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Anal Numbing Lube & Desensitizing Creams

According to studies, 43% of men and 37% of women have consistent anal sex.  What that tells us though is there are a whole lot of people out there missing out on one of life’s greatest hidden treasures. When done right, anal sex is known the be one of the most intense, intimate, and pleasureful experiences. Now, I understand why many people avoid anal, they only hear about the pain. 

I am here to tell you that anal sex can be, but never should be painful. If it is painful, you need to either switch positions or add more lubricant. No matter if it's your first time or your 100th time, adding the right lubricant will make anal so much better.

Now you can take the pleasure of backdoor play to the next level with an anal numbing lube designed to reduce the discomfort and improve the overall sexual experience.  Most numbing lubricants available tend to be water-based lubricants with an added numbing ingredient such as Benzocaine or Lidocaine, both of which are safe over-the-counter numbing agents used by doctors and dentists alike. 

If you have ever had your teeth worked on, chances are you have experienced one or even both numbing agents. Both Lidocaine and Benzocaine tend to have similar strengths.  Depending on the lube, you can find formulas with a light 2% all the way up to 10% active numbing agent.

If you have thought about prostate massaging and wondering if you can use one of these lubricants with a prostate massager, you can. Depending on the material of the toy, either choose water or silicone lube.  The numbing agent is perfectly fine to use with toys.

If numbing your butt isn’t quite your thing, many men are finding the wonders of numbing lube for their penis.  Numbing lube is perfect for men suffering from premature ejaculation. There are several numbing lubricants on the market designed to make you last longer by slightly desensitizing the penis for those who may have a hypersensitive penis. 

These types of numbing lubes are to be rubbed on the tip of your penis as well as the shaft. These types of lube are not to be confused with numbing creams for men which are designed to be rubbed into the penis to desensitize only rather than used as a lubricant with your partner. Though similar, only a lubricant will add the much-needed glide for certain sexual activities.

Anal numbing lubricants are known as generally safe for consumer use which means that there is very little risk or harm when using.  We always like to caution users though to not overdo it with the numbing stuff. 

The goal of numbing lubricants is to desensitize making things more comfortable, you should always be able to still feel the pressure.  If over numbing occurs, you run the risk of harming yourself and not even knowing it since you are all numbed up.  You always want to feel if you are doing damage to your body.  Sex should always be safe and never hurt!

We urge you to read our ultimate guide to anal sex before diving into numbing lube.

If you are unclear on what lube you really want, check out our article on the best sex lubes.

Anal Numbing Lube & Desensitizing Creams FAQs

Numbing lube is designed to deaden the nerves and sensors in the body where the lubricant is applied. This helps reduce the discomfort that you might otherwise feel.
Numbing lubes are safe to use in small amounts and as long as you follow manufactures recommended usage. The active ingredients used in numbing lubes is considered generally safe for use by the US FDA. If you use too much you risk going completely numb which you do not want. You should always feel pain as that is your body's natural response to possible damage and harm.
The most commonly talked about risk of using a numbing lube is when you over apply and over desensitize your body.  When this happens you limit the pain you might otherwise feel if you are damaging tissue.  This can lead to more long lasting and serious risks including permanent body damage.
The most commonly used active ingredients in numbing lube are over the counter numbing agents such as Benzocaine and Lidocaine. Both of these numbing agents are common in skin creams and numbing creams that can be purchased from any local drug store. They are also commonly found as oral numbing agents found at your dentist office.
Numbing lube can be used for anal sex and when used properly can improve the sexual experience. When using numbing lube during anal, it is very important to use minimal amounts as you do not want to have your anus completely numb. You need to be able to feel if anything is going wrong or if you are tearing or damaging your anal tissue.

No, numbing lube is not designed for oral sex. If you wish to numb your throat and reduce your gag reflex there are specific oral sex sprays designed for this use.

It is safe to use numbing lube for vaginal sex. As long as you do not over-apply the lubricant and you follow the manufacturers recommended use then you should be safe. Vaginas tend to be more sensitive than other parts of the body so you do run the risk of vaginal irritation.