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Benefits of Using a Penis Pump | Enjoy Harder and Thicker Erections Effortlessly

Benefits of Using a Penis Pump


You might think penis pumps are a new invention. But they've been around for over 170 years. Known originally as Vacuum Constriction Devices, they worked just like their modern counterparts. You put your dick inside a cylinder and use the attached pump to create a vacuum around your cock. The change in pressure draws blood in, mimicking the process of a naturally-occurring erection and gives you a hard dick.

The first penis pumps were pretty basic and would only keep you stiff while your dick was inside the pump. But the device proved that it was possible to get a guy hard, even if he had Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

About fifty years later, an Austrian doctor had the idea—we won't ask how—of marketing the pump with a ring that you strap around the base of your dick. The ring tightened the vacuum seal and also held the blood in place, keeping you hard after you removed the cylinder. In the '70s, FDA approval was given to a limited range of pumps, and they were formally recognized as an ED treatment option.


The benefits of using a penis pump

  1. A medically-recognized treatment for ED
  2. Temporarily increase the size (length and girth) of your erection
  3. Improves blood flow to the genitals for greater sensations
  4. Treatment for Peyronie's Disease
  5. Enjoy thicker and harder erections
  6. Added intimacy and extends foreplay
  7. Ultra low-risk for high sexual rewards
  8. No more pills, stop ingesting unsafe and unknown ingredients
  9. Avoid surgery and other painful medical treatments


erectile dysfunction treatments

1. A medically-recognized treatment for ED

We live in a world with a growing number of drug-based and surgical treatments for ED. Nevertheless, penis pumps are still one of the first options that doctors and healthcare professionals discuss with their patients.

Most cases of ED are caused because of issues around blood flow to your dick. It can be physical (your body can't mechanically move the blood because, for example, of poor circulation). Or it can be psychological (when there's a disconnect between your brain and your cock, blocking the chemical signals to get the blood moving to your dick). Penis pumps skip the physical, mechanical and psychological triggers that are needed to get the blood to your dick and give you a throbbing hard cock, even if you have ED.

Most pumps won't permanently cure ED, but most guys can get hard enough to have sex or masturbate[1]. If you are looking for permanent gains from pumping, Bathmate Hydromax pumps are one of the only available with proven permanent results.  One Independent study we looked at found 98% of pump users and 85% of their partners were satisfied with the results of long-term pump use. Almost three quarters said they were able to cum regularly too[2].

A penis pump also puts another weapon in your arsenal. It can be used to supplement the effects of ED pills without the risk of overdosing on active ingredients.


2. Increased size and erection strength

Penis pumps got more popular in the '70s, when people noticed that, as well as getting you hard, they could add noticeable length and width to your dick.

Now, here's where it gets a bit more complicated: Your cock will gain significant length and width inside the pump. Some guys and their partners find that a turn on in its own right. But these gains tend to reduce once you take your dick out of the cylinder, particularly if you're new to pumping.

Wearing a cock ring will hold more blood in place and give you a more impressive, longer-lasting result outside of the pump—with some manufacturers boasting of 2-3 inches. It's also worth saying here that guys of any size can make noticeable gains and that penis pumps aren't just for less well-endowed men.

There is some debate over whether penis pumps can bring permanent size gains. The theory goes that ongoing use—for around 10 minutes a day— increases the length and width of your cock by widening the spaces into which blood flows when you get hard. If those spaces stay wider, then more blood can get it and your gains will remain.

Bro science would also have you believe that, if you frequently get more blood flowing down to your cock, then those gains should last longer and become more permanent. Like a muscle that you regularly exercise at the gym. But that logic falls down because your penis isn't a muscle, so it doesn't respond in the same way. There were be noticeable gains, but they won’t last forever. By contrast, penis extenders are a proven alternative[3] if you're looking for a permanent size increase.


3. Treatment for Peyronie's Disease

If you have a severe bend in your dick, you may have Peyronie's disease, which can make it painful to get hard and knock your sexual confidence. Penis pumps have been recognized as a treatment for the condition—with regular use they can improve and stabilize the shape of your dick and reduce the likelihood of needing surgery[4].


peyronie's disease treatment by penis pump

4. A stronger, harder dick

You may not have ED or a heart condition, but if your cardiovascular system isn't running at 100%, you might not be getting as hard as you could. Blood flow to your dick is vital for a solid erection—there's up to eight times more blood in a stiff dick than a limp one. In this situation, pumping may give you a stronger and harder dick than you would otherwise have.

Trapping the blood in your dick with a cock ring will make sure those results last long enough for some hot fun. If you're looking for other ways to extend your gains, take a look at some penis numbing creams or delay spays or consider prolonging condoms too.


5. Added intimacy and extend foreplay

Penis pumps began their lives as medical devices. But lots of guys have found they can be used seductively and sensually—and not just guys with ED. Many men use pumps and buy cock rings as sex toys and for foreplay or other sexual adventures. You can even get attachments to make you feel like your dick is sliding inside a mouth—or a couple of other orifices! Just make sure you follow the same safety advice and don't pump for too long or too often.

If this is something you're interested in, you might also consider penis head pumps. They are designed to improve sensitivity right at the tip of your dick and give you very pleasurable, blow-job like experience in the process. In fact, they're quite likely (and often specially designed) to make you shoot your load.


6. Relatively low risk

Penis pumps are a relatively low-risk option for treating ED[5]. Providing you follow safe usage guidelines, they are a reliable enhancement tool and sex toy too. Even if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, there is a small chance of numbness, pain, bruising and petechiae (tiny purple, red, or brown spots on the skin). Some guys say their stiffy they get doesn't feel like a ‘natural' one, while others report that their dick feels colder than normal. However, when you balance these risks against those associated with surgery—either for ED, Peyronie's or cosmetic enhancement—it's a significantly safer option.

impotence treatment by penis pump


7. Pill free results

Despite the abundance of medication to treat ED, some guys can't (or don't want to) use it. Oral ED treatments such as Viagra and Cialis can be dangerous to men taking nitrate drugs for angina or those with low blood pressure. Also, Viagra and Cialis won't work for guys that have had prostate surgery.

ED drugs can also interfere with other commonly prescribed meds, such as insulin, which rules them out for diabetics. For guys that have to consider any of these issues, penis pumps are a credible and dependable lifeline.

While we're talking pills, you shouldn't use penis pumps if you're taking blood-thinning meds. And even aspirin and ibuprofen thin your blood and increase the risk of internal bleeding.

Although they require an upfront investment, penis pumps are usually less expensive than ED pills in the long run because it's a one-off cost. Why not take a moment and work out how much you've spent on pills and see what kind of penis pump you could have bought for that money…


What pump is right for me?


Today you can buy three main types—air-based (or vacuum), water-based (or hydro) and electric.  When buying any of these types of pumps it is very important to get the right size pump.  This will maximize your results.


The air-based (or vacuum) pump

The air-based pump pulls the air out of the cylinder to create a vacuum, the erectile tissue expands, the blood rushes in, and you get big and hard. One hand holds the barrel, and the other operates the pump. We would always recommend opting for one with a air pressure gauge so that you don't over-pump. You should also think about adding an aftermarket penis pump sleeve or using a water-based lube to reduce the risk of blistering.


standard air penis pumps


The water-based (or hydro) pump

Hydropumps offer additional safety and, some say, a better size-boost, than air pumps. They are, however, generally the most expensive option on the market. Water-based pumps don't create an air-tight space, which some guys find more comfortable and reassuring. Instead, they introduce the necessary negative pressure to the cylinder by pumping in water.


bathmate hydro penis pumps

The electric pump

Electric penis pumps are operated by battery and often chargeable with a USB connection. They offer many of the same advantages as water-based pumps—including one-handed operation but at a lower price. The best electrical penis pumps also monitor pressure and have auto-timers so that everything is controlled for you.


electric penis pumps



Whether you're looking for size gains, trying an alternative treatment for ED or Peyronie's or thinking about trying out a new sex toy, penis pumps can help. They are one of the safest all-round male enhancement options and offer an opportunity to explore new intimate, sexual stimulation—with a partner or on your own. Give one a go today-you won't be disappointed, and neither will your partner.


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[2] Treatment of erectile dysfunction with external vacuum devices

[3] Effect of penile-extender device in increasing penile size in men with shortened penis: preliminary results

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Danny Garrett


Danny Garrett


Daniel Garrett is a certified sexual wellness expert through the Eldorado Sexual Health Board where he graduated with honors. Daniel's specialty is helping marriages as well as other relationships which struggle with having a healthy sexual presence. When a man is uncertain about his manhood it leaves him with a sense of self-doubt which typically will start to deteriorate any sexual relationship he may have with any partner. By helping men overcome their interpersonal self-doubt issues regarding their penis size and sexual function, Daniel is able to help heal relationships and help take these same relationships to the next level. Daniel's writing can be found on such websites such as The Enhanced Male,, as well as many others. Daniel has helped develop such relationship tools as silicone cock rings to help men achieve lasting results in bed.