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Tenga Flip Zero 0 | Reusable Realistic Male Masturbator Black/White

  • Uniquely designed flip-open style masturbator for men
  • Pressure sensitive pads allow you to control pressure and sensations on your penis
  • Leak-proof design keeps the lubricant on your penis and nowhere else
  • The most aggressively designed texture available by Tenga
  • Designed to give you maximum pleasure and quick orgasms
  • Includes a drying stand, storage case, and sample of lubricant
  • The air tight canal gives you an extremely realistic feeling 
  • Designed to stretch and fit most size men
  • Masturbation with a purpose helps with sexual stamina and health
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Product Description

Tenga Flip Zero 0 Male Masturbator


Over the last decade, the brand Tenga has stormed the male sex toy scene with their huge line of elaborate strokers and masturbators designed specifically for men and their needs. From their original Onacup which is a disposable 1-time use masturbator cup to their electronic line of vibrating masturbators, Tenga designs and creates unique sex toys that produce body shaking orgasms for anybody who uses.  

The Tenga Flip Zero (Also known as Tenga Flip 0) is the result of 10 years worth of research and development stemming from one of the largest ongoing masturbation research studies by Tenga. The end result of this study is the perfectly designed stroker for men which has unique pressure pads along the side which intensify the experience.  The reviews round up from around the internet do not lie, this is one pleasureful stroker designed to give any guy a run for his money.


Tenga Flip Zero Masturbator Features


  • The only masturbator for men designed after a decade long pleasure survey by Tenga
  • Single hand stroker stimulates the shaft and tip of the penis
  • Dual pressure pads along the side allow you to squeeze tighter around your penis to mimic a virgin vagina or ass
  • The one-way air valve creates the ultimate suction vacuum for intense pleasure that simulates a blow job
  • The snap-together design is also leak-proof so you do not leak lubricant during use
  • The most aggressively designed pocket pussy sleeve available
  • Made from hypo-allergenic TPE which is very soft, stretchy, and feels like a real person
  • Completely waterproof and reusable for a lifetime of pleasure
  • Stretches to fit most size penises
  • Includes a drying stand and storage case
  • Also includes a sample of Tenga Water-Based Lube


The Flip Zero masturbator is loosely based on the original design of the Tenga Flip Hole masturbator, though the Zero is much lighter and smaller in your hand for a more efficient and has an easier stroking motion.  The Flip 0 masturbator is designed to flip open with one side hinged which has many fantastic purposes.  First off, when using water-based lube (and you should be using a lot) the hinge style stroker actually locks down around your penis to keep the lubricant from leaking out all over the place.  The hinged side also allows you to further control the pressure and tightness you will feel while jerking it with this sleeve.

Once the Flip 0 is opened you will immediately notice the ultra-aggressive pattern that is designed to drive you insane while gliding over your rock hard dick.  Tenga purposely made this their most aggressively textured masturbator yet thanks to all of the feedback they received from their survey.  To really feel each groove, peak, and ridge in the sleeve, Tenga strategically placed 2 pressure pads along the side of the toy, giving you full control over the tightness you feel.  The harder you squeeze the pads, the tighter around your dick it will feel, and vis-a vers-a, the tighter you squeeze, the less you will feel.  This in fact is perfect for all you men who are using masturbators to train yourself to prolong ejaculation.  Try using silicone cock rings as well to continue building stamina.

Once you have wrapped up your nut busting sex session it is time to really clean out the ridges of this toy.  The last thing you want is to build up nasty bacteria and bodily fluids.  To get it ultra-clean, use hot water and your favorite anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner.  Use the included stand to let the toy completely dry before applying renewing powder.  The renewing powder is applied only to the soft textured part of the Tenga Flip 0 which will help it last a long time and continually feeling as real as possible.

 Remember, this is not a disposable Tenga, you want to take good care of this toy so it lasts a long time!


How To Use The Tenga Flip Zero


Place the Flip Zero firmly in masturbation hand.  Slide the heavily lubricated (Water-based lube only!) sleeve over your erection and gently slide the sleeve up and down over your penis. Adjust the squeezing pressure in your masturbation hand to change the intensity of your stroke.  You can also use 2 hands to spin around your penis for additional Glans stimulation.  Thoroughly wash out with hot water and toy cleaner after ejaculation.


Tenga Flip 0 Masturbator Size


  • Length - 7.09'' (18 cm)
  • Insertable Length - 6.30'' (16 cm) 
  • Width - 3.15'' (8 cm)
  • Insertable Width - 2'' (5 cm)
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review

    Really strong suction, easy to clean and dry

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

Really strong suction, easy to clean and dry