Size RX Penis Plumping Male Enlargement Cream by Body Action

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    • Experience the pleasures of life with a longer and fuller penis
    • Stop the stress and anxiety of penis dissatisfaction
    • Give yourself the cock you have always wanted
    • Enhance you confidence and ego with a larger dick that gets the job done
    • Increased blood flow helps give you a  thicker and harder erection
    • Experience pleasure like you never have before 
    • Heighten your senses and increase sexual pleasure
    • Improve your sexual performance and strut with confidence
    • Make up for years of bad sex and boost your relationships
    • Long lasting size improvements when used in conjunction with a performance penis pump
  • Bring something big to the bedroom during your next sexual encounter with Size RX, made by Body Action. As one of the best selling penis plumping and enlargement creams for men, you can expect to see some impressive gains after rubbing the cream into your penis.  Most male enhancement creams on the market will promise you gains of many inches which is just not possible.  Size RX is telling you the truth when they tell you this formula is designed to really improve the blood flow to your cock which will help fill it out nicely, so you can expect one the best erections of your life. This cream will create a great plumping effect to your penis and keep you harder for longer. Impress your partner and perform as you have never performed before.

    Size RX is designed to make you more of a man.  Increase the size of your erect penis and power through sex with stamina as you have never seen before.  The increased blood in the penis will give you heightened sense and allow you to be the best lover you can be.  This incredible formula improves circulation in your most manly area, with lubricating aloe vera gel and safflower oil for a sensual application. Give yourself a huge ego boost with the huge new penis you have.  By helping to expand your blood vessels and capillaries, Size RX will increase blood flow to your manhood and let you get larger, fuller, and longer! Generously apply this lotion over the length of your member, and feel Size RX begin to work immediately. You'll enjoy a newly found sense of increased sensation, partner satisfaction, and sexual stamina. Go big or go home!

    Warning: Discontinue use if irritation occurs.  Do not use if your partner is pregnant

    Directions: Apply generously to both the head and shaft.  You will feel sensations within 1 minute

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Its a great cream but not a miracle cream

Don't buy this if you are looking for massive growth overnight. That is not what this cream is for. I have been a user for years and the results are always great for me. You can feel the blood rush to your cock and help it get thicker. My erections are noticeably better and thicker. My wife and I both enjoy the cream and will continue to use for the foreseeable future.