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Optimum Series Master Gauge Penis Pump With EZ Pull Trigger by Cal Exotics

  • Professional style penis pump designed for maximum growth
  • Includes high pressure gauge & easy to use trigger pump for precise pumping
  • Instantly increases the length & girth of your penis right before your eyes
  • Experience harder and more powerful erections with less effort
  • Stop wondering what if and change your sex life now
  • Grow your penis to be thick and long like you have dreamed about
  • Increase your confidence with the growth of you penis
  • A great penis pump for beginners or advanced users
  • Simple to use and provides lasting results
  • Use with a erection enhancing cock ring for even better results
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Product Description

Optimum Series Master Gauge Penis Pump


One might say that penis pumping is a fine mix of both art and science.  The trick to getting the most out of your penis pump comes down to your ability to regulate and monitor the air pressure inside of the penis pump tube

The problem is that it is a semi-controlled environment so there are things you cannot account for.  As you move your body and your penis while its inside of the cylinder, you are effectively changing more than you realize which leads to loss of air pressure and you might never know it. 


This can happen even with a tight pump seal.  Well, that is unless you have invested in a high-quality pump that has a precision air pressure monitoring gauge. 



Master Gauge Features


  • The ideal penis pump for beginners and advanced users
  • Includes a easy to read precision manual air gauge to prevent over pumping
  • Monitor your penis pump progress with total accuracy
  • The trigger grip provides an easy and seamless pull for maximum efficiency
  • The TPR penis pump sleeve provides an airtight seal for the perfect pump experience
  • Easy to handle cylinder with textured grip on the sides
  • The cylinder includes an easy to read size gauge so you can watch your dick grow and know exactly how much
  • Includes an extra-long and durable air hose for easier use


The Optimum Series Master Gauge Penis Pump With EZ Pull Trigger by Cal Exotics is a high-quality pump with all the bells and whistles you could want. 


Most importantly though is its ability to help you control the air pressure inside which will give you the greatest size gains and help you avoid any unwanted injury.


    The penis pump works using a vacuum seal and pressurized suction to increase blood flow to your penis. This creates a harder, firmer erection for you and your partner to enjoy immediately. And, in the long run, it encourages impressive growth in both length and width that your lovers will swoon over.


    The style of grip included in this pump kit has a T style trigger which is very comfortable and easy to use.  The last thing you want is a hand cramp right in the middle of pumping.


    The grip is connected to the air cylinder by way of a silicone air hose and connectors.  The hose meets the cylinder with an easy lock tube that slides over the locking post. 


    The professional air gauge sits atop of the crystal clear acrylic cylinder and is where all of the magic is seen.  The easy-to-read pressure gauge lets you keep track of how much pressure is being applied to your penis.


    The clear vacuum cylinder gives you an up-close viewing experience as your penis grows and grows with increased blood flow. Measurements on the side of the cylinder make keeping track of your progress simple.


    The easy-to-use pump handle lets you apply the pressure to your cock with a simple one-handed operation.


    The 10-inch cylinder is the perfect size for most men. The cylinder should provide you with enough room to grow unless you are already packing a monster downstairs. 


    You are going to need it with the growth you will see.  If you outgrow the included pump seal, there are many aftermarket penis pump sleeves that are compatible with this pump.  Use the Lynk Pleasure Silicone Cock Ring Set for maximum results.  


    Penis Pump Size


    • Overall Length - 10'' (25.4 cm)
    • Cylinder Length - 8'' (20 cm)
    • Insertable Length - 8'' (20 cm)
    • Internal Diameter - 2.75'' (7 cm)


    Whats the pump made of


    • Air Pump Cylinder - Clear Acrylic
    • Penis Pump Sleeve - Platinum Silicone
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