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Sex Toys for Men

Sex toys for men are not new but thanks to technology finding the best are just a few clicks away. Long gone are the days that sex toys are only for women. Here at The Enhanced Male, we feel that men have been ignored for too long.

We deserve to have products geared directly towards our needs as well.  

Shopping for top male sex toys can be quite overwhelming and with so many options of different products, figuring out where to start is often the toughest part.  The most basic adult sex toy that men buy is typically a male masturbator

Men have been using their hands to masturbate for years, adding a sleeve or masturbator brings a whole new level of fun and realism.  If regular sleeves are just not doing it, tons of guys are turning to vibrating pocket pussies to spice things up. 

The most popular male masturbator on earth is the Fleshlight, an ultra-realistic and discreet sex toy. 

Anal sex toys are a great way to explore the pleasure that comes from stimulating the prostate.  Depending on what you are looking for, there are plugs,  prostate massagers, and other types of anal sex toys. Prostate massagers are popular due to the p-spot (prostate) that is often compared to the g-spot in women. 

Stimulating that area produces mind-bending orgasms!  Explosive to say the least! Back door play is not just for gay men, more and more straight men are finding anal to be quite fun and filled with pleasure.

As you delve further into your anal exploration you might decide to try and start taking your body to its limits by using a huge butt plug or other huge anal toys.  

There is a subset of sex toy users who get a great deal of pleasure from pushing their bodies further by inserting larger and larger toys in.

Cock rings or erection enhancing rings are another very popular choice of adult toys for men.  These cock rings come in a variety of materials and can vibrate as well for stimulation to both partners. Many rings designed for couples play have powerful vibrating functions that act as couples massagers and vibrators. 

Other types of rings focus on the balls by tugging or stretching, these are called ball stretchers.  Not only can you enjoy additional stimulation but cock rings help give you a thicker and harder erection.  Not to mention lasting longer in bed!

Cock sheaths, penis extensions, and hollow strap on penises (hollow strap on dildos) are another great idea for sex toys for men. These not only help you with an immediately larger penis, but your partner will also be thanking you for the massive size difference. 

This is just a small sample of the more popular men's sex toys.  There are a ton more sex toys for men that you can find simply by browsing our selection.