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Listen to an audio summary

So you are thinking about or maybe you already have purchased your first Bathmate penis pump. Congrats! You are already miles ahead of most men who are unhappy with their current penis size. Bathmate penis pumps are one of the quickest and safest proven methods to increasing the length and girth of your penis. We are talking flaccid as well as erect.  These hydro pumps are an easy and effective method of male enhancement that can be done in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Very similar to normal pumps that use air, the Bathmate pumps use water to create a vacuum which when used correctly will help increase your size, and in some cases even your sexual stamina. You have made the decision to improve the size of your penis but now what? Just looking at these pumps might give somebody anxiety about how to use, when to stop, when to not use, are you doing it right, etc.!

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The Bathmate pumps use water to create a vacuum which when used correctly will help increase your size, and in some cases even your sexual stamina

We get it! Hell, most of us have experienced the same anxieties our first few times using as well. It is perfectly normal and we are here to help reduce or even remove those anxieties altogether.

To get started on learning how to use your Bathmate pump, continue below.  The first step would be to watch the video right below here in full. We recommend watching several times and even bookmarking this page so you can refer back to it if you have any issues or further questions.

Bathmate Hydro Pump

What Size of Hydro Pump Do I Need?

Erect Penis of 5" or Less Hydromax3
    Erect Penis Between 5" & 7" Hydro7
    Hydromax7 Wide
      Erect Penis Between 7" & 9" Hydromax9
        Erect Penis More Than 9" Hydroxtreme11

          Why Use a Bathmate Hydromax & Hydroxtreme Pump?

          • Permanently increase the size of your flaccid & erect penis  
          • Gain upwards of 3-4'' in length & 35% more girth  
          • Experience the firmest and hardest erections of your life 
          • Drastically improve your sexual stamina & overall performance 
          • Boost your penile & sexual health with reduction of harmful toxins 
          • 100% safe and proven sexual enhancement device for all penises

          How to use the Bathmate Hydromax Series Penis Pump  


          How to Use the Bathmate Hydroxtreme Series Penis Pump  

          How to Use the Bathmate Hydro Series Penis Pump  


          Basic Hydro Pump Rules to Follow

          In order to obtain optimum benefit from the Hydro pump and to avoid inappropriate use which may cause discomfort, you are strongly advised to follow the instructions as outlined below: 

          • Wash your hydro pump using warm, clean soapy water and rinse thoroughly. 
          • Say goodbye to the pubic hair! Ensure your pubic area is reasonably well trimmed. This will facilitate the vacuum seal against the pelvic seat. This is actually a good thing as your penis will look bigger with just a trimmed bush. 
          • Unwind and take time for yourself. A relaxation period of a few minutes in a warm shower or bath is required to allow the testicles to soften, allowing them to remain free from the sealing area thereby avoiding any discomfort or pain. 
          • Apply only the minimum amount of vacuum pressure necessary to achieve an erection. Excessive vacuum pressure and over vigorous pumping may result in bruising or injury to the penis. 
          • To benefit the most in erection hardness and optimal blood flow, it is best to remove the device every 2-3 minutes and allow the penis to retract. 
          • Massage the penis in the flaccid state for 2 minutes, then reapply the device and repeat the process. 
          • You should do this a maximum of 3 times in any 15-minute session. 
          • To massage, rub your penis tip and shaft with your index finger and thumb. You could also grip tightly like you are about to masturbate and then release. 
          • Repeat.  
          • It is important that you do not use the Hydro pump for more than 15 minutes in any period of 24 hours.

          Step by Step Instructions How to Use the Bathmate Hydro Pump

          Other sites might try and tell you there are different steps between pumping in the shower and bath, they are incorrect.  It does not matter where you are pumping, the process is always the same.   Follow these easy steps.

          1.  Wash your pump, inside and out.  Always wash before and after each session to keep clean and free of any bacteria 
          2.  Take time to let your body relax, no less than 5 minutes in warm water.  The best results come when your body is relaxed and has no tension. You need your testicles to soften a little further so they do not get in the way of the bellows during pumping.
          3.  Push & hold the black pip in the closed position with your finger.
          4.  Fill the hydro pump cylinder with water until completely full
          5.  While still holding the black pip closed, place the Bathmate pump over your flaccid penis and press tightly against your pelvic bone.  It makes no difference if the notch in the base is facing up or down, what ever is most comfortable for you.
          6.  Make sure your balls are clear of the pump and make a complete seal against your body. Comfort is key here.
          7.  Angle the hydropump slightly upwards and open the valve by releasing the black pip to the center (open) position
          8.  Slowly pump the Bathmate until the bellows remain depressed.  This is how you know that optimal vacuum pressure has been achieved.
          9.  Keep depressed pump on your penis for 5 minutes before releasing the vacuum.  To release the vacuum, depress the valve cap inwards to activate the quick release mechanism.

          We recommend 15 minutes per session, use the unit as often as once per day. Best results are archived by repeated inflation and deflation of 2-3 times of 5 minutes each over 15 minute period. You’ll be simply amazed at the development in both the erect and flaccid size of your penis and it can dramatically improve your performance as well. The use of a Bathmate pump will give the user an increase in length and girth.

          Best results are archived by repeated inflation and deflation of 2-3 times of 5 minutes each over 15 minute period.

          You’ll see the results from the first time you use it and the second you take it off. However your penis will slowly start reducing within a few hours, it’s not an overnight miracle. You should commit to it.

          It is not a sprint, it is a marathon. It’s similar to weight training if you go to the gym once your body won’t really look any different other than pumped for show. If you go to the gym three or four times a week you will start seeing changes.


          how to use bathmate hydromax penis pump
          how to use bathmate hydromax penis pump

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