Stud Stallion Prolong Cream for Men .5 oz

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    • Take charge of your penis and your sex life
    • Increase your stamina and maintain strong erections
    • Imagine a life of no sexual frustrations, it is with in reach
    • Rub in prolonging and delay cream for men
    • Made with benzocaine to provide mild and pleasant numbing sensations
    • Does not numb your partner
    • Enjoy long lasting and pleasure filled sex today
    • Made with only body safe ingredients
  • Slide your feet into the stirrups--it's time to go for a long ride. 

    Stud Stallion male ejaculation delay cream contains a small amount of benzocaine, which numbs the nerve endings in the tip of the penis. It effectively controls ejaculation while providing longer, harder erections. Sex will still feel great, but you'll be able to satisfy your partner for much longer. It's tasteless with a very mild scent, and you can easily wash it away with soap and water.

    Put a drop or two of this cream at the end of a condom or apply it to the tip of your penis before putting on a condom and get ready for a great time. Take care when using products with benzocaine; the active ingredient will numb any tissues that it comes into contact with, so think about using a condom. 

    Stud Stallion male ejaculation delay cream is a body-safe product and will not damage latex condoms. If you feel any pain or irritation, stop using the product. Contact a physician if pain, discomfort, or numbing sensations last longer than a few hours.


    Apply a small pea size amount of Stud Stallion Cream approximately 10 minutes before sexual activity.  Apply to head and shaft of the penis.  Reapply if desired.


    If any irritation should occur, please wash off immediately and contact your physician

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