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Apex Delay Spray for Men 2 fl oz by Healthy Vibes

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    • Create the rock hard long lasting erection you dream of
    • Instantly stop embarrassing premature ejaculation
    • Never worry about or dread sex again
    • Now available over the counter for immediate use
    • Boost your ego and confidence while enhancing your sex life
    • Improve your stamina on the spot
    • Hyper-sensitivity in your penis will be a thing of the past
    • Last all night like and give your partner the multiple orgasms they want
    • Formulated with a industry leading 10% Lidocaine
    • Designed to be used by all men
  • Did you know it takes some women more than twice as long to reach an orgasm than it takes most men? Add to that all-too-common problems like erectile dysfunction and hypersensitivity, and time with your partner can be far from satisfying.

    Apex Spray by Healthy Vibes is revolutionizing male enhancement! Thanks to its powerful desensitizing effect, Apex helps you last longer without numbing the sensations of sex. By stopping premature ejaculation, both you and your partner can reach new levels of pleasure.  Our spray also provides you with firmer, stronger erections, making it ideal for men who suffer from ED.

    Spur-of-the-moment sex doesn’t have to be awkward anymore! A few sprays of Apex brings instant results, allowing you enjoy intercourse at any time for as long as you’d both like. Thanks to maximum strength Lidocaine 10%, our spray is actually the strongest over-the-counter male enhancement product available, so there are no embarrassing doctor visits.

    At Healthy Vibes, we always make customer satisfaction our top priority. We improved the Apex formula to bring you better, faster, and more reliable results. Although it’s incredibly potent, it’s completely safe and body-friendly.

    Why Choose Apex Spray?

    - Helps you last longer

    - Reduces premature ejaculation

    - Provides stronger erections

    - No prescription needed

    - Newly enhanced formula


     Lidocaine 10%

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Phenomenal product but a couple issues

First, I would have given this the highest rating I possibly could have, but for two - really one - reasons I'll discuss below. But first, here's some context. I do not suffer from P.E. I last five to 10 minutes, which, depending on the studies you believe, is either average or a little better than average. However, my wife takes quite awhile to orgasm - even longer than most. Also, if we're having intercourse when she's getting very close to orgasm, it can quickly push me over the edge - often before she's actually had an orgasm. So I bought the product to help give me the control to give her my best through at least the first intercourse induced orgasm and hopefully more.

The great news is that, unlike another similar product I tried in the past, this actually worked. And it's done so without numbing her at all and without significantly numbing me. Not sure if it's the unique delivery system or the good application instructions, or both, but this product just made me feel more in control - not numb. Simply put, it was still really enjoyable for me throughout the process, but it took the edge off enough to give me great control. I've done this with one squirt. As to whether this control has made a difference, I'm not exaggerating when I say the response I've received from my wife is as good as I could have possibly imagined. Out of all the many, many different things we've introduced to our sex lives, other than the Hitachi Magic Wand (now the Rechargeable Magic Wand) and practicing Natural Family Planning, I think this may be the best.

Great product actually works as it said that it would

It worked and does help to last longer. No transfer to partner as advertised, I would recommend it if you want to last longer.

This one is the best.

Better than stud100. Works really good


Still not sure what to think.


This product works incredibly well.I did not need it to begin with but was curious how it would work.Do not use more than 2 or 3 pumps from bottle or your feet will go numb.Just kidding but you get the point.It turns 20 minutes into whatever you want it to be.Very good and you get what you pay for .