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Listen to an audio summary

Most men would feel more confident—and not just in the bedroom—if they had a bigger penis. It's been drilled into us from an early age that bigger is better, whether as young children or into our teenage years. Society—or the shame that comes with locker room banter—has taught us that when it comes to masculinity, a big penis is what it takes to make the grade.

Sadly, as this study shows (Management of Men Complaining of a Small Penis Despite an Actually Normal Size), far too many men believe their penis size is smaller than average despite it being perfectly normal.

Regarding sex in the real world, there is some truth to the adage that 'size matters,' but quite possibly not how you think. The average size varies from study to study (these two are both interesting reads: Bigger Not Always Better for Penis Size in the Nature journal and Women's Preferences for Penis Size in PLOS ONE), but we can consider around 9cm the average in a flaccid state and around 13cm when erect. These and similar research papers show that many women prefer a larger penis, but it seems, only slightly larger.

Much larger penises are often more sought after for their novelty during one-night encounters, where a more comfortable, mutual good fit penis benefits those looking for a long-term sexual partner. And when it comes to bigger is better, it tends to be girth that counts and not so much the length.

The problem with penetrative sex with a big or giant penis is that going too deep can cause pain and discomfort for the receiving partner

A larger-than-average penis delivers deeper penetration, and the resulting repeated pounding of the cervix will not only cause pain during the moment but add tension to the idea of any future similar sex.

Male and female sex organs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They're designed to work with each other and cater to all kinds of variations, but sometimes, for the best fit, it can boil down to a perfect match. Some women crave a well-endowed man with a large penis so they'll fill fuller inside, whereas some will cringe at the idea of taking 'all that' inside them.

So, for those with a bigger penis—or those with a well-endowed penetrating partner—we've got some suggestions for your choice of sex position and a few additional ideas for getting the great sex you crave, however big he is.

Best Sex Positions for Men with Big Penises Listed



Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl offers the woman an opportunity for shallower penetration.

Both on Their Side, Facing Each Other

Laying side by side creates more of a gap between partners limiting the depth of penetration.


The spooning position offers advantages like controlling penetration depth with leg positioning, easy withdrawal, and convenient access to erogenous zones for both partners.

Seated Straddle

A favored position for those seeking close intimacy, allowing ample body contact and passionate kisses in a face-to-face setup.

Reverse Missionary

Allows both partners to be comfortable and sexually excited without fear of pain or discomfort, resulting in physically and mentally satisfying sex

1. Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse Cowgirl Sex Position

The man lays on his back with the receiving partner straddling his penis while facing his feet. Resting her weight on her knees or arms, she can control the depth of penetration, speed, and rhythm.

In this position, she can utilize more grinding than thrusting, moving her hips in circles rather than the typical up-and-down motion of more traditional sex.

What makes this position great?

Being able to control the depth of penetration is the main goal of pleasurable sex with big penises. Reverse cowgirl offers the woman an opportunity for shallower penetration. She's also ideally placed to apply clitoral stimulation with a free hand, to enhance arousal and achieve orgasm.

Reverse cowgirl offers the woman an opportunity for shallower penetration

The further the woman leans forward, the more the angle of penetration alters, achieving less likelihood of contact with the cervix.

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2. Both on Their Side, Facing Each Other

Both on Side Facing Each Other Sex Position

This sex position requires both partners to lie on their sides facing each other. This position is also known as 'reverse spooning,' as the effect is similar to sex in the spooning position, only with partners facing each other.

What makes this position great?

Laying side by side creates more of a gap between partners limiting the depth of penetration. To further control the penetration depth, the woman can keep her legs straight or close them to create more of a buffer against the depth her partner will be able to achieve.

Another great reason for choosing this position is the amount of face-to-face intimacy it creates. According to the Sexual Medicine journal, face-to-face positions increase the likelihood of women achieving coital orgasm during penile-vaginal sexual intercourse, albeit only slightly.

Another great reason for choosing this position is the amount of face-to-face intimacy it creates.

Intimacy through direct eye contact creates arousal, and the more turned on a woman becomes, the more lubrication she creates and the more relaxed the muscles in her vagina. Both of these effects help when managing a big penis.

3. Spooning

Spooning Sex Position

Like side-by-side sex, both partners lay on their sides during the spooning position, but this time, facing the same direction. The penetrating partner enters from behind, his partner's back to his chest.

What makes this position great?

First, if the woman keeps her legs parallel, she can maintain a greater distance between their genitals. Spooning offers more control by using the legs as a buffer, limiting the opportunity for deeper penetration. By bending her legs and drawing her thighs towards her chest, she can increase the amount of penetration as she becomes more accustomed to her partner.

The spooning position also allows the woman to pull away easily when necessary. Many positions, such as missionary or doggy style, have the woman in a restricted position and the man in control. It's not easy to escape sudden discomfort with such a limited range of movement.

The spooning position also allows the woman to pull away easily when necessary

Another great opportunity during spooning is both partners have their hands free with perfect access to other sensitive areas of her body. Having both partners focus on her erogenous zones together can be incredibly erotic.

4. Seated Straddle

Seated Straddle Sex Position

With the man sitting cross-legged, on a chair, or the edge of the bed, the woman straddles him face-to-face with her legs on either side of her partner. This also works with the man kneeling. This position is also well-known as the lotus pose when the man sits cross-legged with her legs wrapped around his back.

What makes this position great?

Once again, this position allows the woman to control against deep penetration. Her thighs and butt create a buffer to maintain shallow penetration, and with no restriction of movement, she can move out of trouble whenever needed.

Once again, this position allows the woman to control against deep penetration

It's another sex position that allows for added intimacy in the face-to-face position. This is a favorite position for those who love to feel plenty of body contact and share hot kisses.

5. Reverse Missionary

Reverse Missionary Sex Position

Just as the name suggests, this is the missionary position but with the woman on top. The woman lays face down on her partner, usually with her legs together and a slight lift from her hips. This allows her to control depth and pace while restricting her partner's movement.

What makes this position great?

This is another one of the best sex positions for limiting penetration. The woman can use her body and closed legs as a buffer, slowly parting them to allow her partner more access and to go deeper as she's ready for more.

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What makes a good position for men with big penises?

The best sex positions for men with big penises allow both partners to be comfortable and sexually excited without fear of pain or discomfort, resulting in physically and mentally satisfying sex.

This takes communication, practice, and care. If you consider the four following aspects in your choices of 'big penis' sex positions, it should lead to even healthier, happier, and mutually great sex.

Avoiding deep penetration

As discussed, penetration is the main issue, so here are a few tips on having fulfilling sex without going too deep.



Try penis rings

  • Stacking extra thick penis rings around the base of the penis will prevent too much of the penis from entering the vagina.
  • Popping a vibrating ring in the stack will add a little extra sensation for both bodies.

Use your bodies as padding

  • Using the upper thighs or butt as a buffer can provide a little more distance and protection between the penis and vagina.

Enter from higher above the vagina

  • When you think of the ideal penetration position for sex with a typical penis, everything is organically aligned in the same direction.
  • When the penis enters the vagina from higher up, it creates a downward angle that doesn't push as deep inside whilst adding greater stimulation to the clitoris.

Stand up

  • Another way to put more space between the penis and vagina is to stand up while having sex. '
  • Standing face-to-face' or 'standing doggy' are both good options to prevent him from pushing too far inside.


Depending on the sex position, either partner could be in the lead role and, therefore, in control. Ideally, as most of our positions show, giving over control to the woman or receiving partner allows them to dictate depth, pace, and rhythm



Take your cues from her

  • Do your best to read your partner's body language and facial cues.
  • Listen to what she tells you and take her lead. If you're unsure—ask.

Lowering her legs

  • If you feel you may be going too deep, lowering her legs will create more distance between your genitals.

Closing her legs

  • Similarly, closing her legs will create even more of a buffer between you both.

Take things slow and build pace

  • As excited as you get, it's important to take things slowly and always at her pace.
  • As your partner becomes more relaxed, things can amp up a level, but remember, always on her terms and at her pace.


Just because you're not putting your entire penis in doesn't mean it can't feel as good. There are plenty of ways to build sensation for both partners.



An abundance of lube is your best friend

  • Lubrication is always a great addition to good sex.
  • If you use her upper thighs or butt as a buffer, smother them with lube for the most slippery and slidey sex.
  • And why stop there? Breasts, feet, and hands all become incredible options when loaded with lube.

Exploring what feels good for both partners

  • Being open to exploration in the bedroom is one of the sex's greatest thrills.
  • Novelty plays a big part in sex—not in a gimmicky, cheap toys way, but by adding something new and unexpected.
  • There are so many ways to add mental, penile, and clitoral stimulation that doesn't involve penetrative sex.
  • Let your imaginations run wild.


Being open to alternatives to the vanilla sex of missionary should be on everyone's agenda. Whether you're into role play, sex toys, kinks, fetishes, or BDSM, there are hundreds of ways to make sex more fun and achieve those big mind-blowing climaxes.



Build sensation and anticipation with more foreplay

  • The more aroused your partner is, the more relaxed her vaginal muscles will be.
  • A relaxed vagina has less resistance to a large penis, and the more likely she'll be to achieve orgasm.

Introduce your favorite toys, hands, mouths, and more

  • If and when a huge penis becomes too much, it's absolutely fine to pause proceedings and take a break.
  • That doesn't mean the sex is over; it just means being more creative.
  • Using sex toys with and on each other—whether vibrators, beads, and wands or male masturbators, cups, and prostate toys—is incredibly intimate and arousing, as is mutual masturbation.
  • And, there are always plenty of oral sex positions to explore for that ultimate orgasm.


Despite research showing that females seem to prefer a slightly longer, thicker penis—or one appropriate to body size (check this article, 'Penis Size Interacts with Body Shape and Height to Influence Male Attractiveness' in European Urology)—too much length can cause pain and discomfort for the female partner.

However, when it comes to sex with a well-endowed man, taking a little extra care and exploring the positions that allow just the right amount of penis inside is about good communication, care, and practicing the best sex positions for both partners.

Using body parts as buffers, toys to limit length, and being open to exploring the benefits of a big penis, you can easily turn what you once saw as a problem in the bedroom into your biggest turn-on.

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