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Advanced Automatic Smart Electric Penis Pump Optimum Series by Cal Exotics

  • Advanced electric penis pump with smart motor
  • Includes built in erection enhancement exercise modes
  • 100% rechargeable (no batteries needed)
  • Help yourself by improving your erection and sexual health immediately
  • See instant results with out painful surgery or medical procedures
  • Boost your confidence and become the man you want to be
  • Increase the size of your flaccid or erect penis with increased blood flow
  • Enjoy the thickest and hardest your dick has ever been
  • Have more control over your sexual stamina and vitality
  • Fully electric penis pump stimulates your penis for additional growth
  • Easy to use 1 handed control puts the power in your hand
  • Quick power valve adds safety to the already easy to use pump
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Product Description

Advanced Smart Electric Penis Pump


When are penis pumps not just penis pumps?  When they are performance enhancement pumps, of course.  The Advanced Automatic Smart Electric Penis Pump Optimum Series by Cal Exotics is no run of the mill cock pump like most others on the market. 


Like all pumps, the Advanced Automatic Smart Pump will increase the size and strength of your erection. However, most pumps stop there but this one is just getting started.


Advanced Automatic Smart Electric Penis Pump Features


  • The smartest and most advanced penis pump available
  • The pump can be used as a stand-alone penis pump or has the ability to turn into a masturbation pump
  • Includes a soft and realistic penis pump stroker sleeve that feels like real sex
  • Features built-in stamina enhancing training exercises
  • Completely customize your pumping experience to fit your exact needs
  • 100% rechargeable with the included USB cable
  • The cylinder and sleeve combo creates the perfect air-tight seal for even greater erection improvements
  • Helps create thicker and harder erections with improved sexual stamina
  • Largest LED available on any penis pump
  • The single-hand push-button control makes operating this pump effortless
  • Pump with peace of mind thanks to the electric quick-release air valve


This cock pump is designed with a smart motor that has built-in functions and exercises that go beyond any standard pump. 


What's in the box

  • Advanced electric penis pump
  • 1 soft and stretchy universal penis pump sleeve donut
  • 1 soft and stretchy universal stroker sleeve 
  • USB charging cable
  • Product instructions and warranty card


Enjoy up to a 20-minute cock workout with the proven pumping exercises.  If you are looking for a tool that will help increase endurance, improve stamina, and turn your penis into a sex tool of the gods, then look no further than here.


    This penis pump includes an advanced LED screen that displays all of the information you would possibly want to know about during your pumping session. 


    From the battery indicator to the internal pressure, a timer, and even exercises, this LED has it all.  To get the most out of the LED, you can scroll through all of the functions, settings, and even safety release valve with the push of a button. 


    The push-button control pad is designed for simple 1 handed use, very comfortable and convenient. 


      The penis pump cylinder and thick, durable pump sleeve are designed to create the perfect seal and powerful suction at the touch of a button. Once you've reached your peak pump, use the quick air release to decrease suction or release seal.


      When used regularly, this powerful pumper can increase stamina, enhance overall size and amplify sensation.


      Recharge the premium pump in 2 hours with the provided USB charging cable to enjoy 12 hours of pumping pleasure. To track progress, use the incremental measurement marks on the cylinder shaft. 


      The premium penis pump sleeve fits into most standard pumps, but can be used as a male masturbation sleeve as well!  


      The premium TPR is body-safe, unscented, and phthalate-free to keep your most sensitive spots, happy and healthy. Enjoy easy clean-up with this maintenance-free stimulator sleeve, simply wash with your favorite sex toy cleaner before and after each use.


      Use tons of water-based lubricant for easy insertion.  As with all pumps, to maximize your efforts, pump with a premium silicone cock ring to keep the gains.


        Advanced Automatic Smart Electric Penis Pump Size

        • Cylinder Length - 8'' (20.25 cm)
        • Sleeve Length - 5.25'' (13.25 cm)
        • Cylinder Width - 2.5'' (6.25 cm)
        • Sleeve Width - 3'' (7.5 cm)


        • Customer Reviews

          Based on 1 review
          Derrick J.

          Advanced Automatic Smart Electric Penis Pump Optimum Series by Cal Exotics

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 1 review
        Derrick J.

        Advanced Automatic Smart Electric Penis Pump Optimum Series by Cal Exotics