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Male Masturbators

Male Masturbators

Real talk: Men masturbate. Every guy jerks off; it's just what we do. We get bored, we jack off. Can’t sleep? Wank. Want to take the edge off? We get ourselves off.  We all start out using our hand, from very early on. But as we get older, curiosity typically gets the better of us. That’s when we start trying all kinds of weird things.

Eventually, we all want something better than our hand without the weirdness of using things we found at home. That’s when most guys finally buy their first male masturbator, typically a smaller pocket pussy. Once you try it, your hand just isn’t the same. Even when we have a willing and ready partner, sometimes it’s just easier and quicker to use a masturbation sleeve or stroker.

Male masturbators have become so realistic that if you lie back, close your eyes, and enjoy the moment, you’d almost swear the sleeve or stroker was a warm, willing body. Masturbation sleeves aren’t new inventions, but they are definitely getting better with time -- thanks to better technology and materials.

Like many women, men are starting to demand safer sex toys that feel good and last. In response, companies have introduced newer, safer, and better materials. The gold standard is silicone but, no matter what material you choose, you’re guaranteed serious pleasure when you masturbate with a masturbation sleeve or stroker.

Are masturbation sleeves made just for straight guys?

Not at all! It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, or bi, whatever you want to stick your shaft in, there’s a masturbator with the perfect hole. So many holes!  You can get masturbators for anal, blow jobs and oral sex, and, of course, vaginal penetration.

Those are called pocket pussies for a reason. Male masturbators, like all sex toys, aren’t made just for straight or gay people. They’re made for the kind of stimulation you crave the most. And if you love sticking your dick in a tight, wet hole, you’ll love a masturbation sleeve.

Can male masturbators also be vibrators?

Absolutely! Several manufacturers have added a vibrating option to their masturbation strokers and sleeves. Some use a bullet vibrator that can be removed. Others build the vibrations right into the stroker.

You can give your hand and wrist a break and increase the intensity of your pleasure and orgasm at the same time. For a truly hands-free experience look for a vibrating male masturbator that works with a remote control. You’ll have more options to try and more ways to get yourself off.

Can a masturbation sleeve help me last longer during sex?

From a lack of stamina to erectile dysfunction, there are several reasons you might be getting off quicker than you’d like. Masturbators are designed to stimulate a real pussy, mouth, or anus. The more you use a stroker, the quicker you get used to the sensation. If a slick, wet, warm hole is what gets you off fast, acclimate yourself to what that feels like with your masturbation sleeve. Masturbate with a purpose, bring yourself to the brink of cumming and then pull back, rinse and repeat. 

This will help build your stamina over time like an exercise.  Jerking off before you have sex with your partner can also help you last longer, depending on the length of your refractory period (the time it takes you to ejaculate again). Grab your sleeve, jack off, and then go see your’ll be a happy surprise for both of you.


If you have erectile dysfunction, it’s important to talk to your doctor about the right treatment options for your situation. But the truth is that erections and getting off are things that if you don’t use it, you might lose it.

A masturbation sleeve could be exactly what you need to get your dick back into fighting form. Be patient with yourself and keep at it (as if you need an excuse to wank). As long as your doctor says it’s safe, masturbate with your stroker as often as you can until you rebuild your stamina.

Do male masturbators all look realistic? What if I want something discreet?

If being discreet is your thing, check out the complete line of discreet masturbators from Fleshlight, Vulcan, and many others.  These masturbation sleeves are designed to look like flashlights and other household products. They’re perfect for the guy who doesn’t want anyone to find your sex toy collection.

And if you don’t really want a pair of lips (pussy or mouth) or a butt hole staring up at you while you masturbate, there are plenty of sleeves designed to look anything but real, we call them discreet.

Are all male masturbators big and bulky? Is there something smaller I can use?

If you’d prefer a smaller stroker, that’s an option, too. Fleshlight Quickshot and several styles from Vulcan don’t have all the bulk of a standard masturbation sleeve. They’re easier to clean and put away. For guys with less length, you get more sensation around your entire penis instead of just in the shaft. Shorter strokers also fit well in the palm of your hand so they’re easy to maneuver while still giving you the realistic sensations of a full-size masturbator.

Can I get a male masturbator that vibrates?

A vibrating pocket pussy is just one of many different male masturbators that offer some sort of vibrating and stimulating function.  There are USB rechargeable masturbators as well as vibrators you simply stick a bullet into.

Do I need to use lube with a masturbation sleeve?

Yes, yes, and yes. Some, like Fleshlight, are made to be softer and need less lube. Other masturbation sleeves are one-time use and are already lubed up. But to have the best experience with any male masturbator, add water-based lubricant to reduce friction and increase sensation and pleasure.

Re-apply as needed since it can dry after prolonged wanking.  Since most sleeves are made from some sort of soft material such as TPE, TPR, and silicone, you will want to avoid using silicone lubricant in order to not ruin the sex toy.  Some silicone lube manufacturers state you can use their silicone lube on soft sex toys, buyer beware.

Are male masturbators only for single guys?

While the best masturbation sleeves give you a helping hand when you’re all alone, they’re also great for couples. Your partner doesn’t have to get bored with or tired of giving you the same old hand job. You don’t have to worry that it won’t feel as good. Some creative couples even play with kinky power and control with a masturbation sleeve -- teasing you until you’re begging your partner to keep going or pleading with them to stop. Like all sex toys, your stroker can have a place in your partnered sex life, too.

What do I do if I get bored with my masturbator?

Just like you can get bored with your hand after a while, your masturbation stroker might seem less exciting over time. But it doesn’t have to be! There are several things you can do to switch things up and make it feel like new again:

  • Try a sensation (warming or tingling) lubricant. A warming lube will make your stroker feel more realistic than ever.
  • Use your other hand. It might feel awkward at first but switching hands changes the angle, pressure, and stimulation when you jerk off.
  • If possible, use just the sleeve. Fleshlights can come apart which means you can pull the sleeve out and stroke without the canister. You’ll be able to control the squeeze more with this trick.
  • Let your partner drive. We said it before, but it’s worth a second mention. You can (and probably do) jack off with your eyes closed without even thinking about it. Letting someone else “drive” automatically makes the entire experience like new.
  • Look specifically for vibrating masturbators that add vibrations that pulse through the entire sleeve

Is it true there are masturbators that are molded directly from a porn star’s body?

If you love porn and watch it while you wank, you’re not alone. Lots of guys have a favorite star (or two or three). Sometimes watching a clip online can make your routine orgasm even better. If that sounds like you, turn up the heat on your pleasure with a stroker modeled after your favorite porn star. Literally, molded directly from the star's genitals. 

Most common molds include vaginas, butts, mouths, and tits.  The molding process is a long, drawn-out process that the stars go through just to deliver their pussy to your door.

Fleshlight and Doc Johnson both offer multiple sleeves from the hottest adult stars from the classics to today, including cam girls, gay porn, and more! In some cases, the strokers are near-perfect replicas of your favorite actor or actress.

Take a look at the line of Fleshlight Girls which are some of the most popular porn stars in the world.  When you’re watching porn and using their masturbator, you can act on all the kinky, dirty, sexy things you want to do and say because they’re right there in the palm of your hand.

How do I clean my masturbation stroker?

After each time you jerk off, make sure you clean your masturbation sleeve. Even open-ended sleeves need to be cleaned, too. If possible, take the sleeve out of the case. You can use warm water and soap or an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner -- whichever you prefer. Thoroughly clean your sleeve and wipe down the case. Allow both to dry completely before reassembling.

To help your masturbator feel like new whenever you use it, add renewing powder after your sleeve is completely dry. This will help prevent tears in the sleeve and keep the material supple so it always feels good. That way you get the real feeling you crave once you add lube.

If you know you’re hopeless about keeping your stroker clean, consider wearing a condom while you jack off. You’ll still need to clean your masturbator, but there will be less mess. Cleaning will be easier and quicker.