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Listen to an audio summary

From sexily feeding each other to gobbling ganache from every inch of your partner's naked body—using food in the bedroom is only ever what you make it.

Food is important in so many ways: it's part of every culture, how we communicate, how we sustain our bodies, so why not how we stimulate each other as part of a sexual experience?

If you're in a long-term relationship and have kids, you'll know that getting any privacy to eat your favorite foods, treats, and delicacies has become a distant memory, which makes bringing food to bed and introducing it into your foreplay an even bigger event.

Adding food to your fun adds another layer of pleasure to your foreplay. Eating it off each other's naked flesh will inevitably lead to slurping and biting at bare skin, messy sex, and much more enjoyment. It can make oral sex even more delicious and give your partner a real reason to use their tongue in ways you hadn't previously thought possible.

Adding food to your fun adds another layer of pleasure to your foreplay.

Of course, we all know lovemaking is good for you, but did you know that some of the food and drinks we consider bad for us can benefit your cardiovascular system and add to your sexual pleasure when taken in moderation?

On one side, these products have proven adverse effects on the cardiovascular system, but on the other hand, if consumed in optimal amounts, they have cardiovascular benefits. -- Cardiovascular Effects of Chocolate and Wine – From the Journal Nutrients

Sexy Tips to Use Food in the Bedroom

1. Select your sexy foods together

The best sex comes from great communication, so why not pick out the treats you're going to play with together?

  • Are you merely going to feed each other, or will your chosen foods replace your sex toys during your play?
  • Shopping for sexy and sweet treats together allows you to navigate allergies, issues, and any hard-no items.

2. Be a little naughty and have fun

Introduce strawberries, cherries, or other fruit pieces to kissing and feeding each other mouth-to-mouth, and this sexy act can encourage you to bring out the sweet sauces and edible lubes that take oral sex to the next level.

  • Sucking and licking any edible won't just make lovemaking taste better, but it will automatically ensure your partner's tongue is going to be part of your play session.
  • A chocolatey kiss on the neck, nipples, navel, or lower is a win-win for you and your partner.

3. Engage in fetishes (if that’s your thing)

It's not for everyone, but while using phallic fruits and vegetables as dildos is often considered taboo, for some, it's one of the hottest turn-ons in their sexual itinerary.

  • Make sure anything that goes near or inside your genitals has been thoroughly washed in antibacterial soap and is suitably clean, won't break, and if there's any doubt at all, put a condom on it.
  • Have you ever tried sploshing? It's the kink associated with being aroused by sitting in or spreading foodstuffs all over your body.
  • Alternatively, sitophilia includes all kinds of foodstuff kinks, from humiliation to adding bodily fluids to meals and adding surprising new ways to increase erotic pleasure.

4. Be playful with your mouth

Using food in bed automatically lends itself to more kissing, licking, and oral sex than most other bedroom play.

  • When using food to enhance oral sex, avoid getting food inside the vagina as it can lead to yeast infections, especially syrupy, sweet substances.

5. Use edible lube

Lubrication comes in almost every flavor under the sun these days, so if you introduce food in the bedroom, why not compliment your additions with a matching lube?

  • A complimentary edible lube can add the sensation of the food during oral sex without introducing the chance of yeast infections.

6. Use all your senses

Sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch can all bring something to your bedroom play (although popping candy and champagne corks are the only things we can currently think of for hearing!).

  • More taste: Guessing what food your partner is feeding you: another good reason to introduce a blindfold to food play.
  • More touch: Switch your massage oils for flavored body paints, honey, or syrups.

7. Prepare the room ahead of time

Having the right tools for the job is essential, so if you're feeling chopsticks and squeezy bottles, make sure you've got them to hand. Also, removing your best sheets and replacing them with some you don't mind getting messed up (those that might not show stains and marks so easily) is a good idea.

  • Have plenty of wipes and clean-up items within reach.
  • The same goes for your usual toys, lubes, and contraception.
  • Consider waterproof sheets or a mattress cover if you plan to go wild with the syrups and sauces.

8. Proceed to clean right after the action

Don't leave the mess cluttering up what was, only moments ago, the scene of some exciting, sensual, and tasty lovemaking—especially if you're going to need it for sleeping in later.

  • Throw everything in the wash and jump in the shower together. What could be better than soaping each other down and washing all that sticky sexiness off from head to toe?

The Best Foods to Use During Sex

Image of The Best Foods to Use During Sex

1. Chocolate

Chocolate is universally luxurious and coveted by all. But what type will you bring to your play, and how? Solid chunks to share and feed each other? Chocolate truffles? Chocolate sauce, syrup, or body paint to smother and suck on? White, dark, or milk?

Chocolate increases endorphin production, improves mood, relieves pain, and increases energy, and neurological function (Cocoa and Dark Chocolate Polyphenols: From Biology to Clinical Applications in Frontiers in Immunology). And they're all great things to bring into the bedroom.

Tips for using chocolate in the bedroom:

  • It's going to get messy on your sheets, and it's going to look very unsightly. If you're going to play with chocolate, pick a multi-colored blanket in front of the fire instead of your finest white or cream silk sheets.
  • While exceedingly luxurious, chocolate truffles are easier to handle, less likely to cause stains, and are still remarkably sexy.

2. Whipped cream

Whipped cream has been a staple of foreplay food from day one. Whether you whip up your own or squirt it from a can, either will encourage tongues into the mix wherever you dare to apply it.

Tips for using whipped cream in bed:

  • Why not give her a whipped cream bikini to amp up the fun? Your sex life should be fun, after all.
  • Don't go too crazy with how much you apply—someone has to eat it, and remember, what you don't manage will likely cause issues later in your play.
  • Yogurt makes a great alternative and comes in an extensive range of flavors.
  • Limit the time that cream sits on a naked body to around 20 minutes; after that, it starts to go watery and give off a peculiar smell.

    3. Ice cream

    A much colder alternative to whipped cream, ice cream (or popsicles) brings the coldest of the cold to temperature play.

    Tips for using ice cream in the bedroom:

    • Mixing temperature play with food play doubles the fun.
    • Alternate between ice cream and hot fudge sauce during your play, and eat them together as a treat when you're all sexed out.
    • If you're using ice cream flavors with nuts, chips, or other solid ingredients, be careful not to get them stuck anywhere they shouldn't be—perhaps stick with basic flavors when using them as an addition to oral sex.
    • If you like the idea of mixing food and temperature play but not how messy ice cream will make it, try rolling frozen grapes over your partner's body instead.

    4. Honey

    Honey is sweet, sticky, and sexy, and because it's so thick, it won't run and drip like sauces and syrups do; it'll stay precisely where you put it until you bite, kiss, or lick it off.

    Tips for adding honey to foreplay:

    • Mixed down with a little vegetable oil, it makes a tasty, edible massage oil.
    • Maple syrup is a good alternative to honey for sugar-loving sticky syrup fans.

    5. Strawberries

    Try eating strawberries while maintaining eye contact: it's incredibly sexy. If your tastes are somewhat more sexual than sensual, the act delivers a very different message when performed with bananas.

    Given that fewer than 10% of us get enough fruit and fiber in our diets, isn't this the ideal opportunity to add extra vitamins and minerals via an already healthy pleasure pursuit?

    Try eating strawberries while maintaining eye contact: it's incredibly sexy.

    Less than 10% of most Western populations consume adequate levels of whole fruits and dietary fiber with typical intake being about half of the recommended levels. From the study: Whole Fruits and Fruit Fiber Emerging Health Effects

    Tips for bringing strawberries into the bedroom:

    • Feeding your partner strawberries mouth-to-mouth (or any other fruit) is oh-so-sexy.
    • Strawberries are sweet, luxurious, and sexy and fit perfectly in belly buttons.
    • Cherries make great alternatives for anyone who doesn't like strawberries. Why not see if you can tie its stem in a knot using only your tongue? That's a test for the greatest kissers, apparently.

    6. Champagne and wine

    If you're sipping Champagne in bed with your partner, it already feels like a special occasion. Passing the bubbles from your mouth to theirs or licking it from their lips is sexy, and there's no need to worry if you spill any—when dripping down onto chests, breasts, and belly buttons—it's perfect to lick off each other's bodies.

    Tips for bringing wine into the bedroom:

    • While Champagne is the ultimate sexual extravagance, other sparkling wines bring the same excitement but at half the cost.
    • Alcohol acts as an irritant in the vagina and anus, so be careful where you let it run.
    • While wine will help lower inhibitions and increase desire and arousal—says sex journalist Michael Castleman, M.A., in his Psychology Today article, The Pros and Cons of Mixing Sex and Alcohol—make sure not to have so much it ruins your performance.

    7. Sushi

    The Japanese practice of nyotaimori requires eating food off each other's naked bodies. Sushi, which is Japanese, stylish, and lavish, lends itself perfectly to some tasteful yet tasty body snacking.

    Tips for adding sushi to enhance your sexual pleasure:

    • Cover your erogenous zones and private parts with sushi and inform your partner that eating it all is the only way they'll get to sample the main course.
    • If you're buying ready-made sushi instead of making it yourself, be aware of hot sauces (like wasabi) and where they might end up.

    Safety Tips When Using Food During Sex



    Communicate with your partner about allergies ahead

    • You don't need any unnecessary trips to the ER or unsightly rashes developing from your sex play.
    • Make sure you know each other's likes, dislikes, allergies, or any foods that make each other feel uncomfortable.

    If you’re using lube, make sure it is not harmful

    • Not all lubes are edible, so check that yours is if you're going to be adding it to your oral sex play.

    Avoid food with strong spices and herbs

    • While you may love spicy food and consider many as luxurious, lavish, and extravagant treats, they might not always have the ideal aroma for romance.
    • Also, be careful what you eat leading to the action, as gurgling stomachs, gripes, and excess wind won't do anything for the ambiance.


    Whether you love chocolate being licked from your private parts or switching up your dildos for bananas, if you're careful with how you combine food and sex, it can make your foreplay more erotic than ever.

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