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Dealing with Premature Ejaculation  

So things are heating up and you’re looking to get some action. Great!

That’s one of the best feelings in the world. But what isn’t so pleasurable is having anxiety regarding your sexual performance, namely your sexual stamina.

Research has shown that premature ejaculation is the #1 sexual dysfunction for men, and each month there are almost 50.000 searches on the topic. It’s a pretty big deal.

Often it’s caused by a psychological issue, but other times it’s related to some chronic disease or improper diet. Usually making these issues fully go away can take months or even years. But what happens when you want an effective fix, FAST?

Hopefully, there are some remedies just for that (mankind is great at finding solutions for pressing problems), and in this post, we’ll give you 5 tried and tested methods to quickly and effectively cure premature ejaculation. And best of all, they’re all easy to use and are widely available.

Let’s dig in.

Cure #1: Special Condoms

These are the most straightforward solution. Everybody uses condoms, so if you’re having trouble with stamina, why not use a special condom which is specifically designed to make you last longer?

There are tons of brands and types to choose from, but the only thing you have to be careful about is the numbing agent’s concentration levels. You don’t want your manliness to not feel anything at all, right? Some people can even lose their erections because of the numbness in sensations. Every penis is different, so it’s best to find a brand which works best for you.

Check out these Trojan Extended Pleasures Condoms, they have been a best seller for years. 

Cure #2: Prolong Lubes and Sprays

These utilize the same principle as special condoms, but you have more control over how much you want to apply.

Both use topical numbing agents such as benzocaine or lidocaine, also used in pain relief medications. They inhibit the brain’s ability to register sensations, successfully preventing ejaculation while still allowing some sensation. These ingredients vary in efficacy and in their mechanisms of action.

Even though they are generally recognized as safe by the FDA, applying too much can cause adverse reactions in some people, such as irregular heartbeat or breathing difficulties.

Another potential downside is that they can be transmitted to the partner, thus irritating her. And in the heat of the moment, you don’t want to fiddle around with this. If you’re with a new partner or if it’s spontaneous sex, it can be a bit of a passion killer to pop into the bathroom to apply it and then wait to wash it off.

 We recommend you check out Old China Brush or Instant Erection Cream.

Cure #3: Stamina Training Sleeves

Now things are getting more interesting.

These special masturbators are designed to stimulate sexual intercourse as closely as possible (and people are raving about their true-to-life nature all the time), so you can experience the same feeling as during sex itself, but without the need to focus on the partner - only you.

Evidence has shown that utilizing stamina training sleeves can be really effective in curing premature ejaculation and they can significantly increase confidence in one’s own sexual performance as well, all while having a pleasurable way to “train”.

Some companies even have sophisticated add-ons which can be linked to VR films and which monitor stroke speed in order to create highly customizable stamina training programs just for you. Not bad.

 We recommend you check out Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit or Satisfyer Men Stamina Sleeve for the two best on the market! 

Cure #4: Cock Rings

They have a pretty straightforward name, and that’s exactly what they do.

The primary purpose of wearing a cock ring is to restrict the flow of blood from the erect penis in order to produce a stronger erection or to maintain an erection for a longer period of time.

This works because the body has a mechanism for pumping blood into the shaft when sexually aroused, but has no explicit way of sucking out the blood from the penis once the arousal is over.

Cock rings trap more blood in the shaft, resulting in bigger and harder erections, while also providing more sensation and longer lasting power.

Of course, there’s a myriad of options, from pretty straightforward to futuristic designs that would make you think twice about putting them on your cock.

The best part about cock rings is that that are effective for most people, are easy to take on and off, and they can be very pleasurable to the partner as well.

Our customers continually rave about the Lynk Pleasure Cock Ring Kit as well as the Vibrating Double Cock Ring by Doc Johnson.

Cure #5: Relaxing

No, seriously. Relaxing.

Research has shown that premature ejaculation is often caused by psychological stress, anxiety and too much arousal.

Just focusing on your breathing and trying to calm yourself down can increase your performance. It won’t produce any miracles, and you have to know some autogenic psychological techniques or breathing exercises to pull this off, but it can magnify the effects of the other 4 methods.

This way you can say goodbye to feeling ashamed or insecure and instead start feeling like the man you deserve to be.

Final Thoughts on PE


While each of these five alternatives are great for forms of premature ejaculation, sometimes there is more to it.  If you struggle from a more severe form of hyper sensitive penis or other ED, it is highly recommended that you speak with your physician.