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Listen to an audio summary

If you've looked into the male sexual wellness market at all, you'll no doubt have come across Lynk Pleasure - a male performance tool brand that specializes in non-pharmaceutical methods of improving men's sexual health.

Lynk is one of the leading online retailers of men's wellness products, and has released its own range of penis pumps, lubes, cock rings, and prostate massagers in the years since starting out.

Lynk is all about creating a safe environment for men to improve their sexual well-being and learn about their pleasure.

They focus on both pleasure and performance, with scientifically backed devices catered toward helping people with sexual dysfunctions and pleasure products for those looking for sexual satisfaction - although their products typically combine both these aspects.

Lynk is a popular brand here in America, but so far, there hasn't been a comprehensive deep-dive into their product offerings and history - which is where we come in. We've put together this detailed Lynk brand review, where we'll examine the brand's history and ethos and see what makes its range of sexual health and wellness tools stand out.

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About Lynk

Lynk entered the men's wellness market over five years ago and is now one of the leading developers of sexual wellness devices. Lynk has helped improve countless guys' sexual health without the need for surgery or pharmaceuticals through the use of their scientifically designed male performance tools.

When Lynk first arrived on the market over five years ago, the male sexual wellness industry lacked innovation, and technological advancements were few and far between. Male performance tools were almost unheard of within a market that leaned more towards pharmaceutical solutions to sexual dysfunction over natural, non-invasive performance-enhancing tools.

While premium male devices did exist, they were expensive and niche. As one professor of sociology put it, "Men's sex toy use is disavowed and even openly reviled by producers."

The team behind Lynk saw the landscape of the male wellness market and knew that it was underserved.

They wanted to change the industry by specializing in non-pharmaceutical alternatives for improving men's sexual health. They quickly began offering premium male performance products at an affordable price, all while promoting their brand ethos of inclusivity and empowerment.

Nowadays, their aim is much the same - to give guys around the world the tools to feel comfortable and confident sexually without judgment or stigma.

Lynk has always been a brand that tackles male sexual health issues head-on. Their range of products promotes sexual wellness while enhancing bedroom performance, and they cater to men with various needs, including those with reduced erectile function.

Lynk's product development team loves to innovate - their products typically use emerging technology and are among the more advanced offerings on the market. They have a number of stamina training products, vacuum pumps that promote strong erectile function, and medically designed prostate massagers aimed at improving prostate health.

Their ethos, as well as their focus on health and sexuality, has led Lynk to become a market-leading male performance tool brand.

A Word From Our Expert

We've consulted our certified sexual wellness expert, Danny Garrett, for his honest opinion on the Lynk Pleasure brand and its product offerings.

With so many brands that focus on females and couples, it's refreshing to see a brand that puts its main focus on men and their sexual health needs. Lynk Pleasure has carved a niche in the male sexual wellness industry, focusing on enhancing men's sexual experiences through a diverse range of products like penis pumps, prostate massagers, and C-Rings. The brand is celebrated for its commitment to quality, using body-safe materials across its product line, and for introducing innovative technologies that promise efficacy and comfort.

Lynk prides itself on being cutting edge which shows as they were the first to develop smart pumps with prebuilt exercises that promote erectile health. Both the Lynk Nova and Lynk Excelsior feature this revolutionary advancement.

The user experience with Lynk Pleasure products is notably positive, with designs that cater to both novices and seasoned users. Their items are user-friendly, come with clear instructions, and are packaged discreetly for privacy. Customer satisfaction is a strong suit for Lynk Pleasure, backed by responsive customer service and warranties that underscore their commitment to reliability and trust.

Furthermore, Lynk Pleasure's dedication to education stands out. They actively provide valuable sexual health information, fostering a well-informed community of users. This approach not only demystifies male sexual health but also builds a supportive environment around their brand.

Lynk Pleasure excels in the male sexual wellness market through high-quality, innovative products tailored for men's sexual health and pleasure. Their focus on customer satisfaction, ease of use, and educational outreach makes them a reputable choice for those looking to enhance their sexual well-being.

The Lynk Range

Lynk's products range from vacuum pumps and cock rings to lube and penis sleeves. With various items on offer, we've put together this handy table of their offerings alongside our expert scores to help you make the right decision for your needs.

Experts rating
Ease of Use
The Excelsior Penis Pump
Penis Pumps
Loop Silicone Cock Ring
Cock Rings
Magna Vibrating Prostate Massager
Prostate Massagers
Sutro Hands-Free Vibrator
Male Toys

What makes Lynk products stand out?

1. Quality materials

One of Lynk's main priorities is using high-quality materials in its devices. The material choice affects everything from user experience to longevity, and it's a key component of Lynk's product standards.

Lynk's product development team includes design and materials experts who are veterans at researching market trends and user needs. They tend to pick materials that complement their product's design features, prioritizing comfort, usability, hygiene, and durability.

A great thing about Lynk's material focus is that you can rest easy knowing all their items are body-safe.

It's not uncommon for sexual wellness device manufacturers to use lower-quality materials for penetrative toys, but this opens up the user to a host of possible complications.

That's why Lynk only uses premium-grade silicone for any of its insertable tools - it's a non-porous material, which means it can be fully sterilized, and it's both latex-free and phthalate-free. Phthalates are a group of chemicals used in the making of certain plastics, which research shows can be harmful to our health if ingested. Sex toys and tools made with phthalates "sweat" the chemicals out through use and over time, so it's important that you avoid using them for penetration.

All their vacuum pumps are made from durable acrylic and ABS plastic, as well as premium-grade silicone. This means you don't have to worry about them breaking, cracking, or wearing down over time - they're built for longevity and to withstand demanding use.

Their range of cock rings is mostly premium-grade silicone - although some use a chemical-free body-safe TPR - and their masturbation sleeves are made from realistic-feeling TPE, which is also body safe and stretchy. On top of that, their range of lubes uses vegan ingredients, so they're completely non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and body-safe, and they come FDA-approved!

2. User-centric design

Lynk's design process is quite different from that of other wellness manufacturers. Unlike many in the industry, Lynk's in-house product development team works hand-in-hand with their customer relations team - a user-centric approach to sexual health tools.

Their customer relations team uses the feedback they receive from customers to steer the design of products in certain directions. They collect all the feedback and look for certain trends, which they then incorporate into their designs if there's an issue they need to address.

In a sense, they're tapping into a whole network of sexual wellness advocates, who are essentially collaborating with Lynk to improve and enhance their products.

It's always a rarity to feel like your voice is being heard when you're leaving reviews or feedback for products, so it's refreshing to see Lynk bridging the gap between customers and designers.

Lynk's brand is male-centric, and they know their devices need to cater to what guys actually want rather than what companies think they want. Incorporating user feedback into their products is a great way to meet these needs.

Lynk is a customer-driven company, and part of its aim is to positively impact the lives of guys by destigmatizing male sexual wellness through affordable premium items. You can see this ethos in the design process - a focus on identifying users' needs, rigorous group testing to ensure their product is satisfying needs, and continuous feedback that loops back into the design process.


Diagram of What Makes Lynk Products Stand Out

3. Rigorous testing process

Lynk's development process involves testing, testing, and more testing. Testing begins at the design level, where a team will assess whether their product is meeting customers' needs.

Their materials team then tests possible material choices, deciding on what would work best with the features and functions of the product. After all, a well-designed item is worthless if it doesn't perform well.

Next up is the prototype stage. A series of prototypes are created and subjected to a series of rigorous tests and quality assurance checks. Lynk's quality assurance team always goes the extra mile in any testing - they don't have minimum standards; rather, they work until they feel like their product is offering peak satisfaction and performance.

Their materials team then tests possible material choices, deciding on what would work best with the features and functions of the product.

After the prototype stage, Lynk lets real people try the product out - this is another point where user feedback matters. They have testers complete in-depth questionnaires and use the feedback to iron out any potential issues or areas for improvement.

The entire testing process is overseen by medical professionals and sexual experts, who help ensure that the products are grounded in science and are safe.

4. Flexibility

Lynk's items cater to a wide range of tastes, and they're accessible for people without erectile function - or even without penises.

Lynk is a flexible brand with customizable solutions. Penis pump veterans know that different set-ups will affect your gains differently. People have different preferences when it comes to cylinder size and hand pumps, and professionals often have their own custom pumps that they've built around their own goals.

Lynk is a flexible brand with customizable solutions.

Lynk gives customers the freedom to create their own custom pump builds, with a choice of numerous cylinder lengths and widths, as well as various different pumps - both hand and digital - and sleeves. These come with the option to throw in accessories, like quick-release fittings, comfort pads, constriction rings, and pump-safe lube.

5. Customer service

It shouldn't come as a surprise for you to hear that Lynk's customer service is excellent. After all, user-focused companies live and die by their customer service, and Lynk is no exception to that rule.

Lynk offers a free 60-day return policy on all items. So, as long as your product is unopened and unused, you'll be able to get a refund, exchange, or store credit. If you're enjoying your purchase and want to keep it, then Lynk guarantees a 1-year warranty on all purchases - meaning that your products are protected against any breakdowns or production flaws for 365 days from purchase.

If you've bought a penis pump, any individual parts that break will be covered under the warranty, making spare parts a breeze to obtain.

Their shipping is discreet, with all purchases being sent out in plain white or brown crush-proof boxes. On top of this, billing is also discreet - which is something some brands really fall flat on. Any statements will read either RMMD or LYNK, and no other information will be disclosed.

Ultimately, Lynk is a brand that wants to help men's sexual health worldwide - which is why their customer service team is open to any questions or queries people might have. They offer friendly live chat and email support teams.

6. Affordability

Lynk is not a brand that's going to break the bank balance. Although they use premium-quality materials, their products don't come with a premium price tag. This is due to Lynk's direct-to-customer business model, where they're in charge of the entire process of product development.

By cutting out any middlemen, Lynk can offer high-quality sexual health products at affordable prices for men across the nation.

7. Hygiene and safety standards

Lynk takes cleanliness seriously. That's why so many of its items are made with premium materials - they're easy to clean and can be fully sterilized. This also ensures that Lynk's products meet FDA safety standards, allowing people to explore their range risk-free.

The materials used are durable and body-safe, and all products are put through multiple rounds of extensive quality control testing to ensure that they are safe for use and built to last.


Lynk is a brand with a significant foothold in the male wellness market. Coming from an era where male sexuality was more of a myth than a mainstream reality, they've been instrumental in destigmatizing men's bodily exploration and enhancing male sexual performance.

Alongside their aims of inclusivity and male sexual empowerment, Lynk is committed to helping improve male sexual wellness. With an extensive range of medically sound male performance tools that are designed and tested with the help of medical professionals and sex therapists, Lynk is creating an inclusive environment for men to explore pleasure, regardless of their sexual function.

Lynk products are a great option for guys interested in purchasing their first sexual wellness device as they're performance and pleasure-focused.

You'll be able to experience the fun of having a new tool to use in the bedroom and reap the health benefits that come along with it.

If you're interested in purchasing a Lynk product, we have numerous expert reviews that can help you make the best decision for your needs.

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