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Penis Pumps | The Ultimate How To Guide For Penis Pumping

To pump, or not to pump? That is the question. With so many men and couples asking if they really do work and how to use them, it is important that real and truthful information is out there.  While it can be an uncomfortable topic to even think about for some men, there is really no need to feel shame. Many men suffer from some sort of erectile dysfunction (ED) or other insecurities about their penis size and performance. The best part is that there is something you can do about it if you are concerned.  We are going to try and answer as many FAQs as possible in this article!  Some people may think that penis pumps are simply sex toys for men but we are here to debunk that myth as they are so much more than that when used properly.

 Penis Pump -

So to start, what is a penis pump?

The medical term is a Vacuum Constriction Device or VCD.  A vacuum constriction device is a pump designed to pull blood into the penis and when used in conjunction with an erection constriction ring will help a man with erectile dysfunction achieve and keep an erection.  These devices include an acrylic cylinder, a vacuum pump attached to one end, and an open end for a penis on the other. They are designed to have an erection ring placed around the cylinder which is to be pulled down around the base of the penis after pumping has been accomplished.

In the short term, these vacuum devices are designed to engorge the penis with blood which helps increase the size and firmness of the erection. When used with an erection (cock) ring, the pump will help keep the size and improve your stamina along with it. With long-term use, penis pumping can produce an increased penis size, and it can also have great benefits for those that suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) as it can help to create a firm erection.  These male enhancement devices work by using suction to draw blood into the penile shaft through the cylinder, expanding the penis into the area that the negative pressure creates. This creates an engorged erect penis that looks bigger as there is more blood inside the vessels. Once the pressure is removed, the penis will slowly go back to its regular size as blood flow returns to normal. Over a long period of use, the tissues can start to expand and force the production of new cells making the penis longer and have more girth.  


And the best bit is that penis pumps are affordable, available over the counter, and they are easy to use. Whether you are using a manual air penis pump (which is the most standard and readily available type), an electric penis pump or a water penis pump (hydro pump), the process is fairly similar and all three are very straightforward. With an air pump you place your penis inside the penis pump cylinder, it helps if its semi-erect, and you slowly pump the air out to create a vacuum seal between the cylinder and your body. Once sealed pump a few more times to create a tight vacuum and then let it sit for up to fifteen minutes before slowly releasing the pressure. Make sure not to pump too much where it is uncomfortable as you may experience some undesired side effects which we will cover later.  An electric pump works the same way, except it will automatically pump and release for you so you don’t need to worry about monitoring the pressure yourself. A hydro pump creates a vacuum as water is released through the valve drawing the penis into the space created.


Penis pumps are actually one of the lowest risk treatments for those with erectile issues or size complaints, as they are non-invasive and they can work in conjunction with other treatments like Viagra or Cialis. But there is a lot of concern amongst first-time users due to the risk of injury or pain. The thing is that penis pumps are actually pretty safe and the risk of injury or side effects is fairly low so long as you are careful and follow the instructions of the product. Of course, there are a few risks and potential side effects but they are minimal compared to many other treatments. You may see bruises or discoloration of the penis or more serious issues like skin thickening or ruptured blood vessels but these are uncommon and easily avoided if you follow some simple precautions.

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Follow the instructions

The easiest way to ensure that you are pumping safely is to follow the instructions for your pump down to the last detail. Even if you have used another pump before, you need to follow the instructions of this particular pump as each one will be slightly different. And if it's not. Awesome. At least you checked and now you know you are safe.

Look out for a pressure gauge

A pressure gauge or vacuum limiter will show you exactly how much pressure you are applying while you pump and will give you a better idea of whether you are sticking to the instructions outlined for that particular pump. Without one it is easy to create too much pressure which isn’t safe for your body. Basically, it will help to stop you from over pumping so pumps with pressure gauges are great for beginners to help you learn what it feels like to pump correctly without overdoing it and causing any injury.

Shave or trim the area

Now I know that you may not want to hear this, but trimming back or shaving the area will make a big difference to how strong a suction you can create between yourself and the pump. The less hair the better, ideally you would even wax the area, but trimming is a start.

Add some padding for comfort

This is the best way to avoid discomfort and bruising. We are dealing with a sensitive area after all. The suction will make the pump seal very tightly against your body and it can be pretty painful if you don’t have anything between yourself and the hard material of the pump. You can also grab a comfort sleeve which is generally a bit more padded than a comfort pad, and some of them even come molded with a mouth, vagina or butt to keep things interesting.

               Healthy Vibes Water-Based Lubricant for Penis Pump

Use some water based lubricant around the seal

You don’t need a lot, but a little bit of water based lubricant will go a long way to keep you comfortable and help to maintain a strong seal between your body and the pump.

Get the right size

Make sure you thoroughly read the descriptions of any penis pump before you buy and get the size that you need. You will need to measure both your flaccid and erect penis to get it right and bear in mind that each brand, and sometimes even different pumps within a brand set will be different so do a double check before you buy and don’t assume it will be the same across the board. Get that measuring tape out and start measuring. You want to get it as exact as possible. 

Sizing is a very important aspect when choosing your ideal penis pump.  Many men want to automatically opt for the 12 inch penis pump but that might not be the best option for you.  There are many sizes so choose the right one for you!

Each pump can only provide so much change in size and if the cylinder is too small then you won’t see any difference. However, a penis pump that is too large is no good either A penis pump cylinder that is too large can also cause injury by creating too much pressure for your body and causing you to overwork the penis.

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Don’t over pump

A major penis pump FAQ is regarding how to avoid over pumping, especially if you are new to penis pumps. The most important thing is your safety and this is one of those activities where slow and steady wins the race. If you overdo it and cause an injury, then you will need to wait and let your body heal again before you can start up again. In most cases, if you do cause an injury, they will only be temporary but they can be pretty scary at the time. Things like blisters, skin discoloration and numbness of the penis are common when first starting to pump but there are also some common injuries that are a bit more serious.

A common injury from overpumping is the “doughnut effect”. While pumping draws blood into the penis, it also draws in lymphatic fluid. This fluid is totally natural in the body, however, too much of it in the penile head can cause a swelling effect that looks a lot like a donut. While this is usually a harmless swelling that will go down of its own accord if it remains it can cause bigger issues down the line. If you see this is happening to your penis, take a break from pumping until the swelling has eased completely.

Over-pumping can also cause blood vessels to rupture inside the penis. This will cause instant pain, bruising and swelling and it can also affect a man's ability to get a full erection which can last for months or longer. It pays to take it easy and allow your body to get used to the process of pumping. Its likely a bit of a shock!

Should I Use A Penis Pump

Start off with sessions no longer than fifteen minutes 2-3 times a week then gradually increase your frequency up to every day if you want to. I recommend sticking to fifteen-minute sessions, but if you do go over this, make sure you take a break every 10-15 minutes. Take 2-3 minutes to stretch and massage your penis to help increase blood circulation and help the pumping process. Keep in mind that using a pump too often or for too long can actually damage the elastic tissue of the penis in the long run which can cause erection issues down the track. So go S L O W!

Listen to your body

Because your body will be the first one to tell you if something doesn’t seem right. For many men, the process of penis pumping actually feels really good as there is an intense suction, like a hyped-up version of oral sex. It’s when it starts to feel uncomfortable and painful, that you know you have gone too far. There may also be visual signs when you have over pumped. You may start to see your penis change color or develop small red or purple spots. Again this is too far. Ideally, you won’t have to worry about this, but if it happens, release the pressure straight away and leave your body to rest without pumping for a few days to heal. When you are starting out, it might pay to get a pump with a clear cylinder so you can see exactly what is going on inside.

Go for a pump with a ‘quick release’ option

This is a safe bet to avoid penile injury if you over pump. While a standard valve will release the pressure slowly, this will work much faster to release the pressure and allow your penis to relax, hopefully, before any minor damage is caused.

The safest option is a Water Pump

Water pumps, or hydro pumps, as they are also referred to, like the Bathmate range, are the safest type of penis pump available and are ideal for those that want to pump frequently and see long term results. Water pumps utilize water pressure and have built-in limitations on the pressure level. This makes them safer and a lot more comfortable during pumping.

Take care with the erection ring

Some penis pumps come with a cock ring also known as a constriction ring intended to be used directly following pumping to maintain your erection for as long as possible. These silicone cock rings trap blood in the penis to prolong the erection but if worn for too long they can cause a decrease in sensation. Make sure you wear yours for no longer than thirty minutes at a time and if you feel discomfort or numbness, remove the ring straight away. These rings are sometimes called erection rings or cock rings and can also be bought separately to help maintain a firmer erection with or without pumping.

Keep the pump clean

Anything that goes near your genitalia needs to be thoroughly cleaned before and after use and a penis pump is no exception. Clean the cylinder and comfort seal with warm water and soap to make sure no bacteria starts to build. Build up can clog the valves and stop the pump from sealing and releasing properly. The Bathmate range, in particular, requires extra special care with cleaning as water needs to flow through the valve smoothly. There is a cleaning pack with everything you need to clean your Bathmate available so you can ensure you are getting it right.

Penis pumps are a no-go for:

Also, keep in mind that there are some people with specific diseases or on specific types of medication that are unable to use penis pumps.

  • Those with Sickle Cell Anemia and other blood diseases that cause excessive bleeding or blood clots. Also, be careful if you are taking blood thinning medication.
  • Anyone with Priapism.

Important to remember!

This doesn’t refer to safety so much but I guess it can be considered as one of the side effects or drawbacks of using a penis pump. The fact that it can be embarrassing and even awkward in a relationship. It’s hard enough to admit that you want or need one, let alone actually having to use it before intercourse with your partner knowing what you are doing. Getting comfortable with this may take some time but, the only way that you will get there is through open communication and discussion about this process. There is no shame in penis pumping and it can really help to maintain intimate in a relationship and boost your sexual confidence in the long run. Just like seeing the results, feeling confident with a cock pump is a slow process, but there can be lots of reward at the end if you stick it out.

And keep in mind, that for most people the results of penis pumps far outweigh the risks. When you follow these simple guidelines there is very little chance of you causing damage to your body or having an injury. But hopefully, you will be maintaining healthy erections and great sex life.

Check out our full line of penis pumps for more options


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