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Misty Stone Fleshlight Girls Bump N Grind Texture Discreet Vagina Male Masturbator

  • Dive deep into Misty Stone's tight shaved vagina and turn your fantasy into reality
  • Enjoy stimulating and realistic sex with your dream porn star 
  • Molded directly from Misty's pussy for the ultimate porn star experience
  • Practice your performance and build up much needed stamina
  • Feel the amazing pleasure of penetrating this perfect pussy
  • Improve your confidence and overall sexual health
  • Tame your hypersensitive penis and enjoy long lasting sex
  • Build up your confidence and sexual stamina all at once
  • Masturbation with a purpose will increase your stamina in the bedroom
  • 100% discreet, easy to clean & maintain
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Product Description

We've all been sitting there while watching porn and just wondered, how great would it be to switch places and be the guy drilling your favorite girl.  Who wouldn't want to give every inch to her and feel the most amazing pleasure you didn't even know existed.  The things they can teach you.  Well, we can't quite get you there but we can get you as close as humanly possible, thanks to Fleshlight.

Misty Stone is one of those women that just knows how to make a guy cum in 1 second flat.  The way she moves those hips and the rest of her body.  Now you too can reenact your favorite scenes with Misty with the Misty Stone Fleshlight Girls Bump N Grind Texture Discreet Vagina Male Masturbator.

Made from Fleshlights famous proprietary lifelike material, these strokers feel incredibly realistic.  Combine that material with the mold of Misty's tight pussy and you have the ultimate sex toy.  With the Bump N Gride texture, your dick will never stand a chance.

Since Misty's Fleshlight Bump N Grind vagina sleeve transfers heat we highly recommend adding a little temperature to your toy.  In order to get the most from this sex toy, soak in warm water or heat up using the Fleshlight Warming Rod.  Enjoy different sensations with the twist of the cap which lets air in and out.

Bump N Grind Sleeve Sensations


The Bump N Grind sleeve is designed to drive a man wild.  As you slide your dick into her soft pussy lips you will pass 3 rows of pleasure beads and thick ribs.  Next up you will pass through the vortex for a pleasureful grinding action along with more pleasure beads and again, another vortex.  At the end is your final set of bigger pleasure bumps and a super tight ending to really grab hold of your penis.

Misty Stone Fleshlight Bump N Grind Vagina Male Masturbator Features


  • Exact replica molded directly from Misty Stone's tight smooth pussy
  • Extremely detailed sleeve all the way down to the skin like material
  • Unique and realistic masturbator transfers heat for an even greater feel
  • Aggressive multi-chamber canal with several unique pleasure textures that will drive you wild
  • 100% discreet male masturbator


What Comes in the Box?


  • 1 Soft TPR Fleshlight Sleeve molded directly from Misty's soft vagina
  • Pearl white discreet flashlight shaped Fleshlight case with closing lid


Be sure to add lots of water-based lubrication to enhance the feel. When you're finished, you can remove the inner sleeve to clean it easily in warm water, and after it dries, the convenient flashlight-style case provides easy storage. A twist-on cap keeps your new toy discreet while protecting against dust and other contaminants. 

Add the Fleshlight renewing powder and Fleshwash sex toy cleaner (Combo Kit) to round out the perfect sex toy for men!

Check out our Fleshlight Tips and Tricks page for how to use and clean your Fleshlight.

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