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Huge Butt Plugs and Extreme Anal Toys

Some people are perfectly content with their small or average-sized anal toys and that’s great! But, there is also a group out there of connoisseurs that like to go to the EXTREME. Testing their limits with huge butt plugs and other exteme anal toys is more than just a personal challange. However, the bigger the toy, the more difficulty there is when it comes to using it properly, insertion, and keeping things both pleasurable and safe. The process of training your body is called anal training or anal stretching. So, let’s take a look at what types of huge butt toys there are and how to use them safely. 

Why do people use huge butt plugs and other large anal toys?  There are all sorts of reasons that people like to use extreme toys. Some people love the stretch of the sphincter muscles and that intense feeling when the muscles tense around such a large toy during sexual play and orgasm. There is also the intense stretch and fullness that these toys give to the wearers. And, this type of anal toy is as full as it gets. 

Some see using a large anal toy as a conquest or a sort of competition. Size kings and size queens like to conquer bigger and bigger toys. Think of it as reaching new goals with pleasure being the reward! Each time, the thrill just gets better and better! That sense of achievement can be a massive turn on in itself.   If you are interested in getting the most out of your anal play, check out the ultimate guide to anal sex.


Huge butt plugs and other extreme anal toys


This term encompasses a whole lot of anal sex toys that are on the larger end of the scale. If it looks huge to you, then it can be considered a huge anal toy. A common toy associated with this term is the butt plug, but it can also be used in reference to anal beads or power beads, dildos, or anal probes and snakes. 


Giant anal toys can be very thick in width or they can be very long in length. Of course, there are also those toys that are both thick and long which will take the most training and practice to use successfully. 


All of these will stretch out the anus but different shapes can offer different types of stimulation inside as well. There are grenades, bulbs, long textured ones, and even fists! Bigger toys give designers a lot of room to play with and there are some pretty amazing shapes available. 


Those with ribs or textures are going to provide more stimulation on the in and out penetrating motion as you insert and withdraw the toy. However, some people find that the texture too overwhelming along with the size of the toy, so it’s a good idea to stick to a smooth surface to start and move up into textures as you get more comfortable with the bigger toys.  The smoother the surface of the toy the easier insertion will be as it passes by the ring of your anus.


Large tapered anal toys for easy insertion


Also, think about the tip which is going to be inserted. If it is tapered it will be a lot easier to insert. If you are new to big toys, then sticking with tapered toys is going to make things a lot easier. But, as you explore and get more acquainted with big anal toys and how they feel in your body, you may realize you prefer a toy that is bulbous at the tip too. It’s all about trial and error baby. 


How to measure your huge anal toy


Before you go extreme, make sure you know exactly what size you are looking at. You need to consider both the length of the toy and the girth or thickness of the toy. Now, most sex toys will have two lengths listed. One of the full length of the toy including the base or any controls which may be on the toy. The other length is the insertable length which is the most important option. This is the length of the part of the toy that will be inserted into your body. 


The girth is the measurement around the full shaft which determines the circumference of the toy. And the width is the diameter of the toy across the center. For reference, a soda can is just over 2.5 inches wide and has a girth of about 7.75 inches. 


We always recommend you get out a measuring tape so you can see exactly how large a particular anal toy is going to be. Sometimes the numbers seem small and the toy that arrives is a lot larger than you thought. So, get out the tape and look at the two lengths, the girth, and the width to see if you think it is the right size for you. 


To make sure you are being safe when using such a large anal toy its a good rule of thumb that when moving up in size, go up by a quarter of an inch in width each time to stay safe and not overdo it. It might help to keep track of your sizes on a piece of paper or on your computer to see how you are progressing and so you know how big to go next time you buy. 1.5 inches in diameter is a great starting point for complete newbies to anal play and you can work up from there as you get used to it. 


What materials are used for these toys?


You will find that huge anal toys come in a whole variety of materials, similar to regular sized sex toys and prostate massagers. Two super-common options for toys this large are PVC rubber or silicone. Both of these options can be made with a firm inner core and a softer outside that still has some squish to keep things comfortable. There are also options made of glass or hard plastic but these are not recommended for beginner users as they are very firm and have no give or squish. It is a lot easier for your body to adapt to a certain size anal tool if the material is softer and more pliable.


Can They Inflate?


Yes, there are several different types of inflatable butt plugs that expand during use.  These inflatable plugs are a great way to train for larger insertables!


How to use extreme toys safely


Start small

Remember that these toys are a marathon, not a sprint. You need to start small and allow a lot of time to work your way up to the bigger items. Your skin and muscles will adapt to the stress you give it from adding size to your toys but if you go too big too fast, you risk tearing something or even worst, permanent damage.  Don’t expect that a huge toy is going to slide in with no practice… because it won’t! Most people that play with these products spend a long time building up their collection and increasing the size as their bodies become comfortable with the toys. 


Try an anal training kit


If you are serious about working up to the larger anal options, then an anal training kit may be the way to do it. These kits feature multiple different sized plugs that gradually increase in size, both the length and width. You start with the smaller plug and as you become comfortable using it, you can progress to the next size and then the next size. These packs tend to be a bit cheaper than buying three individual plugs and they make it easy to safely work up to larger sizes. 


Learn to love lubricant ASAP


Without lubricant, you will get nothing but pain from these products. Lube is going to be your best friend and I suggest you go for the bigger bottle as you are going to need it. The butt is not self-lubricating so there is really no such thing as too much lube when it comes to anal play. Especially when we are dealing with big toys like these ones. 


While water-based lubricant is great for most kinds of play, you may find that it won’t cut it for toys of this size as it is not as thick, long-lasting or slippery as other options. However, which lube you go with will depend on the material of the toy you are using. 


Silicone lubricant can’t be used with most silicone toys due to the chemical reaction that occurs making the silicone sticky and tacky rather than silky smooth. However, if you are using a toy that is not made from silicone lubricant, you can safely use silicone lube with the toy for some serious glide and a much easier clean-up than oil-based lubes. If you do have a silicone toy, then an oil-based lubricant is a great option that is extremely long-lasting, thick and slippery. 


Prepare your body and your space


There are a few things you can do to get yourself ready for huge toy action. And one of them is getting your body ready to be stimulated. So go to the bathroom first if you need to and do a good clean up of the booty. If you want to be extra clean you can use a male enema or anal douche first to clear out the anal canal. 


These toys are usually very girthy but also longer than your average sized butt toys so will go deeper into the anus. That means the chances of a little mess are higher. You will want to douche beforehand and also put a towel down just to be safe.


Get aroused


A big part of being able to accept these toys is being thoroughly aroused. As you know, the anus is a point of exit and the sphincter muscles are extremely tight. The more relaxed and excited you are, the easier it will be to loosen these muscles and allow the larger toys in. 


Stimulate yourself if you need to 


A lot of being able to accept these larger toys comes down to being relaxed and aroused. Sometimes, the stimulation of other areas, while you use a large toy, can be extremely helpful. Try to masturbate with your penis or even using a masturbation toy is you think that will help you. Or, if you are playing with a friend, see if they can give you a hand while you work towards getting the toy inserted. 


Know your limits!


Some days are better than others and this is true no matter how much training you have done prior. Some days your body simply won’t play ball and that’s fine. Don’t force it beyond your limits and if it doesn’t happen that day, allow your body to relax and recover and try again. 


There may be a little discomfort, but prolonged pain means you need to stop! Especially if the pain does not lessen and go away after a few moments. Listen to your body and avoid damaging yourself or hurting yourself. This is a sensitive area and the skin can tear and become damaged easily. Look after yourself out there!


Use anal numbing lube (warning too) 

While using giant anal toys, you may or may not have thought about using some sort of anal numbing lube.  In moderation these lubricants will help you but if you overdo it with the numbing stuff you open yourself up for potential issues.  You never want to numb yourself so much that you can’t feel the toy.  You need to be able to feel what’s going on back there so you do not permanently damage your body.  If you are going to use an anal numbing lube, use small amounts at a time.


Always make sure there is a flared base


No base means no trace and even with huge toys, a toy disappearing act can happen. The bigger the toy, the bigger the base needs to be. The base needs to be noticeably bigger than the widest part of the toy and much much larger than the neck. The sphincter muscles will cling around the neck while the base remains outside the body to keep the toy snugly in place. 


Consider an inflatable toy


Don’t forget that inflatable toys exist and that they are amazing. While the materials for these toys may not be the best of the best yet, they are actually great for training your body to accept huge toys and allowing you to get used to the sensation of extreme fullness without the initial stretch of the sphincter muscles. 


These are inserted, then inflated and you can decide how large you want to go during that session. You don’t need to inflate it fully which offers a lot of variations in terms of size. Just pump it until you are satisfied and maybe next time you can go bigger. Inflatable anal toys allow you to be in charge. Plus, the fact that they increase in size once they are already inserted offers a completely different sensation than firm plugs or toys that are inserted at their full size. 




Using a huge butt plug or any anal toy can be a real effort and sometimes it is going to leave you feeling tired and worn out. Don’t forget that after use hygiene is as important as any part of this experience.  Use your favorite anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner and some warm water to disinfect your toy.  Always make sure to store toys in a cool dry place.


Remember that huge toys all comes down to what you consider huge. If 2 inches in diameter seems huge to you, then that’s a great goal to work towards, and if you think that 3.5 inches’ diameter looks good, then you can work towards that instead. So long as you are staying safe, increasing the size slowly, and using a lot of lubricant, then working towards a huge anal toy can be a wonderful and pleasurable experience. 

To read more on anal stretching, check out our Ultimate Guide to Anal Training and Anal Stretching.


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