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Electric Penis Pumps

Electric penis pumps are often looked at as the next step in the journey of penis pumping for men, but why?  What is it about these automatic enhancement devices that attract so many men over standard manual ones? To start, let's review what a penis pump is and why men are using them. 

The most common reason that men use electric pumps is for safety reasons as well as ease of use.  With a manual cock pump, you can potentially over-pump your penis and damage the tissue. This can be a temporary problem but in more severe cases, it can lead to permanent damage.

Almost every electric vacuum pump has some sort of safety shut-off mechanism which will automatically stop the power of the penis pump and help you avoid over-pumping. 

Another reason why people often opt-in for an electric pump is because it’s just easier.  With the flip of a switch or the press of a button, the small and quiet electric motor does all the heavy lifting for you.  The power turns the motor on, and it gets to work, pumping up your penis to the perfect pressure.  Speaking of power, the most common form would be rechargeable USB power which makes up the majority of all automatic pumps, but you still can find battery-operated pumps.  We always recommend USB power due to the quick charge ability and having no reliance on batteries or lack thereof. 

Typically, standard cock pumps use some sort of manual pump function that you must use to get the negative pressure in the cylinder.  The most common is a small bulb style which you must squeeze repeatedly to get the pump pressurized.  Other manual pumps include pistol grips (look like a handgun) or finger grips which are easier to use than the bulb style.  It can become painful in the hand if you must manually squeeze the pump for several minutes, especially if you suffer from arthritis or other physical conditions which may limit the use of your hands. 

If you are like most, time is very valuable to you so why would you want to spend all your time pumping up when it can be done in a fraction of the time.  With electric automatic penis pumps, you will cut down the time you spend pumping, often by as much as 50%.  Electric vacuum pumps are a much more efficient way to enlarge your penis.  With an electric penile pump, you can use it in the comfort of your bed, couch, or office chair.

No matter which direction you end up going, never forget a good water-based lubricant that will help you achieve the perfect airtight seal with the pump cylinder. 

Overall, a good electric pump should give you bigger, longer, and better erections for stronger orgasms. You’ll be able to maintain an erection for longer and realize those pleasure-filled, drawn-out lovemaking sessions with your partner that might have been nothing more than a dream before now.  Not only that, but electric penis pumps can increase your penis size while improving your penile health.

Electric Penis Pumps FAQs

There are many reasons why men choose electric penis pumps over manual, we have listed some of the top reasons below.

  • Automated pumping is more efficient and easier than manual pumping
  • Less work and strain for you, more time to enjoy your larger penis
  • Accurately pump to the ideal pressure every time
  • Electric safety valves are much safer
  • Spend more time having sex and less time pumping with quicker pumping
  • They typically come with easier to read digital gauges
  • You can pump with 1 hand rather than needing both like with manual pumps

To get a better idea on what an electric pump is, how to use them, and what to look for when buying, we have created this guide on penis pumps.  This guide is filled with excellent information that has been evaluated by our medical expert Dr. Josh Gonzalez.

Using an electric penis pump or automatic penis pump is very similar to how you use a manual penis pump with only a few beneficial exceptions.  Always review the manufacturers instructions for directions on the particular pump you are using.

  • Make sure your automatic penis pump is charged or has working batteries prior to proceeding to the starting steps.
  • To start, apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant on your penis and around the base or the hole of the sleeve that is included with your pump.  This will not only make it easier to get in and out of the sleeve but it also helps create an air-tight chamber which is needed to use a vacuum pump correctly.
  • Once you are lubed up, slide your penis into the tube or cylinder and slide all the way down until it meets your pelvis.  You are going to want to apply pressure to your pelvis but not so much that it will cause you to bruise.
  • When you are all the way inside of the pump you are going to want to power on the device.
  • As soon as the device is powered on, select the speed or pump setting you desire which should start the vacuum suction.
  • While you are pumping, monitor the air pressure inside of the tube (if your pump has an air gauge)
  • Once you have achieved your desired results, you can pause the vacuum suction and allow your penis to sit in the chamber for several minutes.  This will help you get all of the benefits.
  • The next step is to release the vacuum with the release automatic release valve button.
  • Remove your penis slowly once the vacuum is fully release.
  • If you are going to use a cock ring, this will be the time you want to slide it on.

Generally speaking, penis pumps are all safe to use. An electric pump may be considered safer if it includes a quick air release valve as well as an air gauge to monitor the vacuum pressure in the pump cylinder. 

If you have a manual pump with these features as well as an electric pump with the same features, there is not going to be one that is safer than the other. The big benefit is going to be the ease of use with the electric pump over manually pumping.

To read more about the safety of penis pumps, check out our penis pump FAQ.

Electric and manual penis pumps work pretty much the exact same way but with one major difference.  With a manual pump, you have to sit there for minutes which can feel like hours while laboring over a hand pump.  This is old school and inefficient.  There has to be a better way, and there is.  Electric and automatic pumps remove all of the hard labor by adding an electric motor that does all the work for you.  

Electric vacuum penis pumps also often have built-in digital pressure gauges which help you see just how precise your pumping is.  These digital readouts are a great addition to have, trust us.  When you are in the middle of a pumping session, the last thing you would want to do is to either guess at the pressure because you have no gauge at all or even worse, trying to make sense of the manual air pressure gauge.

For men with ED, you will benefit from the use of an electric pump, just as you would from a manual pump.  Both manual and electric are designed as a vacuum device that will help you achieve an erection so it becomes more of a personal preference.  

We always recommend you speak with your doctor to get their recommendations on which device will best fit your specific needs.

Just like each person and penis is unique, so is each pump.  The best pump for you should exceed your expectations and help you reach your goals.

Things to look for in a great pump are things like an air limiter, quick release air valve, rechargeable battery, as well as a digital LCD screen.

Based on over a decade of experience, testing, and reviews, we have put together the list of best penis pumps to help you with your journey.

For exact specs on which size pump you need for your penis size, check out our penis pump calculator.  Every penis size is different, therefore everybody has different needs for their pump, this calculator will help you purchase the correct pump, the first time.


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