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Swiss Navy Toy and Body Cleaner 6 oz MD Science Labs

  • Perfectly cleans your sex toys and intimate areas with a powerful but gentle formula
  • Makes you continue enjoying all of your sexual fantasies in a safe and clean manner
  • The added Tea Tree Oil has natural antibacterial properties to gently clean your toy
  • Its natural essential oils bring a sweet lavender scent that will make you calm and relaxed
  • Keeps your favorite sex toy look and feel brand new, dirt-free and grime-free
  • Completely wipes away silicone or water-based lubricants from your toys like magic
  • Mintains bright colored toys to always look nice, vibrant, fresh, and in mint condition
  • The convenient 6-ounce spray bottle makes it discreet and travel-easy
  • Evenly sprays on your sex toy and makes santizing effortless and ridiculously easy
  • No detergents, no parabens, no residue, non-sticky, and completely body-safe

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Product Description

Swiss Navy Toy and Body Cleaner 6 oz Toy Cleaner

Cleaning your sex toys properly is as important as putting a condom on for protection. Whether you're new to using toys during erotic play or a veteran, hygiene is always important. Using an antibacterial sex toy cleaner keeps you away from bacterial infection and maintains the quality of your toys. Safeguard your sex toys with the Swiss Navy Toy and Body Cleaner!


 Swiss Navy Toy and Body Cleaner 6 oz Toy Cleaner Features


  • The powerful yet gentle hygienic cleansing formula is perfect for both your sex toys & your intimate areas
  • Includes a formidable blend of Tea Tree Oil great for cleaning your beloved sex toys without damaging them with harsh ingredients
  • Smells pleasant with sweet lavender scent using natural essential oils
  • Also great for wiping away silicone or water-based lubricant from your toys or your body
  • Special spray pump with locking tab mechanism to prevent leaking makes it convenient and easy to use
  • Great for sensitive skin and keep you from developing further irritations
  • Comes in a convenient, handy, and travel-safe 6-ounce spray bottle
  • No detergents, no parabens, no residue, non-sticky, and no harsh chemicals
  • Very easy to use one-handed spray bottle application

Tidying your collection of masturbators, penis pumps, vibrators, prostate massagers, and more, is quick and easy with this powerful yet gentle water-based cleanser. It's not only for toys, but it's also mild enough you can use it for your intimate areas making it great for those with sensitive skin prone to irritation. Made with tea tree oil for that ultimate cleansing. It incorporates a pleasant and sweet lavender essential oil. It doesn't only give you a nice clean finish but a great smell too! 

This sex toy cleaner comes in a convenient and handy spray bottle. It also features a locking tab mechanism that prevents leaking so you can carry it with you along with your travel-ready toys. Say YES to more fun outside the bedroom! 

Prolong the life of your favorite male enhancement products and keep them away from bacteria for a pleasure-filled and worry-free sex life.



Directions for Use

  • Spray this product onto the toy directly or to the area you need to clean.
  • Wipe off excess if needed
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