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LA Pump 15 Inch Professional Grade Penis Pump Cylinder (1.75 - 5 Inch Width)

  • Premium 15'' acrylic professional grade penis pump cylinder 
  • Diameters 1.75'' all the way up to 5''
  • Compatible with most universal hand pumps
  • Designed for maximum comfort during use
  • Capable of handling maximum levels of air pressure 
  • Top rated as one of the most effective penis pumps available
  • Includes state of the art quick disconnect air valve fitting for easy cylinder installation
  • Penis pump cylinder only - No hand pump is included
  • Experience new levels of penis growth 
  • Enjoy a thicker and harder penis with stronger erections
  • Boost your self confidence with a massive cock 
  • Helps build up sexual stamina for longer pleasure
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Product Description

LA Pump 15 Inch Professional Grade Penis Pump Cylinder

When you are looking for the largest penis pump made, look no further than LA Pump and their line of ginormously huge 15 inch penis pumps.  These pumps are no joke.  Both in size and quality, you will not find anything bigger or better.  These flame polished pump cylinders are made flawlessly to ensure their professional quality under all circumstances.

This line of highly specialized penis pump cylinders is part of a collection of handmade, enlargement cylinders.  At a full length of 15 inches, there is not a penis around that won't fit into this line.  From men with erectile dysfunction to others looking for size enlargement, this crystal clear, made in the USA pump cylinder will get the job done and done right. 


Cylinder Features


  • Oversized cylinder designed to fit large sized cocks
  • Made from 100% body-safe acrylic
  • Diamond cut and flame polished for a perfect finish every time
  • Perfect for men seeking to maximize their penis size
  • Professional grade enlargement system recommended by doctors
  • Safety flange seal creates an airtight seal that can withstand even the highest pressures
  • Compatible with all universal hand pumps, tubing kits, and penis pump sleeves
  • All 15'' cylinders measure the same length | Width varies from 1.75'' - 5''




Thanks to the wide flared base, these pump cylinders are extremely comfortable to use, even at higher pressures.  No additional comfort sleeves are needed but if you do want to improve the comfort, even more, try out the silicone cylinder sleeve by LA Pump.  As with all LA Pump cylinders, the 15-inch series has the needed quick disconnect at the top which you can connect any of your favorite hand pumps, manual or electric. 

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have the highest quality pump that will create the ultimate seal for high-pressure penis pumping.  This cylinder is compatible with all performance hand pumps and tube kits.  Most universal pump sleeves will fit this pump as well.  To enhance your experience, add either water-based lube or even silicone lubricant to this cylinder.  Always clean with warm water and a good sex toy cleaner.

Note: Hand pump and tubing not included. These specialty cylinders are non-returnable.  All sales are final.



High Performance 15 Inch Penis Pump Cylinder Sizes


  • Length - 15'' (31 cm) 
  • Width - 1.75'' (4.45 cm)
  • Width - 2.25' (5.71 cm)
  • Width - 2.5'' (6.35 cm)
  • Width - 3.5'' (8.89 cm)
  • Width - 3.75'' (9.52 cm)
  • Width - 4'' (10.16 cm)
  • Width - 4.75'' (12.04 cm)
  • Width - 5'' (12.7 cm)


Cylinder Material


  • 100% Clear Acrylic
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