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Adam and Eve 4 in 1 Pure and Clean Misting Toy Cleaner 2 oz

  • 4-in-1 misting sex toy cleaner that sanitizes, deodorizes, and disinfects so you can play happy and healthy 
  • Prolongs the life of your favorite sex toys if you plan to keep them for longer periods of time
  • Amazingly makes your bright colored toys always look nice, vibrant, fresh, and dandy
  • Truly versatile cleaner that's compatible with vibrators, strokers, masturbators, fleshlight, and a whole lot of sex toys
  • Removes dirt, bodily fluids, and the toughest grime but is also gentle to your beloved sex toys
  • Keeps your toy look and smell brand new - it won't have any bad smell or stench
  • Uniformly mists your cleaner with each spray which makes cleaning easy and convenient
  • Made from completely body-safe ingredients so it's also gentle to your skin
  • You can avoid getting sick or ill from the germs or bacteria build up
  • It's quicker and works better than cleaning with just soap and water
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Product Description

Adam and Eve 4 in 1 Pure and Clean Misting Toy Cleaner

Looking for the perfect sex toy maybe just like looking for a needle in a haystack. You spend time googling and checking if the toy matches your needs. So it's only appropriate that you have to invest in an antibacterial sex toy cleaner for thorough sanitation. They said maintaining is better than replacing. Keep your toys well-conditioned with the Adam and Eve 4 in 1 Pure and Clean Misting Toy Cleaner!


Adam and Eve 4 in 1 Pure and Clean Misting Toy Cleaner Features


  • 4-in-1 misting toy cleaner sanitizes, deodorizes, and disinfects all kinds of sex toys whether they are made of rubber, plastic, glass, Cyberskin, or silicone
  • Can be used for cleaning vibrators, strokers, masturbators, penis pumps, anal dildos, fleshlights, and more
  • Extend the life of your favorite sex toy by making sure you are providing them with ample care and thorough cleaning
  • Incredible misting bottle sprays uniformly making it easy and convenient to clean your sex toys 
  • Intensely removes dirt, grime, and germs thanks to its fast cleaning action
  • All-purpose antibacterial formula to keep your sex toys spick and span
  • Keeps your treasured sex toys bacteria-free, disinfected, and sanitized even if you store them for long periods of time
  • Spray once or twice for a thorough cleaning then rinse away with warm water - as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Hygiene is important to your collection of sex toys just like how putting a condom is. It is the added protection not only to your toys but to you as well. Without it, your favorite tools would become a breeding ground for bacteria, which is never sexy!

Sanitizing your toys before and after use is the key to prolonging their quality! Keep your vibrators, strokers, fleshlights, prostate massagers, and more, clean with this 4-in-1 misting spray by Adam & Eve! It sanitizes, deodorizes, and disinfects all kinds of toys! It's gentle to the skin and body-safe so you don't need to worry about skin irritations.

It doesn't take a long time too! This incredible misting bottle easily sprays uniformly on the surface of your sex toy. It removes dirt, grime, and germs fast!  It's super convenient to use you'd clean everything at no time at all. 

Keep your favorite male enhancement products bacteria-free for a healthy and safe pleasure session.


Directions for Use

  • Spray this product once or twice over your sex toy
  • Rinse away with warm water
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