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Fleshlight Anal Stamina Training Unit Butt Discreet Endurance Masturbator

  • The latest and greatest model addition to the Stamina Training series masturbators
  • Enjoy the look and feel of a tight ass ready for loving
  • Includes the same canal, texture, and case as the original STU
  • Turn premature ejaculation into a distant memory
  • Time to take back your sex life and become the stud you want to be
  • Practice your performance and build up much needed stamina
  • Improve your confidence and overall sexual health
  • Tame your hypersensitive penis and enjoy long lasting sex
  • Proven stamina training program designed to enhance your sex
  • Masturbation with a purpose will increase your stamina in the bedroom
  • 100% discreet, easy to clean & maintain
  • Fleshlight is the #1 male masturbator in existence
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Product Description

Fleshlight STU Stamina Training Unit Butt/Anus


Ass lovers rejoice, the most popular men's masturbator ever to grace our green earth is now available as a butt!  No longer is the Fleshlight Stamina Trainer locked into just a vagina opening.  No matter if you are gay or just love to go deep inside a thick tight ass, this STU Butt masturbator is the next toy for your collection.  You get the same great features as the original Stamina Training Unit just now with a tight sphincter ready for your hard rod. 

The canal in this butt is lined with thick raised bumps to provide wild and intense stimulation designed to make you cum hard and fast. Make it so tight and overly stimulating was done on purpose so you can practice prolonging sexual activity and avoid premature ejaculation. Think of this as training just like an athlete does. Each of these soft bumps adds a unique texture that is designed to overly stimulate your penis. By using the Fleshlight STU over time, you will be able to increase your sexual endurance and build up stamina to last longer in bed. And it feels great doing so!


Fleshlight STU Butt Features


  • The same great Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit but designed with a butt opening
  • Enjoy the realistic look and feel of a puckered sphincter ready to get penetrated
  • Includes a discreet flashlight shaped hard plastic case to avoid embarrassing situations
  • The unique SuperSkin material that feels just like a real anus
  • The tightest canal of any Fleshlight available (feels just like an anal virgin)
  • The canal is lined with hundreds of raised pleasure bumps for greater sensations
  • The Fleshlight STU is a proven sex tool designed to help you last longer in bed
  • The sleeve is easy to remove from the case for easy cleanup
  • Easily the best feeling masturbator ever made
  • Using a water-based lubricant will enhance the pleasure further
  • Adding the Fleshlight Warming Rod will make using the STU that much more realistic



Looking for an awesome masturbator? How about one that offers intense stimulation, a super lifelike sensation, and one that can aid you in improving your sexual stamina? Well, say hello to the Fleshlight STU Butt! This Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit product, also known as the Fleshlight STU for short, is the #1 male masturbator on Earth, made by Fleshlight.  The newest edition of the STU has a realistic and tight anus spread and ready for you.

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit toy is designed to offer you all over pleasure, lots of orgasms, and it doubles as a training tool to help you last as long as you need while in bed with a partner. Plus, it's tight, feels just like the real thing, and is actually made to be durable, unlike a lot of the other masturbator products on the market. 

Fleshlights are made from a patented material called SuperSkin. Now, what this is actually made of is kept a closely guarded secret, but whatever it is, it feels AMAZING! SuperSkin is soft, stretchy, and very lifelike for of TPR. Using this toy is as close to sexual intercourse as you can get which is why it reviews say it is perfect for endurance training.

The STU Butt is all about constant sensation for every thrust in and out of the toy. There are ribbed nodules covering the full length of the toy and wrapping the whole way around. No matter where your penis goes, it will be completely surrounded and completely stimulated! 

It’s not just this texture that feels amazing, the Fleshlight STU Butt is also one of Fleshlights tightest models which makes for a seriously intense experience.

Fleshlight Suction

One of the great features of the Stamina Training Unit Butt is the ability to control the suction as you thrust inside. At the bottom of the gold case, you will find a twist cap which at the surface looks like it is just for easy cleaning but the secret is that this is a controller that allows you to change how much suction the sleeve allows. The tighter the cap is on, the more suction the Fleshlight has. This will give you a tighter and more intense experience. If you loosen the cap there will be more airflow which reduces the amount of suction, this provides a more realistic sexual experience.

Using the Stamina Training Unit

While using the Stamina Training Unit is fun for the experience, the real magic is that it is a tool to use to get better in bed. The opening of this new version of the STU is a tight virgin butt. The look is a perfect mold of a butt including the sphincter. To the touch, the SuperSkin is hard to tell apart from real skin.

To enhance your experience even more and add to the realism, the Stamina Trainer Butt can be warmed using hot water or using the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer. Warming the sleeve to body temperature provides a feeling of actually being inside a real person.

This sex toy was designed with the purpose of making you last longer by overstimulating your penis. When using you should focus to control your ejaculation, build sexual stamina, improve performance, and your ability to prolong your pleasure.

The idea is to practice using the toy frequently and trying to hold out longer before orgasm every time. Practice makes perfect after all right? Fleshlight believes that if you can go for 10 minutes practicing with the STU, you should be able to last for 20 minutes with a partner. Sounds good to me, but I’ll let you be the judge.

But don’t forget that although you can use the Fleshlight to train yourself, it is also just a damn good toy that is perfect for pleasure. This product just hits different - when you need a quick orgasm to really let go and have some fun while watching your favorite video, the tight butt orifice is there for you. And it isn’t just for solo play either. 

When it comes to this fleshlight, girls and boys can play together and share the fun! The STU can make for some seriously sexy foreplay if you hand it over to your partner and let them be in control of gliding it up and down your shaft. You may also use this for a quick little orgasm before indulging with a partner. That way you will hold on just that much longer with a partner as you have already had an orgasm!


What's Included with Your Stamina Trainer?

Here's what you'll receive in your STU package

  • Exclusive gold case
  • Patented SuperSkin sleeve
  • Butt orifice
  • Instructions for use and care
  • FREE e-guide for increasing your stamina




Cleaning The Butt Stamina Trainer


Both ends of the Fleshlight open up so you can simply remove the sleeve and wash it with some warm water and soap or use the specific Fleshlight toy cleaner. Once you have rinsed it you need to leave it to dry completely. Then just sprinkle it with a little Fleshlight Renewing Powder to keep it soft and smooth and it’s good to go, free and easy. You’ll get years of pleasure and stimulation!

And keep in mind that as well as being one of their best-selling Fleshlights, the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is compatible with all of the brand's extras too, like the sleeve warmer and the shower mount. Looking for hands-free fun? Want to add some personal lubricant to heighten and intensify your experience? Add Fleshlube water-based lubricant to keep is slick and slippery.

Looking for a little more information? Check out our Fleshlight Tips and Tricks customer video page for how to use and clean your Fleshlight.

Stamina Training Unit Size


  • Canal Diameter - 3/8 inch
  • Overall Length - 9.75" (24.76 cm)
  • Overall Diameter - 2.5" (6.35 cm)
  • Insertable Length - 8.5" (21.59 cm)


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