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Stop Gagging While Deep Throating

Getting or giving a great blowjob can be one of the most fun, fulfilling sexual acts two partners can share. 

Being confident and comfortable when giving head isn’t always a guarantee, however. For partners with a strong gag reflex, the coveted skill of “deep throating” can be tough. And when you want to give your partner a blowjob they’ll be thinking about for weeks, it can be frustrating to get distracted fighting your natural gag reflex. 

Whether you’re giving or receiving, you want to know how to make oral sex enjoyable for both partners. That’s where throat numbing sprays can help.

What are throat numbing sprays and gels used for?

Throat numbing spray, sometimes called deep throat spray, is used to reduce sensation in the back of the throat, allowing for deeper, more penetrative oral sex. Numbing agents contained in the deep throat spray or deep throat gel will limit discomfort, and help prevent the gag reflex in more sensitive partners.

A slightly numb throat can be extremely beneficial when trying to deep throat your partner. The gag reflex limits how deeply you can take your partner’s penis into your mouth, and when the gag reflex is reduced, deep throating becomes easier and more enjoyable.


Be aware that numbing ingredients will sometimes transfer from one partner’s throat to the other partner’s penis. This can be an unintentional bonus, as numbing products are often deliberately used on genitals to delay orgasm

Many throat numbing sprays and gels also come in a variety of flavors. If you or your partner’s gag reflex is set off not only by sensation but by taste, flavor enhancers can help make oral sex more fun and pleasant than it might be otherwise.

If gagging isn't quite your concern but more about the taste, there are a wide variety of flavor enhancing sprays, gels, and drops that add a sweet surprise to any oral experience.

What different types of throat numbing sprays are there?

For partners who need a bit of help with deep-throating, numbing sprays can be a fun staple in the bedroom, and there are plenty of types to choose from.

What’s the best throat numbing spray for oral sex? Well, that depends on a few factors. 

Type of numbing agent

Some throat numbing sprays work by using common topical anesthetics as their primary active ingredient. These are the same topical anesthetics used by doctors and dentists for standard procedures, and are often applied when getting piercings or tattoos. They do a great job of numbing the skin for a short period of time.

Lidocaine is stronger anesthetic, and can last up to half an hour. Benzocaine is a milder anesthetic, and depending on the dosage, can last 10-20 minutes.

Other products will use an even milder active ingredient, Menthyl Ethylamido Oxalate, to provide a tingly, fresh feeling in the throat. Like most methyl-derived products, this gives a sensation of cooling numbing, and can be found in many anti-itch creams. 

Lastly, many products will also contain Glycerin or Propanediol, which help prevent any irritation in the throat of the partner who is performing oral sex.


There are a variety of flavors to pick from when you’re considering buying numbing sprays or gels for oral sex. These vary from brand to brand, and you have the freedom to pick whatever flavor sounds good to you.


Sprays, gels, creams, or drops

Numbing sprays, gels, creams, and drops are the four most common delivery mechanisms. Sprays are aimed at the back of your throat, and can sometimes be a bit tougher to apply accurately. Gels, creams, and drops can be a bit easier to apply, but are less common. 

How do you use throat numbing sprays safely?

When you want to enjoy giving oral sex, throat numbing sprays are a great choice. As soon as you know you want to give your partner a blowjob, apply your product to the inside of your throat. You should start feeling the numbing sensation in no more than a few minutes. Until you feel comfortably numb, you can always begin lighter oral ministrations at the head of the penis or the balls.

Once your throat feels desensitized, take the penis into your mouth as deeply as you feel comfortable. Remember, these won’t make you completely numb, and that’s important. Numbing sprays will let you take an extra inch or two into your throat with a desensitized gag reflex, but always be aware of the line between gagging discomfort, and actual pain. 

If you feel the effects wearing off, most sprays can be safely reapplied a few times.

Always read the application directions on whatever oral numbing product you purchase. Many sprays only need a single spray to initially get the right amount of numbing action for your throat, so be sure to aim carefully.

What are the ingredients of throat numbing sprays? What if one partner has allergies?

The active ingredients in various numbing products can vary, but usually stick to either Lidocaine, Benzocaine, or Menthyl Ethylamido Oxalate

Inactive ingredients depend on the manufacturer and flavor, so if you or your partner has allergies, make sure to carefully read through all the ingredients to make sure you’re being safe.

Most numbing sprays are vegan, and contain no parabens or sugars. If flavored, they will usually use sugar substitutes, as sugar around the genital regions can cause unpleasant yeast infections.

Are there any negative side effects of using throat numbing sprays?

a thinking man

When using throat numbing spray for giving head, you always want to be careful that you’re not over-doing it. These products should reduce the gag reflex and make blowjobs more pleasant for both partners, but they’re not meant to completely block out pain. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that you or your partner are being a bit too enthusiastic, so stay aware of your own limits, and stay in communication with your partner.

Also pay attention to your body’s reaction after using the spray. If you’re unused to deep-throating, you may notice soreness. If this soreness persists for more than two days, or is accompanied by rash, fever, swelling, headache, or nausea, contact a doctor immediately.

Who should not use throat numbing sprays?

Always carefully read the ingredients before trying a numbing product. If you or your partner have ever had an allergic reaction to any of the active or inactive ingredients in a numbing spray, cream, gel, or drop in the past, absolutely do not use it.

This may also seem obvious, but always keep throat numbing products safely out of the reach of children. Since many of them taste good, they can be a danger to kids, especially if they contain Benzocaine, which has been shown to be dangerous for children under two years old.

Do throat numbing sprays work for everyone?

Every throat and body is unique, so numbing spray effects may feel more or less intense depending on the user. But for those wondering how to give a really good blowjob without worrying about the pesky gag reflex, they are an excellent option. 

Are throat numbing sprays right for me?

okay sign

If you’re looking for a product that will allow you to give or receive head without triggering the gag reflex, numbing sprays are right for you. If you’re looking for a product that will make blowjobs mouth-wateringly delicious and eliminate nausea and choking sensations, numbing sprays are right for you.

Blowjobs are always going to be pretty amazing for the partner who is receiving. But blowjobs are even better when both partners are equally enthusiastic about the prospect of giving and receiving head. Throat numbing products are a fantastic way to make deep-throating accessible for even the most sensitive of palates.

What are the best numbing sprays out there?

Everybody is different so reactions and enjoyment to flavor will be unique to each person however as we have sold thousands of bottles of this stuff, we can say with certainty that these our the top selling deep throat sprays in the United States. 

Oral Ecstasy Mint Flavored Deep Throat Spray by Passion



    Frozen Deep Throat Spray by Master Series


      Deep Throat Desensitizing Spray by Adam & Eve



        Good Head Deep Throat Flavored Numbing Spray by Doc Johnson


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