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Listen to an audio summary

Tenga is a Japanese company that is all about creativity and innovation - and this is reflected in their distinct and exciting male masturbators! The strokers Tenga produces all feature sleek and tasteful non-anatomical designs, interesting technology which makes them fit for a variety of purposes, and intricately textured sleeves that stimulate your penis in all the right places.

With such a wide range of Tenga toys out there, all of which serve unique purposes, it can be hard to know what exactly to look for, especially if you're looking for a stroker that lines up perfectly with your specific preferences. There's no need to worry though - we're here to help you find that perfect Tenga toy!

In this article, you'll find a list of 10 of the Tenga toys on our site that we believe are the absolute best of the bunch.

We'll introduce you to each of them, listing all of their pros and cons, and then we'll go over a few specific considerations you need to make to really find the Tenga products that'll give you exactly what you desire in 2024. There's a lot to go through, so let's go!

The list of Tenga Sex Toys was selected based on the following:

  • Overall effectiveness

  • Safety features

  • Quality & Reputation

  • Product Features

  • Peer reviews

  • Market value


This guide was originally published in February 2023. As part of our yearly quality assessment process (in late 2023), we evaluated every product recommendation to make sure it was up to the standards necessary to make it to this list. Here are some things we took in consideration:

  • Feedback on each product throughout 2023.
  • Usability and overall comfort of each Tenga sex toy.
  • Overall trends and new emerging products that could potentially make it to the list.
  • Industry trends and innovation.

Best Tenga Sex Toys of 2024: Our Recommendations

Best Tenga Flip

Tenga Flip Zero EV Electronic Vibrating Realistic Male Masturbator

Best Tenga Egg Pack

The Tenga New Standard Easy Beat Egg 6 Pack Masturbator Set

Best 3D Tenga

The Tenga Crysta Ball Floating Shape Stroker

Best Tenga for Blowjob Simulation

The Tenga Aero Cobalt Ring Adjustable Suction Masturbator

Best Travel-Friendly Tenga

The Tenga Premium Disposable Vacuum Cup

Best Spinning Tenga Sex Toy

The Tenga Spinner Masturbator Series

Best Discreet Tenga

The Tenga Geo Coral Reversible Textured Masturbator

Best Reusable Tenga

Tenga Flip Hole Pressure Sensitive Male Masturbator

Best Tenga for Beginners

Tenga Double Hole Male Masturbation Cup

Best Double-Hole Tenga

The Tenga Premium Double Hole Dual Sensation Male Masturbation Cup


Tenga Flip Zero EV Electronic Vibrating Realistic Male Masturbator
Tenga Flip Zero EV Electronic Vibrating Realistic Male Masturbator

Price: $$$$$ Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Best for: Stamina training, Vibration stimulation Reusable: Yes 
Insertable Length: 6.3 inches Hands-free: No
Safety Features: Hypo-Allergenic, Waterproof, Leak-Proof, Easy to clean and store Features: Flip open design with squeezable pressure pads for focused sensation, Quiet, Dual-Speed motor, Air-tight suction, Rechargeable, Includes a drying stand

Tenga's Flip series consists of numerous masturbators featuring a unique hinged design that fully opens up, as well as pressure pads that allow you to control the tightness of the device by squeezing it. The Flip Zero EV builds upon the original Zero by adding vibrations - this is what tipped the scales in its favor, leading us to crown it the best Tenga Flip for 2024.

The aforementioned vibrations are achieved through the use of a pair of motors that are placed on either side of the canal. These motors have a total of 5 different vibration patterns, and finding the one that works the best is simple thanks to the single-button controls. They're also rechargeable, and can be charged with the included USB cable. The motors are a little noisy though, so bear that in mind.

The canal itself is quite aggressively textured, and feels good to use even without the vibrations - they definitely do give the toy some extra oomph though.

Those pressure pads we mentioned also help add some variation to the experience, but you do have to squeeze the toy yourself as it isn't automatic. This isn't too much of a big deal, but it would've been nice to see some more automatic features for the price.

One thing that is quite common with Tenga toys is that the canal isn't designed to fit penises on the larger side. Though the TPE will stretch to accommodate men who are an inch or two above average - which is nice to see - some reviewers still found it to be too small, so make sure you're buying in accordance with your size.

At the end of the toy, you'll find an air valve which helps in achieving a good suction feeling. The hinged design also has some additional benefits. It makes cleaning very easy as you can get right inside the toy, and once it's closed around your penis it helps keep lube on the inside, preventing it from leaking out too much. To test this out, you can use some of the sample of Tenga Water-based Lube that's included with the toy.

Results From Our Testers

  • TPR sleeve feels very realistic
  • Vibrations add a lot to the experience - the motors are quite loud though
  • Squeezable pressure pads are a nice touch - they can help with stamina training as they make it easier to control the intensity of the toy
  • The hinged design is useful as it helps keep lube inside and makes the toy easier to clean
  • The air valve contributes to making a loud suction noise during use

Pros and Cons

Hinged masturbator with vibrations and pressure pads
TPR canal feels realistic and is highly textured
Two vibrating motors add to the pleasure
5 different vibration patterns
Pressure pads let you later the intensity as you stroke
Air-tight canal for suction
Hinged design for easy cleaning
Only compatible with water-based lube
Makes a built of noise during use
Not made for very well-endowed guys
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The Tenga New Standard Easy Beat Egg 6 Pack Masturbator Set
The Tenga New Standard Easy Beat Egg 6 Pack Masturbator Set

Price: $ Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Best for: Beginners and experts alike, Travel and discreet use Reusable: No (But could potentially be reused if properly cleaned and maintained)
Insertable Length: 2.8 inches Hands-free: No
Safety Features: Hypo-Allergenic, Waterproof, Discreet and portable Features: Much more aggressively textured than the original designs, Designed to stretch and fit most size men, Can be squeezed to vary the intensity

The original, classic Tenga Eggs were an innovative set of single-use masturbators. They were very discreet and offered different sensations with each egg. The New Standard Easy Beat Eggs are still the best set of Tenga Eggs for 2024 thanks to how their textures improve upon the already great original eggs

So - how exactly did Tenga improve on such a winning formula? It's all in the texture.

The New Standard Eggs have the same features as the original set, only this time with even more intense ribs, ridges, and grooves added to the internal canals. The set includes six eggs in total, each with a unique texture - here's a quick look at what you can expect.



The Boxy Sleeve

  • This sleeve is the tightest of the set, with a super deep texture. It features sharp square edges, but don't worry - they're nice and soft, providing a pleasurable prickling sensation.

The Brush Sleeve

  • Named as such since it resembles a hairbrush, this sleeve is full of small prongs which use their rounded tips to stimulate your entire penis resulting in a cascade of pleasure!

The Silky II Sleeve

  • A marked improvement over the original Silky Sleeve (which only featured rows of horizontal ribs), the Silky II dramatically increases the number of ribs and the number of directions they run, giving you new sensations with each stroke.

The Sphere Sleeve

  • You've never felt a stroker like this one. The Sphere Sleeve gets its name from the protruding balls that line it, all of which are also textured with ribs to give you maximum stimulation!

The Tornado Sleeve

  • Much like a real tornado, this sleeve is spiraled and aggressive. The highly textured sleeve forms to the contours of your penis resulting in a whirlwind of pleasure.

The Wavy II Sleeve

  • Another improvement over an original Egg design, this sleeve features ridges that are especially thick and grooves that are especially deep, providing super intense stimulation which is more than enough to take you over the edge.

    With each set containing six eggs, all of which are made from soft and realistic TPE, there's something new to look forward to whenever you want to masturbate. Each egg is individually wrapped and even contains a sample of water-based lube inside meaning you're all set up every time you crack one open.

    With each set containing six eggs, all of which are made from soft and realistic TPE, there's something new to look forward to whenever you want to masturbate.

    As you may have noticed, the Eggs are described as being "single-use." Tenga designed them this way, and as such, they don't recommend that you use them more than once - they're disposable. However, nothing is necessarily stopping someone from thoroughly washing an egg with hot water and anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner and using it again - in fact, some users have claimed to wash and reuse them over and over again. We can't really recommend this either but ultimately, what you do with your eggs is up to you!

    Results From Our Testers

    • Each egg feels really good to use as a stroker - they're definitely an improvement over the classic eggs
    • It's quite satisfying to crack one open, tear open the lube inside and go to town
    • Trying out each texture is fun, and makes masturbation a bit more exciting to look forward to
    • It's a shame they're designed to be single-use, but we were able to wash them and get at least one extra use out of them - eventually though, they will start to degrade
    • Each egg is the same size so if one doesn't fit you're screwed

    Pros and Cons

    A new and improved set of 6 Tenga Eggs
    Each egg contains a unique texture giving you unique sensations each time you jerk off
    Much more aggressively textured than the original designs for even more pleasure
    Can be squeezed to vary the intensity
    Made from super soft, hypoallergenic TPE
    Discreet design and easy to store
    Fully waterproof
    Very stretchy so works with most penis sizes
    Includes samples of Tenga water-based lube
    Could potentially be reused if properly cleaned and maintained
    Only recommended to be used once each
    Only compatible with water-based lube
    A little pricy for what is meant to be 6 masturbation sessions
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    The Tenga Crysta Ball Floating Shape Stroker
    The Tenga Crysta Ball Floating Shape Stroker

    Price: $ Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
    Best for: Men seeking total discretion, Visual stimulation Reusable: Yes
    Insertable Length: 3.54 Inches Hands-free: No
    Safety Features: Phthalate-Free, Non-Toxic, Ultra-Discreet, Waterproof, Easy to clean Features: Floating balls for intense stimulation, Extremely soft and stretchy, Adapts to fit most size penises, Includes a case and drying stand, Crystal clear body

    While at first glance the Tenga Crysta Ball stroker may look like a strange piece of modern art, it's definitely not just for looking at. This is a heavily textured masturbator designed to give you bursts of quick fun while being discreet enough to play off as a sculpture on your shelf - it's our best 3D Tenga for 2024.

    The Crysta Ball is a unique-looking sex toy. It's hard to miss the spheres suspended in the clear silicone; these floating shapes are what provide additional stimulation, and they do feel very good. The stroker itself is stretchy as it is made from a realistic TPE material, and although it stretches quite far, it's still best used with small to average size penises.

    While at first glance Tenga Crysta Ball stroker may look like an interesting piece of modern art, it's definitely not just for looking at.

    The stroker is soft and squeezable, making it easy to vary the pressure while you're using it - simply squeeze to make it tighter. The more you squeeze, the more you'll feel the floating balls and the texture of the canal, and depending on where you're gripping, it feels slightly different as you stroke.

    Included with this masturbator is a case and display stand, which can be used as a drying rack thanks to the openings which ensure there is sufficient airflow to the inside of the toy. The Crysta Ball is also completely waterproof, meaning you can use it in the bath or shower.

    For the best experience with the Crysta Ball, apply a good amount of water-based lube each time you use it. After use, make sure you give it a good clean, and let it air dry with the stand. Proper maintenance is the key to making strokers last as long as possible.

    Results From Our Testers

    • Looks unique for a sex toy but that doesn't impede the function
    • Sleeve is heavily textured and stimulating
    • The suspended shapes do add some interesting stimulation, especially when you squeeze the toy in different locations
    • It's a pretty small toy really - it stretches a bit, but anyone with a penis over average size will struggle
    • The case and stand are neat bonuses and help a lot with keeping the toy maintained

    Pros and Cons

    Uniquely designed stroker with suspended balls that provide amazing stimulation
    You can alter your grip placement and intensity for different sensations
    Discreet design that looks more like art than a sex toy
    Crystal clear and comfortable TPE material
    Transparent material lets you see all the action
    Fully waterproof
    Stretchy enough to fit most men
    Includes case and stand which can be used as a drying rack
    Flexible and easy to clean
    Only compatible with water-based lube
    Some users found it a little tight
    May yellow over time but this can be prevented with good maintenance
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    The Tenga Aero Cobalt Ring Adjustable Suction Masturbator
    The Tenga Aero Cobalt Ring Adjustable Suction Masturbator

    Price: $$ Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), Silicone, PolyCarbonate
    Best for:  Stamina training, Intense suction pleasure Reusable: Yes
    Insertable Length: 5.9 Inches Hands-free: No
    Safety Features: Easy to clean, Waterproof, Phthalate and Latex-Free, Discreet Features: 10 Different Suction Levels, Has ergonomic design, Easy to use and adjust, Extremely stretchy to fit most penis sizes, Includes built-in air drying stand

    Blowjobs are a hard thing to replicate - many male sex toys have tried, and many toys have failed to create a true-to-life experience. With the Aero Cobalt, we believe Tenga has gotten pretty close to cracking the code - its combination of suction and intensity means it's still the best Tenga for blowjob stimulation for 2024.

    Using the dial found on the body of the Aero Cobalt, you can cycle through 10 settings, ranging from mild and tickling to intense suction.

    The dial is very easy to use - you can turn it with a single hand - and the case itself is designed to be very comfortable and ergonomic to grip. Additionally, the ease of using the dial makes it a breeze to alter the suction on the fly, allowing you to make each usage session unique. The toy is quite loud during use though - it's definitely not the most discreet masturbator.

    Inside the case sits the sleeve, which is made from realistic and soft elastomer. This sleeve is removable, making cleaning simple, and has enough stretch to fit most men. Within the sleeve, you'll find various chambers and textures, as well as a highly elastic ring, which is used to keep air inside the toy for extra cushioning.

    As we mentioned, cleaning the Aero Cobalt is nice and easy due to the removable sleeve. The toy also comes with a drying stand, so that's simple too. Once clean, all you need to do is set the sleeve on the stand where it can be left to air dry - this is necessary for good hygiene.

    Ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold even throughout longer sessions, and featuring the unique dial to add realistic pressure variations to your solo play, the Aero Cobalt is a neat blowjob simulator despite its lack of automatic features.

    Results From Our Testers

    • The suction feels great, and the 10 settings are actually quite different
    • The ring valve is intuitive to use and makes it easy to find the right level of suction
    • It's a shame it's not automatic at all, and it's also quite noisy for a non-automatic masturbator
    • The drying rack is a convenient bonus, and the drainer in the toy's lid helps make cleaning easier
    • The included sample of lube is nice but won't help if your penis is a couple of inches above average

    Pros and Cons

    Unique adjustable masturbator for simulating a blowjob
    10 pleasurable suction settings let you gradually ramp up the pleasure, or vary the pressure throughout
    Settings are controlled by a dial which can be used with one hand
    The ergonomic-designed case is a joy to hold
    Soft and realistic elastomer sleeve full of texture
    Elasticated ring inside sleeve keeps air inside for extra cushioning
    Great for stamina training
    Sleeve is stretchy enough for most men
    The sleeve is also removable for easy cleaning
    Includes drying rack for air drying
    Only compatible with water-based lube
    Some users found it louder than they hoped
    Cannot be used hands-free
    Lower settings may not be enough for experienced users, but the higher settings should be just fine
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    Customer Reviews


    "Time to play. Wasn't sure what to expect. Never seen a self pleasure device quite like this one but I figured what the hell. I can tell you it's better than anything I ever experienced with my fleshlight and its cheaper to boot. It's easy to clean and discreet. I strongly recommend lube or you'll never even get started. The variable suction is awesome!!"

    RRobert L.

    The Tenga Premium Disposable Vacuum Cup
    The Tenga Premium Disposable Vacuum Cup

    Price: $ Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
    Best for: Enjoyable and luxurious self-pleasure experience Reusable: No (But could potentially be reused if properly cleaned and maintained)
    Insertable Length: 6.1 Inches Hands-free: No
    Safety Features: Easy to clean, Ultra-Discreet, Waterproof, Easy to store Features: Pre-lubricated interior, Hourglass shape which can be squeezed for extra tightness, Designed to fit most average size men, Deeply textured inner channel for intense stimulation

    An impressive improvement on the company's original disposable stroker, which was a great toy in its own right, the Tenga Premium Disposable Vacuum cup may be something you're meant to throw away but don't let that fool you.

    This stroker is unassuming but actually packs a punch, and with proper care and maintenance, you might not have to be so hasty about disposing of it.

    What makes this Vacuum Cup the Premium version? Well, that would be the material the sleeve is made from, which is now supposedly higher quality elastomer - and to be fair, it does feel better than before. It's thicker than the original, and is more textured with deeper ridges, resulting in more stimulation.

    The cup is shaped like an hourglass, much like the original vacuum cup. This design helps provide more pleasurable sensations, as it gives you a tight squeeze as you enter. It can also be squeezed further during use for additional tightness, which can be very useful for stamina training. There's a pull tab on the top of the stroker, which reveals a small hole that you can cover to vary the pressure of the suction. This is great for blowjob-style stimulation.

    Since it's meant to be disposable, Tenga designed this stroker with convenience in mind, and as such, it comes pre-lubricated so it's ready to be used fresh out of the wrapper. The lube itself is also made using higher quality ingredients than the older version, which helps make using the stroker feel even better.

    Similarly to the Tenga New Standard Eggs, though the Premium Vacuum Cup is designed to be thrown away after use, it is still technically possible to reuse it, at your own risk of course. The right care and maintenance and a good, thorough cleaning can help in making sex toys last longer, and these disposable toys are really no different. That's not to say that it'll last as long as a toy that is designed to be reusable, but even so, we reckon you should be able to get at least a few good uses out of it - as long as you treat it right!

    The Premium Vacuum Cup is also a good option for taking on the go.

    This is thanks to its discreet size and shape which allows it to be easily stored in a bag, as well as the fact that it's disposable. There's really no need to lug around a larger, more intrusive stroker in 2024 - thanks to its unassumingly good features, the Premium Vacuum Cup is still our best travel-friendly Tenga.

    Results From Our Testers

    • The texture of the canal is very satisfying
    • It's tight, which feels good, but might be too much for more well-endowed men
    • It comes pre-lubed which is nice and convenient
    • It's the perfect size for travel
    • We were able to get a good few uses out of the cup by washing it and reusing it - it does get harder to clean though, and doesn't feel as good as the first use

    Pros and Cons

    Premium, improved version of the original vacuum cup
    Much more luxurious and pleasurable than before
    Sleek blue and gold case
    Higher quality sleeve for even better orgasms
    Sleeve is deeply textured for intense stimulation
    Hourglass shape which can be squeezed for extra tightness
    Fits most average-sized men
    Pull tab on top to reveal a hole, which alters the pressure when covered with a finger
    Discreet size and shape make it easy to store and travel with
    Designed to be disposable (but can be used again if cared for properly)
    Fits average-sized men the best, so exceptionally small or large men may not get an absolutely perfect fit
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    The Tenga Spinner Masturbator Series
    The Tenga Spinner Masturbator Series

    Price: $ Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
    Best for: Stamina training, Suction pleasure, Tight coil sensations Reusable: Yes
    Insertable Length: 5.11 Inches Hands-free: No
    Safety Features: Hypoallergenic, Waterproof, Easy to store Features: Has different sleeve textures for different stimulations, Stretches and fit most size men, Designed to literally spin around the penis, Soft, Stretchy, Feels like a real vagina

    Tenga has built up quite a reputation for creating unique and innovative sex toys, and with the Spinner series of masturbators, it's fair to say they've proved this reputation is pretty well deserved - they're still our choice for the best spinning Tenga toys for 2024.

    This series consists of six unique masturbators, each with a different internal texture, but also having one interesting feature in common - they all spin!

    When we say "spin" that's exactly what we mean. Though the sleeves each have a different texture (we'll get into that in a moment), they all contain a spiral-shaped spring that twists the sleeve continuously down your penis. This kind of stimulation feels unusual at first, but great once you're used to it, regardless of which specific Tenga Spinner you choose.

    But which Spinner should you choose? To help answer that question, let's take a look at the different sleeves Tenga offers.



    The Beads Sleeve

    • This sleeve's larger diameter is full of alternating spheres of varied sizes. Being heavily textured, its firmness makes it feel more lifelike!

    The Brick Sleeve

    • A tight sleeve perfect for anyone with a passion for anal. The texture is aggressive and is made up of chunky, geometric tiles which are sure to make an impression.

    The Hexa Sleeve

    • As the name suggests, this sleeve is textured with hexagonal tiles. Like with the Beads Sleeve, the heavy texture makes it firm and lifelike, providing a great deal of stimulation!

    The Pixel Sleeve

    • Another sleeve with a larger diameter, this time with an average firmness for stimulation which isn't too tight or too loose - it's just right! The texture consists of small nodes which cover and stimulate the entirety of your penis.

    The Shell Sleeve

    • This sleeve is of a medium tightness - which makes it a great choice for any penis size - and is lined with firm, fanned tiles, all of which provide super high-intensity stimulation!

    The Tetra Sleeve

    • With its mild-edged geometric tiles, this sleeve's texture provides medium stimulation. The light texture and mid-range firmness make it great for larger penises.

    Each sleeve, though distinct, is made from the same TPE which is realistic, and soft. It's also stretchy, to the extent that most men should be able to get some good fun out of whichever Spinner they choose - unless you're very well-endowed.

    Let's talk a little about that spiral spring we mentioned earlier. The coil is wrapped around the entirety of the sleeve and is responsible for the titular spinning action of the stroker. There are no batteries required - the act of stroking itself is enough to make it work. Just make sure you grip the stroker lightly, as a grip too tight may result in less intense sensations!

    Results From Our Testers

    • The spinning is quite impressive to look at, and it works well
    • Spinning stimulation takes a while to get used to, but it does feel good
    • The six styles are fun to try out, but it would cost a lot to collect them all
    • The intricate internal designs make it tricky to clean out the sleeves
    • They're not particularly realistic, but that's not really the point of them anyway

    Pros and Cons

    Unique series of strokers that provide a spiral of sensation
    Each sleeve features a unique texture, all of which will rock your world
    Spiral coil allows the sleeve to spin as you stroke, creating intense stimulation
    Choose your favorite texture or collect 'em all for a full arsenal of unique masturbators
    Includes storage case and stand for easy air drying after being thoroughly cleaned
    Sleeve is sumptuously soft as it's made from realistic and hypo-allergenic TPE
    Great for stamina training
    Fully waterproof and reusable
    Includes sample of water-based lube
    Only compatible with water-based lube
    Some designs may not fit everyone perfectly, but there is sure to be at least one design that works great for every penis
    Some users wished they were slightly easier to clean
    Check Price Now

    Customer Reviews


    "These products are ingenious! They feel wonderful, they seem to be made with quality. I ordered the yellow and the orange one, the yellow is my go to for sure."

    RRobert L.


    "Amazing For The Price. I recently got the Tetra, and man is it good, especially for 30 bucks! The only thing I don't like is that I'm thick enough as to where the coils make stroking a little difficult, but other than that no complaints."

    SSpencer W.

    The Tenga Geo Coral Reversible Textured Masturbator
    The Tenga Geo Coral Reversible Textured Masturbator

    Price: $ Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
    Best for: Men looking for a discreet yet pleasurable toy Reusable: Yes
    Insertable Length: 6.69 Inches Hands-free: No
    Safety Features: Waterproof, Easy to clean, Discreet, Phthalate-Free, Non-Toxic Features: Reversible design, Intricately textured canal, Stretchy material, Includes case and drying stand

    Even by Tenga's standards, this is quite a strange-looking sex toy, but fear not - what you see in the image is actually the toy's internal textured sleeve, which can be used by flipping it inside out. The Tenga Geo Coral is our best discreet Tenga for 2024 due to its unconventional, inconspicuous appearance, as well as its stimulating texture.

    This toy is discreet in multiple ways. As we just mentioned, its design doesn't really resemble a sex toy in the slightest. It looks more like, as its name suggests, coral. This means you're safe to store it on your shelf - people will probably assume it's an art piece, or maybe a souvenir from a museum. In addition to its design, there are no motors or electronic parts to the toy, which makes it nice and quiet during use.

    Though the texture looks pretty odd, all the crevices mean it feels great to use.

    Speaking of use, you'll have to flip the toy inside out to experience all that unique texture. Though the texture looks pretty odd, all the crevices mean it feels great to use. It's not the most intense stimulation, but it's interesting and pleasurable. Reviewers also found that despite the detailed texture, it's quite easy to clean due to its reversibility.

    The sleeve is made of Tenga's usual TPE which feels quite lifelike, as well as being soft and flexible. It's got enough stretch to be able to fit larger penises than some of Tenga's disposable toys, but it's still not perfect for guys who are well above average.

    The stand that comes with the toy is a neat addition as it's the perfect place to let the Tenga Geo Coral air dry after giving it a thorough wash. Giving it enough time is crucial here to allow all the water to run out of all the intricate crevices found in the sleeve.

    Results From Our Testers

    • It is quite a discreet toy with its coral-like appearance - we'd recommend having an answer prepared if someone asks about your interesting art piece though
    • As there are no motors or electronics it's also discreet to use which is nice
    • The sleeve's texture looks like it should be more intense but it's hard to notice all the crevices during use - it does feel good though, especially with lube
    • It's quite stretchy but we doubt it'd be enough to make it fun to use for very well-endowed guys
    • Drying stand is a great inclusion as there are so many little pockets to the texture - the reversible design also helps here

    Pros and Cons

    Super discreet reversible stroker
    Looks like an art piece and not a sex toy
    Intricate internal texture
    Soft and realistic materials
    Stretchy enough to accommodate a lot of men
    Includes stand for easy air drying
    Reversible design makes cleaning and drying easy
    Also includes case
    Not stretchy enough to fit very well-endowed men
    Only compatible with water-based lube
    Can't be used hands-free
    Check Price Now

    Tenga Flip Hole Pressure Sensitive Male Masturbator
    Tenga Flip Hole Pressure Sensitive Male Masturbator

    Price: $$ Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
    Best for: Men looking for a reliable toy they can use over and over again Reusable: Yes
    Insertable Length: 5.9 Inches Hands-free: No
    Safety Features: Waterproof, Easy to clean, Leak-Proof Features: Hinged design, Air tight textured canal, Pressure pads for varied sensations, Easy-grip ergonomic design, Includes a drying stand

    The Tenga Flip Hole is responsible for starting the hinged design trend, and it remains one of Tenga's most popular products despite there being other popular variations. It's our pick for the best reusable Tenga toy for 2024 due to its combination of a forward-thinking design, stimulating internal canal, and overall reliability.

    That hinge is what the toy is named after - as it "flips" open - and it's definitely the most unique aspect of the toy. Opening the toy up allows very easy access to the internal canal, making it easy to clean despite the complex and stimulating texture.

    The Tenga Flip Hole is responsible for starting the hinged design trend, and it remains one of Tenga's most popular products despite there being other popular variations.

    It also makes it possible to start using the toy before you're hard. Whereas with non-opening strokers you'd have to stuff your flaccid dick into a tight hole (which most would find at best a little awkward and at worst quite unpleasant) to achieve this, with the Flip Hole you can open it up, put your penis inside easily, and then close it again. This is great for guys with erectile dysfunction, and it's also fun to get hard whilst inside the toy for a change.

    There's also a flap of material on the inside which is strategically placed to stop lube from leaking out and getting everywhere. We found that most of the lube does indeed stay inside the toy, which is a nice touch. You can see this in action yourself with the sample of water-based lube included with the toy.

    While the Flip Hole isn't the largest toy (as is the case with most of Tenga's strokers) but it is larger than many of their reusable toys and will last a lot longer to boot. Additionally, the TPE canal is quite stretchy, so if you're within an inch or two over the average penis size, you should be just fine.

    Finally, you'll find pressure pads on the body of the toy. By pushing down on these pads, you can alternate the tightness of the canal for varied sensations - this is also useful for stamina training.

    Results From Our Testers

    • The canal is stimulating and tight
    • Pressure pads add some different sensations
    • The hinged design makes it very easy to clean and means you can start using the toy without an erection
    • The TPE sleeve feels pretty realistic
    • It's larger than a lot of Tenga toys so will fit more sizes of penis

    Pros and Cons

    The OG hinged masturbator
    Features pressure pads for varied stimulation
    Aggressive internal canal
    Hinged design means cleaning is simple
    Can close over a flaccid or semi-erect penis
    Realistic TPE sleeve
    Includes drying rack and case
    Not great for anyone with a large penis but should fit small and average sizes
    Only compatible with water-based lube
    No automatic features
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    Tenga Double Hole Male Masturbation Cup
    Tenga Double Hole Male Masturbation Cup

    Price: $ Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
    Best for: Beginners who want a classic Tenga experience at a low cost Reusable: No
    Insertable Length: 5.5 Inches Hands-free: No
    Safety Features: Body-safe, Waterproof Features: Two unique holes and sleeves in one toy, Comes pre-lubricated, Air-tight for a suction sensation, Designed to fit most size men

    The Tenga Double Hole Male Masturbation Cup is our best Tenga for beginners for 2024. It's a great introduction to Tenga's single-use toys and features a neat design quirk so you're not missing out on any of their trademark ingenuity.

    The gimmick in question is that this masturbator, as the name suggests features two entry points, each with a unique canal. One of these holes, the "Bitter Side" is a bit more tight and squeezing, whereas the other side, the "Sweet Side" is a little gentler and more cushioning.

    There isn't a huge difference, especially if you use a lot of lube, but both sides feel really good, and it's great that it means the cup is actually designed to be double-use as opposed to single-use. As there are two openings, you could also use it at the same time as a partner, for a virtual threesome of sorts, which is uncommon with these disposable toys.

    As you use the cup, by placing your finger over the opposite opening, you can experience some vacuum suction. This allows you to vary the sensations you're feeling which is useful for stamina training.

    As we mentioned, this stroker is designed to be disposable, but we were able to use it a couple of times before noticing any real decline in quality.

    Just make sure you wash it thoroughly and let it completely air dry if you intend to do this. Though the tight canals are a little tricky to clean, it can be worth it for a couple of extra uses.

    Results From Our Testers

    • The double-ended design is interesting and adds some variety
    • Both sides feel good but there's not a massively noticeable difference between them
    • It's a little hard to clean both ends but this does help you get a couple more uses out of the cup
    • The suction feature helps add variation
    • Feels quite small during use - not for men with larger penises

    Pros and Cons

    Disposable stroker with two unique holes
    Perfect for beginners
    Each hole offers slightly different sensations
    One side is tighter, the other is gentler
    Comes pre-lubed so you can use it straight away
    Feel air-tight suction by placing your finger over the opposite hole
    Discreet and great for travel
    Holes don't feel massively different
    Only compatible with water-based lube
    Only designed to be used once (per hole)
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    The Tenga Premium Double Hole Dual Sensation Male Masturbation Cup
    The Tenga Premium Double Hole Dual Sensation Male Masturbation Cup

    Price: $ Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
    Best for: Spicing up solo sessions and perfect stroker for docking with a partner Reusable: No (But could potentially be reused if properly cleaned and maintained)
    Insertable Length: 5.80 Inches Hands-free: No
    Safety Features: Waterproof, Leak-Proof, Ultra-discreet Features: Air tight for an extremely realistic feeling, Dual sleeve design, Comes pre-lubricated, Designed to fit most size men

    The Tenga Dual Sensation has twice the openings of your average masturbator, each of which contains a unique and satisfying texture. It's still our best double-hole Tenga for 2024 due to how it improves over the basic version.

    With one opening at each end of the toy, the Dual Sensation is great for solo sessions, and it also works well for docking with a partner, as you can both get off with the added intimacy of using the same toy at the same time. When both ends aren't occupied, the opening that is not in use can be covered up to increase the vacuum for blowjob-style suction. There are no automatic features, but the suction you can get here is decent.

    On one end of this masturbator, you'll find the Tender Side, which is made up of gentle ribs meant for tickling and teasing. On the other end, you'll find the Tough Side - this end is specifically designed to squeeze tightly for powerful stimulation. Now, to be honest, there still isn't an enormous difference, but it's definitely more noticeable than with the basic version - and both ends do feel good to use.

    As we keep mentioning, the Tenga Dual Sensation is actually an improved version of Tenga's original double-penetration masturbator.

    With its TPE sleeve being more intricately designed than before, and the higher quality lube that it comes pre-applied with, this stroker is a solid upgrade over the original. Oddly enough, it's also cheaper, so if you're after a double-ended masturbator, this is the one.

    Furthermore, this masturbator is very discreet and easy to stash away. Due to this, it's also a great toy for traveling, taking up very little storage space

    As is to be expected from disposable Tenga toys, it's recommended that you only use the Dual Sensation once before throwing it away. This is part of the joy of using disposable strokers - they require little to no clean-up. However, we've mentioned in the previous disposable entries how some people reckon that with proper care and maintenance, you can get a few extra uses out of them. We found this to be true, but even so - do so at your own risk!

    Results From Our Testers

    • Both ends feel great - there's not a huge difference, but you can definitely tell
    • The double-ended design is just fun to play around with
    • Sleeve is stimulating and stretchy
    • Not the best stroker if you've got a large penis, despite the stretchiness
    • We found we could get a couple of uses if we cleaned the toy - cleaning is a bit tricky though

    Pros and Cons

    Double-ended stroker for double the fun
    Perfect for both solo sex and docking with a partner
    Each side has a unique canal - one for gentle teasing, and the other for stronger sensations
    Alter the suction when using solo by covering the opposing end
    Soft and stretchy TPE material means sleeves should fit most men
    Comes pre-lubricated
    Discreet design for easy storage and travel
    Squeezable case lets you change the tightness on the fly
    Designed to be thrown away after one use (but some users suggest they can be reused if maintained well)
    Some users thought it was a little pricey for a product that is meant to be used one time
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    How to choose your perfect Tenga Sex Toy

    Though all the Tenga toys on this list are brilliant strokers that anyone is bound to have a good time with, if you really want to find the perfect fit for your needs, there are a couple of things you need to consider. In this section, we'll outline these important considerations to help you make that all-important choice!

    1. Think about how you want to use it

    There are many different preferences when it comes to the usage of masturbators. No matter your specific needs, we're sure there's something on this list for you!

    If you're simply looking for a way to overhaul your jerking off the Tenga Flip Zero EV is a great choice. It takes everything good about the rest of the Flip series, and adds stimulating vibrations - it's hard to go wrong with it.

    If you're into stamina training, you need something that can provide overstimulation, preferably with controls to alter the intensity if you really need it. The Aero Cobalt fits the bill perfectly, with its dial that makes cycling through the 10 suction settings nice and easy.

    There are many different preferences when it comes to the usage of masturbators. No matter your specific needs, we're sure there's something on this list for you!

    If you need a toy that you can travel with, we'd recommend a disposable masturbator such as the Premium or Original Double Hole Masturbation Cups. These strokers are small enough to throw in your luggage, and since they're disposable they can be thrown away after use.

    If you value having new, interesting experiences and don't want things to get stale, the Tenga Eggs or Spinners may be the toys for you. There are six variations of both, with the Eggs coming in a pack of all six. Each variation has a different texture, so there's something exciting every time.

    2. Consider discretion

    Discretion is one of those things that is very important to some people and not a big deal for others. If you're more inclined to keep your fun to yourself and want a toy that is easy to hide away, there are various Tengas on this list that will be perfect for your needs. The Geo Coral, with its artistic design, works perfectly well as a sculpture on a bedroom shelf, and the Premium Vacuum Cup is the perfect size to fit wherever you want to store it.

    If discretion isn't something you're all that fussed about, we'd recommend the Tenga Aero Cobalt. Some users found it slightly too loud than they had hoped, but if that doesn't bother you, you're in for a fantastic time!

    3. Get to Know The Different Types of Tenga

    Tenga's male masturbators are all innovative and intensely pleasurable. There are numerous wider series of Tenga toys, containing variations of the same or very similar designs - you probably noticed that a few of the products on this list are part of the same wider series. Here's an overview of some of the varieties you should know about!



    Tenga Flip

      • Tenga Flips get their name from their hinged design, which opens up to allow easy access inside the sleeve. This makes cleaning simple, and also prevents lube from leaking out during use. They also have squeezable pressure pads on their sides, allowing you to easily control the tightness!

      Tenga Egg

        • These are disposable egg-shaped masturbators, each containing a unique texture. This list features a set of six, but Tenga also offers individual eggs for purchase. They're stretchy, waterproof, and even contain a sachet of lube in each stroker.

        Tenga Cup

          • Tenga's classic discreet and disposable strokers. They come pre-lubed and ready for action, and feature highly textured canals as well as an air valve that can be covered to vary the suction!

          Tenga Crysta

            • These masturbators feature a unique crystal-like design containing suspended shapes that provide a novel and intense form of stimulation. They look more like an art piece than a sex toy meaning they don't necessarily have to be hidden away!

            Tenga Aero

              • The Tenga Aero is a unique, dial-controlled masturbator with 10 built-in settings for suction. It features an ergonomic design making it easy to hold and control even with one hand. The sensations it provides are comparable to those of an intense blowjob!

              Spinning Tenga

                • Spinning Tengas are a variety of masturbators with a spiral spring around the sleeve, which allows it to spin around your penis as you stroke. Each Spinner has a different texture, meaning there's no need to stop at just the one!

                Double Hole Tenga

                  • Double-hole Tengas are just how they sound - they're masturbators with two holes.

                  • With one entrance on each end, these disposable strokers make for super unique masturbation and are also great for docking with a partner.

                    4. Keep in mind the ease of cleaning

                    A common complaint given by users about many kinds of male masturbators is that they can be awkward to clean, which can often be a dealbreaker. Cleaning and good maintenance are vital when it comes to increasing the longevity of these toys - as well as keeping them hygienic - so you really need to be able to give them a thorough wash, getting into every nook and cranny of what can often be a heavily textured sleeve.

                    Tenga has two solutions on offer for anyone looking to have an easier time cleaning their toys

                    The first of these solutions is their range of disposable toys. Though users often go against Tenga's advice and reuse them after giving them a wash (and many have success doing so), they're designed to be used once and then thrown away. One of the advantages of this is that you don't need to worry about cleaning at all - you can simply dispose of the toy after using it, and then get a new one for a reasonable price. If this sounds good to you, the Tenga Double Hole Masturbation Cup is a great masturbator at a price where repeat purchases won't break the bank.

                    If you're not interested in repeatedly buying new disposable toys to keep hygienic, the right solution for you may well be a Tenga Flip. There are two varieties of Flip on this list (the Flip Zero EV and the Flip Hole), unified by their hinged design. These masturbators can be fully opened up for incredibly easy access to the sleeve, which makes cleaning simple.

                    5. Choose between disposable and reusable

                    At some point, you need to decide whether you want a cheaper toy that can be used for one incredible jerk-off session or a slightly costlier stroker that will last much longer while needing to be properly maintained! There are advantages and disadvantages to both kinds - let's take a look at some of them now.



                    • Disposable toys are great for making a single masturbation session special.
                    • Most of the disposable masturbators on this list come pre-lubed for convenience (apart from the eggs, which do include a sample sachet in each egg), meaning you can start using them immediately after getting through the wrapper.
                    • They're also very discreet which makes them super easy to hide away while also being brilliant for traveling.
                    • Cleaning up after using a disposable toy couldn't be simpler - all you have to do is throw it in a waste bin. They also tend to be cheaper than reusable toys.
                    • However, disposable toys, as the name suggests, are designed to be single-use only.
                    • Sure, you theoretically could give them a wash and use them again, but ultimately they simply won't last as long as reusable toys.
                    • Additionally, they don't feature any motors or electronics for vibrations or extra suction - they're all quite simple.
                    • Reusable toys on the other hand are capable of improving all of your masturbation sessions well into the future since they can be used again and again.
                    • Their designs and features are often much more advanced technology. They also usually have more luxurious, intricately designed canals that can withstand more vigorous use.
                    • To account for the premium features, sleek designs, and durability of reusable sex toys, they come at a higher cost than those that are disposable - but this is balanced out by all the uses you'll be able to get out of them.
                    • They do need lube reapplying every time and require more maintenance such as being cleaned often, but most people don't find this to be a dealbreaker.
                    • They can be less discreet than disposable toys as they are often bigger, but it really depends on the toy.


                    Tenga toys are inventive and interesting, but they're not inaccessible in the slightest. In fact, any of the Tenga masturbators on this list would make a neat addition to anyone's sex toy collection, being capable of providing lots of pleasure and great fun.

                    If you are looking for a Tenga that suits your individual needs to a tee though, remember to take into account all the different varieties of Tenga toys that are out there, and all their unique features. Though any one of Tenga's strokers will do a great job of getting you off, spending that little bit of extra time to find the exact right one for you is always worth it!

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