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The Excelsior Smart Automatic Penis Pump with Stroker Sleeve by Lynk Pleasure

  • The most advanced smart electric penis pump available
  • Features built-in erection enhancing excercises designed to improve your size and performance
  • Includes two pump sleeves for different sexual experiences
  • Can be used as a regular penis pump or an advanced automatic stroker pump
  • The build in brilliant backlit LCD screen is the biggest on the market
  • Fully electric penis pump stimulates your penis for additional growth
  • Boost your confidence and become a better lover
  • Enjoy the thickest and hardest your dick has ever been
  • Have more control over your sexual stamina and vitality
  • Easy to use 1 handed control puts the power in your hand
  • The anti-leak technology and advanced quick release air valve system is designed for your safety
  • Help yourself by improving your erection and sexual health immediately
  • 100% rechargeable (no batteries needed)
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Product Description

The Excelsior Advanced Smart Electric Penis Pump

Simply the best, most advanced penis pump ever made.  That is a reoccurring comment that is heard when discussing The Excelsior Smart Automatic Penis Pump by Lynk Pleasure.  Never has there been so much research and development that has gone into a penis pump as Lynk Pleasure put into the Excelsior.

This luxury vacuum pump is packed with every feature you can ever want (and even some you didn't know you needed) and is backed by Lynk Pleasure's 1-year warranty.  Not only does this electric pump include multiple speeds but it has a smart pumping function with memory recall (We'll get into this later).


Advanced Automatic Smart Electric Penis Pump Features 

  • Designed to be the most advanced electric penis pump available
  • The whisper-quiet motors are incredibly powerful and effective
  • Choose from unlimited electric vacuum settings or try the advanced smart function
  • Includes multiple built-in stamina-building exercises for improved endurance
  • Completely customize your pumping experience to fit your exact needs
  • Features a brilliant backlit LCD screen with all necessary pumping stats
  • Includes 2 pump sleeves for different experiences
  • The hyper-realistic penis pump stroker sleeve feels better than the real thing
  • With the included stroker sleeve you can turn your pump into a realistic masturbator pump or stand-alone stroker
  • The silicone pump sleeve is designed for total comfort and personal hygiene
  • 100% rechargeable and includes a USB charging cable
  • The anti-air leak technology helps keep vacuum pressure stable while inside the vacuum chamber
  • Helps create thicker and harder erections with improved sexual performance stamina
  • The largest LCD screen available on any penis pump
  • Pump effortlessly with the single-hand push-button control pad 
  • Designed to be used single-handed for a more pleasant pumping experience
  • Pump with peace of mind thanks to the electric quick-release air valve


What's in the box

  • 1x Excelsior advanced electric penis pump
  • 1x Medical-grade silicone pump sleeve
  • 1x Hyper-realistic stroker/masturbator sleeve
  • USB charging cable
  • Product instructions and warranty card

What is the smart mode?

This vacuum pump is designed with a smart motor that has built-in functions and exercises that go beyond any standard pump.  This includes smart memory as well as Auto Suction.

Smart Memory is a straightforward feature that helps recall the last function you pumped with.  The Excelsior features unlimited pump speeds which can be overwhelming to some.  With the Smart Memory feature, once you find what you like, getting back there is as simple as a click of a button.

The Smart Auto Suction mode featured in Excelsior is a series of built-in exercises designed to maximize your pumping results, including stamina and size.  Most pumps get you to a set vacuum suction level and leave you there, not The Excelsior.  This feature pumps you to your determined suction level, automatically releases the air, and repeats.  This type of exercise is proven to help improve blood flow for thicker erections and personal stamina.  Do not overlook this feature!

More Info 

The Excelsior penis pump includes the most advanced LCD screen available on any pump. Once you power on the pump you will notice a brilliant blue display that all of the information you would possibly want to know about during your pumping session. 

The information featured on the display includes air pressure, battery, pumping level, built-in timer, and other smart pump specific information.

The push-button control pad is designed for simple 1 handed use, very comfortable, and convenient.  

The vacuum cylinder on The Excelsior is made from extra thick, ultra-premium acrylic.  The added thickness of the acrylic allows you to safely pump at high pressure without the worry of cracking.

Etched on the side of the cylinder you will find a measuring gauge that allows you to watch, and monitor your erection growth in real time.

As mentioned, this penis pump includes 2 different pump sleeves, each for its own purpose.  The thick silicone pump sleeve is a body-safe, non-porous medical-grade silicone sleeve designed for your comfort.  It is soft and stretchy to the touch which is pleasant against your body.  This sleeve will create a completely air-tight seal, allowing you maximum growth.

The second sleeve is a realistic feeling TPE "real skin" sleeve that can be used as a stand-alone stroker for a fun solo experience. Just add lube and stroke away.  When you slide the perfectly fitting sleeve into the pump cylinder, it turns the penis pump into a stroker pump.  When using the stroker sleeve in the pump, you essentially turn your pump into an automatic masturbation toy that will suck you until you climax.

Recharge the premium pump in 2 hours with the provided USB charging cable to enjoy 12 hours of pumping pleasure. To track progress, use the incremental measurement marks on the cylinder shaft. 

Enjoy easy clean-up with this maintenance-free stimulator sleeve, simply wash with your favorite sex toy cleaner after each use. 

Use tons of water-based lubricant for easy insertion.  As with all pumps, to maximize your efforts, pump with a premium silicone cock ring to keep the gains.


    Excelsior Size

    • Overall Length: 12.5" (31.75 cm)
    • Cylinder Length: 9" (22.86cm)
    • Cylinder Width: 2.6" (6.60 cm)
    • Cylinder Internal Width: 2.50" (6.35 cm)
    • Insertable Length: 8" (20.32 cm)
    • Sleeve Length: 5.25" (13.25 cm)
    • Sleeve Width: 3" (7.5 cm)
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