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Silicone, Leather, Metal Cock and Testicle Enhancers for Men

Ball Stretchers

If you love to have your balls played with or just looking for something to make sex so much better, please keep reading.  Ball stretching just maybe what the Dr. ordered.  So, what is a ball stretcher?  Ball stretchers are a type of men’s sex toy that fits over the balls, just below the penis, and draws them away from the body of the person wearing it. This drawing down or stretching pulls the skin of the scrotum taught exposing more nerve endings and making it more sensitive and receptive to stimulation.

They are designed to tug your nuts away from your body which creates a spectacular sensation from the pressure.  If you want to feel how great a ball stretcher is, just take your index finger and thumb and make a round, circular “OK” shape.  Wrap your fingers around where your balls meet your body.  Start slowly and gently pulling on your balls.  You should feel some intense pleasure from this.  Now, imagine that pleasure during sex, it amplifies the experience!

Ball Stretchers FAQs

Genital Stimulation

The main reason that ball stretchers are used, is for the feeling they create while being worn. If you like the feeling of your scrotum being tugged on then you will likely enjoy the experience of wearing a ball stretcher. Ball stretchers tug on the sac creating pressure as well as stretching out the skin and allowing more of your nerve endings to be stimulated. 

If you use a ball stretcher made of a firm material, then you will often feel a rush of blood run back into the area once the stretcher is removed which can also feel extremely good to some people.  

And of course, some people just love the feeling of their balls banging around between their legs or against someone else during sex. 

Aesthetic purposes

Ball stretchers create the appearance of having a lower hanging scrotum. They can temporarily stretch the skin to create ‘lower hanging fruit’ or can be worn underneath clothing for a pushed-up look. Some styles work like a push-up bra does giving you some extra oomph and a bigger mound. 

BDSM play

Some styles take things a bit more seriously and are designed for humiliation, control or even discomfort. These will often be referred to as cock and ball torture and are a fairly common part of BDSM play. 

This style of ball stretcher will often be made of materials with no stretch whatsoever like metal and may even feature spikes around the inside to torment the skin. Don’t be put off by these if you see them, these are not the standard design and not all stretchers are designed for this type of play. 

Ball stretchers are a simple device that is designed to pull and tug your testicles down and away from your body. As ball stretchers draw the balls away from the body, you get a lot more movement and swing which can feel great. Some partners enjoy this sensation too, so if you are with somebody that craves that feeling, then this is one way that you can amp that up even more.
Many men use ball stretchers to try to get a permanent stretch of the area resulting in balls that hang lower. This is possible but requires a long-term approach and stretching routine that often requires a ball stretcher with weight attachments

Yes! So long as you follow the rules. The rules of ball stretchers are very similar to the rules of cock rings. Stick to the time limits and get one that fits you properly. Just like cock rings, ball stretchers do restrict the flow of blood through this area, so you must follow the rules, especially if you are new to this type of stimulation.  

If you are new to ball stretchers, then stick to only wearing it for 20 minutes at a time to allow your body to get used to the sensation.

Do not use a ball stretcher for longer than 30 minutes at a time.  You can however use them multiple times per day.

Not exactly, although many styles of ball stretchers or cock rings may include both a cock ring and a ball stretcher. You can find of cock rings that also include a ball stretching loop but in many cases, these will be quite thin and will only offer a small amount of stretch. 

If you are looking for a stretch that will offer a lot of stimulation, you might want to go for something that focuses solely on stretching. Of course, you can also use a cock ring at the same time if you want to get the benefits of a cock ring too.

A ball stretcher should be firm but it should not be so tight that it causes pain or discomfort. When you use a ball stretcher you want to feel some firmness, pressure and stretch in the area. But, if you are feeling so much pressure that it is painful or your skin is becoming discolored and turning purple, it means that the stretcher is too tight and needs to be removed. If you experience bruising during use, you should discontinue and speak with your doctor.

On the other hand, you don’t want a ball stretcher that is too big and doesn’t create any pressure or sensation at all. This may mean trying out a few different styles before you get the right fit. If you are concerned, go for a material that is very stretchy like TPR or TPE, or grab an adjustable ball stretcher that has clasps that allow different fits. Silicone stretchers are also quite popular in part thanks to the soft and stretchy material and how safe they are to use. 

Look for something with a lot of stretch to start with. This is going to feel the most comfortable and give you enough pressure and stretch to get all the benefits without it feeling too overwhelming. Materials like TPR, TPR or silicone are ideal. A looped style is going to be the easiest option to start with as it is stretchy and comfortable. They are also fairly inexpensive. 

This all depends on the style you go for but no matter which one you have you need to warm up your body first. You know the deal, if you are cold, your scrotum wants to tuck up inside your body and this makes getting on a ball stretcher impossible. So ensure that your whole body is warm by either having a hot shower or bath or doing some exercise. 

You also want to stretch and massage the skin of the scrotum before you start. Do this rolling your fingers around on the skin and stretching it out manually with your hands. You want to hold each stretch of the skin for about 45 seconds to ensure that you get enough stretch and blood flow through the skin. 

When you feel warmed up, it helps to use some lubricant around the inside of the stretcher and on your skin too. I recommend a water-based lube as it is suitable for all toy materials. 

If you are using a loop style ball stretcher, you will need to stretch it out wide and pop your balls through the loop one at a time. Once they are through, you can slowly release the loop down onto the skin. Go slow and don’t let it snap down, it will feel like a rubber band and it will hurt! 

Adjustable or fastener styles are a bit easier as you can wrap them around and pull your scrotum down as much as you can to fasten it. This may take a little practice to get right and you need to be very careful not to catch your skin in the fastener. Also, beware of catching pubic hair as this can tug and hurt too!

No matter which style you are using, go slow, use lube and be careful. And don’t forget to remove it after 20 minutes until you have trained your body to be able to cope with more.

Loop/Ring Ball Stretchers

This is a common style of ball stretcher that uses stretchy materials for a comfortable fit around the scrotum. This style tends to look very similar to a classic loop cock ring but in most cases will be a lot thicker to provide more stretch.

This is an ideal style for beginners as they are easy to get on and remove and offer a comfortable stretch that won’t feel too overwhelming. You can also start small with this style and add on another loop or ring if you want to take your stretch even further. There are even sets available with multiple rings so you can add more to get the exact stretch you are after. These will usually be made from stretchy silicone, TPE or TPR. 

Cock and Ball Slings

Slings are a type of ball stretcher that encases the scrotum inside a sling as you play. These tend to also be made from stretchy materials like silicone, TPE, or TPR and offer a small amount of stretch to the scrotum. When worn properly, a sling will feel like somebody gently cupping your balls. 

Leather Ball Stretchers

Leather ball stretchers are extremely popular as they are firm, adjustable, and come in a huge variety of sizes. While leather does have some stretch as it warms up with the body, this type of ball stretcher is great for those that like a firm fit and a lot of pressure.

Leather stretchers typically have snaps located in multiple positions to find the preferred fit for you. You can also find leather ball stretchers with d-rings so you can attach a weight or lead to the stretcher. 

Metal Ball Stretchers

This style is for advanced users only. Metal ball stretchers have no stretch and you need to make sure that the size is 100% perfect for your body or you can cause permanent damage to your skin and nerves. This style of stretcher will do up with a metal fastener and will sometimes offer multiple options for the size. But do your research first and start with something that offers some stretch. 

Splitters or Spreaders

Splitters or ball spreaders are styles of ball stretchers that include a strap that connects to the ring and sits between your balls to separate them. This adds another level of stimulation and stretches to the scrotum that some men love. In most cases, these styles will be made from stretchy materials like silicone, TPR, or TPE for a comfortable fit and stretch.