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Prostate Massagers and Sex Toys for Men


Getting to know the Aneros prostate stimulators

In this article, we take a closer look at Aneros’ range of prostate stimulators and how they can take your sexual adventures to a whole new level. We’ll cover a variety of topics including:
  • Aneros’ revolutionary product design
  • Using an Aneros for hands-free pleasure
  • How you can use Aneros products to boost sexual performance and stamina
  • How to safely use a prostate massager
  • Picking the right Aneros for you—a full product overview



Part 1: Getting to know Aneros

Aneros—a revolution in prostate stimulation

Aneros prostate stimulators are designed to help guys in their quest for the ultimate full-body orgasm, or Super-O, and to provide an overall boost in sexual performance and stamina. Before Aneros appeared on the scene, achieving a Super-O could be challenging to say the least. If you were flying solo, you needed a lot of flexibility and skill to work the massager—and even if you had a willing partner, it could prove tricky to actually locate the gland. The prostate is about the size of a walnut, so it’s easy to miss if you don’t know roughly where to look.

Not only that, but if your (or your partner’s) hands were busy with the prostate massager, then other sexual activities would have to take a back seat or need much more coordination. For all these reasons, prostate stimulation required a lot of patience, perseverance, and practice—and these are not behavioral traits we typically associate with wild, hot, and horny sex!


Hands-free pleasure

Aneros prostate stimulators have changed all that. They are hands-free—and designed to be held in place by your anal muscles. You’ll find they provide an almost effortless, direct connection to your prostate gland—with none of that initial inelegant, awkward fumbling. At that point, you’ll realize why the prostate is often called the male G-spot.

Once inside, Aneros prostate stimulators use your own natural muscle contractions and body movements to stimulate your prostate. This gives you direct control over the level of pressure, build, and intensity. This also leaves you hands-free and ready for action. The Aneros will even stay inside your butt while you’re penetrating your partner, and it doesn't get in the way if they want to give you a blow job or hand job. If you’re using an Aneros for solo play, then both your hands are free to jerk yourself off, fondle your balls or finger your nipples—whatever adds to your pleasure. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you or your partner using your hands to work an Aneros prostate massager—and some people still prefer that.


Designed for maximum pleasure

Since they’re designed purely to stimulate your prostate rather than your butt, all Aneros prostate products are relatively slim when compared with dildos or anal plugs. That said, Aneros does make some wider models, a ribbed version, and a vibrating option for guys who would like a bit of additional anal stretch or stimulation.

Each Aneros has a central stem that's designed to fit the contours of your anal passage. Even on the smallest and thinnest models, the main stem is long enough to reach and stimulate your prostate gland. All the models feature a front arm that’s curved upward to press against your perineum (or taint). This means your prostate gland is stimulated in two different ways at the same time for maximum intensity. It also provides the necessary pivoting action to create that unique hands-free massaging motion.  

On some of the older models, the back arm is curved down for easier removal, while on the newer ones, it's curved upwards to press the Kundalini spot at the base of your spine. The Kundalini spot is recognized as an acupressure point and believed by many people to be an energy center in its own right. All the newer models also feature Multi-Axial Motion Architecture, or MAMA—a new feature that’s unique to Aneros and allows hands-free lateral and rotational movement.


Finding and activating your pelvic floor muscles

You'll get the best results from an Aneros prostate massager if you know how to activate your pelvic floor muscles. If you’ve tried Kegel exercises, then you’ll understand what we're talking about. But don’t be put off if you’re unsure—performing a Kegel is really simple, and we’ve prepared a simple, illustrated step-by-step guide on our site.

Don’t worry if you can’t get the hang of Kegels to start with. Aneros prostate stimulators have been designed so that the natural movement of your pelvic floor muscles during any sexual activity can stimulate your prostate gland. And, as we’ve mentioned, they work very well too if you or your partner want to go for a hands-on approach!


Aneros prostate stimulators and enhanced sexual performance

Prostate stimulation can enhance your sexual performance and boost your libido. It can make your dick harder, helping you cum with more force, and giving you a wider, longer-lasting cock. Aneros’ revolutionary hands-free control means that, for the first time, guys can easily tap into all these benefits in the heat of the action.

That’s fantastic news for all men—but it’s of particular benefit for guys with Erectile Disfunction. The Aneros design triggers the same muscles as Kegels and. As such, it has similar effects in terms in terms of stimulating blood flow to your dick and trapping it there while you're having sex. This is a unique benefit, and, as far as we are aware, no other prostate stimulator can achieve this.


Aneros design and the super-O

Perhaps the biggest win from using an Aneros prostate stimulator is the ability to achieve multiple orgasms in a single session. For most guys, that’s an ultimate aim and life-long aspiration. A prostate orgasm can happen independently of any penile stimulation and is caused by the release of fluid from your prostate gland (often called prostate milk). It’s basically jizz without any sperm.

Guys recharge much faster after pumping out prostate milk than they do after a regular orgasm. So there's the chance to do it all over again or wrap things up nicely by shooting your load a little later down the line. And, if you cum a little too soon, prostate massaging literally gives you a second shot! Again, great news for all guys—but prostate massaging provides a real lifeline for men with Premature Ejaculation. It enables them to still have long-lasting steamy sessions even if they’ve already shot their load.

Prostate stimulation also offers many health-related benefits, including a treatment for prostatitis, improved urine flow, and boosting your sperm count. You can read more about these benefits and more general background on prostate massaging on our website.


Safe usage

Let’s keep things simple here—make sure you’re all clean down below before using any kind of prostate stimulator. Some people opt for an anal douche or enema, others take a hot shower or bath. Pick a method that works for you, and don't skip it, no matter how experienced you get. Once you’re finished, you should wash your device with soap and hot water and leave it to dry naturally—some people choose to spray it with a sex toy cleaner while it’s drying for added peace of mind. If you’re using the Vice 2, remember to remove the vibrating section before you wash it!  

Make sure you always have plenty of good-quality water-based lube to hand for your sessions. It makes insertion much more comfortable and allows for freer movement once your massager is in place. While it’s possible to use a silicone-based lube with some Aneros models, an increasing number of their products are made with some silicone components—so it's best not to take the chance. Mixing silicone lube and silicone toys can cause them to degrade and stops them being body-safe, so always read the label on your lube and on your toys.  

Aneros products are comfortable to wear in almost any position, but we recommend you don't use them sitting down—whether you’re alone or with a partner. It won't hurt you if you do, but you won't get anywhere near the full range of movement and stimulation that the product is capable of providing.


Part 2: Picking the right Aneros for you—a full product overview 

The Trident Line

Each product in the Trident line has the same design but with a different emphasis on the tip width, mid-line width, insertable length, and the amount of contouring. They are all made of high quality, non-porous, medical-grade plastic except the Helix Syn Trident—which has a silicone outercoat. They all feature the Multi-Axial Motion Architecture we mentioned earlier as well as redesigned arms that stimulate perineum and kundalini spots and provide additional balance.  


Although you'll read in different places about beginner, intermediate, and advanced Trident products, it’s not necessarily that straight-forward. Within the Trident line, it's much more about personal choices. Some guys might, for example, may find the larger tip is better for stimulating their prostate, while others have different width or length preferences. The Trident line won the 2019 Xbis Awards “Sex Toy of the Year (Non-Powered)[1],” so whichever one you pick, you’re guaranteed a fantastic experience. 


  1. Aneros MGX Trident

The MGX Trident has the smallest head in the entire Aneros range and the gentlest contouring. However, it still has enough length to directly stimulate your prostate and deliver incredible sensations. It’s the only Aneros model to include light ribbing for additional anal stimulation.  Some guys will tell you that the smaller head promotes a gentle coaxing and rocking motion on their prostate—similar to using a finger. 

Vital stats:

Tip Width: 0.77 inches

Mid-Ridge Width: 0.98 inches

Stem to Perineum Distance: 1.65 inches

Insertable Length: 3.40 inches


  1. Aneros Helix Trident

The Helix Trident is based on the best-selling Helix Classic, but with improved motion and contouring. It has a large tip and an angled body. It may look small in comparison to other models and brands, but it delivers incredible results—trust us! 

Vital Stats:

Tip Width: 0.97 inches

Mid-Ridge Width: 0.88 inches

Stem to Perineum Distance: 1.65

Insertable Length: 3.32


  1. Aneros Eupho Trident

The Eupho Trident has a slim body and more contoured curves for precise control and movement. It's often recommended for more experienced users that have perfected control of their Pelvic floor muscles and can create a full range of prostate sensations and build. That said, some men prefer it as a starting-out model because of its slimness and subtlety. The Eupho’s size also makes it one of the easiest Aneros stimulators to wear while penetrating your partner.

Vital Stats:

Tip Width: 0.74 inches

Mid-Ridge Width: 0.88 inches

Stem to Perineum Distance: 1.56 inches

Insertable Length: 3.38 inches


  1. Aneros Maximus Trident

The Maximus Trident is one step up from the MGX Trident in terms of width and length. If you like to be stretched out a little bit more while having your prostate stimulated, then this is a superb choice.

Vital stats:

Tip Width: 0.96 inches

Mid-Ridge Width: 1.0 inches

Stem to Perineum Distance: 1.68 inches

Insertable Length: 3.50 inches


  1. Aneros Helix Syn Trident

The Helix Syn Trident evolved from the classic Helix Syn and is entirely coated in silicone. Many men report that this particular Aneros a slow-builder and, potentially, better suited to those with more prostate play experience. Other men tell us that its smoother, softer finish make it perfect for beginners. You’ll just have to try it and decide for yourself! 

Vital Stats:

Tip Width: 0.98 inches

Mid-Line Width: 0.86 inches

Stem to Perineum Distance: 1.75 inches

Insertable Length: 3.5 inches



Aneros Vice 2

If you want to take prostate stimulation to the next level, the Vice 2 is the one for you. It replaces the Vice as Aneros’ only vibrating prostate stimulator. The Vice 2 is operated with a discreet wireless remote control and has two-centered vibe action. It features 18 vibrating patterns and four strength settings as well as a “joy button” that lets you create your own vibration pattern. Like all the Aneros’ newest models, it has Multi-Axial Motion Architecture balancing architecture for greater movement and redesigned arms for improved balance and external stimulation.

Some guys suggest that the vibrations help if you’re not so experienced at prostate massages and struggle to engage your pelvic floor muscles. Other men argue that the vibrations detract from more subtle prostate stimulation that can be achieved with a manual toy. The Vice 2 is Aneros’ largest toy—all its vital stats are bigger than the Progasm. Interestingly, some guys report that the motor within the Vice 2 makes for a heavier, more substantial toy and creates a different, much fuller feeling inside—even before you switch it on.  

Vital Stats:

Tip Width: 1.30 inches

Mid-Line Width: 1.30 inches

Stem to Perineum Distance: 1.68 inches

Insertable Length: 4.25 inches



Aneros Progasm Classic

The Progasm Classic is designed for guys who have plenty of experience when it comes to prostate and/or anal play. The first thing you’ll notice is that it looks much more like a dildo than any of the other Aneros models.

The Progasm is based on the Aneros Helix Syn Trident, but with much wider dimensions. This makes it more suitable for guys that like a much fuller feeling inside—it’s actually Aneros’ largest manual toy. The Progasm classics have a sleek and shiny finish that's different from all the other products in Aneros’ range. They’re available in classic white, ice, black ice, and red ice.  


Vital Stats:

Tip Width: 1.15 inches

Width (at its widest): 1.25 inches

Stem to Perineum Distance: 1.52 inches

Insertable length: 4.0 inches

It's worth saying before we wrap up that prostate stimulation has nothing to do with sexuality and everything to do with gender. Only men, trans-woman, or male-assigned non-binary people have prostate glands. In today's society, there's a much broader understanding and appreciation that plenty of people—regardless of their sexuality— can (and do) enjoy all kinds of anal play, including prostate stimulation, without having to label, define or explain their sexuality. 

Aneros’ products continue to play a significant role in driving this sexual revolution and making prostate play even more mainstream. Why not give one of their products a try and find out what all the fuss is about—you won’t be disappointed, and you’ll wonder how you ever got by without one. 

[1] Aneros' Trident Wins Sex Toy of the Year (Non-Powered) at 2019 XBIZ Awards


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