Real Feel Tan Penis Extension Sleeve 5.5 Inch Fantasy X-Tensions

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    • Wearing this penis sleeve allows you to instantly increase your penis size
    • Adds a hefty amount of length and girth to your penis
    • Gives you the ability to perform like a pro and rock your partner’s world with your extra size
    • Instantly adds 33% more girth to your rock hard erection
    • Extremely stretchy and realistic feeling to fit over most penises
    • Made from the patented and ultra-realistic “Fanta Flesh” lifelike skin for maximum comfort
    • Enjoy sex for as long as you want with the attached ball-strap that prolongs ejaculation
    • Helps with erectile dysfunction allowing you to maintain a stronger erection for longer
    • Simply turn it inside out for very convenient and easy cleaning with the included cleaner
  • The Fantasy X-tensions Real Feel Enhancer is an easy-to-use erection enhancer that allows you to instantly become bigger and up to 33% thicker, giving you the girth and confidence you need to satisfy your partner with explosive orgasms.

    It was specifically designed to be a safe, affordable, non-surgical alternative to expensive medical procedures and pills.

    Instead, it allows for a hassle-free experience due to the ultra-lifelike, super-stretchy and customizable sleeve.

    In order to use it, simply add a little bit of water-based lube to the head of your penis and to the enhancer‰۪s canal and gently slide your erect penis inside like a champ.

    Next, slip your testicles through the ball-strap that gives you increased stamina and keeps the enhancer in place.

    That‰۪s it. Now you‰۪re ready to give your partner a giant screaming orgasm.

    And you won‰۪t feel left out of the fun either because the personalized cutout at the end of the penis enhancer allows you to feel a satisfying stimulation where it really counts ‰ÛÒ the head of your penis.

    By using the Fantasy X-tensions Real Feel Enhancer you‰۪ll certainly discover that it adds a world of difference to your sex life because of the lifelike feel and the firmness of the material.

    As a matter of fact, a penis enhancer is a game changer for men with weaker erections, or for guys suffering from erectile dysfunction because even if you lose your erection, you‰۪ll still be able to continue having sex.

    In fact, your partner might not even notice that you‰۪ve become softer. You can just keep fucking without any worry whatsoever, taking off the feeling of pressure and replacing it with peace of mind.

    The box also includes a free sample of water-based lubricant and cleaner lotion to make cleanup a breeze.

    Get this awesome penis enhancer today and start enjoying a new level of sexual performance.


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