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Tenga Flip Hole | Pressure Sensitive Male Masturbator Black/White

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  • The first  newly designed hinge style masturbator and stroker for men
  • Pressure sensitive pads allow you to control pressure and sensations on your penis
  • Leak-proof design keeps the lubricant on your penis and nowhere else
  • Tenga inspired and designed texture is wild and agressive for total satisfaction
  • Designed to give you maximum pleasure and quick orgasms
  • Includes a drying stand, storage case, and sample of lubricant
  • The air tight canal gives you an extremely realistic feeling 
  • Designed to stretch and fit most size men
  • Masturbation with a purpose helps with sexual stamina and health
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Product Description

Tenga Flip Hole Male Masturbator


The future of masturbation is all about innovation.  It was not so long ago that all guys had to jerk off with was their hand, and if they were lucky, it fell asleep so it felt like somebody else was jerking you off.  Then as innovation continued, there were masturbators made from insanely realistic material such as Cyberskin.  You thought to jerk off was great then, wait until you see the future. 

As we are well into the 21st century, companies are now more so than ever, pushing the envelope with unique and innovative masturbators.  Tenga is one such company that just won't settle for average sex toys.  They are constantly coming out with better and more technologically advanced devices.  Take for example the Tenga Flip Hole, a truly unique masturbation stroker.


Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator Features


  • The very first pressure-sensitive masturbator designed to customize masturbation to your liking
  • Easy to use pressure plates on both sides of the stroker allow you to go as tight as you want
  • Designed as an easy to grip single-handed stroker which stimulates both the shaft and tip of the penis
  • Elegantly designed to look more art than sex toy | Very discreet
  • Easy to clean flip-style stroker can be washed out and disinfected in under a minute
  • The inner sleeve is made from realistic skin-like TPE which mimics a real orifice
  • Incredibly detailed inner sleeve with intense stimulating texture is designed to intensify masturbation
  • 100% waterproof for fun in the shower and spa
  • Designed to adapt to fit most size penises
  • Includes a drying stand and storage case
  • Reusable not a disposable stroker 



The Tenga Flip Hole is truly an innovative experience in masturbation.  Once you slide your dick into this soft maze of ridges and grooves, you will understand what it feels like to experience total sexual satisfaction.  From the very beginning, as soon as you penetrate the opening of the Flip Hole you are going to feel a new and unique sensation.  The texture of the sleeve is designed to provide a suction like feeling as you thrust in and out.  The stimulating waves, orbs, and flaps are enough to arouse even the most unsuspecting users. 

Tenga was smart enough to create a flap on the inside of the stroker which helps keep the lubricant from leaking out all over the place.  If you are using this sex toy right, you are using a ton of water-based lubricant and the last thing you want to do is clean all of that up.  If the inner texture is not enough to really get you off, Tenga took this stroker up a notch with the dual pressure plates that you can find conveniently on each side of the device. There are 2 easy to grip finger spots which make it extremely easy to apply pressure directly to your penis.  To feel more of a tighter experience, simply squeeze down harder on the pressure spots.  Lighten up the grip to ease up on the tightness of the Flip Hole.

The body-safe TPE is 100% body-safe so you should have no health concerns with using it. Since the TPE is so soft and stretchy as it glides over your cock, you are going to be overwhelmed with different sensations that will bring you closer and closer to blowing your load.  No matter if you use this in a stroking motion or you spin the entire stroker around the tip of your cock, you are going to get waves of pleasure you never thought imaginable.

To clean up is very easy given that the unit is really 2 halves with a hinge on the end.  This allows the sex toy to open up for very easy and detailed clean up.  To make sure you get rid of all bacteria and bodily fluids, use with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner.


How To Use The Flip Hole


Simply slide the Flip Hole out of the included holding stand.  This should now be 2 different parts, the masturbator and the stand.  Open the masturbator up so it lays flat and open.  Add your favorite lube (we recommend the best lube ever) Slide the masturbator back into the holding stand with the open end out.  This should give you a soft open mouth opening for you to slide your penis into.  Thrust back and forth until you explode! And never forget to clean up.


Tenga Flip Hole Size


  • Length - 6.89'' (17.5 cm)
  • Insertable Length - 5.90'' (14.9 cm) 
  • Width - 3.35'' (8.5 cm)
  • Insertable Width - 1.77'' (4.49 cm)

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