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Listen to an audio summary

If you've decided you want to step into the world of anal sex toys for the first time - congratulations! Anal toys are some of the most popular toys for men, and for good reason.

As the name implies, anal toys are designed to be used for anal play. What sets these sex toys apart from others is their design. Contoured to comfortably fit the anus, they're optimized for pleasure and have distinct safety features, such as a flared base, to ensure there are no painful mishaps.

There's a tremendous amount of variety available, from simple butt plugs to more high-tech prostate stimulators, so if you're looking to buy a toy but aren't sure where to begin or even how to use one, you're in the right place. Our guide covers all the essential information in order to help you make an informed decision and kickstart your bedroom exploration.

Why do Men Use Anal Toys?

1. Anal play is fun

Let's get one thing straight - anal play is fun. While anal play used to carry a stigma, the last twenty years have seen a change of opinion, as more and more men are finding out about the untapped well of sexual pleasure they have within their butts.

When a 2017 study asked 170 heterosexual participants about anal stimulation, 24% stated that they had engaged in some form of the act. Cultural taboos around anal play are shifting, allowing more men the opportunity to explore their bodies. Men worldwide are experimenting with anal play and coming to understand just how fun it can be.

Masturbating is great, but why neglect the rest of your body? Moving the focus to your butt keeps things fun in the bedroom as you experience all these fantastic sensations for the first time.

Stimulating different nerves in the body keeps your sex life fresh and helps you learn more about your body and your own pleasures.

The anus is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body, densely packed with nerve endings to excite. Any erotic stimulation of the anus is pleasurable for your body, so during masturbation or sex, why wouldn't you engage in this area? It's a no-brainer.

2. Prostate massaging can lead to explosive orgasms

Anal toys stimulate the prostate, or the p-spot (the male g-spot) as it's known, as well as the anus. The p-spot exists in all men - it's a walnut-sized gland found in the rectum that sits just under the bladder. It's no understatement to say that stimulating the prostate is your gateway to earth-shattering orgasms.

Men have reported that prostate stimulation has led to them having intense full-body orgasms as well as ejaculatory. Unfortunately, there hasn't been enough research into why exactly the prostate can induce these incredible sensations, but a recent study on prostate-induced orgasms proposed two theories.

  • The first idea is that intense pleasure is generated from the incredibly high concentration of nerve endings in the prostate and the anus, which usually go untouched.
  • The second idea stems from research showing how women with more bodily awareness are able to reach heightened states of arousal. Theoretically, the same heightened body awareness may occur in men who practice prostate stimulation, leading to more intense and satisfying orgasms. Put simply, men who are more in tune with their bodies subconsciously rewire their brains to feel 100% of the pleasure an orgasm brings.

The study notes that, regardless of the methodology behind it, climaxing while the prostate is getting stimulated creates a feeling of ecstasy that eclipses that of a regular orgasm.

3. Anal Toys Come With Proven Health Benefits

The prostate is vital for male fertility - it secretes a fluid that protects and nourishes your sperm, allowing them to live and move within the semen. Any prostate health issues are serious and should be dealt with accordingly - but that's also why massaging the prostate is so important.

Massaging the prostate releases prostatic fluid, clearing the prostatic duct that runs between your prostate and the rest of your reproductive system.

Flushing out stagnant prostatic fluid helps reduce your risk of developing certain conditions and is thought to help contribute to good prostate health and a lower risk of prostate cancer.

Some studies have even noted the benefits of prostate stimulation in treating erectile dysfunction. However, this study only focuses on one individual, and there is a lack of other research supporting the claim. There's currently a clinical trial that is looking at the role of prostate massage in treating sexual dysfunction, but there is also a wealth of anecdotal evidence to support its use.

4. Anal toys can be a great foreplay tool

There's no better way to spice up foreplay than with a foreplay-friendly butt plug or vibrator. That extra sensation to your butt will jumpstart your libido, and they're two of the most beginner-friendly toys.

Your anus needs foreplay, too, so get relaxed and in the mood before jumping in.

Vibrators excel at arousal, and butt plugs come in a range of sizes, so you can start with a slim one that isn't too intrusive. Your anus needs foreplay, too, so get relaxed and in the mood before jumping in.

5. They can extend sex sessions if you struggle with stamina

Premature ejaculation (PE) can be the downfall of many men. Luckily one of the benefits of anal toys and prostate stimulation is that they provide a way to enjoy the lead-up to sex without touching or stimulating the penis.

The use of certain anal toys will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, allowing you greater control over your ability to withhold your orgasm and firmer erections. There are numerous butt plugs, vibrators, and prostate stimulators made to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. The more frequently you use these, the stronger those muscles get, which may help improve symptoms of PE and let you last longer in bed

Studies indicate that managing an enlarged prostate can play a critical role in alleviating premature ejaculation. When viewed alongside other research noting the benefit of prostate massage alongside antibiotics in treating such conditions, engaging in some fun with an anal toy comes with an added free perk!

6. Anal Toys Are Inclusive

On top of all the other benefits anal toys provide, it doesn't hurt that pretty much anyone with an anus can use an anal toy! Regardless of your ability to get an erection or function sexually, anal play is open to everyone. It offers those with reduced sexual function the ability to receive pleasure and, in many cases, achieve orgasm, although that can take time and practice to achieve.

7. Anal Toys For Solo Play

If you're looking for ways to spice up your solo masturbation sessions, anal toys could be one of your best choices. They're simple to use solo, often hands-free, and are excellent ways to learn more about your body and your pleasure. Learning more about what turns you on will improve your bodily awareness, which will contribute to better sex and orgasm satisfaction overall.

Anal masturbation has similar benefits to regular masturbation - stress relief, increased libido, improved moods, and it can even help with your sleep.

8. Improved Relationship Connection

Using anal toys as a couple is an incredibly intimate experience, regardless of how familiar you are with each other's bodies. Anal play, much like any sexual experience, needs open and honest communication. Communication in a relationship is crucial for sexual and relationship satisfaction and will work to bring you and your partner closer together.

Experimenting and finding out what turns on you and your partner is excellent for fostering intimacy, maintaining a healthy love life, and heating things up in the bedroom.

Main Types of Anal Toys

One of the best things about anal toys is the sheer variety. From beginner butt plugs to more advanced anal probes, the versatility of anal toys ensures that there's a toy for you if you're in the market.

One thing we're mentioning early on is that all anal toys should be used with plenty of anal lube - friction-free experiences are a lot more fun. You should always check the material of the sex toy you're using and ensure you're using a compatible lube, or your sex toys may degrade and put you at risk of infection.

Butt Plugs 

  • One of the best toys for anal play, they come in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and styles.
  • Recommended as the go-to toy for beginners looking to explore anal play.
  • Feature a flared base and a tapered tip for easy insertion.
  • Leaving a butt plug in during masturbation or sex provides a phenomenal sensation.
  • They can be used to prepare your anus for bigger toys.
  • They stimulate the anus and prostate and are designed to be kept in for limited periods of time.
  • Timing is everything - removing them at the right moment will dramatically strengthen your orgasm.

Butt Plugs Illustration

 Anal Beads 

  • Designed to stimulate both the inner and outer parts of the anus by moving in and out.
  • Insert them one by one to create a tantalizing sense of fullness, and then pull them out at a comfortable speed.
  • They stimulate the thousands of nerve endings in the sphincter muscle, producing thrilling sensations.
  • Some anal beads have consistently sized beads, while others have beads that gradually increase in size.
  • The gaps between the beads provide unique sensations that differ from those of a butt plug.
  • Timing is essential when pulling out anal beads; the closer you are to climax, the more intense your orgasm will feel.
  • Using anal beads made from different materials can enhance the experience through sensory play.

Anal Beads Illustration

Prostate Massagers

  • Specifically curved to target the prostate.
  • Typically smaller and more discreet compared to other toys.
  • Some modern prostate massagers are equipped with a vibrator to massage the prostate, which can lead to a full-body prostate orgasm.
  • Non-vibrating options require engaging the pelvic floor muscles to feel the sensation on your prostate, making them enjoyable during sex or oral activities.
  • Most vibrating prostate massagers come with a charging cable, but charge and usage times vary depending on the specific toy.

Prostate Massagers Illustration

Anal Probes

  • Designed for deeper anal penetration.
  • They are typically thin with a tapered tip - ideal for beginners.
  • Probe variety means there's something for both beginners and experts.
  • Using a probe feels terrific - it can massage the prostate and deliver strong inner stimulation.
  • The size and shape of the probe create different sensations of fullness and affects penetration depth.
  • We recommend a smaller probe for beginners - it will allow you to relax your muscles and won't cause any discomfort, making you more receptive to the newfound pleasure and boosted orgasm.
  • Vibrating anal probes are available for prostate play, and remote-controlled probes allow you to play with power dynamics in partnered activities.
  • The only downside of an anal probe is that they aren't hands-free and require you to keep hold of them.

Anal Probes Illustration

Anal Dildos

  • Dildos for anal play come in various sizes, styles, and materials.
  • They can be realistic or non-realistic, with vibrating functions, or designed for temperature play usinfgg glass or metal.
  • Some anal dildos are specifically designed for use with a harness for some strap-on fun.
  • Anal dildos have a flared base, ensuring they don't get stuck in the anal cavity and saving you an embarrassing trip to the hospital.
  • Anal dildos stimulate through thrusting and movement.
  • Curved anal dildos are designed to target the prostate (p-spot), while others focus on arousing the nerves in the anus.
  • Hands-free options are available, such as dildos with suction cups or those compatible with machines for powerful sensations.

    Anal Dildo Illustration

Anal Vibrators

  • Provide intense anal and prostate stimulation, offering a unique level of pleasure.
  • They have significant orgasm potential and might change the way you think about orgasms.
  • The term anal vibrator is an umbrella term for any anal toy with vibrating features - which means there's a vast range out there.
  • Vibration features alter how you use certain toys, with the focus on letting the vibrator do the work rather than thrusting.
  • The best anal vibrators are ergonomic, ensuring a comfortable fit and targeting the p-spot.
  • Some anal vibrators are remote-controlled, allowing your partner to have control over your orgasm.
  • Start with a low vibration intensity and gradually increase the speed for heightened pleasure and ecstasy.

Anal Vibrator Illustration

How to Use an Anal Toy

Using an anal toy for the first time may seem intimidating, but the good news is you're reading this guide. Confidence comes from knowledge and practice - we're giving you the knowledge and leaving the practice in your hands. Our advice will help you feel relaxed and ensure your experience is safe, fun, and, most important of all: pleasurable.

The versatility of anal toys means men and women can use them during sex, but it's important we note that you should never double dip - say, using a dildo on yourself and then on your partner vaginally. If you want to do this, your toys must be thoroughly cleaned, as there's a high risk of infection from microbes getting transferred from the anus to the vagina.


There are two steps to preparation - mental and physical. Getting your brain primed for using an anal toy is crucial to relaxing and having fun - if you're not in the correct mindset, you'll end up tense, which will make penetration tough and potentially painful.

If you're using an anal toy with a partner, make sure to talk openly about it and communicate throughout.

Think of communication as a mental lubricant - as important, if not more, than normal lube! You want to go into the experience with an open mind and feel like your partner is there to support you.

Physically, you need to make sure you're well acquainted with your backside, and the best way to do this is with your own hands. You should have an understanding of your anatomy, and you shouldn't shock your anus by going straight in with a toy without any prior experience - that's how injuries happen!

As a beginner, you should always keep in mind that your butt will not be used to something going in it, and it will take time to get the muscles relaxed and used to the sensation - but it's worth every second.

The importance of proper lubrication

We can't stress it enough - lube is essential for any anal play you partake in. The anus doesn't produce any natural lubrication, so for a safe and comfortable anal toy experience, make sure you lube up yourself and your toy. Different material toys are compatible with different types of lubricant, so it's important you choose the correct one for your toy.

Using the wrong lube can cause your sex toy to degrade and break down over time, which will cause irritation and discomfort when used anally.

A good option is a water-based anal lubricant, as it's safe for use with condoms and compatible with all types of toys. However, water-based lubes do dry out quicker than others, so remember to reapply them frequently.

Explore your anus alone before diving straight in

We recommend getting to know your anus alone, with your fingers and lots of lube.

  1. Prepare by having a shower and ensuring your nails are clipped.
  2. Start with a single lubricated finger and take it slow, as that's the best way to explore any body part you're unfamiliar with.
  3. Warm up the anus before inserting anything by making circular motions with your lubricated finger around the area to relax the muscle.
  4. When ready, apply gentle pressure to the opening and slowly insert your finger, remembering to breathe and stay relaxed.
  5. Once your finger is inside, leave it there for a minute to allow your anus to adjust to the sensation.
  6. Initially, focus on gentler motions rather than rough thrusting, as your anus will be more receptive to this.
  7. Over time, as you continue exploring, your anus will become accustomed to more vigorous movements.
  8. Trust your instincts and let pleasure guide you as you continue the exploration.


    When you feel ready to use an anal toy, keep in mind that your anus and your prostate need foreplay before diving right in. If your internal sphincter muscles aren't relaxed, using an anal toy will feel uncomfortable, so you need to warm up and get in the mood before amping up the stimulation.

    If you're with a partner, do some other sexy activities that turn you on and relax you to get in the mood for some new stimulation.

    Then, once you're ready, either you or your partner should slowly insert a lubricated finger partially into the anus, massaging slowly until you and your sphincter muscles are adequately relaxed.

    Further, insert the finger while massaging to get your anus ready for the toy you've decided on. Glide the finger lightly in and out and then add a second lubed finger and try out some different speeds and motions. This is all to get your inner anal sphincter relaxed and receptive to the anal toy you're using, but it will also give you an indication of how far you'll initially be able to insert it.

    Inserting the toy

    Once your anus is comfortable with the fingers, it's finally time to insert your toy. If it's a vibrating toy, make sure you're familiar with the speeds and patterns - you can get a sense of this by turning it on while holding it.

    1. Generously cover your toy in lube and circle your anus with the toy.
    2. Apply some light pressure to insert it slowly until you feel resistance.
    3. Hold it there and let your anus get used to it (unless it feels painful, in which case slowly pull the toy out, add more lube if necessary, and insert it at a shallower depth.
    4. If you want the toy to go deeper, slowly slide it in an inch further, stop and wait for the muscles to adjust, and then repeat until it's fully inserted.
    5. Keep hold of the toy if it feels as though it's being pushed out when you take your hands off it.

      Beginners will usually need a few anal experiences before being able to completely insert a toy as the inner sphincter needs to get used to this new sensation.

      One last thing - ensure that whoever inserted the toy washes their hands immediately after. This will help prevent infections, as bacteria from the anus should never enter the vagina.

      During Sex

      Different toys have different functions, and they all bring something new to the table when used during sex. Some toys will feel better in different sex positions, so it's good to experiment and find out what works for you.

      • Butt plugs provide pleasure from the pressure of it being in your anus and the movement of your body during sex. If you're using a butt plug in the cowboy position, your partner's extra weight will put more pressure on the plug, which means more pleasure for your prostate and explosive orgasm.
      • Pulling anal beads out during climax is intensely pleasurable. Slide them out slowly if you want to increase the sexual tension or faster if you're having a vigorous session - and then you get to experience the pleasure of sliding them back in again.
      • During sex, your body involuntarily squeezes your pelvic floor muscles, which feels fantastic if you have a prostate massager in. If you're using one during sex, you can have your partner move it for ultimate prostate stimulation.

      Keep in mind that an orgasm with an anal toy in is going to feel powerful. In the seconds before orgasm, the prostate and the muscles in the sphincter and pelvic floor contract. An anal toy will enhance this sensation, leading to an unbelievable orgasm!

      After Sex

      Sometimes during orgasm, your sex toy can be pushed out by the muscles contracting. If that doesn't happen, get into a comfortable position, hold the toy by the base, and slowly pull it out. Sometimes the muscles might take a minute to relax, so if it feels difficult to remove, wait and then slowly try again.

      Some people find it easier to pull anal toys out if they squat, but as long as you're comfortable and you feel relaxed, it should come out easily.

      Cleaning and Hygiene

      Cleaning your anal sex toy is an essential part of ownership. Properly cleaning an anal toy is crucial for maintaining your health, as harmful bacteria and infections can be transmitted through sex toy use, and for keeping your sex toys in a useable and safe condition.

      Risks of not properly cleaning your sex toys

      Studies have shown that viruses can easily be transmitted through sex toy use if improperly cared for. That's why we want to stress the importance of proper hygienic practices, cleaning, and storage of sex toys, in order to mitigate the following risks:

      • Anal toys, particularly those made from porous materials, can harbor bacteria that, if left, will multiply on your toy. Repeatedly using these anal toys without proper cleaning will allow this harmful bacteria to be absorbed into the body through the anal walls, causing an imbalance in your rectal microbiome which may lead to health issues.
      • The anus has a higher concentration of certain bacteria, like Shigella and E Coli, which can cause incredibly unpleasant bacterial infections if left on an uncleaned toy that you then share or use again.
      • Using an anal sex toy can sometimes lead to minor tears in the lining of the anal canal, meaning blood may go on your toy. Any blood present on a sex toy carries an inherent risk of transmitting blood-borne infections.
      • An unclean sex toy will accumulate dirt, dust, and bacteria. If the thought of inserting a toy covered in particles of dirt into your anus isn't unpleasant enough, these microscopic entities slowly degrade the toy over time. Using a toy in this condition puts your anus at risk of harmful chemicals seeping from the degraded toy, especially if it's made from phthalates - a group of chemicals with harmful effects on the human body.
      • Unclean toys stink. The bacteria on an unclean sex toy can cause odors that are decisively unsexy. Using an anal toy should be enjoyable, and using a toy that smells bad is definitely not going to get you in the mood.

      How to properly store and clean your sex toys

      Proper cleaning of an anal sex toy depends on the material it's made out of. Porous materials, like rubber or jelly, are breeding grounds for bacteria and dirt and should be washed carefully with warm soapy water and wiped down with a cloth. If there are any dips or crevices, you should use a soft brush to ensure all the bacteria is cleaned off. You can also clean these toys with a dedicated sex toy cleaner and warm water.

      Non-porous materials, like glass, plastic, or pure silicone, should be cleaned with a mix of soap and warm water (or a sex toy cleaner) and left to air dry. The beauty of these non-porous materials is that, as long as they're not electrical, you can run them through the dishwasher or boil them for three minutes to disinfect them fully, then leave them to air dry.

      Proper cleaning of an anal sex toy depends on the material it's made out of.

      When storing your sex toy, make sure it's clean and dry. More often than not, a new toy will come with a box or bag to store it in - we recommend, as a rule of thumb, always using the storage option that comes with the toy. If that's not possible, store them in a clean, dry place within a box or a sex toy bag.

      You should also store toys made from different materials separately, as some materials don't react well to others and can cause your toys to degrade and break.

      Choosing Your First Anal Sex Toy

      As with any new sex toy purchase, it can be difficult to decide where to begin, but we always find that focusing on the features you want from a sex toy helps to speed up the decision process.

      What features to look for in your anal sex toys

      • A flared base to ensure your safety, as the sphincter can act like a vacuum.
      • Made from non-porous, body-safe materials like silicone, metal, glass, or ABS plastic.
      • A tapered tip for easy insertion.
      • Vibrating functions.
      • Curved to hit your p-spot.
      • Remote control function, if you're interested in shared power dynamics in partner play.
      • Hands-free usage if you're looking to improve solo masturbation sessions.
      • App functionality for easy control.
      • Usage time in cordless toys for longer sessions.

      Anal Sex Toys FAQ

      How can I introduce anal toys in my relationship?

      Communication is critical here. Don't whip them out right before sex and hope for the best - have an honest talk with your partner about your desire and listen to what they have to say. It removes any pressure from the situation and will bring you closer together.

      If they're interested, make purchasing one a couple's activity - that way, your partner will feel involved, and it might make deciding on a toy that much easier. Don't force the idea if they're not interested, no means no, and it might damage your relationship.

      Are anal toys just for gay sex?

      No. Anal toys are for every kind of sex. How you play with your body has no bearing on sexual orientation - if you're experimenting with sensations, you're just playing with what feels pleasurable. Guys use anal toys because they feel good.

      I feel pain when using my anal toy, what should I do?

      If you feel pain at any point, you should stop immediately and re-strategize. There could be a few reasons why you're feeling pain - maybe there's not enough lube, or your toy is too big. Are you taking it slow enough? If you're too forceful, you run the risk of injuring your butt.

      If you feel pain at any point, you should stop immediately and re-strategize.

      If it's none of these, maybe it's worth going back to the basics and exploring with a finger. Often pain will come from you tensing your sphincter muscles - indicating that you're not sufficiently relaxed. Returning to the basics will let you get into a relaxed frame of mind and prepare yourself for anal play.

      Is anal sex safe?

      Yes, if you prepare yourself accordingly and use your toy appropriately, anal sex should be completely safe and pain-free. The anus tissue is delicate, but as long as you use sufficient lube, take your time, and don't force anything, you'll be ok. Always make sure to clean any anal sex toy immediately after use to keep yourself safe and healthy.

      Should I use a condom with an anal sex toy?

      Using a condom with an anal sex toy does come with some benefits, but if it's your own toy and you aren't sharing it with anyone, it's not a necessity. If you want to share a toy with a partner, definitely use a condom - it's safer and means you won't have to pause things to clean the toy off mid-sex.

      What is an anal training kit?

      An anal training kit contains different-sized anal toys to experience. In practice, you use the smallest one until you're ready for the next size up, and so on. Anal training kits allow you to safely adjust to bigger sizes or different shapes, and you also get to have three toys for triple the fun!


      There's a tremendous amount of variety in anal sex toys, from small butt plugs to large dildos. These toys can generate intense pleasure by stimulating the nerves in your anus and your prostate, which can lead to full-body orgasms that will leave you shaking.

      They're great for adding some fire to your bedroom activities and are accessible to anyone with a butt, regardless of sexual function. Taking a leap into the world of anal pleasure might seem intimidating at first, but once you've tried it, you won't look back.

      Taking a leap into the world of anal pleasure might seem intimidating at first, but once you've tried it, you won't look back.

      Make sure you use your anal toy correctly and with plenty of lube to mitigate the risk of injury. And always remember to wash your anal toy directly after use!

      Our comprehensive guide is the best resource for all of your questions about anal sex toys. With our help, you'll be on your way to an anal orgasm in no time at all!

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      Navigating the information landscape, our blog prioritizes human touch and accuracy. We use these elements as our compass:

      • Content for humans, by humans
      • Research and fact-checking
      • Reference to reputable sources
      • Collaboration with Experts

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