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Sliquid Lubricant

Sliquid Lubricant

Sliquid natural intimate lubricants is a brand of personal sex lubricants that is in a league of their own. While many other brands of sex lube exist simply to make a profit, Sliquid has a deeply engrained cause which drives their product development.  Sliquid has not nor will they ever compromise their body safe formulas in an effort to increase profits.  While many companies are driven by corporate greed, Sliquid puts that aside to make sure they do right by their customers first. 

Known for their extremely high quality line of water based lubricants and silicone based lubricant, Sliquid keeps their line lean and mean.  Sliquid also makes one of the best selling and most realistic lines of flavored lubricant, so real that you think you are eating the real food!  Because men are so often left out, Sliquid decided to launch their line of men's products called RIDE Bodyworx which carries over the same high quality products at competitive prices.