Jes Penis Extender System Silver Edition

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    • Grow your penis and supersize your length and girth with a truly premium penis extender
    • Made from the finest materials and coated in pure sterling silver for a more premium feel
    • The original and best selling penis extender on the market
    • It supersizes both your length & girth so that you become the guy who’s reputation makes everybody blush
    • Enjoy permanent growth due to the clinically proven and highly-effective traction method
    • Experience results you wouldn’t think possible with a much stronger traction force
    • Enjoy maximum comfort with the additional two comfort pads and a set of adjustment keys
    • 100% safe and scientifically tested, it works by the natural process of cytokinesis (cell division)
    • Suitable for anyone because it’s engineered for penises of all proportions (up to 9.1 inches/24cm)
    • Comes with a 5 year warranty
  • The Jes-Extender Silver is a proven, highly effective and completely safe penis extender that gives you a natural way to grow your penis, both in length and girth.

    The Silver edition is a step up from the standard Jes-Extender Original for those who are looking for a more premium feel.

    It’s made from the finest quality materials and is coated in pure sterling silver, thereby providing you with greater comfort during its use and even antimicrobial properties.

    But wait there’s more!

    The Jes-Extender Silver is also designed with some extra features in mind for those who want to take the quest of significantly growing their penis to the next level.

    It’s capable of providing a much stronger traction force that is not provided by other devices of its kind. This means you’ll be able to make your penis grow that much quicker, with even greater results.

    Now, you may be thinking that this process will be uncomfortable or even painful…

    You can rest assured that nothing can be further from the truth because the Jes-Extender Silver comes with two comfort pads and a set of adjustment keys, allowing you to personalize the experience for maximum comfort.

    In fact, you may even forget that you’re wearing it, from time to time.

    The Jes-Extender Silver Edition Penis Extender System Features:

    • Basel Unit
    • Dual function front piece
    • Silicon tube
    • Comfort strap
    • Four 2 inch/5 cm elongation bars
    • Two 1 inch/2,5 cm elongation bars
    • Two 1/2 inch/1.25 cm elongation bars
    • Protection Pad
    • Free Set of keys for easy adjustment
    • 5-year warranty
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