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Pjur Man Basic Silicone Glide for Men 3.4 oz (100 ml)

  • Uniquely formulated lubricant designed to meet and exceed the needs of men
  • Ideal silicone-based personal lube for novices & those eager to explore backdoor fun
  • Premier silicone glide formula that makes anal gliding so easy like clockwork
  • Pjur Man basic silicone glide is perfect for those who want less friction during action
  • This silicone-based lubricant is without question the most spot-on lubricant available
  • Takes good care of your skin that it can also be used for a hydrating massage 
  • Prepares and properly lubricates your backdoor opening for that ultimate lovemaking
  • Doesn't stain the sheets so forget about those slimy smears and grayed spots
  • Super clear, fragrance-free, and neutral-flavored to protect you from most irritations
  • Essentially long-lasting so get ready for that extended or non-stop whoopee
  • Explore being risqué as it is safe to use with most sex gears, toys, and condoms
  • Use it with confidence as it strictly meets the minimum US health standards
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Product Description

Pjur Man Basic Silicone Glide

When you're looking for marathon sex or masturbation all night, you would need not only your favorite sex toys on hand. You would also need a trusty lube that can last you until the morning sun. Enjoy an easy glide with Pjur Man Basic Silicone Glide for Men! Formulated especially for men's unique and vigorous needs, this guy's lubricant is the perfect addition to your bedroom arsenal.


Pjur Man Features

  • High concentrated silicone sex and masturbation lube designed for men
  • Superslick basic silicone glide that provides extra long-lasting personal lube
  • Versatile lube that can also be used for skin conditioning or massage 
  • Just apply a few drops of Pjur Man silicone glide and you're good to go
  • Groundbreaking glide formula that never gets sticky on your skin
  • Has a dual purpose as it effectively moisturizes your skin and won't make it dry or dull
  • Longer-lasting lubricant that is enough for many nights of penetration and pure fun
  • Non-irritating formula as it is a fragrance-free, clear liquid, and no added flavors
  • Works well with latex or rubber condoms, toys, and other sexplay gears perfect for a wild night
  • Passed the strict and thorough requirements of US health standards to ensure your safety
  • No spermicides and active numbing ingredients combined in this lubricant


Pjur Man has a wonderful addition to their collection of high-quality lubricants. This silicone-based glide is a must-have if you want an extra long-lasting personal lubrication.  A bottle of this goes a long way! Just a few drops of this lube on your love parts will be enough to help you stay super slicked without the sticky feel during sexy times.

Formulated with body-safe ingredients, this groundbreaking glide moisturizes your skin without making it dry or dull! This is also a versatile lubricant which means it's not only for lubricating your package or sexy hole, it's also good for skin conditioning or massage!

You can be assured that every bottle of this silicone-based lubricant is tested well to meet US health standards. It's clear, has no flavors, and is fragrance-free, perfect for those who are sensitive to smells. It's also perfect for your woman as it does not irritate the vaginal mucous skin. This product does not have any numbing agents nor does it have active spermicide.

Wondering if you can totally enjoy this product with your toys? This lube is compatible with condoms, most sex toys for men, and other latex and rubber materials. Just take note not to use this silicone-based lube with a silicone sex toy.

To use, simply uncap the bottle and apply the desired amount to the tip and shaft of the penis,  anus, or to the area that needs lubrication. Remember to replace the cap after using it.

If an allergic reaction occurs, stop using immediately and see a doctor. Do not apply to irritated skin. Keep this product out of reach of children.


  • Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol
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