be a thin dildo with an insertable length of 5 inches.

Each of the beads is 1.2 inches wide, which we found to be large enough to be pleasurable, but not too wide that it might put off beginners. The shaft of the dildo actually does get thicker as you get down towards the base, which adds to the pleasure of insertion.

Included in the set is the beaded dildo itself, as well as an anal starter kit of lube, sex toy cleaner, and also a finger condom - these come in handy when participating in anal play, as it means both your finger and your anus are at less of a risk of coming into contact with germs and bacteria.

The silicone this toy is made from is nice and soft, and is also waterproof, meaning you're free to take it with you in the bath or shower. The bottom of the mold also features a flared base for comfort and safety, though the beads also do quite a good job of keeping the toy firmly inside you. If you've ever considered using anal beads before, we think Anal Fantasy's rechargeable anal beads are a great place to start, but will also provide enough stimulation for those with experience.

Results from our testers

  • Pulling these out felt amazing on the anal opening
  • The vibrations gave a really unique sensation unlike other anal beads we've tested
  • These work great when used with a partner
  • Feels more like a dildo than flexible anal beads - this isn't necessarily a pro or a con

Pros and Cons

Powerful vibrations at ten different pulses and pattern
A smooth, rounded shape makes for easy insertio
Rechargeable batteries allow for up to two hours of play at a time
Completely waterproof for use in the bath or shower
More expensive than non-vibrating beads
Only compatible with water-based lubricant
Check Price Now

Customer Review


Works great

BBrian R.

B-Vibe Snug Plug Silicone Weighted Black Butt Plug
B-Vibe Snug Plug Silicone Weighted Black Butt Plug

Price: $$ Material: Premium Silicone
Insertable Length: 3.4 inches, 4.1 inches, 4.7 inches, 5.2 inches, 5.9 inches, 6.3 inches Width: 0.88 inches, 1.2 inches, 1.48 inches, 1.73 inches, 1.95 inches, 2.2 inches
Hands-Free: Yes Best For: Anal play, Beginner to advanced
Safety Features: Hypoallergenic, Non-Toxic, Phthalate-Free, Latex-Free, Waterproof Features: Torpedo design, Satisfyingly weighted, Bulbous tip, Slim neck, 6 different sizes

For all the elaborate anal toys for men out there, there's nothing quite like a butt plug. A versatile toy that can be used by yourself, with a partner, or even discreetly while you're out and about, these plugs target your prostate directly and are ideal if you want some long-term stimulation.

One butt plug that's ideal for everyday use is the B-Vibe Snug Plug Weighted Black Butt Plug, a toy designed for comfort that doesn't compromise on stimulation during periods of extended wear.

While some of the other toys we've looked at on this list are designed for high intensity in a dedicated session, these Snug Plugs are better suited to long-term use. For instance, as well as using them in the bedroom, you can put one in and keep it there safely for hours - including in baths, showers, and pools thanks to the high-quality waterproof silicone material they're made from.

We reckon that the reason these Snug Plugs are so comfortable is a combination of factors. Firstly, there's the torpedo design that's tapered enough for easy insertion, and bulbous enough to really fill you up. Secondly, there's the seamless silicone, which is very soft to touch and put in your butt. Finally, there's the fact that the plug is weighted - this provides a feeling of pressure and fullness that's quite unique and feels awesome.

Unlike other butt plugs, the B-Vibe Snug Plug is also available in a range of sizes and weights to suit all kinds of men, whether you're new to anal stimulation or a regular butt plug user.

Starting at a slim 114 grams and going up to an impressive 515 with four sizes in between, there's a plug to fit everybody.

Of course, since there are numerous sizes to choose from, it would theoretically be possible to obtain every size and use them as an anal training kit. While the quality of these plugs does mean they'd make an excellent kit, the $40 dollar price tag means it won't be cheap to purchase each size, which is a bit of a shame for anyone with a tighter budget.

Regardless, we think a single plug is definitely worth the cost, and since these plugs are designed to be used long-term, there's nothing stopping you from stretching out your anal training over a longer period of time if you are interested in gradually taking on more challenging plugs!

Results from our testers

  • This was a comfortable butt plug that provided stimulation without feeling too overwhelming
  • They are very satisfying and weighted - the pressure feels great
  • The T-handle can feel a little tight at times especially if the plug is in deep
  • The different sizes work perfectly for anal training, but many customers might not be able to afford all of them which is a shame

Pros and Cons

Torpedo tip targets the prostate for precise stimulation
Comes in a range of sizes to suit all preference
Comfortable enough to wear all day long
Made from body-safe, medical-grade silicone
Safe to use in water
No vibrating function is available
More expensive than other butt plugs on the market
Only compatible with water-based lubricant
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Tips to find the perfect anal toy for you

1. Research and choose a type of anal toy

You don't want to go in all guns blazing without doing your research first with any sex toy, but especially when it comes to anal play - after all, you don't want discomfort or tearing to sour your first experience! There are a few things you can do instead to ensure you get a toy that won't leave you disappointed - here's a quick list.

2. Adjust your choice to your experience/comfort level

Choosing the right anal toys certainly isn't a one size fits all process, literally or figuratively. You have to consider what's best for you and be realistic about what you can handle both physically and in terms of personal comfort. If you're new to anal play, for instance, the best large toy on this list might be too overpowering for you at this stage, while the beginner's toy may feel underwhelming for people with experience.

Choosing the right anal toys certainly isn't a one size fits all process, literally or figuratively.

Beginners should choose a toy that's designed for beginners - something small enough to be easy to insert, but still wide enough to give you a taste of what's possible. From there, it's sensible to increase size and intensity in accordance with your increasing experience.

3. Choose body-safe materials

If you're ever using any kind of toy internally, it needs to be made from premium, body-safe materials to prevent any risk of infection or injury. Most companies will state if a toy is made from medical-grade materials - if you're unable to find readily available information on what the toy is made out of, you should definitely steer clear.

It's also vital to use lube when engaging in any kind of anal play to reduce discomfort and avoid tearing; as most anal toys are made from silicone, they're typically only compatible with water-based lubricant, so bear this in mind when stocking up.

4. Consider hygiene and maintenance

When it comes to sex toys, hygiene is always an important factor, and this is especially important for any anal toys you might be using. Because of all the bacteria you can find up there, you'll want to invest in toys that aren't too difficult to clean and maintain, or you could be in for a pretty gross ride - or even a seriously nasty infection.

It's worth investing in a good antibacterial sex toy cleaner to ensure your devices are all good to go. Some men also like to use an anal enema before engaging in any anal play, as this cleans out any bacteria or feces that might be lingering out of sight, so think about investing.

Ensure a healthy and satisfying experience with your sex toys!

5. Explore vibrating options

Vibrators aren't just for vaginal use - they can feel amazing anally too, whether that's in the form of a vibrating butt plug or a motorized anal dildo. These options are often slightly more premium in price, particularly when they come with features like remote control or multiple heads with complex movements, but they're likely to make you orgasm harder and faster than toys made for manual use.

Vibrators aren't just for vaginal use - they can feel amazing anally too, whether that's in the form of a vibrating butt plug or a motorized anal dildo.

However, sometimes vibrations can be too overstimulating, especially if you're new to anal play. We'd recommend getting used to how a standard plug or male dildo feels first as you ease yourself into prostate stimulation, instead of immediately springing for something that zeroes in on your p-spot with super-intense vibrations. Once again, this is all about your level of experience, and your personal comfort.


We all know how great penis stimulation feels, but getting into anal play can unveil some of the greatest sexual experiences of your life, especially if you're armed with the right toys. We consider each toy on this list to be the best in its specific category, so whatever kind of anal play you're looking to get into - or take further - there'll be something great for you here.

We all know how great penis stimulation feels, but getting into anal play can unveil some of the greatest sexual experiences of your life, especially if you're armed with the right toys.

To find the right toy for you, be sure to consider what you're interested in, as well as your level of experience - after that, just ensure you find a toy that ticks all the boxes that generally indicate a toy is high-quality, such as its build quality and materials, how hygienic it is, as well as its extra features. Checking customer reviews is also a great way to see if a toy does what it claims to do.

Once you've done that, you're well on your way to choosing your next favorite anal toy - and whatever you choose, we think you'll be in for a treat.

Side Note

This best of list will be periodically updated as better anal sex toy products become available or products simply no longer perform as well. As with all best of lists, this will be a living document.

We take our recommendations very seriously

We have worked intensively on developing a product evaluation system that takes in consideration the following factors:

  • Materials
  • Electronic Components
  • Safety Testing Data
  • US Regulatory Information
  • 510(k) Certifications
  • Our Experts Evaluation

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