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Male Masturbators

Real talk: Men masturbate. Every guy jerks off; it's just what we do. We get bored, we jack off. Can’t sleep? Wank. Want to take the edge off? We get ourselves off.  We all start out using our hand, from very early on. But as we get older, curiosity typically gets the better of us. That’s when we start trying all kinds of weird things.

Eventually, we all want something better than our hand without the weirdness of using things we found at home. That’s when most guys finally buy their first male masturbator, typically a smaller pocket pussy. Once you try it, your hand just isn’t the same. Even when we have a willing and ready partner, sometimes it’s just easier and quicker to use a masturbation sleeve or stroker.

Male masturbators have become so realistic that if you lie back, close your eyes, and enjoy the moment, you’d almost swear the sleeve or stroker was a warm, willing body. Masturbation sleeves aren’t new inventions, but they are definitely getting better with time -- thanks to better technology and materials.

Like many women, men are starting to demand safer sex toys that feel good and last. In response, companies have introduced newer, safer, and better materials. The gold standard is silicone but, no matter what material you choose, you’re guaranteed serious pleasure when you masturbate with a masturbation sleeve or stroker.

Male Masturbators FAQs

Male masturbators are simple sex toys designed for men to have penetrative sex with. Masturbators are also known as pocket pussies, strokers, sleeves, and numerous other names.

Male masturbators come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, colors, and features that will fit all sexual needs and lifestyles. The most common types of masturbators are pocket pussies that have a vagina opening, anal masturbators shaped like a butt, and oral sex simulators that have a mouth opening to mimic a blow job.

Many masturbators feature different elements such as vibrating functions for added stimulation, suction for a more realistic experience, ultra-discreet looking if you are concerned about nosey friends and family, and even automatic masturbators that do the trusting for you so you can sit back and enjoy.

Yes, absolutely they feel just like real sex. There are many male masturbators that are designed specifically to feel exactly like having sex with a real person. These masturbators are typically made from a “real skin” type material such as Fleshlight or Cyberskin. With a high quality water-based lubricant, you can’t even tell the difference.

Masturbation is a well-known method of improving sexual performance and lasting longer. Similar to working out in the gym to improve your athletic performance, masturbation helps with your sexual performance.

While any masturbator can and will help you develop the skills necessary to last longer in bed, several companies such as Fleshlight have developed a specific masturbator that is designed to build your sexual stamina.

When using a male masturbator with an exercise routine such as ‘edging’, over time, you will build up your sexual stamina to the point where you can control exactly when you are ready to orgasm.

Absolutely. Over the last 5 years, technology has been developed to allow manufacturers to mold masturbators directly from porn stars. These male masturbators are the most realistic type and have all the details of the porn stars’ genitalia, down to the wrinkles in their skin.

Fleshlight and Doc Johnson both offer multiple sleeves from the hottest adult stars from the classics to today, including cam girls, gay porn, and more! In some cases, the strokers are near-perfect replicas of your favorite actor or actress.

Take a look at the line of Fleshlight Girls which are some of the most popular porn stars in the world.  When you’re watching porn and using their masturbator, you can act on all the kinky, dirty, sexy things you want to do and say because they’re right there in the palm of your hand.

Male masturbators come in all shapes and sizes, they are not all large and bulky. Due to the nature of these sex toys, it is important that they also come in smaller, compact sizes as well as ultra-discreet shapes and designs.

You can find masturbators that look like everyday appliances such as fleshlight or even shapes that mimic art more than a sex toy.

Make sure you clean your masturbation sleeve before and after each use. Even open-ended sleeves need to be cleaned, too. If possible, take the sleeve out of the case (if there is a case). You can use warm water and soap or an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner -- whichever you prefer. Thoroughly clean your sleeve and wipe down the case. Allow both to dry completely before reassembling.

To help your masturbator feel like new whenever you use it, add renewing powder after your sleeve is completely dry. This will help prevent tears in the sleeve and keep the material supple so it always feels good. That way you get the real feeling you crave once you add lube.

If you know you’re hopeless about keeping your stroker clean, consider wearing a condom while you jack off. You’ll still need to clean your masturbator, but there will be less mess. Cleaning will be easier and quicker.


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